Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3129, Ambush


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Yang Kai had ventured into the outside world for several dozen years. There were many beautiful women out there, so it was expected that he’d make a mistake. Dong Su Zhu understood this and her son very well. The reason she made a fuss now was to ask about it on Su Yan’s behalf. She had even predicted how Su Yan would react.


It wasn’t that she was a scheming woman; however, as Yang Kai’s mother, she had to show Su Yan that she was on her side.


Su Yan replied with a smile, “Although the other sisters and I don’t mind, you have to understand that not every woman can be accepted into the Yang Family. They have to be kind-hearted and have a clean background. Otherwise, you’re inviting trouble to yourself instead of enjoying a harmonious life with several wives. Junior Brother, do you agree with me?”


She suddenly put on an Eldest Sister facade, so Yang Kai wasn’t used to it, but he still nodded quickly, “Senior Sister, you’re absolutely right.”


Su Yan went on to say, “Since Father and Mother are here as well, why don’t you tell us about our new sisters in the Star Boundary? That way we can decide who among them is worthy and who is not.”


A serious Dong Su Zhu uttered, “That’s right! Tell us everything in detail and make sure you don’t hide anything. Otherwise, you’ll die a horrible death.”


Yang Ying Feng also glowered at him. It was as though three people were interrogating him at the same time.


Feeling immensely pressured, Yang Kai wiped away the sweat on his forehead and stuck out one finger, “There’s only one woman. It’s not as many as you think.”


“Only one!?” The three of them were shocked.


The answer defied their expectation as they thought that Yang Kai must have flirted with many women since he’d been in the outside world for decades now. However, he had only gotten together with one woman, which went to show that he was pretty restrained. A man like him, who had left his homeland for years, was quite rare.


Dong Su Zhu asked, “What is she like? Tell us about it.”


Yang Kai replied, “She’s not a Human.”


“She’s not a Human?” Yang Ying Feng’s eyes glinted, “Is she from the Monster Race, then?”


[Tsk… This smelly brat has a special preference in women. Anyway, Monster Race women are indeed more exotic than women from the Human Race. I’m so jealous of him. He’s indeed very lucky.]


“She’s not exactly from the Monster Race either…”


Dong Su Zhu frowned, “She’s neither a Human nor Monster Beast? Is she a plant that has transformed into a Human?” She landed a slam on the armrest. [Damn it! Why is he so not picky when it comes to women? Although plants might get an opportunity and transform into Humans as well, how can he get together with such a woman? I’d rather find out that he had found a woman from the Monster Race.]


Yang Kai bit the bullet and replied, “She’s a Dragon.”


The room fell into silence for a moment before Dong Su Zhu asked in shock, “What!? A Dragon?”


“She’s a Dragon. Literally.” Yang Kai uttered. Seeing that they still didn’t seem to get it, he went on to explain, “The Dragon Clan exists in the Star Boundary. They’re the leaders of all Ancient Divine Spirits that we’ve heard of in our legends. An… accident happened between a Dragon girl and me, then we…”


Dong Su Zhu and her husband gasped as they finally understood what he was talking about.


They had only heard about Dragons in legends. Dragons and Phoenixes were the leaders of all Ancient Divine Spirits. However, such a powerful Race was never seen in the Star Field. They could only see their pictures in ancient books.


So, they couldn’t believe that their son had gotten together with a Dragon girl.


Dong Su Zhu gulped and asked, “Does this Dragon girl… I mean, does she have other family members?”


Yang Kai uttered, “There are about twenty Dragon Clan members in the Star Boundary. They live in a place called Dragon Island.”


“There are about twenty of them?” Dong Su Zhu was startled. It was already difficult to imagine that living Dragons existed in this world. What would it look like if more than twenty Dragon Clan members were to gather up in the same place? Her mind had gone completely blank.


“How did you even come back alive?” Yang Ying Feng was drenched in a cold sweat as he examined his son in shock.


Although he had no idea what the Dragon Clan was like or what position they held in the Star Boundary, he knew that there was no way their status was low. Perhaps they were also the strongest Race in the Star Boundary. Yang Kai was just a mere Human, but he was able to get together with a Dragon girl without getting killed, so his luck was beyond extreme.


With a grin, Yang Kai replied, “I do have some authority to speak in Dragon Island.” 


His strength, and the strength within him gave him that authority.


Dong Su Zhu remained silent for a moment before she uttered, “I don’t care what that Dragon girl is like. If she wants to be accepted into the Yang Family, she has to acknowledge that Su Yan is the First Wife of the family.”


Su Yan added, “Mother, we’re all equals because we’re Sisters. I regard us as one family.”


Dong Su Zhu shook her head, “This is different. She’s a Dragon girl, so we have to make it clear to her first.” Then, she stared at her Son, “Do you get it?”


Yang Kai nodded repeatedly, “Yes, Yes.”


“What if she doesn’t agree to it?”


Yang Kai raised his fist, “I’ll beat her up until she agrees to it.”


Upon hearing the reply, Dong Su Zhu directly landed a slap on him, “How dare you lay a hand on a woman!?”



Ten days later, they all gathered in front of a Space Array in High Heaven Sect. Yang Kai was standing in the centre of the array as he closed his eyes and tried to sense the passage.


For the past ten days, he and Su Yan had accompanied his parents on Jade Tree Peak. He hadn’t been able to fulfil his filial duties because he had been in the outside world for years. Now that he was back, he wanted to make it up to them. If it weren’t because Dong Su Zhu urged him to leave, he would’ve stayed even longer.


