Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3121, Dragged Into This Mess


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Grand Desolation Star Field was a familiar name to Yang Kai.


In the past, when he and the others left Heng Luo Star Field and passed through the Starlight Corridor, they were ambushed by some Origin King Realm Masters from Grand Desolation Star Field, which caused the Starlight Corridor to collapse and separated all of them. Even Liu Yan and Xiao Xiao had gone missing at the time and it took Yang Kai a few years to find them.


The leader of those ambushers was called Yin Le Sheng. He was the Sect Master of Netherworld Sect as well as the overlord of Grand Desolation Star Field.


Liu Xian Yun, who had gone through some hardships with Yang Kai before, also came from Grand Desolation Star Field. Both of them treated Yang Kai differently, so they also ended up in different states.


Yin Le Sheng had escaped unscathed from the Shattered Star Sea, but in the end, Yang Kai managed to kill him in the Ancient Wild Lands of the Eastern Territory. On the other hand, with Yang Kai’s recommendation, Liu Xian Yun was accepted by Ice Heart Valley. The last time he went to Ice Heart Valley, he met up and had a chat with her. She had been doing well, and she was ready to break through to the Third-Order Dao Source Realm. Certainly, given her aptitude and Ice Heart Valley’s support, it wouldn’t be hard for her to achieve this breakthrough; then, it would only be a matter of time before she reached the Emperor Realm.


Yang Kai was surprised to hear the name ‘Grand Desolation Star Field’ from Ye Xi Yun.


However, after giving it a thought, he realised that since they could come across Yin Le Sheng in the Starlight Corridor when they were heading to the Star Boundary, it meant that the two Star Fields must be adjacent to each other. They were probably separated by only a single World Barrier. Now that the barrier was broken, and the Star Fields were connected, it was expected that those cultivators from Grand Desolation Star Field were able to reach Heng Luo Star Field.


“We’re both from Star Fields, so how are we not a match for them?” Yang Kai asked.


Ye Xi Yun explained, “There’s a Sect called Netherworld Sect that is the leader of their Star Field, so their forces are completely united. On the other hand, our Sects are all divided, so it’s indeed difficult for us to oppose them. Moreover, they’re the invaders, so they have far more freedom of movement. As a result, they have always had a more advantageous position.”


[It’s really Netherworld Sect. It seems that even without Yin Le Sheng, their Sect is still the ruler of their Star Field. They’ve even managed to unite all the forces in their Star Field.]


“So, the Starships outside Shadowed Star all come from Grand Desolation Star Field?”


Ye Xi Yun nodded, “That’s right. Shadowed Star is one of the main battlefields. They’ve deployed quite a large force to this place to specifically target us.”


“How dare that old fart lie to me!” Yang Kai snorted.


They didn’t know who Yang Kai was referring to, so they were all somewhat puzzled.


Ye Xi Yun set aside her confusion though and went on to say, “We were arguing whether we should directly attack those Starships to destroy their cannons, or split up and kill the enemies that are scattered around Shadowed Star. Since you’re back, there’s no need to argue anymore though.”


“Good.” Yang Kai nodded his head, “Just wait a moment.”


All of a sudden, he closed his eyes and raised his arm. Then, he twisted his wrist and extended his hand into the void. His movement appeared swift, but it was actually quite slow.


All of them in the hall felt their chests tightening suddenly. Following Yang Kai’s movement, it was as though their hearts were grabbed by someone, causing them to suffocate.


Just then, Yang Kai clenched his fist.


“It’s done!” He opened his eyes and lowered his hand, upon which the horrifying pressure vanished.


Everyone traded glances and appeared puzzled, as they didn’t know what he was talking about. But soon, sounds of intense explosions could be heard from a faraway place. All of them immediately focused their attention on this new development. Some of them seemed to have figured out something as they dashed out of the hall and looked up at the Starry Sky.


High up in the sky, huge explosions could be seen clearly even though it was now daytime.  The location of these explosions was a few tens of thousands of kilometres away, but the sound from them could still be heard clearly.


The location where the explosions took place was where those Starships from Grand Desolation Star Field were anchored. 


After everyone became aware of what just happened, they were left dumbfounded.


Although they knew that Yang Kai was the Star Master of Shadowed Star who could rule over everything on this Star, those Starships from Grand Desolation Star Field were parked in the Starry Sky, not on the ground of Shadowed Star. How was he able to destroy those Starships that were so far away with such ease? How powerful must he be?


Moreover, many Origin King Realm Masters were aboard those Starships. However, it was likely that none of them managed to escape with their lives.


At that instant, these people in the hall were extremely excited.


With a serious expression, Ye Xi Yun uttered, “Since there’s no disagreement between us now, I believe we can stop waiting. Now is the best time to make a move.”


In an instant, everyone rose from their chairs and stepped out of the hall. Then, they left High Heaven Sect through different Space Arrays and headed to various parts of Shadowed Star. Since they had the absolute advantage now, they had to hunt down those remaining people from Grand Desolation Star Field who were on Shadowed Star and kill them ruthlessly.


Yang Kai uttered, “I’ll also get some exercise, then.”


Shadowed Star was his territory, so he wouldn’t allow such trash to make a fuss in his home. Those invaders from Grand Desolation Star Field were like fleas that jumped around on his body, so he had to catch them, pull out their guts, and twist their necks so that he could relieve this itch.


First though, he turned around and said, “Senior Sister, you should take a rest.”


Before Su Yan could disagree with him, he had already disappeared from the hall, so she could only shake her head helplessly.


Just then, a figure stormed into the hall and shouted in an agitated manner, “Where’s my son!?”


