Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3117, Prolonged Drought Meets Timely Rain


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It was like a timely rain after a prolonged drought. All the trees had been resurrected, and all the flowers started blooming.


Su Yan’s white clothes were put on and then taken off again and again, as though she had fallen into an infinite loop.


No matter how impassive and aloof she was, she couldn’t resist Yang Kai’s passionate aggression. The fiery lust seemed able to completely melt her Ice Crystal Jade Body. She lay paralysed on the ground as she couldn’t exert any strength at all, as though all her bones had softened. Her fair skin was left with many marks that were caused during the intimate session.


They spent the entire day entangled with one another, and as they both lay naked, Yang Kai rested his head on her plump bosom to take a rest.


Su Yan’s out-of-focus eyes slowly regained their vigour as she patted his head and asked, “Are you done?”


She couldn’t take it anymore, as the man in her embrace seemed to have the intention of infusing his several dozen years of longing into her body, causing her to writhe in happiness. Her heart had been like a still lake for the past few decades, but at this moment, countless ripples had been formed in it.


Yang Kai could be heard mumbling, but it was hard to make out what he was saying, as though he was talking in his sleep.


With a faint smile, Su Yan stroked his back with her slender hand, as if she was trying to pacify a child who was having a nightmare. All of a sudden, she uttered, “It must have been difficult for you over the years.”


He was just a Second-Order Origin King when he left the Star Field, but now, she couldn’t even be certain about his current realm. However, she could feel that he must have reached a height even greater than the Third-Order Dao Source Realm.


He must have sacrificed much and endured even more to reach this kind of realm.


Although she hadn’t been able to stand by his side over the years, she knew that he must have gone through a lot of hardship and pain. At that instant, she felt utterly sorry for him. [Who was there to serve and take care of him whenever he was hurt?]


“I’m fine.” Yang Kai suddenly opened his eyes and rested his head on his palm. As he stared at her face right in front of his own, he began climbing on of her peaks with his hand. Appearing to be deep in guilt, he said, “I’m sorry for being late.”


Su Yan stroked his face and protested, “You’re such a fool!”


Yang Kai was startled, “I’m a fool?”


Covering her mouth, she giggled and replied, “Yes, you’re the most foolish person I’ve ever seen.”


“Why do you say so?” He felt wronged.


Nevertheless, she just smiled without replying to him.


Pretending to be angry, he uttered, “How dare you tease me?” Then, he extended his hand to tickle her, causing her to scowl as she tried her hardest not to laugh. After that, he paused what he was doing and tilted his head, “If I’m a fool, then all of you are this fool’s wives!” 


Upon finishing his words, he lowered his head and kissed the redness on her chest, as though he was having a taste of the most delectable dish in the world.


Su Yan stiffened and bit her lip as her long legs unconsciously squirmed. Reaching out her hands, she cupped his face and hoisted his head.


“What’s wrong? Did I hurt you?”


“Let’s go again…” Su Yan looked away and said gently as she was too shy to meet his eyes.


In an instant, Yang Kai’s eyes beamed with a lustful glare. Upon receiving the order, he stopped hesitating and growled before he pressed his body against hers.



“Let me put on my clothes.” Su Yan appeared exhausted and desperate as she looked at him and pleaded.


[No. We can’t keep doing this. If I don’t put on my clothes, I’ll probably die here. Moreover, I’m really too unrestrained as I’ve made love with him in this place for two days! My Master has been waiting for so long.] Realising that she still had to face Ruan Bi Ting later, Su Yan started blushing.


Yang Kai grinned at her, “Why are you in a rush? I’m not done with you yet.”


She poked his forehead and demanded, “Be a good boy.”


He nodded repeatedly, “Yes, Ma’am.”


She went on to say, “We still have a lot of time in the future, so you don’t have to rush things.”


“But we haven’t even dual cultivated yet!”


Two days of union was just his way to express his longing, but they hadn’t even cultivated the Yin-Yang Joyous Unification Art.


“Can we do it next time?” Su Yan pleaded with him.


“No,” Yang Kai shook his head.


With a long face, she threatened, “I’ll get mad.”


He couldn’t help but be frightened as he darted his gaze around and replied, “I want to tell you what I’ve gone through over the years. Don’t you want to listen?”


She frowned and appeared hesitant. Certainly, she wanted to find out what had happened to him over the years. In fact, she had wanted to ask him about it right after their reunion, but he didn’t give her that chance. After hesitating for a bit, she uttered, “Good… The short version?”


“Good.” After lifting her up, he sat down with his legs crossed and grinned at her, “We can talk about it while dual cultivating.”


Feeling helpless, she nodded gently. Then, she ran her fingers through her messy hair and tied it into a bun before she sat down on his thighs.


It was a story of his experience in the past several dozen years, so he couldn’t make it short. Beside the medicine garden, a man and a woman could be heard moaning harmoniously as their desire consumed them from the inside out.


Time went by slowly as Yang Kai narrated his experiences to her. Too many things happened after he arrived in the Star Boundary, so he only told her the most important events and avoided talking about his dangerous experiences. Su Yan listened attentively as she asked some questions from time to time.


A long time had passed when he was finally done with his story.


“Senior Sister, what about you? How did you end up in the Ancestral Domain?”


She replied, “It was an unexpected opportunity.”


It was indeed a strange incident. Heng Luo Star Field had always been a sealed place, and their connection with the Star Boundary was actually formed using the Star Emperor Tokens left behind by Yang Yan. However, five years after Yang Kai left, an area of space in the Star Field showed some unusual signs, as though it was going to collapse.


That place wasn’t far from Shadowed Star, so upon learning the news, Su Yan brought some people with her to look into the matter. However, before she could find out what was going on, she suddenly arrived at the Ancestral Domain and then joined Red Clouds Sect. She wasn’t even sure how she had come to this new place.


