Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3120, What a Coincidence


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They were all arguing over one issue, how to wage a war! Two prevailing strategies had emerged, splitting their forces to confront the enemy on all fronts, or launching an all-out assault on the enemy headquarters. Everyone in the hall had been split into two sides and had been debating with each other for a long time but still couldn’t come to a conclusion.


All of a sudden, Ye Xi Yun, who had remained silent for a long time, looked into the distance with her deep gaze as though she was able to break through the barrier of space.


All the arguments in the hall halted abruptly as they all looked up at her.


Chu Ling Xiao asked, “What happened?”


“Some people have broken into High Heaven Sect,” Ye Xi Yun replied. As the substitute Sect Master, she was the one who controlled the Sect Defending Array of High Heaven Sect, so she was able to detect anyone who attempted to forcefully intrude.


“What!?” All of them exclaimed in disbelief and shock. High Heaven Sect was no longer a budding force. It was now the top Sect in the entire Star Field, so who would have the guts to force their way into their headquarters without permission? Who had the power to do so?


In an instant, all of them turned extremely solemn.


“These auras…” Ye Xi Yun’s expression changed. A tinge of disbelief appeared on her indifferent yet alluring face. Following that, she became agitated as she swiftly stormed out of the hall.


All of them traded glances as they didn’t know what had happened that made Ye Xi Yun lose her composure. They all knew her temperament very well, no matter what kind of disaster she had to face, she wouldn’t even frown, so her actions at this moment truly surprised them.


They immediately rose from their chairs and walked out of the hall before looking into the distance as well.


On the other side, two figures were walking toward them at a relaxed pace. Everyone in the hall stared fixedly at the two people as they widened their eyes in disbelief, wondering if they were dreaming.


As Yang Kai came across the High Heaven Sect’s disciples along the way, he amicably greeted them, causing these disciples to widen their mouths as they looked dazedly at him and Su Yan.


These disciples were mostly brought over to this place by Yang Kai from Tong Xuan Realm or the Great Han Dynasty, so most of them knew who he was. Even those who didn’t know him could recognise Su Yan. They all couldn’t believe that these two people, who had disappeared separately and at different times several dozen years ago, suddenly appeared together now.


Wherever they went, all the disciples appeared to be in a dazed state as they followed their figures with their eyes, unable to come to their senses even after a long time.


The entire High Heaven Sect seemed to have been affected by a Binding Technique by a supreme master. Everything seemed to have frozen, as only the voice of Yang Kai greeting them could be heard.


“It’s Yang Kai! It’s Yang Kai!” Dong Qing Han suddenly exclaimed. He forcefully rubbed his eyes as he was worried that he was mistaken. Then, he took Lan Chu Die’s hand and asked, “Do you see him? Is Yang Kai really back?”


Still in a confused state, Lan Chu Die nodded her head almost unconsciously, “You’re not mistaken. He’s really back.”


Dong Qing Han forcefully clapped his hands. The two of them had already been married when they were back in the Great Han Dynasty. They had gone through life’s ups and downs for several dozen years already and had always treated each other well.


The more than ten members of the younger generation in the hall who knew these two people became agitated as well. As for Ye Yi Xun, Chu Ling Xiao, and the other Elders with the strongest cultivations in the Sect, who always remained level-headed, they could barely contain the excitement on their faces.


A moment later, Yang Kai reached all of them. After sweeping a glance over them, he said with a grin, “I’m back!”


The passionate welcome he had imagined earlier, however, didn’t happen as all of them just stared dazedly at him, which made him feel slightly embarrassed. Rubbing his nose, he said in a cautious manner, “I’m back…”


Right after he finished his words, Dong Qing Han pounced on him and tackled him with a bear hug. Then, he forcefully clapped the latter’s back with his big hand as loud thuds could be heard.


