Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3118, Going Home


Translator: Silavin & Jon

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“Congratulations.” Ruan Bi Ting came to her senses and stared at Su Yan.


She felt joyful that her Disciple had attained the same realm as her. It went to show that she had made the right decision to take her under her wing.


Su Yan replied, “Master, it’s all thanks to your help over the years.” Without Ruan Bi Ting continuously and secretly giving her resources this past decade, her cultivation would have regressed, as it was impossible for her to maintain her realm in this fiery place without adequate support.


“Many thanks, Elder Ruan.” Yang Kai saluted her with a sincere expression. There was no doubt that Ruan Bi Ting had been treating Su Yan well. During their conversation over the past few days, he had heard from Su Yan about what Ruan Bi Ting had done for her, so he was grateful towards her Master as well.


Ruan Bi Ting waved her hand and uttered, “You don’t have to thank me. Su Yan is my Disciple, so I’m supposed to take care of her. I blame myself for not being resolute enough in the past as I didn’t take her and leave Red Clouds Sect, which caused her cultivation to stagnate for ten years. Thankfully, she’s finally reached a higher realm. Otherwise, I’d feel very guilty.” Then, she turned to look at Yang Kai, “You must treat her well. Although I’m no match for you in terms of cultivation, I won’t let you off if you ever betray her.”


Yang Kai grinned at her and made a ‘cut-throat’ gesture on his neck, “Senior, if that really happens one day, you don’t have to do it because I’ll behead myself.” Although his cultivation was more powerful than hers, she was Su Yan’s Master after all. So, he was supposed to call her ‘Senior’.


With a smile, Ruan Bi Ting replied, “I’ll remember that.”


Realising something, Su Yan asked, “Master, where will you go now?”


Ruan Bi Ting took her Disciple’s hands and heaved a sigh, “Red Clouds Sect has fallen. Prior to that, I was expelled from the Sect by Han Zheng Yuan. The world is vast, so I should go out and have a look; after all, I’ve stayed in the same place for 100 years already. Furthermore, you’re already in the same realm as me. If I don’t work harder, how am I supposed to be your Master?”


Su Yan asked, “Master, why don’t you come with me?”


With a faint smile, Ruan Bi Ting replied, “You two have just reunited after a long time of separation, so why should I be the third wheel? Good, we’ll definitely meet again when the time is right.”


Yang Kai shook his head, “Senior, if you leave now, we might not be able to meet each other forever.”


Ruan Bi Ting uttered, “Although the Ancestral Domain is vast, we still can meet up if we want to.”


“We are going to leave the Ancestral Domain soon.”


Ruan Bi Ting was startled for a moment before she stared at Su Yan and asked, “You’re leaving the Ancestral Domain? Where are you going?”


Su Yan replied, “The Star Boundary!”


“Star Boundary?” Ruan Bi Ting was stunned, but she soon appeared surprised, “You have a way to head to the Star Boundary?” Judging from her expression, it was apparent that she was aware of the existence of the Star Boundary.


In fact, this wasn’t surprising. The Ancestral Domain was connected to countless Star Fields, some of which undoubtedly knew of the Star Boundary. The average cultivators in the Ancestral Domain might not be aware of it, but the top cultivators would be able to gain access to this kind of secretive information.


The Star Boundary was almost a legendary place. It was rumoured that it was a broader place with even more abundant World Energy. The environment there was more advanced, and there was a higher Martial Dao to be pursued.


It was the final destination in every cultivator’s Martial Dao journey. In that place, Third-Order Dao Source Realm Masters were nobodies.


“En.” With a serious expression, Yang Kai nodded.


“Master, please come with me.” Su Yan pleaded with her. Ruan Bi Ting had helped her immensely before, and if they parted ways just like this, she might not be able to repay her favour forever. 


At that moment, a myriad of expressions came over Ruan Bi Ting. She intended to roam around the world, but all of a sudden, a door had been opened right before her eyes, and the view on the other end was extremely tempting.


After taking a deep breath, she stared at Yang Kai and asked, “What realm are you in right now?”


“I am a First-Order Emperor.” Yang Kai flashed a smile at her.


