Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3123, I Am God


Translator: Silavin & Jon

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Bian Hong’s heart sank as he felt a sense of coldness engulfing him from head to toe. 


[This woman is too devious!] 


He had been battling against her for the past five years, but he had never expected that she still had such a trump card. She only used it at the last moment to deal a fatal blow to him.


He blamed himself for being careless, but there was no use complaining about what was already done. Sweeping away all distractions, he turned around and fled before shouting “I’ll let you off today! I’ll definitely make you beg me to stop in bed one day!”


Seeing that, Qiu Yi Meng raised her sword and raced after him, but she couldn’t shorten the gap between them. She had expended a lot of her Saint Qi to use her Secret Technique to increase her speed earlier. Moreover, she had shown a weakness to lure Bian Hong to launch a sneak attack on her. As a result, she was wounded after she was struck by his palm. Given the fact that they were in the same realm, if Bian Hong tried his best to flee, she wouldn’t have any way to catch up to him.


In the blink of an eye, they had shot past the clouds and couldn’t see the view on the ground anymore.


Qiu Yi Meng sent out a blast of Sword Qi for the last time before halting in her tracks.


As expected, Bian Hong was able to avoid the attack with ease, and as he fled, he turned around and mocked her, causing her to be infuriated. She stared fixedly at his figure, as though she wanted to imprint his image in the deepest part of her memory so that she could find him one day and kill him with her sword.


Just then, a figure suddenly appeared a thousand metres above Bian Hong. 


Qiu Yi Meng didn’t notice the figure at first, but upon catching a glimpse of it, she couldn’t help but frown and narrow her eyes to examine this newcomer.


The person was facing away from her, and with the sun in her eyes, the glow and golden halo surrounding him was too dazzling, making it hard to see him properly. However, his figure was familiar to her.


Her chest tightened, for the person’s figure was exactly the same as the man she had always longed for in her mind.


“Who!?” While in mid-air, Bian Hong sensed something and lifted his head, only to be shocked to see that a person was standing right above him. Upon closer inspection, he realised that he hadn’t seen this young man before. Moreover, he couldn’t detect any energy fluctuations around this young man even after he scanned him with his Divine Sense.


“Move!” Bian Hong bellowed. He had been set up by Qiu Yi Meng on this day, and he was almost killed by her, forcing him to flee in embarrassment. However, he didn’t expect that someone would have the guts to block his way at the last moment.


As such, he raised his hand and pushed out his palm at the young man.


The young man also lifted his hand and nonchalantly pushed down his palm, as though he was facing a leaf that was swept up at him by the wind instead of the blow of an Origin King Realm Master. 


With an inscrutable smile on his face, the young man simply uttered, “Fall.”


In an instant, Bian Hong widened his eyes as his body trembled uncontrollably. The young man’s attack appeared slow and harmless, but when he pushed down his palm, it felt as if the entire world was pressing down on him. 


Bian Hong’s vision darkened as he couldn’t see any light at all, and for reasons he could not comprehend, he found himself plummeting down rapidly.


[What’s going on?] He was dumbfounded, but before he figured out the reason behind all this, he felt a stream of Sword Qi slashing toward him. 


Upon turning his head to investigate, Bian Hong was terrified.


Naturally, Qiu Yi Meng wouldn’t let this chance slip through her fingers. She covered herself in a radiant glow and charged toward Bian Hong while swinging her sword.


After the sword light slashed across his figure, Qiu Yi Meng appeared again with a reddened face. Judging from her heavy panting, it was apparent that this fatal attack cost her a lot of energy.


On the other hand, Bian Hong covered his chest and staggered, as though he was about to fall. In disbelief, he stared at Qiu Yi Meng and said through clenched teeth, “You…”


His blood was gushing out through his fingers and soaking his clothes, filling the air with the smell of blood.


Following that, Qiu Yi Meng raised her hand and slashed once more, upon which the vitality in Bian Hong’s eyes rapidly diminished as his view turned upside down and faded into darkness.


The cultivators from Grand Desolation Star Field were instantly flustered, because they couldn’t believe that the strongest person among them, Bian Hong, was killed so easily. They wanted to run away immediately, but they suddenly realised that the space around them had become extremely viscous, and they couldn’t move forward at all.


Right then, Tu Feng and the others finally arrived at the scene.


Tang Yu Xian approached Qiu Yi Meng and asked, worried, “Young Lady Qiu, are you alright?” 


They were too far away from this place earlier, so they weren’t sure what was going on. All they saw was that Qiu Yi Meng had killed Bian Hong in an astonishing manner, but they reckoned that she had also paid a hefty price to do it.


Qiu Yi Meng shook her head and pointed at those cultivators from Grand Desolation Star Field, “Kill them all.”


Tu Feng, Tang Yu Xian and the others nodded and charged forward to engage the remnants from Grand Desolation Star Field. Unexpectedly, it turned out to be an easy battle. Their opponents, who were normally just as resilient as they were, didn’t seem able to use half of their usual strength at this moment, as though they had been suppressed by something. Just like a group of wolves pouncing on a herd of sheep, the disciples from High Heaven Sect were able to defeat those from Grand Desolation Star Field with ease as their opponents were powerless to resist.


Screams could be heard continuously as blood rain filled the sky and bodies fell to the ground far below.


On this day, they were able to destroy the arch enemies they had confronted for the past five years. This was supposed to be a piece of joyful news, but Qiu Yi Meng was oblivious to it as the shouts around her sounded distant and became almost inaudible. She looked up dazedly as she desperately wanted to find out the answer she needed to know.


