Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3119, Your End Will Be Miserable


Translator: Silavin & Jon

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The vast Star Field was dead silent.


A Void Corridor swirled at a certain location, looking as if it had been there for eternity all on its own. The Void Corridor was unlike others because it gave off a feeling that it was extremely unstable, as though it would collapse at any moment. 


A dangerous aura wafted from it.


The existence of this Void Corridor wasn’t a secret in the Star Field, but rarely did anyone have the guts to approach it. That was because a Third-Order Origin King Realm Master had gone missing in this place in the past, and there had not been any news about her since then. No one knew for sure whether she was even still alive.


So, over the years, many people had speculated that this Void Corridor led to an unknown world from which there was no way to return, but no one had actually tried to find out.


In fact, this place had become desolate for several dozen years.


However, at this moment, there seemed to be some unusual changes in the Void Corridor. The entrance violently contracted and expanded several times before a beam of colourful light shot out of it.


A figure was also ejected out of the corridor along with the beam of light. Like an arrow leaving the bow, the person was shot out more than a kilometre before he managed to stabilize himself.


The person was none other than Yang Kai. At this moment, he appeared quite dishevelled.


After he entered the Star Road Portal in the Ancestral Domain, he had to pass through multiple Void Cracks before he managed to return to Heng Luo Star Field. It took him quite some effort to do that. He couldn’t use much of his strength either as it might cause a Void Collapse, but he also couldn’t use a power that was too weak, otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to break through the various World Barriers to reach his destination.


He had made many attempts before he found the path back home. After he stabilised himself, he scanned the surroundings with his Divine Sense. Following that, he appeared elated as he guffawed. That was because he could sense the existence of Shadowed Star. 


Spreading his arms, it was as if he wanted to embrace the Star Field itself.


[Heng Luo Star Field, I’m back!]


When he left this place in the past, he had never expected that he would come back so soon. He had set a goal of returning 100 years later for himself, but now, not even half of that time had passed. The journey had been paved with countless hardships and life-or-death battles, but everything became worthwhile now. The images of the people he had been longing for became clearer in his mind, making him wish he could grow a pair of wings and immediately fly back to Shadowed Star. He wanted to show up before their eyes and see how pleasantly surprised they were.


Then, he turned around and stared fixedly at the Void Corridor. That was the portal through which Su Yan had travelled to the Ancestral Domain. As he felt the aura wafting from the corridor, he was still reeling from the shock. Su Yan must have been extremely lucky to have arrived at the Ancestral Domain safely.


After that, he took a deep breath and waved his hand, upon which Su Yan appeared before his eyes.


She seemed to be meditating, but upon realising something had changed around her, she opened her eyes and looked around before asking with a smile, “We’re back?”


Before they embarked on the journey back home, Yang Kai put all of them in the Sealed World Bead. First of all, it was energy-consuming to bring so many people to pass through the Star Road Portal. Secondly, Su Yan was in the Second-Order Dao Source Realm, which was beyond the limits of what Heng Leng Star Field could tolerate, so she had to suppress her cultivation.


So far, it seemed that she had been doing well. It was just that she had suppressed her cultivation too much, to the point that she only gave off a Second-Order Origin King aura now.


“En, we’re back!” Yang Kai took a deep breath. Although there was no air in the Starry Sky, he could still smell the familiar scent. Then, he extended his hand and grabbed Su Yan’s firmly, as though he didn’t want to separate with her again. With their hands of different sizes interlocked with each other, Yang Kai appeared as excited as a child as he declared, “Let’s go back home!”


He didn’t need to identify the direction as the intimate connection between Shadowed Star and him was enough to point out the right way for him. Following that, they transformed into a beam of light and shot towards Shadowed Star.


With a beautiful woman by his side, Yang Kai no longer felt lonely on his journey. Whenever he felt like it, he would bring Su Yan to land on a nearby Dead Star or asteroid before engaging in various ‘activities’ with her. After he did this several times though, Su Yan had no choice but to use her Ice Crystal Jade Body to dampen his enthusiasm.