“The Emperor Realm!” Ruan Bi Ting appeared to be yearning for it, “After the Dao Source Realm, it’s called the Emperor Realm?” She tucked her hair behind her ear and put on a smile, “If I tag along, will I disturb you two?”


“No, because we’ve had enoug… gah!”


Su Yan hit his stomach with her elbow.


Ruan Bi Ting looked smilingly at her and said, “I’ll rely on you from now on, then.”



Although the view in Red Clouds Sect remained beautiful, the place was no longer lively.


Despite the Sect’s vast territory, the entire place was quiet. Not a single person could be seen in the square or wandering the palaces, as though this place had become a desolate area. Even the beasts in the forests had returned to their homes and wouldn’t come out again, as if they could sense the danger around them.


On the steps in front of a certain palace, Liu Yan was sitting as she rested her chin on her palms and stared at the scene in front of her. Her gaze appeared listless and hollow, as though she had no regard for anyone or anything in this world, but at the same time, it seemed able to contain the entire world.


He Yun Xiang shuffled towards her and took a look at her with fear in her heart.


No one could have expected that this adorable-looking little girl was able to kill her enemies in such a resolute manner. He Yun Xiang still remembered vividly what happened inside the reception hall ten days ago. This little girl used a single fire snake to burn the Sect Master and all the Elders of Red Clouds Sect to ashes in less than ten breaths of time. Those formidable Dao Source Realm Masters in He Yun Xiang’s eyes were completely powerless when confronted by her attack.


“Have you found anything good?” Liu Yan suddenly looked at her and raised her hand, upon which a burning palm-sized firebird that had been following He Yun Xiang around flew over and landed, vanishing after a light chirp.


He Yun Xiang was startled for a moment before she replied, “I’ve taken all the things from their storehouse.”


Red Clouds Sect was a great force in the Ancestral Domain, so they had their own treasury of course. Normally, only the Sect Master and a small number of Elders had the right to open it; however, the Sect Master Han Zheng Yuan and the Elders were killed suddenly, and all the disciples had run away, so no one had the time to get anything out from the storehouse.


The treasury was protected by multiple barriers while He Yun Xiang had just reached the Third-Order Origin King Realm not long ago, so she was powerless to open it. However, the firebird given to her by Liu Yan had burned through all the barriers with ease, allowing her to enter and clean out the place.


He Yun Xiang had never expected that she would one day be able to seize so many treasures, exciting her greatly. Those were the treasures that had been accumulated by Red Clouds Sect over thousands of years, which included countless elixirs, exotic herbs, Secret Art manuals, and artifacts.


As the Head Manager of the Fierce Gale Pirates who had roamed around the entire Unending Star Field and robbed countless people for many years, it wasn’t until this moment that she realised that she was still just a small-time ignorant bumpkin. The treasures seized by the Fierce Gale Pirates were totally incomparable to what she found in Red Clouds Sect’s treasure house.


It required more than ten Space Rings for her to store everything!


[We’re rich now!] Then, she passed all the Space Rings in her hands to Liu Yan, who raised her head and stared at her with her clear gaze.


“I’ll just keep one and you can have the rest, Madam,” He Yun Xiang explained. Certainly, she couldn’t hoard all the good stuff, as she was someone who knew her place. Besides, just this one ring would be enough to last her for many years.


“Just keep all of it.” Liu Yan waved her hand.


Both Yang Kai and she didn’t need this kind of trash.




All of a sudden, Liu Yan turned to look in a particular direction as her petite figure leapt up. Her expression also became strange, filling with a mix of excitement and respect.


He Yun Xiang was shocked and followed her gaze, only to see a few figures rapidly flying towards them. The person at the front was none other than Yang Kai. A moment later, all three of them landed on the ground.


In an instant, He Yun Xiang was attracted to the unfamiliar woman as she was astounded. [What a pure beauty! Sir was enraged upon learning that ‘Su Yan’ had been mistreated. Is she the one?]


The first impression she had of Su Yan was that the latter was utterly flawless. It was as if the Heavens had given all its blessings to her. By just looking at her, any woman would find themselves feeling inferior.