It wasn’t that she didn’t want to keep her son by her side for a longer time; however, the Star Field was in a perilous situation as wars were raging across it. They could ignore others because their life or death had nothing to do with them; however, Shan Qing Luo and the others were still on their respective Stars, so how could Yang Kai stand idly by?


Therefore, on this day, she decided to chase her son away and told him to look for his other wives. Yang Kai happily agreed to it because he missed Xia Ning Chang and the others as well.


The situation on Shadowed Star was stable as they had killed all the invaders. After this war, there was no way those from Grand Desolation Star Field would invade them again before they understood the current situation on Shadowed Star.


Moreover, Su Yan was here. Even if the invaders had the guts to come, she would ensure that they wouldn’t go back alive.


In the past, before Yang Kai left the Star Field, he had set up more than 100 Space Arrays, which were able to connect almost every major Cultivation Star in the entire Star Field. However, due to the war that had lasted for more than ten years, many Space Arrays had been destroyed. Some were even occupied by those cultivators from Grand Desolation Star Field, which was why the great forces in the Star Field weren’t able to effectively support each other as they could only battle against the enemies on their own. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been in such a helpless position.


The Space Array in High Heaven Sect was the origin of all Space Arrays in the Star Field, so it was also the most targeted. The passages that connected High Heaven Sect to other Stars were all destroyed or occupied, which was why the communication between Shadowed Star and the other Stars was cut off.


These Space Arrays were arranged by Yang Kai though, so no one knew them better than he did. After he activated his Divine Sense, Space Principles started fluctuating as he released his might.


Although he was in a Lower Star Field, he was the Star Master of Shadowed Star, so in this place, he was able to use some of his power and didn’t have to worry about repulsion from the Heavenly Way.


A moment later, he opened his eyes as he had found a passage that could be used. The others were looking at him from a nearby place.


Gazing at Su Yan, Yang Kai uttered, “Senior Sister, I’ll leave everything here to you.”


She nodded her head and replied, “Don’t worry.” She now had a Second-Order Dao Source Realm cultivation, so although she had suppressed her cultivation, there was no way any Third-Order Origin King would be a match for her. With her keeping watch over Shadowed Star, there was nothing to worry about.


“Come back quickly!” Dong Su Zhu said as she was reluctant to part with him.


Yang Kai nodded and took a deep breath. As the Principles swirled, a light flashed across the array, upon which he disappeared from their sight.


There was a Dead Star a few million kilometres away from Shadowed Star, and inside a mine that was deep below the ground, a Space Array glowed faintly all of a sudden.


In the darkness, some people opened their eyes and shifted their attention to the array.


They were all Origin King Realm Masters from Grand Desolation Star Field. The reason they were guarding this place was that they were waiting for people from Shadowed Star to come so that they could kill them. Previously, they had managed to do so several times. Shadowed Star was under siege, so it was expected that they would send some people out to spread the news. Those people were killed by the cultivators from Grand Desolation Star Field. They had even obtained some Transmission Tokens that were crafted by Yang Kai in the past.


The Space Arrays Yang Kai had set up were not accessible to everyone. If anyone wanted to use it, they had to possess a Transmission Token specially made by him. Otherwise, the user would be exiled to the endless Void.


With those Transmission Tokens, the cultivators from Grand Desolation Star Field were able to move around freely. They could even go directly to High Heaven Sect. However, with only a small number of Transmission Tokens, they didn’t have the guts to do so. So, they only kept the tokens to use a limited number of Space Arrays to share information with their own people, which was still quite convenient for them.


Nevertheless, they hadn’t seen anyone try to use this array for the past few years. Apparently, those from Shadowed Star had found out that their messengers were being ambushed and killed here, so they stopped trying to send out people.


It wasn’t until this day that someone was going to make the same mistake.


In the darkness, the eyes of those cultivators had turned bloodshot as they concealed their auras and surrounded the Space Array from all directions.


Just then, a figure suddenly appeared on the Space Array. He was a handsome and energetic young man, and as soon as he appeared, five shadowy figures pounced on him like ravenous beasts. They were all ruthless people with incredible cultivation, so in the blink of an eye, the mine became as bright as daytime as explosions rang out.


These five people either wore calm expressions or wolfish grins as they stared at the spot where Yang Kai stood, certain he was doomed.


It wasn’t that they thought they were powerful enough and that no one was a match for them. They were all First-Order Origin Kings in fact, without a single Second-Order among them. Given their power, it would be difficult for them to deal with a Second-Order Realm Master, let alone a Third-Order one.


However, Shadowed Star was extremely far away from this place, and anyone who teleported here from there would inevitably fall into a dazed state for a moment. Even a Third-Order Origin King Realm Master wasn’t spared from this side-effect.


The time it took for such a person to regain their senses would be short; however, even a breath of time was enough to launch countless deadly attacks.


These stone-hearted people were determined to kill anyone who came to this place. This was how they had always done it, and they had never failed in their attempts before.


They didn’t care if Yang Kai was instantly killed or if they had to follow up and kill him. What they really wanted was the Transmission Token he carried with him. Anyone who used this array must have a token with them. Those from Grand Desolation Star Field were eager to collect these tokens for, as soon as they obtained ten, they planned to send ten top Masters from Cultivation Stars to directly destroy the forces on Shadowed Star.




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