A few days later, a huge Star finally came into sight. The Star Source of Shadowed Star within his body pulsated, as if it was a traveller that was finally back home.


For some reason, Yang Kai felt nervous again, as if he was slightly afraid to return home. Then, he felt a firm grip on his hand. It was Su Yan who had grabbed his big hand. As their eyes met, he was finally at ease. After that, he pulled her into an embrace and landed a kiss on her forehead as he shouted, “Let’s go!”


Half a day later, they were in a location that was near Shadowed Star.


All of a sudden, Yang Kai and Su Yan turned to look at a spot where more than ten large Starships were hovering in the Starry Sky. Powerful auras radiated from those Starships.


“What Sect are they from?” Yang Kai pointed at the symbol that looked like a skeleton on a Starship. Perhaps he had left the Star Field for too long, so he couldn’t recognise the great force this symbol represented.


Unexpectedly, Su Yan shook her head and replied, “I don’t know.”


She had also left the Star Field for years, so she wasn’t aware of the changes that had happened to Heng Luo Star Field and Shadowed Star in recent decades.


Just then, a figure suddenly appeared on the deck of the biggest Starship. It was an old man with a dense aura, marking him as a Third-Order Origin King. They were a few thousand metres apart, but he still fixed his sharp gaze on Yang Kai. His eyes seemed capable of seeing through the void and the intrinsic quality of everything in this world.


Yang Kai flashed a smile at him, but the old man raised his hand, upon which a Crystal Cannon on the Starship aimed at Yang Kai and Su Yan before a dazzling light started converging. Following that, a beam of light shot toward them.


“Hahaha!” Yang Kai chuckled heartily, “It seems we’ve bumped into a madman right after we’ve come back. En, let’s have a chat with him.”


After the beam of light diminished, Yang Kai and Su Yan were nowhere to be found. The old man on the deck stared in that direction for a while before he snorted and turned around, ready to get back into the cabin.


However, he suddenly stopped in his tracks as he felt a sense of coldness engulfing him. With a horrified gaze, he stared fixedly at the front where a man and a woman had appeared at some point without him realising. These two people were none other than the pair he had just seen thousands of metres away! They were supposed to have been destroyed by the Crystal Cannon.


Nevertheless, they were still alive and kicking as they appeared behind him, but he couldn’t sense their presence at all.


“Old Sir, are you addicted to killing or something?” Yang Kai looked smilingly at him. In the past, he would have directly killed this old man with one punch; however, he was in a good mood on this day, so he wasn’t interested in seeing blood. Moreover, he didn’t know this old man’s identity, so he didn’t want to make a rash move. It would be terrible if the old man actually held an important position and there was simply some misunderstanding here.


Yang Kai had connections with many people and forces in Heng Luo Star Field, so he couldn’t act rashly.


The old man just stared fixedly at Yang Kai without replying to him. He instinctively felt that he couldn’t afford to offend this young man as a drop of cold sweat slid down his forehead. With his hands hidden in his sleeves, he secretly performed a seal and readied himself to make a move at any moment.


“Old Mister, who are you? Who do these Starships belong to? What are you all doing here?” Yang Kai looked around and casually asked some questions, but he didn’t get any answers in return.


Then, he stepped forward and circled around the old man several times. Following that, he stopped in front of him and leaned closer to gaze at him, “Old Mister, you seem very anxious.”


More cold sweat streamed down the old man’s forehead.


Yang Kai reached out and patted the old man’s shoulder before saying with a grin, “Don’t worry. As long as you’re not my enemy, I won’t do anything to you. Are you my enemy?”


“N-N-No!” The old man uttered with difficulty.


Yang Kai nodded, “Very good. By the way, let me introduce myself. I’m the Master of this Star, Yang Kai.” He pointed at the huge Star below them.


The old man’s pupils contracted as he appeared horrified. He had never heard of any news that there was a Star Master for this Cultivation Star, but Yang Kai appeared serious, so he wasn’t sure if he should believe him.


