Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3132, Blood Sea Banner, Ten Thousand Soul Banner


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They reached Yang Kai in the blink of an eye. Then, it was revealed that they were a man and a woman.


Both of them appeared aged. One of them was an old man whose hair and beard were all grey, while the other was a wrinkled old lady. The similarity between them was that they exuded a thick Corpse Qi. At this moment, the old man stared resentfully at Yang Kai as though he was eager to skin him and pull out all his tendons.


On the other hand, the old lady took a glance at the blood pool and turned hysterical. Glowering at Yang Kai, she said through clenched teeth, “Little brat, how dare you kill the disciples from Netherworld Sect! I’ll make sure that you’ll go through a pain that’s worse than death!”


The disciples from Netherworld Sect could basically do whatever they wanted on Green Mountains Star. Although they would come across some resistance from time to time, they could suppress it quickly. So, they had never expected that someone would have the guts to kill so many of their disciples at once.


These two people from Netherworld Sect were the ones who were in charge of this place, so they had to assume responsibility for anything that happened here. Moreover, some of the dead disciples were just as close to them as their descendants, so there was no way they could forgive Yang Kai.


“Both of you are from Netherworld Sect?” Yang Kai arched his brow.


[Grand Desolation Star Field, Netherworld Sect… Why do I always bump into my enemies?]


“Brat, it’s too late even if you want to beg for mercy! Your Soul will belong to me, and your body will go to her. Don’t even dream about entering the reincarnation cycle again!” The old man’s jackal-like voice screeched, which was so unpleasant to the ears that it was as though the listener’s heart was clawed at.


Yang Kai gazed disdainfully at them, “Do I look like I’m going to beg for your mercy? Are you too old to even see properly now?”


“How dare you!” The old man was enraged after Yang Kai rebuked him. After that, he extended his withered hand toward the young man. His hand was skeletal, and his nails were all black, which looked as horrifying as a ghost claw.


As his withered hand broke through the air, cold wind could be seen swirling around his hand, which was able to send a chill down everyone’s spine.


Yang Kai snickered, “Having a brain is a good thing, but it seems that not everyone has one. I wanted to ask you something; however, since you’re so eager to die, I’ll grant your wish.” Upon finishing his words, he pushed out his fist.


The old man’s expression changed drastically at that moment as, although he couldn’t sense Yang Kai using any kind of Qi and his attack seemed simple and straightforward, this punch gave off a very discomforting feeling and he could tell that he could not block or deflect it no matter what.


Although he was already a Second-Order Origin King and had great strength, there was a more practical reason why he was able to live to such an old age. That was because he was highly sensitive to any possible danger. 


Therefore, before his claw even reached the young man, he immediately retracted his hand. However, it was too late, as the violent fist hit right at his fingers and a destructive force caused his hand to explode into a fine blood mist.


“What!?” The old lady was astonished. [Who is this brat!? Where did he come from!? Although his fist appeared light, it’s horrifyingly powerful. How did he achieve that?]


It was then that a gale gusted across them and caused them to stagger back. They traded glances and saw the horror behind the other’s gaze. Not daring to hesitate any longer, they immediately brought out their trump cards.


Simultaneously, they extended their hands towards the blood pool and beckoned to it.


Following that, two banners shot out of the blood pool and landed in their grasp. One of the banners appeared scarlet as though it was dyed with blood and exuded a metallic tang. The other banner appeared as dark as night with no reflection of light on it. Eerily though, faces could faintly be seen floating on the banners as they struggled and growled.


“Blood Sea Banner, Ten Thousand Soul Banner!” Peng Shi Zhong exclaimed from afar. His gaze appeared resentful as he stared at the two artifacts that were refined from countless lives while all the others present wore similar expressions.


An innumerable number of people from Green Mountains Star had lost their lives to these two artifacts, so they knew what the Blood Sea Banner and Ten Thousand Soul Banner were.


With their Natal Artifacts in their hands, the old man and the old lady became confident as they stared grimly at Yang Kai.


Yang Kai questioned, “Is this the reason you’ve slaughtered so many people?”


He could feel that both the Blood Sea Banner and Ten Thousand Soul Banner were evil artifacts. The reason they were soaking in the blood pool was to make use of the fresh blood and Souls to nurture their power and spirituality.


After these two artifacts appeared, the blood pool fell silent. Even the colour of the blood inside faded.


“It’s an honour for those useless people to enter my banner!” The old man snorted.


With a wicked smile, the old lady uttered, “There’s no rush. You’ll join them soon.”


Yang Kai scoffed, “Oh, interesting, why don’t you show me then?”


The old lady snorted, “I’ll grant your wish.”


Upon finishing her words, she swung her Blood Sea Banner and engulfed Yang Kai in it. 


At that instant, the entire sky had turned crimson.


Yang Kai raised his head and took a look in a nonchalant manner. The old lady had put her guard up because she was worried that Yang Kai might resist, but he was actually absorbed into the Blood Sea Banner without making any move. Seeing that, she scoffed, “What a reckless guy. Since he has the guts to enter my Blood Sea Banner, I’ll make sure he perishes inside.”


The old man uttered, “This man is no ordinary cultivator, so you have to be careful. Let me go in as well. We’ll join forces and deal with him.”


The old lady replied, “You’re overly cautious. After entering my Blood Sea Banner, even a Third-Order Origin King will lose a layer of skin.” Despite what she had said, she still took the old man’s arm and moved, upon which they entered the banner together.


