Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3131, Arriving at Green Mountains Star Again


Translator: Silavin & Jon

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Green Mountains Star wasn’t among the top Cultivation Stars in Heng Luo Star Field. It wasn’t even the Home Star of one of the top forces. However, it was famous.


There were two reasons behind its fame. First, there was a Forbidden Zone in this place called the Blood Prison, which opened up every 100 years. Cultivators in the Origin Returning Realm could take part in the Blood Prison Trial to obtain many benefits and opportunities as well as learn the secret to breaking through to the Origin King Realm.


In the past, Yang Kai had participated in the Blood Prison Trial and obtained many Domain Stones, which could help a cultivator in the Origin Returning Realm condense their Shi and form their Domain. Yang Kai had relied on those Domain Stones to reach the Origin King Realm.


No one was certain when the Blood Prison was created, but it had been in existence for more than 10,000 years. As for the reason for its birth, it was rumoured that many Origin King Realm Masters had gotten into a grand battle in this place and lost their lives. Their Martial Dao essence and insights scattered around the land and seeped into the soil. A series of coincidences led to the formation of such a unique environment, after which, Domain Stones were born.


The second reason for the Star’s fame took place several dozen years ago.


After the last Blood Prison Trial, the Star Master of Green Mountains Star, Luo Hai, died suddenly, which sent a shock wave across the entire Star Field. Most people found it inconceivable.


Although Luo Hai was only a Second-Order Origin King, he was the only person in the entire Star Field, at the time, who had managed to become a Star Master at only the Second-Order Realm. His aptitude was already extraordinary, and paired with his Star Source, he was bound to become a Third-Order Master one day and stand at the top of the Star Field, thus becoming an Overlord of his era.


However, such a bright star lost his life all of a sudden. No one knew what happened to him after the Blood Prison Trial. At that time, most people speculated that he had offended some reclusive ancient Master who hadn’t shown himself for thousands of years, leading to his death.


He was a Star Master who was fairly powerful in his own right, so apart from those old monsters, no one else could possibly kill him.


Nevertheless, the truth was only revealed after more than ten years. The person who had killed him wasn’t one of those ancient Masters, but the Star Master of Shadowed Star, Yang Kai!


The news came from Ice Heart Valley on Scarlet Wave Star. Although it wasn’t certain who spread the news, the source should be credible. It was because Scarlet Wave Star was where Luo Hai lost his life, and many disciples from Ice Heart Valley had personally witnessed it.


At that time, Yang Kai had already left the Star Field and headed for the Star Boundary, so after the news was spread, it didn’t even cause a ripple. Although Luo Hai had many friends, no one had actually stormed into Shadowed Star to take revenge for him. Moreover, Yang Kai had already left the Star Field, so they couldn’t even look for the culprit. Therefore, as time passed, this matter slowly quietened down.


However, it was still a piece of shocking news that a Star Master had fallen. It could be said that in the entire Heng Luo Star Field, Luo Hai was the first Star Master to be killed because he had gotten into a conflict with someone. It couldn’t be said that such an incident wouldn’t happen again, but he was definitely the first.


Looking at this familiar Star, Yang Kai started walking down memory lane. It wasn’t the first time he came to Green Mountains Star. Counting the number of times, this was his third visit.


The first time he came to this place was to take part in the Blood Prison Trial. After that, he was hunted down by the Star Master Luo Hai as he ran around the Star Field for half a year until he reached Scarlet Wave Star. If it weren’t because he had hidden in his Sealed World Bead several times, he would have been killed.


That was one of the rare moments when his life was hanging by a thread, so he could never forget the experience. However, he had long ago set that matter out of his mind.


Nonetheless, Yang Kai still had to thank the deceased Luo Hai. If it weren’t because the latter kept chasing after him, he wouldn’t have accidentally barged into Scarlet Wave Star and come across Su Yan in Ice Heart Valley.


These past events had faded like a puff of smoke.