“I’ve been gone for several dozen years, and I’m finally back today. Some women are waiting for me at home. Old Mister, what gifts do you think I should bring?”


[Why are you asking me this question?] The old man complained in his heart, but he wouldn’t dare to ignore his question. After giving it a thought, he replied, “I don’t think they’ll care about gifts as long as you’re back.”


Yang Kai stroked his chin and nodded in agreement, “Old Mister, you’re right.” Then, he suddenly laughed, “I’m already the best gift. Do you agree, Senior Sister?”


Su Yan replied, “Yes.”


“Old Mister, many thanks for enlightening me.” Yang Kai cupped his fists at the old man and took a deep breath, “I should get going now. I believe they can’t wait to see me.”


[Please just go away! Where did this lunatic come from!? It’s a shame that this beautiful woman doesn’t seem to have the intention of leaving him.]


Yang Kai was indeed in a rush, so he was eager to leave, but just as he was about to fly off, he suddenly turned around and looked at the old man, “Old Mister, are you really not my enemy?”


“Certainly not!”


“En, good,” Yang Kai nodded, “Just so you know, if you were my enemy, your end will be miserable.”


The old man’s heart jumped to his throat as a chill ran from his feet to his head, but when he raised his head again, the duo was nowhere to be found. He wasn’t even sure when they disappeared. After he scanned the area with Divine Sense, he couldn’t even detect any auras, as though they hadn’t been there in the first place.


With difficulty, the old man gulped and immediately fished out a communication artifact before infusing his Divine Sense into it. His wrinkled hands were trembling uncontrollably.


High Heaven Sect.


As a relatively new great force, the rise of High Heaven Sect could be considered miraculous. It was founded just several dozen years ago, but after such a short period of time, it had managed to amass countless Masters that were in the Origin King Realm. They even had four or five Third-Order Origin Kings in the Sect. Therefore, they had now become the most powerful force in the Star Field. Even the old hegemons like Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce, Purple Star, and Sword Union were of no match for them.


At this moment, in the Main Conference Hall of High Heaven Sect, many Masters had gathered together.


The temporary Sect Master as well as the Great Elder of High Heaven Sect, Ye Xi Yun, sat at the head position while elders like Chu Ling Xiao, Ling Tai Xu, Yang Xiu Zhu, Chu Han Yi, Lin Yu Rao, Qing Ya and the others were seated on both sides of the hall. Each of them was an Origin King.


Further away from this group were more than ten Juniors like Wu Yi, Yang Wei, Dong Qing Han and the others that were already in the Origin Returning Realm. Some of them were at the peak of Origin Returning Realm, so they might break through to the Origin King Realm at any moment.


The hall was noisy as all of them were engaged in a heated discussion. Not only were the older people split in their views, but even the younger generation were also engaging in fierce debate.


Seated in the main seat, Ye Xi Yun remained silent, but she was attentively listening to all their conversations.




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  1. i think i might even shed a tear.. all these names that i haven’t seen in so long are all still here! anyways cue the “YK returns and wrecks some evil great force before bringing new people to Star Boundary” arc

  2. This doesn’t make sense tho. It was known before YK departure that there were 3 great forces, 2 of which are on shadowed star side forming a great alliance with even the 3rd losing its stance as a great force since YK weakened their foundations. Now with YK being shadowed star’ star master the cultivation environment in the star should be unrivaled in the whole star field along with the heritage YK left in the sect. Common sense tells us shadowed star and its allies should hold the highest advantage over all assuming a behemoth stance over all forces in the star field. Even if 20 or 25 years weren’t enough for shadowed star to produce more experts the others shouldn’t be in any better place. There were only 2 3rd origin king order cultivators in every force and most of those would belong to shadowed star alliance. By right, there shouldn’t be anyone out there capable of matching shadowed star alliance or heritage.
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    2. There were 5, you missed the 2 evil space pirate forces that were always named amongst the 5 top forces in the star field. Don’t remember their names though.

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