Yang Kai was torn between tears and laughter, as he didn’t expect that the first person who would respond to him would be this fatty. Yang Kai, however, let him be for a moment before he uttered teasingly, “My dear Cousin, it’s time you lost some weight.”


“Is it really you?” It was only then that Dong Qing Han stopped what he was doing as he moved away a little to examine Yang Kai.


“I’m really back!”


Dong Qing Han turned his head and pointed at Yang Kai before shouting to everyone, “Yang Kai is back!”


It was as though he was the first one who noticed it.


All of them appeared solemn as they saluted Yang Kai, “Welcome back, Sect Master!” Their voices trembled, which went to show they were all agitated.


Yang Kai raised his hand and used an invisible force to make sure that all of them couldn’t bend their backs. What was strange was that none of them could detect Yang Kai using the slightest force to accomplish this, a feat beyond their imagination. At that instant, they realised that his power had truly reached an inconceivable level.


With a serious expression, Yang Kai cupped his fists and saluted them instead, “Martial Ancestor, Grand Master, I have returned!”


Chu Ling Xiao was the Ancestral Founder of High Heaven Pavilion, while Ling Tai Xu was the Honoured Master of Yang Kai’s Father. These two people were truly his Seniors. Although his cultivation was more powerful than theirs, he would never dare to see himself as more important than them. Naturally, he also wouldn’t dare to let them salute him.


If that really happened, Yang Ying Feng, his father, would certainly break his legs.


With a smile, Chu Ling Xiao replied, “You are the Sect Master of High Heaven Sect now, so you should stop being overly polite to us.”


Ling Tai Xu uttered, “He’s right. It’s thanks to you that we’ve achieved such success. You should start carrying yourself in a way that befits the image of a Sect Master.”


Yang Kai replied, “Even a Sect Master shouldn’t be impolite to his Seniors. Both of you are my Seniors, so I must be respectful of you.”


Chu Ling Xiao and Ling Tai Xu traded glances as both of them appeared gratified.


“Big Brother Yang…” Wu Yi stepped forward and pressed her lips together.


Yang Kai turned to look at her and put on a smile, “We haven’t met for many years. How have you been?” 


In the past, it was thanks to Wu Yi’s help that he was able to gain a footing on Shadowed Star. It could be said that Wu Yi and her family’s disciples were the first friends and allies he had made on Shadowed Star. Without them, High Heaven Sect wouldn’t have become what it was today.


“I’m well,” Wu Yi replied with a faint smile. She had missed him greatly, and this reunion after so long had formed a ripple on the tranquil lake that was her heart. However, after she took a look at the woman beside him, the ripple immediately faded. She could no longer keep up with his pace. He was now in a position high above, shining brightly like a star.


After greeting everyone one by one, Yang Kai finally turned to look at Ye Xi Yun and said with a grin, “Great Elder, many thanks for looking after the Sect for all these years.”


Ye Xi Yun replied, “You’ve come back at just the right time. I’ll pass the Sect back to you now so I can finally enjoy my retirement.”


Yang Kai uttered in shock, “Great Elder, you are still in your prime and have many years of life left to live. Why would you want to suddenly retire?”


Ye Xi Yun snorted, “It’s no use flattering me because I’ve made up my mind. Don’t even try to change my decision!” [I don’t care how powerful your cultivation is now. I’m totally done with this job. It’s too exhausting to be in charge of a Sect. I’d rather be on my own so I can roam around freely.]


After a sigh, Yang Kai said, “Since you’ve said so, I won’t force you. Anyway, after some time, I’ll bring all of you to a new place. By then, you can take a rest for as long as you want.”


“A new place?”


“Where is it?”


“Is it where you’ve come back from?”


All of them were curious.


Yang Kai smiled without replying to them. A moment later, he asked, “I heard all of you arguing over something. What’s wrong? Who has the guts to offend our High Heaven Sect?”


Upon hearing that, all of them fell silent and no longer appeared excited.


Yang Kai examined their expressions and immediately knew that something serious must have happened to the Sect.


