Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3130, Go to Hell


Translator: Silavin & Jon

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


In the darkness, lights flashed across these five people as they charged towards their prey.


All of a sudden, Yang Kai raised his head and looked into the eyes of a burly man.


As their eyes met, the burly man was astounded. Yang Kai’s clear gaze appeared vigorous, so it was obvious that he didn’t feel any discomfort. With no time to think about it, the burly man still smashed his hammer towards Yang Kai’s head as the wind swirled around his weapon.


Just then, a hand lightly grabbed the hammer, causing the forceful attack to halt. Upon impact, the burly man realised that his arms had turned numb.


The burly man’s pupils contracted as he thought, [How can this be? This guy just came from Shadowed Star. However, not only is he still clear-headed, but he’s also able to grab my artifact with just one hand! How is this possible!?]


Before he could figure it out, his four companions had launched their attacks on the strange young man. At that instant, waves of Saint Qi surged as a loud clang could be heard in the mine. At the same time, rocks started falling from the ceiling.


After a successful strike, the four of them leapt back to their original positions.


A woman in revealing clothes gazed at the burly man and sneered, “Man Zi, have you become exhausted because we’ve had too much sex lately? Why are you so weak now? You’re so useless.”


A frail and short old man coughed and said in a lethargic manner, “It’s said that a charming beauty makes men fall. You should be more restrained.”


A clean-looking man guffawed, “Lady Can, since Man Zi is useless now, why don’t you try out a different man?”


The beautiful woman called Lady Can shot him a look and pressed her lips together, “Go away. Pretty boys like you don’t suit my taste.”


All of a sudden, a folding fan appeared in the clean-looking man’s hand as he fanned himself with it and replied with a smile, “Yes, I’m a pretty boy, but I’m not a weakling. Lady Can, why don’t you sleep with me to find out about it yourself?”


With a cold expression, Lady Can uttered, “Even if your manhood is big, you’re still not my type. I prefer sturdy men like Man Zi.” 


Saying so, she turned around and asked curiously, “Man Zi, why are you rooted to the spot there?”


The burly man called Man Zi felt stiff all over his body as cold sweat streamed down his forehead. 


As he silently stared at Yang Kai, his eyes were filled with fear and horror, he felt as if death itself was staring back at him.


[All of you are such idiots! He’s not dead!] The other four people immediately retreated after they launched their attack, so they were not aware of Yang Kai’s condition. After all, hardly anyone could survive their collective attack, so they thought that Yang Kai must be doomed. However, only Man Zi, who was standing closest to Yang Kai, clearly saw that his companions’ attack didn’t harm the young man one bit, as though they had just helped him scratch a light itch. At this moment, Yang Kai was almost expressionless, simply staring at the burly man with a mocking look in his eyes.


The burly man wanted to retract his artifact, but he realised that he couldn’t move it at all. The force exerted by the other party made him feel helpless. Upon seeing that Yang Kai’s lips had curved into an eerie smile, he immediately had goosebumps all over his body as he released his artifact in an attempt to retreat.


Just then, a hand reached out slowly and clenched his neck.


At that instant, Man Zi realised that he couldn’t move at all. Despite his towering figure, he was lifted off his feet as he struggled in the air.


Lady Can and the others exclaimed as their expressions changed drastically. They almost couldn’t believe their eyes. A sense of horror was rising within them, consuming them from inside out while at the same time, their limbs had turned completely cold.


They knew Man Zi’s strength very well. He was just as powerful as any one of them, but at this moment, his neck was clenched by this young man and he was lifted off his feet like a helpless chicken.


[Who is he?]


“I can see that all of you are chatting happily,” Yang Kai’s grim voice resonated in the mine, horrifying Lady Can and the others when it entered their ears.


They traded glances without uttering any word. Following that, they charged forward one more time as they expended all of their might. Lights flashed across their bodies and illuminated the entire mine.


“Haha! Come!” Yang Kai guffawed. If these people decided to flee, it would be slightly bothersome for him to catch them all, but he didn’t expect that they would proactively come over, which saved him some trouble.


Just then, he exerted more force with his hand and hurled Man Zi away in a particular direction. At that instant, Man Zi had become a Human-shaped weapon for him.


Nothing was supposed to be there in that direction, but as soon as Man Zi reached that place, the frail and short old man suddenly appeared on the exact spot, as though he had rushed over to place himself there.


A gale gusted across them as the frail man’s muddy eyes were transformed by terror. He watched in horror as Man Zi’s sturdy figure smashed right at his head.


The sound of flesh and bones breaking apart could be heard as Man Zi and the old man became mashed meat, their blood splattering all over the cave, filling the mine with a metallic tang.


Yang Kai then swung Man Zi’s artifact, which he had still held onto, in a seemingly casual manner. However, this light toss contained a power that could destroy a thousand soldiers and turn the seas upside down.


The next moment, the clean-looking man was broken in half on the spot. The defensive artifact on his body and his protective Saint Qi were as frail as paper before the flying hammer, and a moment later, the remnants of his body exploded into a blood mist.


Lady Can and the other man were not dead yet, but they were still impacted by the violent fallout from this clash and were sent reeling backwards as they coughed up blood. Clearly, they were severely injured and their defensive artifacts had all been destroyed.


By the time they managed to stabilize themselves, they were already engulfed in fear. [Just who is this man? Not only did he not feel any discomfort after teleporting here from Shadowed Star, but he was also able to kill three First-Order Origin Kings with ease as though they were helpless lambs. Is he really Human? How is it possible for such a powerful Master to exist on Shadowed Star?]


While Lady Can was still in a dazed state, the other First-Order Origin King turned around and transformed into a beam of light before fleeing for his life.


