Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3127, The Unknown Side of Su Yan


Translator: Silavin & Jon

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


There was a palace on the main peak of High Heaven Sect. Although Yang Kai had left this place for several dozen years, the palace remained spotless, as it was cleaned up regularly.


Su Yan was seated by the window as she rested her chin on her palm. Looking at the view outside the window, she was walking down memory lane. Recalling the experiences over the years, she couldn’t help putting on a faint smile.


Sensing something, she turned her head, only to see Yang Kai leaning against the door frame with his arms crossed and looking silently at her.


“You’re back.” Su Yan rose from the chair and stepped forward. After she had only taken two steps forward, a masculine figure approached her and wrapped his arms around her waist. Then, he exerted more force with his hands, causing her to lean forward. In an instant, a plump and elastic sensation could be felt on his chest.


“Senior Sister, you’re so beautiful,” Yang Kai looked down at the woman before his eyes and praised her. After he studied her delicate nose and mouth for a bit, he lowered his head and attempted to kiss her luscious lips.


Su Yan pressed one hand against his chest and poked his lips with her fingers, “You stink! How much have you drunk?”


Yang Kai beamed at her, “Not a lot. I’ve only drunk with every one of them.”


“Have a seat,” Su Yan pulled him towards the bed and said.


Obediently, Yang Kai took a seat on the bed. Then, Su Yan turned around and took the basin of water she had already prepared. After squeezing the towel, she helped wipe his face. He never moved a muscle and let her do whatever she wanted to him as he felt warm in his heart.


After Su Yan was done with it, she turned around to leave, but Yang Kai grabbed her wrist and pulled her into his embrace, causing her to lose grip on the basin and the water to splash over the floor. Yang Kai waved his hand, upon which everything returned to its original position.


Then, he flipped over and trapped Su Yan under his shadow. He stared passionately at her as his fiery gaze seemed able to burn her.


Su Yan pressed her red lips together as her long eyelashes fluttered. Then, she looked away, as if she didn’t dare to look him in the eyes.


At that instant, Yang Kai’s interest was piqued. They had been man and woman for years, and they had practised dual cultivation countless times, but she was still so shy in front of him. She was a woman, after all. Nevertheless, her bashful look was able to ignite a man’s desire.


After that, he reached out and clenched her blemish-free chin, forcing her to face him.


Su Yan was frustrated as she glared at him. It would be interesting if Su Yan could just be as seductive as Shan Qing Luo. By just thinking about how this pure and innocent woman would seduce and enchant him, Yang Kai felt as though there was a volcano in his body that was about to erupt. 


With that thought in mind, his gaze became even more aggressive.


Su Yan couldn’t take it anymore, so she asked, “Have you seen your parents? Your mother misses you a lot.”


“I just came back from seeing them.” Yang Kai’s hand moved from her chin to her earlobe before he gently stroked it. As he spoke, he puffed out some breaths at her earlobe. Certainly, he knew that it was her most sensitive body part.


Su Yan’s aura destabilised as she said through clenched teeth, “Did she scold you?”


She had accompanied Yang Kai’s parents for the past month, so she knew what Dong Su Zhu had been complaining about. She was worried that Yang Kai might have been lectured by his mother.


“It’d be much better if she had scolded me.”


“What happened?”


He appeared dejected, “She doesn’t even acknowledge that I’m her son anymore.”


Su Yan just scoffed, “You deserve it!”


He glared at her, “Why are you taking pleasure in my misfortune?”


She replied, “Your mother told me to teach you a lesson when I saw you.”


“You want to teach me a lesson?” His expression turned weird suddenly as he playfully examined her, “How are you going to teach me a lesson, then? Please tell me about it. I have to get prepared.”


“I don’t know…” Su Yan looked away, as her slender neck was completely red.


Just then, Yang Kai covered her bosom with one hand and stroked it. In an instant, Su Yan frowned, which aroused him slightly.


“Since you won’t tell me, I’ll give you all I have, then.” Yang Kai couldn’t contain his desire anymore. An aggressive glare flashed across his eyes as he grabbed her clothes and tore them apart.


With a loud ripping sound, her imperial dress was shredded, drawing a sharp exclamation as she looked at him in shock and puzzlement.


Over the years, he had always been gentle to her. This was the first time he had been so forward and aggressive, so she thought that he might be acting strangely because he was drunk. However, upon closer look, she realised that he wasn’t intoxicated. Although his gaze appeared fierce, it was extremely clear. Nonetheless, his demeanour was completely different now as he pinned her down on the bed.


For some reason, she felt her heart trembling, but just when she was about to speak, he lowered himself and kissed her.


“Mmm…” Su Yan grunted. It was the first time she felt him being so forceful and domineering. At that instant, she realised she was unable to resist his advance.


At the same time, all her clothes had been ripped off her, which revealed her figure that was as lovely as jade. Under the evening light, her body appeared radiant.


At this moment, two iron-hard hands were wandering on her immaculate body, as though trying to destroy this fine piece of art. Yang Kai didn’t seem to show any sympathy as he exerted so much force with his hands, causing her to feel pain. In spite of the pain though, she also felt a feeling that was unfamiliar and indescribable to her.


She had never had this kind of feeling before. All of a sudden, her body froze as her snow-white skin reddened. It was as though a barrier in her heart had broken into pieces, which released her instincts that have been suppressed for years.


