Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3128, Paying Respects


Translator: Silavin & Jon

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


The atmosphere around them was intimate when they were putting on their clothes.


Gazing at the palm marks on Su Yan’s fair body, Yang Kai felt utterly sorry. He blamed himself for being rough and causing bruises all over her body. Then, he whisked his hand across her as he activated his Qi, infusing it into her body. As a result, the red marks on her started diminishing.


After they were done getting dressed, they flew towards Jade Tree Peak together. On their way there, Su Yan remained blushing while Yang Kai kept turning his head to look at her. Realising that he had discovered an unknown side of her, he felt a sense of pride in his heart.


That was a side that was only shown to him.


After they landed on the ground in front of a house on Jade Tree Peak, Yang Kai saw his father taking care of the plants.


Then, he greeted his father, upon which they traded glances. Yang Ying Feng secretly made a gesture to tell his son that it was all good.


[Many thanks for your help, father!] Yang Kai felt grateful.


Following that, Yang Ying Feng turned around and shouted, “Su Zhu, our son is here.”


“Tell him to scram!”


Yang Kai cringed and looked bitterly at his father. [Is this what you mean it’s all good? Father, I’m so disappointed in you. Give my Dragon Muscle Tiger Bone Pills back to me this instant!]


“Mother!” Su Yan called out gently.


“Su Yan is here?” Dong Su Zhu was startled for a moment before she hurriedly called out, “Come in.”


Su Yan hinted at Yang Kai with her gaze, after which they stepped into the house together.


The decorations inside the house were simple. It was apparent that only his parents lived on Jade Tree Peak, as there wasn’t even a single servant present. After passing through the living room, they entered a dressing room. Dong Su Zhu was seated in front of a table as she ran a comb through her hair, which was jet black and silky smooth.


Seeing that, Su Yan immediately approached her and uttered softly, “Mother, let me help you.”


With a smile, Dong Su Zhu passed the comb to her, “Thank you.”


Su Yan replied, “You don’t have to thank me. This is what I’m supposed to do.”


Dong Su Zhu nodded and remarked, “Daughters are really the best. Little Su Yan, it’d be wonderful if you were my daughter. You have no idea how badly I want a daughter.”


Smiling faintly, Su Yan replied, “I am your daughter. Moreover, you have more than one daughter. Although my sisters are not by your side, I’m sure they all miss you.”


“That’s true. Little Qing Luo, Little Ning Chang and Little Xue Yue would get some people to pass on their words and ask how I’m doing from time to time.” Then, Dong Su Zhu’s smile froze as she stared at Yang Kai’s figure through the reflection on the bronze mirror and scoffed, “So unlike a certain someone I know. I gave birth to him after ten months of pregnancy, but after he’s grown up, he’s stopped caring about me.”


Meekly, Yang Kai called out, “Mother…”


“Oh?” Dong Su Zhu appeared shocked and spoke in a strange tone, “Who is this? Why are you in my room? Boy, where are your manners? Did I allow you to come in? Su Yan, help me beat him up and chase him out.”


Su Yan hung her head low and uttered, “I’m no match for him.”


An enraged Dong Su Zhu landed a slam on the armrest and bellowed, “How dare he lay a hand on you? He must be sick of living!”


“No, no.” Su Yan’s face reddened as she couldn’t help but recall the crazy incident last night. At that instant, her entire body turned limp.


[He did lay a hand on me last night for a long time. My backside still burns in pain.]


Dong Su Zhu uttered, “Don’t be afraid of him. So what if his cultivation is powerful? So what if he’s a Star Master? If he’s bullied you, just tell me right away. I’ll beat him up for you.”


As she spoke, Yang Kai approached her and crouched down beside her before extending his head.


“What are you doing?” Dong Su Zhu glowered at him.


“Since you want to beat me up, I figured I should come over instead of letting you take a few steps forward,” Yang Kai grinned at her.


