Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3133, A Spark


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Beside the blood pool, one of the several dozen people, who were ready for death, suddenly uttered, “Brother Peng, I think we should flee.”


He didn’t want to die just like this, so he persuaded Peng Shi Zhong by saying, “As long as we can stay alive, we can always get our revenge in the future.”


Upon hearing that, Peng Shi Zhong put on a helpless smile. Just when he was about to say something, he suddenly turned his head, only to see a red glow surging as the Blood Sea Banner, which was floating in the air. The banner flapped wildly, as though something was about to storm out of it.


“It’s too late.” Peng Shi Zhong slowly shook his head.


[Was that young man killed so quickly?] He couldn’t help but laugh in self-mockery. He was too naive to have placed his hope on the young man.


The others were speechless as well. Yang Kai appeared haughty earlier, so they thought that he must be formidable. However, after he entered the Blood Sea Banner, he was killed in just a short moment, which was laughable.


Nevertheless, no one was in the mood to laugh, because they would be killed next. 


The next moment, all of them were astounded as they widened their eyes and stared at the front in disbelief.


A person indeed leapt out of the Blood Sea Banner, but contrary to their expectations, it wasn’t the old lady or the old man from Netherworld Sect. It was the foolish young man.


The young man seemed to have just taken a stroll, as he still appeared calm and collected. After leaving the Blood Sea Banner, he waved his hand and stored the artifact, which was made using countless lives. Then, he turned around to have a look and frowned, “Where are the others?”


No one replied to him. All of them were rooted to the spot as though they had been struck by lightning. Their minds were in a mess, and they couldn’t come to their senses.


“Hey, I asked you a question,” Yang Kai scowled. [What are these people doing? I saved their lives, so shouldn’t they fall on their knees and say something like they’ll never forget my favour? Why are they all gawking like fools? Have they lost their minds?]


“T-T-They ran away,” Peng Shi Zhong gulped and replied in an awkward tone.


Yang Kai scanned the surroundings with his Divine Sense and realised that there were indeed many people who were running for their lives in different directions a few kilometres away. However, since their cultivations had been sealed, they were pretty slow.


“Never mind,” Yang Kai waved his hand and sent out a wave of force that was as gentle as a breeze across Peng Shi Zhong and the others.


Everyone below widened their eyes in disbelief, because after Yang Kai swept his hand, the seals in their bodies were all broken. 


They hadn’t felt their Qi flowing freely along their meridians for a long time, so at this moment, they had the urge to lift their heads and cheer.


“Senior, those two…” Peng Shi Zhong looked hopefully at Yang Kai. Although he had his own speculation, he wasn’t certain about it.


“The culprits have been killed, so it can serve as some small comfort for those who have lost their lives in the city. It’s a shame that I arrived too late.” Yang Kai heaved a sigh, “Flee now and don’t get caught again.”


They were lucky this time, but they wouldn’t always get so lucky. Then, Yang Kai moved and disappeared from their sight as he had left the city.


Peng Shi Zhong was dumbfounded. Although he had made a guess, he still found it inconceivable after his speculation was confirmed by Yang Kai.


[The two people from Netherworld Sect were Origin King Realm Masters. Moreover, they had the Ten Thousand Soul Banner and Blood Sea Banner with them. On top of that, that young man had entered the Blood Sea Banner, but he was still able to kill them in just a short moment. How is that possible?]


The young man’s strength and methods were indeed extraordinary. It was difficult to believe what had happened, but Peng Shi Zhong couldn’t deny reality; after all, the young man had stashed the Blood Sea Banner into his Space Ring. If the old lady from Netherworld Sect was still alive, she wouldn’t have allowed such a thing to happen.


[Who was that young man? What realm is he in that allows him to achieve such a thing?]


In exasperation, Peng Shi Zhong smacked his own head. He was so shocked just now that he had forgotten to ask for the young man’s name. Now, he didn’t even know his saviour’s name, which was highly improper.


While he was deep in his thoughts, a shadow that was as small as a ring appeared in his sight all of a sudden. In the blink of an eye, the shadow became as big as a fist. The next moment, it looked as large as a melon, and when he came to his senses, his saviour was already standing in the air above him.


He looked dazedly at Yang Kai and uttered, “Senior, you…”


“En, I think I should give you some extra help.” Yang Kai reached out, upon which Peng Shi Zhong flew towards him and hovered in the air before his eyes.


“Senior!” Peng Shi Zhong was flustered, as he didn’t know what Yang Kai was trying to do. Nevertheless, he wasn’t so worried because the young man didn’t appear ill-intentioned.


“Open your mouth!” Yang Kai ordered.


Peng Shi Zhong was confused, but still opened his mouth as he was told.


Then, Yang Kai flicked his finger and shot a pill into his mouth. The pill soon entered his stomach.


The restrictive power disappeared as Peng Shi Zhong fell back to the ground. After he stabilised himself though, he widened his eyes and immediately sat down with his legs crossed. The other cultivators were still puzzled as they watched the sight, but after a moment of observation, they were flabbergasted by what they witnessed.


That was because, at this moment, Peng Shi Zhong exuded an extremely powerful aura fluctuation. He looked like he had a caged beast inside his body that was battering against him, trying to free itself from its confines.


Between the Heavens and Earth, an astonishing vibration could be felt, and a moment later, dark clouds started gathering in the sky as lightning was seen flashing across them.


[Is he going to achieve a breakthrough? He’s already a Third-Order Origin Returning Realm cultivator though. If he achieves a breakthrough, that means he’ll reach the Origin King Realm!]