Since he was no match for the young man, he knew for certain that he would lose his life if he didn’t flee. He did not know what the full extent of Yang Kai’s strength was, so he didn’t dare to continue to stay.


The mine was full of twists and turns, so after dodging left and right a few times, he disappeared from Yang Kai’s sight.


Seeing this, Yang Kai slowly shook his head with a disdainful expression. Any resistance was futile in the face of absolute power. That was the lesson he had learned repeatedly in the Star Boundary.


Then, he spun the hammer artifact around with his hand before he hurled it away. The hammer flew forward and broke through some layers of the rock. Following that, a man could be heard shrieking before the cave fell silent again.


Lady Can had turned completely ashen as she could clearly feel the aura of her last companion disappearing from her Divine Sense. Recalling the shriek just now, she knew what had happened to him.


Of the five First-Order Origin King Realm Masters who were guarding this place, only she was left now.


Upon meeting Yang Kai’s eyes, Lady Can immediately fell on her knees as she trembled and spoke in a shaking voice, “Please spare my life!”


Yang Kai frowned and walked up to her. Then, he clenched her blemish-free chin, forcing her to look up to him, “You’re called Lady Can?”


Lady Can forced a smile, but it was uglier than if she was crying, “That’s what they call me.”


Yang Kai nodded and examined her hourglass body. Her plump and fair bosom was indeed befitting her title. Then, he exerted more force with his hand and uttered, “You’re making it difficult for me.”


It’d be much better if Lady Can had just turned around and fled. He could kill her just like what he had done to the other people. However, not only did this woman not flee, but she had also fallen on her knees and pleaded. If he still killed her, it would make him appear unrighteous.


Lady Can appeared in pain.


“I’m not good at killing women.” Yang Kai shook his head.


Her gaze brightened when she heard that, “Sir, please spare my life. I’m willing to do anything for you.”


However, Yang Kai still shook his head, “I’m not interested.”


A flustered Lady Can immediately looked up at him. Upon realising that he was staring fixedly at her chest, she hurriedly pleaded, “I’m willing to be your slave as long as you don’t kill me.”


As she spoke, she bent over and lifted her backside before she stuck out her tongue. Not only did she appear fawning, but she also barked like a dog. If there was a tail on her backside, she’d really look like a bitch.


Yang Kai couldn’t take it anymore as he couldn’t help but recall the crazy night he had experienced with Su Yan. The intimate session that night was the most exciting experience in his life. However, after that night, Su Yan wouldn’t let him touch her again. It wasn’t certain whether she was mad or shy.


At this moment, Lady Can’s action made him recollect his previous memories, so he immediately felt his blood boiling and his breathing became rough. Although Su Yan wasn’t willing to play such games with him, the woman before his eyes would surely let him do whatever he wanted to her. 


[Tsk. I’m somewhat looking forward to it.]


Lady Can examined his expression and realised that he was tempted. Elated, she swung her backside from side to side as her barking turned into a wail, which sounded like moaning. The way she was teasing was able to make any man lose control.


Yang Kai took a deep breath and placed his hand on her shoulder, “After giving it a serious thought, I think that you should still go to Hell.”


Then, he activated his Qi and infused it into her body. The violent force charged around her five viscera, six organs, and her meridians, shredding them all. She then collapsed to the ground as her blood and bits of her organs streamed out from her nose and mouth, her gaze still filled with shock.


Even at the moment of death, she still couldn’t believe that this man didn’t treasure a beautiful woman like her and directly gave her a fatal blow. She widened her eyes and fell to the ground as her vitality left her body.


After Yang Kai scanned the surroundings and made sure that no enemies were left, he nodded slightly.


He had never expected that the Space Arrays, which he had expended a lot of time, energy, and resources to arrange in the past, had become a convenient tool for the cultivators from Grand Desolation Star Field. These five people had clearly been guarding this place for some time now, so they must have killed a number of cultivators from Shadowed Star and even from High Heaven Sect. As such, he didn’t care that this woman was pleading with him in such a pitiful manner. Even if she had stripped herself bare, he would still have killed her.


Although he wasn’t fond of killing women, he wouldn’t be soft-hearted when it was necessary to do so.


After that, he took their Space Rings and made a search. As expected, he found a few Transmission Tokens in these rings and retrieved them. As for the other miscellaneous items, he disdained to even check them.


Following that, he stepped into the Space Array and tried to sense the right direction. Upon finding several paths to take, he focused his mind and identified which one he wanted. Then, he pushed his Space Principles again and disappeared from the place.




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  1. This chapter was so bad. We need to address it. What morality is there when you’re at war and these people killed your people? Why waste our time with that rubbish 🗑!? Shame

    Many thanks translation team

    1. This is called a character arc. It’s perfectly normal that people should have hangups about indiscriminate killing even if they’ve killed a lot of people.

      There is a big difference between killing someone in a fight or as a byproduct of doing something else on one hand and ruthlessly killing someone in cold blood who can’t defend themselves on the other. Even if they deserve it it’s still a whole different ballgame. Yang Kai seems to have specific hangups with killing women in situations like that. This is also not strange given the culture he’s from that seems to place a huge emphasis on women as objects of beauty or someone to be protected.

      Casually killing an essentially defenceless woman would be out of character for Yang Kai. He did the deed in the end but it cost him something to do it.

    2. in my opinion firstly if womens are seen as an object of beauty same goes opposite way around, secondly this is war they are here to take lifes and enslave people , if they are willing to kill they should be prapared to be killed as well and it is good if you spare even the worst kind of killers who killed many as long as they could have a sense of morality or loyalty or atleast understand gratitude, we have seen many that yk spared yet they turned against him and at the same time many that they became his true friends and allies lik old demon . it is just the matter of who deservs to be spared

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