“Shoo, shoo. What a shameless boy.” Dong Su Zhu’s attitude shifted between cold and warm. While she was stern to Yang Kai, she was hospitable to Su Yan, causing the atmosphere in the room to be torn between the two.


Yang Kai took his mother’s hand and placed it on his head.


With a cold expression, Dong Su Zhu scolded, “Don’t you think I don’t have the heart to smack you!”


“As long as you stop being mad at me, you can smack me however you want.”


“Good!” Dong Su Zhu clenched her teeth as she raised her hand and slammed down her palm.


On the other hand, Yang Kai didn’t even flinch.


Her palm stopped right above his head, causing the wind to swirl around. She glared at him and bellowed, “I’ll die of exasperation because of you sooner or later!”


Certainly, she didn’t have the heart to lay a hand on her son. Just as she said, she gave birth to him after ten months of pregnancy, and she had placed all her hopes on him. She would be heartbroken even if he was slightly injured, so how would she have the heart to beat him up?


“You’re only so daring because you know I dote on you,” As she spoke, she wiped the tears off her eyes.


Yang Kai got to his feet and placed his palms on her shoulders before he looked at her through the mirror and uttered, “Mother, don’t cry or get mad easily because that’ll leave you with wrinkles on your face.”


“Wrinkles?” Dong Su Zhu was shocked as her tears abruptly stopped streaming down her face. Then, she examined herself in the mirror and questioned, “Where are the wrinkles? Do you see them?”


“It’s fine even if you have wrinkles.” Yang Kai seemed prepared as he fished out a jade box and presented it to his mother.


“What’s this?” Dong Su Zhu took the jade box and asked.


With a solemn expression, Yang Kai replied, “Look for the right time and take it. I guarantee that you’ll look like a young woman in her twenties forever.”


In an instant, Dong Su Zhu beamed at him, “Is it really so amazing?” 


She hurriedly stored the jade box in her Space Ring and spoke in a way that was different from what her expression suggested, “I didn’t tell you to bring a gift when you came back.”


Yang Kai uttered, “It’s not expensive anyway. Do you like it?”


“Good, I like it.” Certainly, Dong Su Zhu loved the gift her son had given her. After that, she took his hand and stroked his face with her other hand, “You must have experienced a lot of hardship over the years, right?”


“Not really.” Yang Kai shook his head, “I’m the one who can walk sideways anywhere I go. Who has the guts to offend me? All those who dared to do so are dead now.”


“What silly things are you talking about?” Dong Su Zhu knocked his head. She knew that he didn’t want to tell her what he had gone through because he didn’t want her to worry.


While she was glad that he had come home safely, she knew that even though the outside world was beautiful and filled with wonders, the road he tread upon was paved with danger. Several dozen years had passed, and he had grown into a mature man, so there was no way he hadn’t experienced any hardship. Perhaps he had even gone through countless life-or-death moments.


“Now that you’re back, are you still going to leave?” Dong Su Zhu asked.


“Yes.” Yang Kai bowed his head.


Her face fell in an instant as she waved her hand, “Leave now. After you leave this time, don’t ever come back again. Just let me perish in this place.”


Yang Kai was helpless at that, “I’m going to leave with all of you.”


It was then Dong Su Zhu realised what he was talking about as she stared at him with displeasure, “Why didn’t you speak clearly?” 


Then, she paused for a moment before asking, “Where are we going?”


“The Star Boundary.”


“Is that where you’ve been for the past several dozen years?”


“Yes. I’ve founded High Heaven Palace there, and I have countless Masters in my Sect. You and Fa\ther can cultivate there with peace of mind. There are no conflicts or danger.”


“You have a Sect there?” Dong Su Zhu was amazed. Although she didn’t know what the Star Boundary was like, she reckoned that it must be much better than Shadowed Star. Nevertheless, Yang Kai was able to found a Sect there in just several dozen years, which was definitely a difficult feat to pull off.


