Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3116, Inspection


Translator: Silavin & Jon

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


It was scorching hot inside the cave as the fog gradually dispersed, upon which everyone’s vision cleared up. 


Standing outside the cave entrance, Han Qian Cheng widened his eyes as he gazed forward with a horrified expression. He almost couldn’t believe his eyes.


The hammer-holding Elder and Su Yan were just three steps apart as they were facing each other. However, at this moment, a blade had penetrated the Elder’s chest and stuck out of his back. The blade itself had a pristine glow about it, seemingly unstained by a single drop of blood.


With the wound as the centre, coldness spread across the Elder’s body, quickly freezing his limbs and head.


“You…” The Elder uttered with difficulty as he couldn’t believe that he would lose his life in this place. He thought that the way he was harmed earlier was ridiculous. He seemed to have fallen into a dazed state for a moment and when he came to his senses, his chest had already been penetrated.


Su Yan was surprised as well, for she didn’t expect that she could kill this Elder with such ease. Her intentions were to trade wounds with the other party. However, it had never crossed her mind that the Elder would be so inept.


[Was it really just a careless mistake?] In her heart, she felt that something was off. With no time to think about it though, she hurriedly infused her cold aura into the Elder and froze him into an ice sculpture in the blink of an eye. After she withdrew Profound Frost, the Elder fell forward and shattered into pieces.


Then, Su Yan turned around and swung her sword, upon which her cold aura condensed a flurry of snowflakes that engulfed the other Elder.


The left Elder still hadn’t come to his senses from the fact that his brother had just been killed. Faced with a fatal move though, he quickly composed himself and attempted to parry. However, he realised that he couldn’t make a move as he was covered in the snowflakes, winding up in the same state as the right Elder.


The snowflakes were actually condensed from Su Yan’s Source Qi, so they were extremely potent and deadly. The cold aura penetrated the Elder’s body through his pores, causing him to tremble uncontrollably. He wasn’t even able to circulate his Source Qi, so how would he resist her attack?


Faced with Su Yan’s strike, the Elder couldn’t even raise his hand. A look of regret and pleading flashed across his eyes as he was cut in half by her, upon which his blood splashed out, dying the cave red.


With a frown, Su Yan stood there with her sword in her hand. She didn’t feel joyful about killing two cultivators in the same realm, nor was she elated about escaping unscathed. Instead, she increasingly felt that something was amiss. At the same time, something seemed to be surging within her.


All of a sudden, she realised something and turned to the cave entrance as her eyes beamed with a different glow.


Earlier, she was too focused on the life-or-death battle with the two Elders, so she wasn’t aware of the strange sensation in her Soul. After both her enemies were killed though, she finally realised what this familiar feeling was. Even though she was a woman with an icy temperament, at this moment, she couldn’t hide the change of emotions on her face. Expectation, surprise, fear, apprehension…


“Ah!” Han Qian Cheng exclaimed as he staggered backwards and waved his hands, “J-Junior Sister, please don’t kill me. I-It’s just a misunderstanding.”


Both Elders were killed just like that. If he hadn’t seen it with his eyes, he wouldn’t have believed it. He thought that he could rely on them to capture Su Yan so that he could do with her as he pleased. However, it now seemed that not only was his plan foiled, but he might also lose his life here.


He felt apprehensive because he didn’t know whether Su Yan would also kill him. [Wastes! How did they get killed by a woman so easily!?]


Suddenly, he couldn’t move backwards anymore as though he had crashed into a solid wall. Turning around, he opened his mouth wide and stuttered, “W-W-Why are you here?”


The young man called Yang Kai was now standing in front of him with his arms crossed. Han Qian Cheng wasn’t even sure how long Yang Kai had been there because he couldn’t sense his aura at all. [Wasn’t he supposed to have been captured by those Elders in the Sect by now? Why has he appeared here all of a sudden? Moreover, he looks totally fine!]


His face turned completely pale as he was now surrounded by two people who bore him ill will. When he caught a glimpse of Ruan Bi Ting, who was standing nearby, he hurriedly shouted, “Elder Ruan, save me!”


Without hiding the disdain behind her gaze, Ruan Bi Ting simply snorted coldly at him.