Peng Shi Zhong and the others were flustered as they watched from afar. They wondered why the young man was so foolish when he appeared so extraordinary. The Blood Sea Banner was an incredibly powerful artifact and paired with the power of this old lady’s First-Order Origin King cultivation, there was no way he could come out alive. Not only could he not kill the old lady, but he would also contribute to the power of the banner.


They thought that he was their saviour, but he turned out to be an overconfident fool.


“Brother Peng, what should we do now?” Someone gazed at Peng Shi Zhong and asked. At this moment, only their own people were around the blood pool. All the disciples from Netherworld Sect had been killed; moreover, the two Origin Kings had entered the Blood Sea Banner. It could be said that they were the only ones left in the city at the moment.


“Flee!” Before Peng Shi Zhong could utter a word, some people started making noises.


Peng Shi Zhong put on a bitter smile, “Flee? Now? Where?”


If their cultivations hadn’t been sealed, there might still be a glimmer of hope; however, all of them had their strength sealed at the moment, so they could only rely on their legs if they wanted to flee. They couldn’t even run for a thousand kilometres in a day in such a condition.


A thousand kilometres was nothing to an Origin King. They could easily cross such a distance within a quarter of an hour at most to chase after these people. Now, these people were basically hopeless, unless a miracle happened again.


“Should we just wait here to be killed here, then?”


Peng Shi Zhong uttered, “Maybe… Maybe he will be able to come out of the Blood Sea Banner.”


At that instant, all of them looked at him as though he was a fool.


Peng Shi Zhong rubbed his nose, “It’s still a glimmer of hope for us.”


However, there was only a slim chance that a miracle would happen.


“Brother Peng, I’ll leave now even if you don’t. As cultivators, we’re not afraid of death, but it will be miserable if our Souls and bodies are refined into artifacts, and we won’t be able to get into the reincarnation cycle again if that happens. I’d rather look for a place to kill myself than wait for the two old bastards to come out.”


This man’s words resonated with the others. Sometimes, death wasn’t so horrible, but it would be unacceptable if their body and Soul were desecrated even after they died.


Peng Shi Zhong uttered, “Since that’s the case, I wish you all a safe journey.”


Seeing that he insisted on staying, they didn’t attempt to persuade him. They were running out of time now as no one knew when the duo from Netherworld Sect would come out. The most important thing for them now was to flee.


In just a short moment, half of the people on the scene had left. Several dozen people still remained on the spot though. They appeared apprehensive and hopeless. Perhaps they had realised that it was useless to flee, so they preferred to remain and save some energy. Maybe a miracle would really happen.



The Blood Sea surged as only redness could be seen everywhere. At the same time, the smell of iron permeated the air. Inside the Blood Sea, countless hideous corpses were floating on the surface as they all looked like horrible ghosts.


Yang Kai hovered above the Blood Sea and looked coldly at the sight that looked like Hell.


Just then, the old man and the old lady appeared at the same time.


The old lady sneered, “Since you’ve entered my Blood Sea Banner, there’s no way you can leave alive.”


The old man also laughed in a grating manner, “Foolish overconfidence.”


Yang Kai asked, “Are all these corpses cultivators from Green Mountains Star?”


The corpses that were wallowing in the Blood Sea definitely numbered more than 10,000. There were probably more than several hundred thousand of them.


The old lady replied, “How are you still in the mood to ask about other people when you’re about to die? You’re quite soft-hearted, huh?”


“I have the right to find out the truth before my death. Don’t you agree?” Yang Kai turned to look at her faintly.


The old lady put on a laugh that sounded like a crow’s caw, “I’m glad you understand the situation you’re in! Don’t worry. I won’t let you feel any pain. You’ll be killed in the blink of an eye.”


“You haven’t answered my question. Besides blurred vision, have you also become deaf because of old age?”


The old lady’s face fell, “Good, most of them are local cultivators. It’s thanks to their contribution that I was able to reach the Origin King Realm.”


Yang Kai went on to ask, “Has your Sect invaded our Star Field just because of this?”


She replied, “It takes a lot of ingredients to refine a Blood Sea Banner and Ten Thousand Soul Banner. We have to be more restrained in Grand Desolation Star Field, but we can do whatever we want here. By the way, there are indeed many cultivators here. I wonder how far my Blood Sea Banner can be refined after all of them are digested.”


Yang Kai shook his head at that and commented lightly, “It’s already reached its limit because you won’t be able to improve it again.”


She sneered, “Do you still think you can flee?”


“Why should I flee?” Yang Kai looked puzzledly at her.


She was startled for a moment before she asked in disbelief, “Do you want to kill us, then?”


“Of course.”


The old lady and the old man guffawed as though they had just heard the funniest joke in the world.


“Do you know Yin Le Sheng?” Yang Kai suddenly asked.


Their laugh stopped abruptly as they gazed at him in disbelief. The old man questioned, “How do you know that name?”


“Yin Le Sheng was the former Sect Master of Netherworld Sect, right?”


The old man appeared hesitant, “You know our former Sect Master?”


[That’s not possible! Our Sect Master had left Grand Desolation Star Field several dozen years ago and headed for the Star Boundary. He’s never come to this Star Field before, so how is it possible for him to know of his name?]


“Of course I know him.” Yang Kai nodded as his voice turned grim, “Because I was the one who killed him.”


Right after he finished speaking, the old man suddenly floated in the air against his will as he felt a vice grip on his neck. It was then he realised that his throat was clenched by Yang Kai, but the young man’s figure was still dozens of metres away from him.


“I’ll send you two to meet him. You don’t have to thank me,” As Yang Kai spoke, he exerted more force with his hand, upon which an old head flew into the air.




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