With a smile, Yang Kai stopped thinking about it and turned into a beam of light before heading to Green Mountains Star.


He had wanted to go to Monster Emperor Star directly, which was the only Cultivation Star in the Star Field where the Monster Race ruled and Humans and other Races were treated as second class existences. Shan Qing Luo was currently in that place, and it was also the closest destination to Shadowed Star where one of his wives was waiting.


If the Space Array he had set up in the past didn’t get damaged, he could have directly reached Monster Emperor Star, thus saving him some time. However, the Space Array on Monster Emperor Star seemed to have been destroyed, so he couldn’t go there directly. Left with no choice, he could only take a detour.


The reason he came to Green Mountains Star was that there was a secret passage that led to Monster Emperor Star in the Blood Prison. During the last Blood Prison Trial, Shan Qing Luo and other Juniors from the Monster Race went back and forth through this secret passage. Yang Kai didn’t know the exact location of the passage, but given his cultivation now, he could easily find it after he entered the Blood Prison.


Landing on the ground, he frowned slightly, because the Star was starkly different from when he first saw it. The entire Star was filled with very thick Death Qi. With his bare eyes, he could even see that the Star was engulfed in a layer of yellowish glow.


Certainly, it had something to do with the fall of its Star Master, but it wasn’t the fundamental reason. The Star Master Luo Hai had passed away several dozen years ago, and the Star Source Strength had all returned to Green Mountains Star. Although it was slightly damaged at that time, it couldn’t have caused the Star to go through this kind of transformative change.


Recalling what he had heard from High Heaven Sect about what those from Grand Desolation Star Field had done previously, Yang Kai had a feeling that the changes in Green Mountains Star had something to do with these invaders.


This Cultivation Star had probably fallen completely. Without a Star Master or powerful cultivators around, Green Mountains Star couldn’t have possibly resisted the invasion of those from Grand Desolation Star Field.


Like a falling meteor, Yang Kai descended upon a city. Stopping several hundred metres above it as he looked down and knitted his brows.


He had wanted to ask someone to point out the location of Blood Prison for him, but upon closer inspection, Yang Kai discovered that there were not many people who were still alive in this city. Instead, the entire place was filled with a bloody stench that could make anyone retch. The entire city was basically destroyed. As birds flew past the city, a few people groaned in pain on the ground.


A city of this size could easily accommodate a million people, but at this moment, only a small number could be seen. The thick Corpse Qi had converged and materialised as it hovered above the city like dark clouds.


Upon closer look, there was a huge blood pool in the middle of the city. The blood pool was brimming with blood as it appeared crimson. Countless broken limbs and what looked like faces of ghosts floated on the surface of this pool. At the same time, terrifying wails could be heard.


The entire city was covered in corpses. No one knew how long they had been lying there, but they were all rotten.


Beside the pool, rows of cultivators could be seen being pushed forward to this place by another group of people. After they were mercilessly killed, they were pushed into the blood pool. Begging, crying, and scolding were continuously heard.


This place was practically a living hell, and the sight of it made Yang Kai’s expression turn gloomy.


It wasn’t that he hadn’t killed anyone before. In fact, he had killed countless people, but it was the first time he saw such a horrifying sight at such a scale. It was also the first time he witnessed how cruel those from Grand Desolation Star Field could be.


[This is basically a massacre! What are those from Grand Desolation Star Field trying to achieve? Have they invaded Heng Luo Star Field just to show off their might and have fun killing people?]


Then, he realised that the blood pool was surrounded by a Spirit Array with flickering talismans. There was also a platform that looked like a strange altar.


It was then he came to the realisation that these people were trying to refine something, while those people who were pushed into the blood pool were the ingredients.


“Who goes there!?” Although those cultivators from Grand Desolation Star Field weren’t particularly on guard, it wasn’t possible that they still hadn’t noticed it after Yang Kai observed them for such a long time. Moreover, he had never tried to conceal himself, so someone immediately shouted and looked cautiously in his direction.