Upon learning that Yang Kai had returned, Dong Su Zhu immediately rushed over to this place, but it was too late.


“Take it slow. What if you trip and fall? You’re not a child anymore, so why are you still so impetuous?” Yang Ying Feng’s calm voice could be heard from behind; however, in the blink of an eye, he already appeared next to Dong Su Zhu, so it was apparent that he was not as calm as he tried to appear.


The couple looked around but couldn’t see Yang Kai, their attention soon shifting to the white-robed young woman standing there.


“Su Yan…” Dong Su Zhu’s eyes turned bloodshot as she covered her mouth. With teary eyes, she asked in a trembling voice, “Are you really Su Yan?”


Su Yan approached her and elegantly saluted her, “Mother.”


Her soft voice was like the most pleasant music in the world to the ears of Yang Ying Feng and his wife. They felt that there was no voice in this world that was more delightful than hers.


“She’s really Su Yan,” Yang Ying Feng gently pushed the dazed Dong Su Zhu. [Haa… she’s a woman after all. She’s always so flustered whenever something happens. I guess I’ll have to keep worrying about her for the rest of my life.]


It was then that Dong Su Zhu spread her arms and pulled Su Yan into an embrace. Dong Su Zhu was a petite lady, while Su Yan was slightly taller than her, so now it seemed as though she had actually crashed into Su Yan’s embrace.


With a faint smile, Su Yan looked over Dong Su Zhu’s shoulder and stared at Yang Ying Feng, “Father.”


Suppressing the excitement in his heart, Yang Ying Feng nodded gently. He felt as if the worries that had stayed in his heart for twenty years were finally taken off his chest.


In the past, Su Yan had gone missing after she went over to investigate a strange Void Corridor. All of them were worried about her. Dong Su Zhu and Yang Ying Feng were so flustered that they could barely eat anything or sleep at night. They felt guilty that they hadn’t managed to take good care of Yang Kai’s wife. At the same time, they blamed themselves for their weak cultivation. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have let Su Yan look into the matter as they could have done so themselves.


Over the years, the couple had been trying hard to increase their cultivation so that when they eventually reached the Origin King Realm, they could head to the Void Corridor to look for Su Yan. Otherwise, they would be too embarrassed to meet Yang Kai again.


However, a surprise came to them when they least expected it. Both Yang Kai and Su Yan came back together. No one could be happier than their father and mother.


“Stop it. You’ve dampened Su Yan’s clothes. Stop being inappropriate.” Seeing that Dong Su Zhu just wouldn’t stop crying, Yang Ying Feng couldn’t take it anymore and chided her.


Upon hearing that, Dong Su Zhu raised her head and examined Su Yan. She appeared worried, just like how Su Yan reacted when she reunited with Yang Kai.


“Come take a seat first.” Dong Su Zhu grabbed her hand and brought her to a nearby chair. She couldn’t wait to find out where Su Yan had gone, and whether the latter had suffered any hardships over the years.


After they were both seated and had a chat for a while, Su Yan uttered, “Mother, Yang Kai…”


“Don’t mention that brat!” Dong Su Zhu’s face fell, “Just let him perish outside!”


Yang Ying Feng refuted, “Then why were you in a rush to come here?”


“What does it have to do with you? Why can’t I come here in a rush?” Dong Su Zhu shot him a glare, “I was looking for Su Yan.”


“Look. I was just saying… why are you mad at me?” Yang Ying Feng felt helpless and pressed his palm against his forehead. [Why did she call out to her son right after she came into this place, then?]


“If you can’t put up with me anymore, why don’t you divorce me? There are many beautiful women out there anyway. That’s your intention, right? Why don’t I prepare the divorce document for you? You just have to sign your name on it.”


Yang Ying Feng spread his palms and then did a ‘zip’ gesture on his mouth. Seeing that, Su Yan burst into laughter.


Dong Su Zhu patted her hands and persuaded her by saying, “Men should be lectured just like this. Don’t treat that brat too well. If you’re too good to him, he won’t take you seriously. You should be more fierce with him, then he’ll keep thinking about you.”


“I will remember Mother’s teachings,” Su Yan nodded gently.


“I’m just concerned about you. With your temperament… Haa… It’s the same case for Ning Chang. Only Little Qing Luo is more opinionated. I’ll persuade her next time. All of you are too doting on him.” She paused for a moment before speaking in a small voice, “Did he bring back any…”


“Bring what?” Su Yan looked doubtfully at her.


“Did he bring any women back?”


After giving it a thought, Su Yan replied, “I guess… Not?” She had met He Yun Xiang and understood why the latter was following Yang Kai, so she wouldn’t regard her as Yang Kai’s woman.


However, just like a cat whose tail had been stepped on, Dong Su Zhu became enraged in an instant as her face turned livid, “He really brought back a woman?” 


[How outrageous! If any man has a wife like Su Yan, he would have doted on her instead of leaving home for several dozen years. But he still dared to flirt with other women out there!]


“She’s not Yang Kai’s lover.”


“Did he force you to lie!? How dare he!” Dong Su Zhu landed a slam on the armrest and glowered at Yang Ying Feng, who had remained silent, “Look at the good deed your son has done!”


Yang Ying Feng hung his head low and didn’t dare to speak. He felt wronged, as he had never uttered a word, but he was still dragged into this mess.


[Brat, just pray for yourself. When you’re back, your mother will probably beat you black and blue. Even if she forgives you, I’ll still do it on her behalf!]


“She’s really not,” Su Yan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, but she felt warm deep in her heart all the same.




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