The story after she joined the Sect was simple. She was favoured by Ruan Bi Ting, so she was taken in as her Disciple and nurtured by her. However, because she resisted Han Qian Cheng’s harassment, she was ordered to guard the Fire Cloud Ore Vein, and she had stayed there for ten years since then.


Upon hearing her story, Yang Kai snorted and regretted killing Han Qian Cheng too quickly earlier. He should have tortured him first.




“Elder Ruan, Red Clouds Sect is finished! What should we do?” Inside the Fire Cloud Ore Vein, the disciples, who were responsible for mining operations here, looked to Ruan Bi Ting for guidance.


They had received the news from their Sect that their Sect Master and all the Elders were killed by a little girl who looked only seven or eight years old, and the incident seemed to be related to Su Yan.


The death of the Sect Master signalled the fall of Red Cloud Sects. In just one night, all the disciples scrambled to leave the Sect as they were worried that they would be dragged into this mess. There was probably no one left in the Sect now.


It was already quite late when these disciples, who were here to mine Fire Cloud Ore, received the news. 


Feeling apprehensive, they had no choice but to ask Ruan Bi Ting what they could do.


Ruan Bi Ting heaved a sigh as everything was within her expectation.


She had protected the Sect for 100 years, so she felt dejected that it was now destroyed. However, after giving it a thought, she realised that those from the Sect only had themselves to blame. If Han Zheng Yuan wasn’t such a narrow-minded man, his Sect wouldn’t have ended up in such a state. If they had treated Su Yan well, they would have reaped a handsome reward by now.


The young man called Yang Kai possessed a power that was beyond even her ability to comprehend. She wasn’t even certain about what realm he was in. However, she knew that if Yang Kai was willing to gift any one of his possessions to them, it would be hugely beneficial for Red Clouds Sect.


Unfortunately, there was no pill for regret in this world. Han Zheng Yuan and his son must be utterly regretful in Hell right now.


“You must seek your own path now,” Ruan Bi Ting waved her hand in a crestfallen manner.


“Elder Ruan, only you can take charge of Red Clouds Sect now.” The disciple at the front wasn’t willing to leave the Sect, so he still attempted to persuade her.


However, Ruan Bi Ting shook her head, “Red Clouds Sect has fallen. There are no everlasting Sects or families in this world. Tides rise and fall. Flowers bloom and wither. Just let nature take its course. Please go now.”


In fact, she was more relieved than sorry. She took a deep breath as she refreshed her spirits, as though the chains that had been binding her had shattered to pieces.




All of a sudden, Ruan Bi Ting’s expression turned solemn as she looked in a particular direction and uttered, “That person is coming. If you don’t want to be dragged into this, leave now. I’m not even sure if he will kill all of you.”


The expressions of these disciples changed when they heard that. Not daring to remain, all of them ran away in the blink of an eye.


A moment later, Yang Kai and Su Yan came out together.


“Master,” Su Yan saluted her with a healthy blush on her face.


Ruan Bi Ting wasn’t an inexperienced little girl, so she knew what this pair had been up to for the past few days. Besides the fact that Su Yan had become even more charming at this moment, Ruan Bi Ting was able to tell through the unique fragrance associated with such acts that were literally covering them.


[It’s been ten days! This brat is truly relentless!]


“Su Yan, you… wait, your cultivation!” Ruan Bi Ting hadn’t even finished her words when she stared at Su Yan in shock. She thought that she was dreaming.


They hadn’t met each other for merely ten days, but Su Yan’s cultivation had risen from the First-Order to the Second-Order Dao Source Realm! Moreover, her aura was rich and her foundation was solid, as though she had spent years thoroughly consolidating it.


[H-How can this be?]


She had never doubted Su Yan’s aptitude, as the latter was able to go from peak Third-Order Origin King Realm to Dao Source Realm in just five years. In the past, it had taken her more than ten years to achieve the same result.


However, they were now in the Fire Cloud Ore Vein, and Su Yan had been suppressed here for ten years, so her cultivation shouldn’t have increased at all. Ruan Bi Ting was even certain about this fact as when she came to look for Su Yan ten days ago, the latter’s cultivation was still in the same state as ten years ago.


However, now, Su Yan had reached the Second-Order Dao Source Realm, the same as her.


[How did she achieve this? How is this possible?] After Ruan Bi Ting recovered from her shock, she immediately turned to look at Yang Kai.


There was no way Su Yan was able to achieve this on her own. This had nothing to do with aptitude, it was simply an impossibility to advance so quickly without some kind of shocking fortuitous encounter or outside assistance from a supreme Master.


It must be this young man who had helped her! But what kind of elixirs did he give to Su Yan to achieve such an amazing result?


Su Yan’s face turned a shade redder. In truth, it was all thanks to the dual cultivation session she just experienced that she was able to reach a higher realm. The Yin-Yang Joyous Unification Art was a Dual Cultivation Technique. Although they hadn’t met for ages, Su Yan’s foundation had only been strengthened over the years, so after the dual cultivation session, her accumulated strength burst forth and pushed her cultivation higher.


Moreover, Yang Kai was in the Emperor Realm, so with his ‘assistance’, it was impossible that Su Yan couldn’t reach a higher realm.




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  1. “However, five years after Yang Kai left, an area of space in the Star Field showed some unusual signs, as though it was going to collapse”. 5 years ? It took YK 10 to go from 1st order OriginKing to 2nd order OK and she went from 1order OK to 3order OK in 5 ?!
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    1. He was just a Second-Order Origin King when he left the Star Field, but now, she couldn’t even be certain about his current realm. However, she could feel that he must have reached a height even greater than the Third-Order Dao Source Realm.

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