After Yang Kai swept his eyes around once, he moved and appeared beside the blood pool in the blink of an eye. Then, he lightly patted the head of the one who had shouted earlier, upon which that person turned limp and fell into the blood pool.


In an instant, howling could be heard from the blood pool as countless phantom hands stuck out and pulled that person into the pool. Soon, he disappeared from everyone’s sight.


The other cultivators were flabbergasted, as they didn’t expect that Yang Kai would directly kill without uttering a word. After that, all of them pounced towards him.


“Watch out!” Some people shouted. They were the cultivators whose cultivation had been sealed as they were escorted to this place. They were clearly the locals of Green Mountains Star who had been captured. They thought that they were doomed, but at this moment, a saviour had descended to save them, so they became hopeful again. Not having the heart to see Yang Kai get killed, they hurriedly called out to warn him.


Just then, Yang Kai moved and transformed into countless illusory phantoms before he circled around this huge blood pool. In just a short moment, he stopped in his tracks, as though he had never moved.


On the other hand, those hostile-looking cultivators from Grand Desolation Star Field who were pouncing at him were all rooted to the spot. Following that, sounds of corpses falling to the ground could be heard.


The cultivators from Green Mountain Star were all dumbfounded. It wasn’t until a moment later that they started gasping.


These cultivators from Grand Desolation Star Field were not weaklings. There were a little more than ten Origin Returning Realm Masters present, while the remaining hundred or so were all Saint Kings. However, these people were all murdered in the blink of an eye.


If they hadn’t seen it with their eyes, they wouldn’t have believed it. Now, they gazed at Yang Kai as though he was a deity. Upon realising that they had finally escaped from death’s door, they started crying tears of joy.


Yang Kai swept a glance over them and then stared fixedly at a red-faced man. He had the highest cultivation among these people, Third-Order Origin Returning Realm. Nevertheless, he had been restricted by a seal as all his Saint Qi was confined to his meridians.


The red-faced man realised that Yang Kai was an incredible Master, and knowing that his survival now hinged on him, he immediately cupped his fists and uttered, “Greetings, Senior. This one is called Peng Shi Zhong.”


Yang Kai raised his hand and replied, “Bring them away first. I have to ask you something later.”


Then, he looked through the void and gazed at the other end of the city. Over there, two Origin King Realm auras were surging. Apparently, they were alerted by what Yang Kai had done here. One of them was a Second-Order Origin King, while the other was a First-Order.


When the auras appeared, Peng Shi Zhong and the others were aghast as they retreated. There were about 300 of them, but their cultivations varied. Their different styles of clothes suggested that they came from different backgrounds, but at this moment, they were united as they looked worriedly at Yang Kai.


“How dare you spoil my plans?! Don’t even think about leaving!” A sharp voice that sounded like a jackal was heard. Following that, two figures emerged from the other end of the city as they flew toward Yang Kai at lightning speed.




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  1. The author needs to stop saying things like “after all they had cultivated to blank realm so they were no fool” then making every enemy a fool. It’s one or the other. These two origin kings found out someone killed hundreds of their men instantly and with no energy fluctuation and they’re like yeah we can take ‘em.

  2. you would think that Yang Kai would try to use the star field source to at the very least not reject him and the other emperor realm masters he brought with him from the star field, that is if he’s interested in dealing with the invaders from the grand desolation star field. even if he’s being inefficient, at the least he wouldn’t bother with fighting every weakling he comes across and rather try and gather forces from the stars his wives’ are on to mount a coordinated effort

  3. “If the Space Array he had set up in the past didn’t get damaged, he could have directly reached Monster Emperor Star, thus saving him some time. However, the Space Array on Monster Emperor Star seemed to have been destroyed, so he couldn’t go there directly. Left with no choice, he could only take a detour.”

    Remember in the star boundary there is a puppet sect whose space array on the other side was destroyed? Yang Kai could sense the direction and just tear it open again. This is just plot bullshit. Damnit author

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