As the person approached her, she realised that her heart was pounding against her chest, and she felt incredibly nervous. When the person finally stood right before her eyes, his familiar face and smile came into her sight. The memories from several dozen years ago became vivid again, like this man had leapt from the past right into her present.


She held her breath, as if she was afraid to greet the man before her eyes. Although the distance between them had shortened, she felt as if they were further away from each other now more than ever. He was like the sun in the sky that was extremely radiant and distant from her. She could see it and feel its warmth, and it illuminated her gently, but at the same time, it also cast a shadow behind her that could never be eliminated.


“Don’t you recognise me anymore?” Yang Kai looked at her with a smile.


“Sect Master!” Qiu Yi Meng pulled herself together and bowed her head low. Her eyelashes fluttered while she spoke in a choking voice.


She thought that her years of hard work could shorten the gap between them, but at this moment, she realised that she had been naïve.


Yang Kai was startled for a moment before he bent his middle finger and placed it in front of her head, “Raise your head!”


After taking a deep breath, she lifted her head.




Her head jerked backwards from the impact, after which she covered her forehead with both hands and bellowed, “What are you doing!?”


[How could he flick my forehead with his finger? That’s outrageous! He shouldn’t bully me just because he’s powerful!] Her eyes turned bloodshot. [Is this what I get after years of waiting!?]


Nevertheless, Yang Kai let out a hearty laugh and said, “I’m glad you’re still the Young Lady Qiu I know. I thought that you were possessed by an evil spirit or something, so I was ready to harden my heart and kill that demon. Now, it seems that there’s no need for that.”


“You’re the one who’s been possessed!” Qiu Yi Meng growled. Seeing that he was still grinning, she felt her fury rising within her. Emboldened, she raised her leg and kicked him.


Yang Kai evaded it with ease.


“How dare you!” She glowered at him and threw another kick at him.


This time, Yang Kai obediently let her kick him. Seeing that she was still mad as she was glaring at him, he pretended to be in pain as he groaned and covered his calf before jumping up and down, as though he was truly in excruciating pain.


Qiu Yi Meng shot him a look as if he was a fool. As she gazed at him, her face started blushing all of a sudden. [Why do we look like we’re flirting with each other?] 


At that thought, she didn’t dare glower at him again.


At the same time, she felt warm in her heart. No matter how powerful he had become or how long he had left, he had never been too far away from her. It was just that she insisted on gauging the distance between them with her own metrics.


“Alright. You’re a Sect Master now. It’d be embarrassing if the others see you behaving like a child.” She couldn’t help smiling as well.


Yang Kai suddenly took her wrist. Flustered, she stammered, “W-What are you doing?”


After she finished her words, her face turned completely red, because she could feel a pure energy coming from his palm and streaming into her body. In an instant, her wounds seemed to have healed. Feeling embarrassed, she wanted to look for a hole and bury her head into it.


[He’s just trying to heal me. Why do I feel so dejected? What was I expecting?]


A moment later, he withdrew his hand and fished out a Spirit Pill before placing it on her palm.


Without asking anything, she raised her head and gulped it down. After tidying her hair, she asked, “When did you come back?” Her expression and tone had become normal again. Since the feelings she had would never be reciprocated and forgetting him was equally impossible, she decided that maintaining the status quo was her best option.


“I just came back.” He replied, “It seems that many things have happened here.”


“En, did you return to the Sect already?”




“Has the Great Elder told you everything?”


“I’ve heard about it from her.”


“Shadowed Star is your territory. How are you going to settle it now?”


He replied, “Since they’ve come here, then they shouldn’t even think about leaving.”


As they spoke, he was already making a move in secret. The World Energy of the entire Star surged as its Principles started to become active.


In disbelief, Qiu Yi Meng looked around as she felt an amazing change around herself. The Star below her seemed to have come to life.


In fact, it was a living thing, and it had never been dead; however, since Yang Kai left Shadowed Star, the Star had become lethargic as it simply meandered along in its existence. Although it was a living thing, it had been in a kind of hibernation for the past several dozen years since Yang Kai was gone.


Now, after he had returned, the Star had also awakened from its slumber. All the World Energy in the atmosphere seemed to be filled with an unspeakable sense of vitality. Qiu Yi Meng could even feel that the streams of World Energy around her were dancing and intertwining with one another.


A gigantic web seemed to have formed in this world as it transformed into a cage and engulfed the entire Star.


Qiu Yi Meng realised something and turned to look into the distance. Then, she directed her Saint Qi to her eyes and faintly saw the sight on the other side.


In an area of the sky thousands of kilometres away, cultivators from Grand Desolation Star Field were struggling hard like trapped fish in an attempt to struggle out of a net, but their efforts were clearly in vain.


Not only could they not flee from Shadowed Star, but they were also not able to fully use their strength under the suppression of the World Principles.


The cultivators from Shadowed Star were not suppressed in the same way though, so they quickly caught up to their opponents and killed them all.


[This is the power of a Star Master! Here, I rule over everything! Here, I am God!]




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  1. Nice to see the old crowd. Looking forward to meeting the rest. I recently reread the first 1k chapters so it’s extra cool to see familiar faces again 😀

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    1. In the manga it’s even worse, the “bait the attack to poison him” was removed and now it looks like Yang Kai saved her instead of just stopping him from fleeing

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