Then, she took a closer look at her face and realised that the latter was indeed beautiful enough to make any man fall for her. It was then she came to the realisation why Yang Kai wasn’t interested in her, because he already had such a beautiful woman by his side. Other women in this world probably couldn’t attract him anymore.


“Sir,” He Yun Xiang hurriedly saluted him as she felt apprehensive because she was worried that Su Yan might be displeased with her; after all, she had been following Yang Kai around, so it would be terrible if the latter was jealous. It seemed that she had to be more restrained in the future. At the very least, she should stop trying to flirt with Yang Kai.


“What’s wrong?” Yang Kai looked puzzledly at Liu Yan as he approached her and stroked her head. Then, he said with a grin, “Don’t you remember her?”


Certainly, Liu Yan and Su Yan knew each other because they had come into contact many times before in Heng Luo Star Field. What baffled Yang Kai was that Liu Yan was looking at her with a curious expression, as though it was her first time meeting her.


What was even more puzzling for him was that Su Yan was also looking at Liu Yan in the same way, her gaze filled with interest.


Yang Kai darted his gaze between them and asked in bewilderment, “What are you two doing?”


Liu Yan stepped forward and approached Su Yan before she wrinkled her nose and sniffed around her like a dog. A moment later, she raised her head and flashed a smile at her.


Su Yan smiled back at her as though she was looking at her relative. Lovingly, she stroked Liu Yan’s head and asked in a soft voice, “What’s your name?”


Yang Kai hurriedly wiped the rapidly forming cold sweat on his forehead and explained, “She’s Liu Yan.”


Su Yan paused what she was doing as she was astonished, “Liu Yan?”


[Why has she become like this?] The Liu Yan Su Yan remembered was a beautiful mature woman who was always clad in revealing clothes. She had never expected that Liu Yan had become a child when they met again.


Then, she turned to look at Yang Kai and inquired him about it with her gaze.


“It’s a long story, but in short, many things have happened, and she’s become like this.” He paused for a moment, “By the way, why were you two silently looking at each other just now?”


He didn’t understand what these two women of different heights were up to as they were not so intimate in the past.


Su Yan and Liu Yan traded glances as they put on tacit smiles, but they didn’t seem to have the intention of explaining themselves.


[Oh! Just you wait!] Yang Kai protested in his heart, but he didn’t want to harp on this issue. After looking around, he said, “Let’s go.”


Ruan Bi Ting waved her hand, upon which a 100-metre ship with four floors appeared. The ship was beautifully crafted, so it was apparently made by a famous grandmaster.


After they boarded the ship, Ruan Bi Ting injected her Source Qi into it and with a flicker, it soared off.


It was time to return home!




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  1. I think High Heaven Palace will have the most treasure of all sect..and also will be the strongest…Monster Race, Divine Spirit, Dragons, Puppeteers, Artifact Master, Spirit Array Master, Alchemist Master, Stone Race, the descendants of Heaven’ Sword, even most of special body constitution gather in one place (ice jade body of su yan, xia ning chan, disciple of iron blood GE, the girl that can see the future I forgot her name, the Palace Master have so many treasures inside the Sealed World Bead, even the demon god is sealed within himself…well, I don’t know what will happen in the future but…this High Heaven will be the strongest I guess..

    1. They have the empress of the phoenixes and the emperor of the dragons. Yang Kai and su Yan. That alone will be enough to easily kill great emperors. Or author gonna nerf again. But remember how the 1000 meter dragon bowed to yang Kai and a 400 meter dragon is a great emperor. That says enough

  2. It was the final destination in every cultivator’s Martial Dao journey. In that place, Third-Order Dao Source Realm Masters were nobodies.

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    1. But a sect without an Emperor realm master is at best a second class sect, so without any real influence. “Nobodies” might be exaggerated, but it isn’t completely wrong either, just like Origin King’s aren’t worth much in the Ancestral Domain

  3. Wow all those names, including some from way back to the Yang inheritance war !! It’s good that the author hasn’t forgotten Abt them . Hope to see and hear more from these guys soon. I hope to see some mention of my favorite character “old demon”

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