Ye Xi Yun uttered, “Let’s go in first.”


After they entered the hall and took a seat, Ye Xi Yun explained the current situation in the Star Field to Yang Kai.


It was then Yang Kai realised that it was the entire Heng Luo Star Field, rather than High Heaven Sect, that was in trouble.


Twenty years ago, even after Su Yan left the Star Field and entered the Ancestral Domain, everything was peaceful. However, a few years later, a strange Void Corridor appeared in the Star Field. Following that, a large number of Starships and powerful cultivators poured through this portal and began a widespread invasion of Heng Luo Star Field, travelling from one Cultivation Star to the next, burning and pillaging everything in their path.


In the beginning, no one understood what was going on. They only knew that these invaders were exceptionally formidable. Heng Luo Star Field had been sealed off for countless years, so they had never seen any cultivators like them before. They were caught unprepared and as a result, several Cultivation Stars quickly fell to the enemy.


For a short period of time, everyone in the Star Field was thrown into a flurry of panic as they worried about their own safety. After the initial stage of the invasion though, the remaining forces composed themselves and began banding together to resist the foreign invaders. With the four top great forces, High Heaven Sect, Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce, Purple Star, and Sword Union, leading the way, Masters gathered from all over Heng Luo Star Field to wage war. Countless were killed, including many powerful Masters. Even High Heaven Sect had lost many people.


Yang Kai’s chest tightened when he heard that. Earlier, he had noticed that even though there were many familiar people in the hall, the women closest to him were not there. Even his parents were nowhere to be seen.


Ye Xi Yun seemed to have noticed his worries, so she reassured him by saying, “Your wives are all fine; however, they have returned to their own Stars to rally their forces and strengthen their defences.”


It was only then that Yang Kai set his mind at ease.


[Shan Qing Luo must have returned to Monster Emperor Star, while Little Senior Sister should have gone back to Tong Xuan Realm. En, Xue Yue must have returned to the Home Star of Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce, Water Moon Star.] The Star Field was in a crisis now, so naturally, they wouldn’t stay in High Heaven Sect and do nothing.


Moreover, before he left in the past, Yang Kai had arranged many Cross-Star Space Arrays in the Star Field. Monster Emperor Star, Tong Xuan Realm and Water Moon Star were all connected to High Heaven Sect on Shadowed Star. It was just that they might need to take several waypoints in the process. If they came across any danger, they still had a way out, so they should be pretty safe.


“Where are those invaders from?” Yang Kai asked in a grim voice.


He couldn’t believe that while he wasn’t in the Star Field, there were people out there who had the guts to invade his homeland.


Ye Xi Yun replied, “I heard that they come from a place called the Grand Desolation Star Field.”


In an instant, Yang Kai’s expression turned awkward, “They come from Grand Desolation Star Field? Are you sure?”


Ye Yi Xun bowed her head, “Yes.” 


The war had been going on for more than ten years, so it would truly be laughable if they still hadn’t found out where their enemies came from. In the past, after they discovered the fact, they were all stunned, because they had never expected that another Star Field would suddenly open a Void Corridor to their Star Field and launch an invasion.


If it weren’t because those Masters from Grand Desolation Star Field suddenly invaded and devastated them, many of Heng Luo Star Field’s people would never have even known other Star Fields existed.


“Sect Master, you know about the Grand Desolation Star Field?” Ye Xi Yun looked doubtfully at Yang Kai.


Yang Kai chuckled, “En, naturally I know about it.”


[What a coincidence.]




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  1. This could be interresting.
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    1. Su Yan, dragon half-breed and his returned wife, Phoenix doll, stone soul… I don’t think the ex-pirate or the rape child are in Dao Source realm yet, or whom did I miss?

  3. Well, I’d say that explains where a force that can suppress High Heaven palace came from, especially since shortly before the invasion 7 of the Star fields top Masters left

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