Many people at the scene were close to Peng Shi Zhong, so they knew what realm he was in. Although he was quite talented when it came to cultivation, he was still quite far away from breaking through to the Origin King Realm. At the very least, he would have to cultivate hard for at least another 100 years to achieve this.


However, all of a sudden, he took a seat on the ground and was about to achieve a breakthrough. Apparently, it was all thanks to the pill given to him by the young man.


At that instant, everyone stared enviously at Peng Shi Zhong, as this was indeed a fantastic opportunity. At the same time, they found Yang Kai to be even more inscrutable. The fact that he was able to kill two Origin King Realm Masters with ease was already stunning enough, but after he offered Peng Shi Zhong such an astounding benefit, they couldn’t help wondering who this young man really was.


*Hong long long…*


In just a short moment, the dark clouds in the sky had grown thicker, as though a pile of dark cotton had covered the entire sky.


Yang Kai looked up and appeared displeased because everything was moving too slow. He was in a rush to head to Monster Emperor Star, and although he didn’t mind lending a hand to Peng Shi Zhong, he wasn’t willing to waste too much time on this matter.


It seemed that it would take half a day before World Energy Baptism would take place.


Suddenly thinking of something, Yang Kai approached Peng Shi Zhong and circulated his Emperor Qi ever so slightly.




The dark clouds in the sky instantly become more turbulent as the lightning grew far more violent.


Yang Kai put on a smile. That idea had just flashed across his mind, but he didn’t expect that it would really be effective. His existence was not tolerated by the Star Field, so during this period, he had suppressed his cultivation to avoid being rejected by the Heavenly Way. After he unsealed his cultivation a little, he had indeed attracted hostility from the Heavens. Together with the baptism that would allow Peng Shi Zhong to reach the next realm, it had accelerated the convergence of World Energy.


As he made calculations in his heart and realised that it was the right time, Yang Kai quickly sealed his cultivation again. A vast amount of World Energy had already been gathered, so it now had to be released, and Peng Shi Zhong happened to be the best target around.


In just a short period of time, World Energy had reached a critical saturation.


Although Peng Shi Zhong was seated on the ground as he was refining the medicinal efficacies of the pill he was forced to take, he wasn’t oblivious to his surroundings. At this moment, he felt horrified as he reckoned that he would probably lose his life; after all, it required a lot of preparation before anyone could achieve a breakthrough. The incident on this day was totally unexpected to him though, so he hadn’t prepared anything. He didn’t even wear any defensive artifacts.


[What is he doing? He gave me a pill and helped me achieve a breakthrough, but that’s akin to leading on the road to death. This turn of events is a little unbearable for me…]




A beam of lightning that was as thick as a baby’s arm directly struck Peng Shi Zhong.


[I’ve come to the end of my life!] Peng Shi Zhong was crestfallen. At this moment, the violent medicinal efficacies were charging around in his body, so he couldn’t even run away as he had to remain seated on the ground and bear this fatal strike.


After he was struck by the lightning bolt, he shuddered and felt numb all over his body, followed by a sharp pain; however, he was surprised instead of afraid because he wasn’t dead. The power of the World Energy Baptism was weaker than he thought it would be, and since that was the case, he knew that there was a high possibility of him managing to endure it.


If he managed to overcome this tribulation difficulty, he would reach the Origin King Realm and become a true Master. In this era that was full of wars, he might not be able to walk sideways, but he would be able to protect himself. At the very least, he wouldn’t be captured easily like what had happened to him this time.


“What wild thoughts are you having? Focus your mind and feel the power of Heaven and Earth around you, then use it to solidify your Domain!” A stern voice suddenly rang in Peng Shi Zhong’s ear, after which he set aside all distracting thoughts and emptied his mind.


Another beam of lightning struck him.


It was then that Peng Shi Zhong realized that when the World Energy Baptism descended, the young man beside him waved his hand and made the force that was approaching from the sky split into two.


Most of the force shot back towards the sky, while a small part of it landed on him.


[He’s even able to interfere in the World Energy Baptism? In the World Principles themselves!?] Peng Shi Zhong wasn’t even sure how to put his feelings into words anymore. 


The onlookers around them were equally dumbstruck, as they had never seen or heard of such a thing before. The young man’s power probably didn’t belong to this world.


As the power of Heaven and Earth kept descending, Yang Kai repeatedly waved his hand and split the force in two. With his protection, it was impossible that Peng Shi Zhong would lose his life.


One hour later, Peng Shi Zhong got to his feet. Although he appeared battered, dishevelled and exhausted, there was a glow in his eyes that he had never had before. Then, he cupped his fists and bowed so deeply he nearly became parallel to the ground as he shouted, “Senior, many thanks for helping me reach the Origin King Realm. I will never forget your favour and swear that…”


“Yes, yes, very good,” Yang Kai raised his hand impatiently, “I wouldn’t have done so much if I wanted you to return the favour.”


The value of the pill alone had exceeded Peng Shi Zhong’s ability to repay as a debt of gratitude.


The reason Yang Kai decided to help him was that he didn’t want to see them falling into the hands of those from Grand Desolation Star Field again after he saved them. With an Origin King Realm Master around, they would be able to resist their enemies better.


Green Mountains Star was a Cultivation Star in Heng Luo Star Field, so Yang Kai couldn’t allow the invaders to continue strutting around here as they pleased. Sooner or later, he would chase them all away, but until then, he decided to leave a spark here in the hope that it would eventually set the entire Star Field aflame, bringing hope with it.




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