Yang Kai was stunned, as she not only proactively draped her arms around his neck, but she had also demanded a kiss from him. At this instant, she appeared completely lost in her own desire.


Her actions had shaken Yang Kai to the core. Although he had practised dual cultivation with her countless times, it was the first time he saw her taking the initiative. Becoming aroused, he exerted more force with his hands. All his sympathy vanished as he rubbed her body more forcefully. Just then, a crazy idea flashed across his mind.


[I must do this! I must do this! This is the only way!]


A voice was shouting in his mind as though he had been possessed, which forced him to take action. After that, he grabbed her body and forced her to turn around so that she would face away from him.


Su Yan turned her head to look at him. Her alluring gaze appeared out-of-focus and puzzled.


*Pa…* After a loud slap, a palm mark immediately appeared on her fair bottom.


Su Yan suddenly lifted her head as her hair flapped in the air. Her parted lips made her look like a fish that was dragged out of water. She could be heard gasping, but she never let out her breath.


*Pa…* He landed another slap on the other side of her bottom. Now, two palm marks appeared symmetrical on both sides of her backside.


Su Yan hoisted her head even further as her waist lowered, as though it might break at any moment. The curve on her back appeared fatally alluring, and her body could be seen trembling uncontrollably.


She felt humiliated that she was now kneeling on all fours like a dog, but at the same time, she couldn’t help feeling ecstatic. Her mind had turned completely blank. She felt as if she was writhing about on the clouds.


Her sense of morality and virtue told her that she shouldn’t behave like this, but her body wasn’t able to resist her man’s blistering passion.


*Pa! Pa! Pa!* More slaps landed on her backside.


Su Yan couldn’t contain her desire anymore as she moaned in a way that could make any man’s blood boil. She was neither crying nor laughing. She seemed to have gone mad as she shook her head repeatedly, causing her long hair to swing in the air. With tears sliding down from the corners of her eyes, she pleaded, “No! No! Junior Brother, please stop. Please…”


The inner demon in Yang Kai’s heart had gotten out of the cage, so he was oblivious to her plea. He felt like he was doing the most enjoyable thing in this world ever as he raised his hand and landed a slap on her bottom, leaving a mark on her fair skin. Then, he watched her reaction as he panted and let out fiery breaths.


Inside the hall, slapping sounds and Su Yan’s yelling moans could be heard continuously.


A long time later, her yell weakened. Not only had her voice become small, but it had also become hoarse. Moments later, she couldn’t even utter anything at all as only the sound of Yang Kai pounding against her was left.



“Senior Sister. Senior Sister…” Seated by the bed, Yang Kai gently poked the woman on the bed.


Su Yan covered herself in a quilt and faced away from him as she remained silent.


Yang Kai scratched his head and cursed himself for being such a brute in his heart. [How could I have hurt her like that?] 


However, in that situation and atmosphere, he couldn’t suppress the wicked desires in his heart. He didn’t even know why he had done such a foolish thing.


[It’s all over now. Senior Sister must hate me. I don’t even know whether she’ll talk to me again.] While he was feeling guilty, he was also anxious.


“Senior Sister, if you’re mad at me, please just beat me up. I have really thick skin anyway.” Laying down on the bed, Yang Kai pressed one hand against the bed and pulled her into his embrace with his other hand.


However, she remained silent.


After a sigh, he uttered, “I know I was in the wrong this time. Please don’t get mad at me. It’s not good for your health.”


“That’s not it…” Su Yan could be heard whispering from under the quilt.


“What do you mean?” Yang Kai was elated. [I’m glad that she’s talking to me now. I was worried she’d remain silent forever.]


She turned over to face him, but her expression couldn’t be seen because she was still covered in a quilt, “I’m not mad at you.”


“Then why did you remain silent?”


“I’m mad at myself.”


Yang Kai was rendered speechless. Then, he wanted to lift the quilt off her, but she gripped it tightly and pleaded in a small voice, “No! I’m too embarrassed to face you. Don’t take it away from me.”


Yang Kai burst into laughter. [So, she’s not mad at me; she’s just too embarrassed.]


Nevertheless, she was right to feel this way. They had been a couple for decades already, but it was the first time they had acted so wildly in bed. Now that he thought about it, he also felt utterly embarrassed, to say nothing of the fact that Su Yan was a woman.


Then, he gently pulled her fingers away and took the quilt away from her. However, her eyes remained closed, and her fluttering eyelashes suggested that she was nervous.


“Look at me,” Yang Kai said in a small voice.


Su Yan pressed her lips together for a moment before she slowly opened her eyes. Faced with the man’s narrowed eyes, she immediately attempted to cover herself in a quilt again.


“Alright alright,” Yang Kai stopped her from doing that and ran his fingers through her hair. Lovingly, he gazed at her and uttered, “I love you no matter what you look like.”


[Well, maybe I prefer what she looked like last night.]


Su Yan covered her face as her voice transmitted through her fingers, “Don’t do that again.”


“Yes, yes.” Yang Kai nodded repeatedly and leaned close to her before giving her a peck. With a smile, he said, “It’s time to get up. Please visit my parents with me.”


[If I go over alone, Mother will probably kick me out of the house again. However, with Su Yan around, she might go easy on me.]




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