At that instant, she felt proud of the fact that he was her son. Curious about the Star Boundary and High Heaven Palace, she kept asking him many questions.


Outside the house, Yang Ying Feng listened attentively as he put on a smile. [Last night, I showcased all the skills I have and even tried out eighteen new positions. Paired with the Dragon Muscle Tiger Bone Pills, there’s no way it wasn’t effective at all. My sacrifice was definitely worth it.]


Their conversation went on until night fell.


Most of the time, it was Yang Kai who narrated his experiences in the Star Boundary, while Dong Su Zhu and Su Yan listened attentively as they looked forward to heading to that place. In fact, as long as this man was around, they didn’t mind staying anywhere. It was this familial bond that had bound them together.


Yang Ying Feng had entered the room several times to serve them tea. Although he was displeased with being left out and having to act as a waiter, he didn’t dare to say anything as he was afraid of his wife.


“By the way, I have to ask you a question and you must answer me honestly.” Dong Su Zhu suddenly turned solemn.


Yang Kai replied, “Ask anything you want.”


She took a look at Su Yan, who misunderstood her intention and uttered, “I’ll take my leave now.”


Dong Su Zhu immediately took her hand and said, “Don’t go. This has something to do with you, so you have to listen as well.”


“…Good,” although Su Yan didn’t know what Dong Su Zhu was going to ask, she still took a seat upon hearing that.


For some reason, Yang Kai felt apprehensive as he didn’t know what his mother was going to ask. Moreover, she appeared grim.


“I want to ask you…” Dong Su Zhu looked sternly at her son, “You’ve left us for several dozen years, so have you hooked up with other women in the outside world?”


Su Yan straightened her face as well and gazed at him.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai’s forehead was drenched in a cold sweat.


“How dare you!” Seeing that, Dong Su Zhu immediately knew the answer. Infuriated, she poked his forehead aggressively and bellowed, “How could you do this to your wives?”


Yang Kai hung his head low and remained silent.


Dong Su Zhu went on to say, “You already have Su Yan, Ning Chang, Qing Luo and Xue Yue. Are you still not satisfied? Are all men like this? Tell me what goes through that head of yours!”


Meekly, Yang Kai replied, “It was an accident…”


“An accident?” Dong Su Zhu sneered, “There are countless beautiful women in this world. Do you want to get into an accident with every one of them?” Then, she pointed at Yang Ying Feng on the side, “Why can’t you learn from your father? When has he ever flirted with other women?”


Yang Ying Feng muttered, “I think it’s not a bad idea to have a few wives. You said so in the past as well…”


“What did you just say?” Dong Su Zhu shot him a glare.


Yang Ying Feng immediately glowered at his son and now scolded, “Brat, you’ve crossed the line this time!”


It was then Dong Su Zhu’s expression turned milder as she uttered, “I don’t care whether it’s an accident or not. After we go to Star Boundary, you have to chase them all away. You already have four wives, and I only acknowledge them to be my daughters-in-law.”


“Mother.” Su Yan took Dong Su Zhu’s arm and put on a smile, “Junior Brother isn’t a cold-hearted person, nor is he a man who flirts with other women without thought. He must have gone through a lot with those women to have formed a relationship with them. Moreover, he’s been alone in the outside world for years, so he needs some women to take care of him. In fact, I, Ning Chang and the others should be thankful to those sisters. Please don’t be so hard on him.”


Dong Su Zhu replied, “I know you’re a magnanimous person, but you don’t have to put up with everything, especially when it comes to a matter like this. You have to make things clear to him.”


Su Yan put on a faint smile, “He’s not a child anymore, so I trust he knows what he’s doing. It’s really fine.”


Staring at her, Dong Su Zhu heaved a sigh, “I’m so sorry for what my son has done to you all.”


Silavin: Okay… So Dong Su Zhu’s personality changed here quite a lot from the past. 

Just to make it consistent, I added ‘you said so in the past as well’ just to reference the past.




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