“Hello, Young Sect Master!” Yang Kai flashed a grin at him before raising his hand and uttering, “Goodbye!”


After he landed a palm on Han Qian Cheng, the latter turned into a pile of hashed meat without even a chance to scream. A metallic tang filled the cave, one that would induce the urge to retch. Yang Kai hadn’t met Su Yan for a long time, so he wasn’t willing to waste time on this rubbish.


He raised his head and looked at the person inside the cave. The image in his memory slowly integrated with the person before his eyes as he gulped. Although he had many things to tell her, he wasn’t even sure where to start. For some reason, he became very nervous.


On the other hand, Su Yan was staring quietly at him with her clear gaze, as though he was the only existence in this world.


“Ahem!” Ruan Bi Ting coughed and spoke, “Go on and have a chat. I’ll go out.”


Even a fool could see that the atmosphere was turning ambiguous, so she wouldn’t choose to continue staying in this place. However, she felt crestfallen as her decision somewhat led to the destruction of the Red Clouds Sect. She wasn’t even sure where else she could go now.


It was supposed to be a warm reunion after a long time of separation, but the three corpses on the ground had spoiled the atmosphere. Nevertheless, as long as they were together, they would still feel sweet even if they were in Hell.


“What are you waiting for? Come over here!” Su Yan beckoned to Yang Kai as she spoke in a trembling voice, which went to show that she wasn’t as calm as she appeared to be.


Now, she knew that she managed to kill the two Elders with ease not because they had made a mistake, or because her potential was suddenly ignited, but because this man had secretly assisted her.


Yang Kai threw himself at her as he spread his arms and pulled her into his embrace. He was so forceful that it was as though he wanted to merge her into his body so that they would never separate again.


Her fragrance and touch were still so familiar to him. Although they had been separated for several dozen years, he still hadn’t forgotten anything about her. The moment they came into contact with each other, all the memories were unsealed as they flashed across their minds as though it was yesterday.


Su Yan draped her arms around him and rested her chin on his shoulder. This moment seemed to have turned into eternity.


Yang Kai greedily inhaled her scent as he could never get enough of it, but after half an hour spent just like that, Su Yan patted his back and spoke in a tone that sounded like a mother pacifying her child, “It’s alright.”


“No,” Yang Kai wasn’t willing to let her go. Feeling unsatisfied, he moved away a little and clenched her shoulders. When their eyes met, he lowered his head and locked his lips with hers.


Just like her temperament, her red lips were cold, but Yang Kai was still engrossed in the kiss. Then, he pried her mouth open and stuck out his tongue as they had a taste of each other’s longing. Initially, Su Yan was stiff. After all, they hadn’t met for decades, and they hadn’t been so intimate with each other for a long time. However, after she got used to it, her body softened as she proactively wrapped her arms around his neck.


The two of them were deeply engrossed in their kiss, and if not for the environment and the corpses on the ground, the sight could be considered romantic and poetic.


A while later, Yang Kai still wasn’t satisfied, so he moved one hand towards her bottom and grabbed her peaks with the other. As he felt the amazing elasticity of her body through his hands, he began massaging them as he pleased.


Su Yan balled up her fists and thumped at his shoulders, but it was useless. Instead, her actions only stimulated his wild nature.


Then, she hardened her heart and bit his lips, but he was still unfazed.


“Don’t force…” she mumbled with difficulty, but before she could even finish her words, her soft tongue was captured and sucked by his lips.


All of a sudden, he stopped his presumptuous action as he realised that he couldn’t feel the intoxicating touch anymore. Instead, he felt a cold aura as though he was grabbing ice blocks. Not only was her body hard, but it was also bitingly cold. Both his hands and tongue felt the same way, as though he was embracing an ice sculpture.


Then, he moved away a little and took a look. Shocked, he asked, “Senior Sister, what are you doing?”


At this moment, Su Yan appeared translucent as though she was sculpted from an ice block. There was no trace of flesh on her body, and if it weren’t for her eyes that seemed out of focus and her panting, anyone would have mistaken her to be an ice sculpture.


“My Master is still outside.” Su Yan reached out a finger and poked his head.


Although she too was drowning in a sense of longing after the reunion, in the end, she was a woman with a sense of shame. Moreover, how could she let Ruan Bi Ting wait outside while she made out with Yang Kai in this cave?


Yang Kai grabbed her finger and fiddled with it as he asked in shock, “Is this the Ice Crystal Jade Body?”


Su Yan nodded and retracted her finger, upon which she deactivated her Divine Ability and restored her body. After pushing him away, she scolded, “Don’t move. Let me have a look at you.”


While remaining on the same spot, Yang Kai grinned at her.


Upon inspection, she finally set her mind at ease. He had ventured into the outside world for several dozen years, so she was glad that none of his limbs were missing. His cultivation wasn’t as important as his safety.


Yang Kai uttered, “I’m hurt.”


Su Yan asked in shock, “Where?” She had failed to notice it just now.


Then, he appeared in pain as he explained, “I don’t know. Senior Sister, you must give me a full examination. I feel that my entire body is in pain. I think I’m dying.”


“Which part of your body is hurt!?” Su Yan’s expression changed as she was flustered.


After that, Yang Kai wrapped his arms around her waist and replied with a grin, “It’s not the right place for an examination. Let’s go somewhere else.” After a flash, both of them disappeared from the place.


Somewhere near the medicine garden in the Sealed World Bead, Yang Kai quickly stripped himself bare. Then, he took her hand and placed it on his chest before saying in a shy manner, “Senior Sister, please do a thorough examination of me now. My heart is thumping.”


Su Yan glowered at him as her fair face started blushing. Lowering her head, she said through clenched teeth, “I think you look fine. You’re not hurt at all.” She was truly worried about him just now, but after giving it a thought, she realised that he was able to influence the two Elders without any of them noticing, so it was apparent that his strength had grown to an incredible level. Therefore, it was unlikely that he would get hurt easily.


As for the reason his heart was beating so fast, the lust in his eyes was more than enough of an explanation.


Yang Kai gulped as he stared at her blushing face. Leaning closer to her, he uttered, “Senior Sister, you have to let me check on you as well.”


“I-I’m not hurt.” Su Yan looked away.


“How will I know if you don’t let me examine you? You just battled two enemies in the same realm, it would be terrible if you were left with some internal injuries.” As he spoke, he started making a move. Her white robes couldn’t possibly withstand his rough movements and were soon taken off.


Seeing her jade white body filled with astonishing curves and softness, Yang Kai practically threw himself onto her. Her entire body trembled uncontrollably as she attempted to suppress her moaning. During their union, a layer of pinkness appeared on her fair skin and even the air seemed to have been filled with sweetness.




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  1. I am not buying it.
    They said that YK entered the Space Array 45 min after the Elders and that other guy. But now he somehow is allready there the enteire time playing tricks.
    You can not tell me that the confrontation between Su Yan and the Elders was lasted that long.

    And another thing is how he treats Suy Yan right after. I get it. It is part of the World view, but now it is just used to postpon the reaction of Su Yan and her Master, when YK tells them about the Star Boundary.

    1. You don’t think someone in a higher realm than anyone in the current world, who can teleport thousands of
      kilometers in an instant several times in a row, can mostly make up a 45-minute head start?

      I agree with you about Su Yan’s treatment, though, even though the author’s excuse is YK’s dragon source.

  2. Yang Kai helping ruined the whole fight. Let her kill them. No need to weaker her author(yes author weakened her)

    Upon inspection, she finally set her mind at ease. He had ventured into the outside world for several dozen years, so she was glad that none of his limbs were missing. His cultivation wasn’t as important as his safety.

    Even if he last it he should be able to regrow them.

  3. After just one time sex su Yan should immediately become second order DAO realm.

    Also author probably forgot they had soul sex that’s 10x more intense before

  4. How I understood it:
    -Su Yan was fighting against the two ithiut Yang Kais help in the beginning, but she couldn’t have killed them so easily without his help
    – a space array is probably not something so common/inexpensive that a sect like this can create an array for every cave in their territory, so it still takes some time travelling there even with the array (that is just close to the mine, but the mine is probably large)

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