Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3134, White Robes Guild


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Peng Shi Zhong wouldn’t dare to be displeased even though he was interrupted by Yang Kai. In an even more respectful manner, he asked, “Senior, are you a member of White Robes Guild?”


“What is that? I’ve never heard of it.”


Peng Shi Zhong replied, “It’s the greatest force against Grand Desolation Star Field on Green Mountains Star. I assumed Senior was from White Robes Guild.” After giving it a thought, he realised that even though White Robes Guild had risen in fame in the past dozen years, they didn’t have any Masters as powerful as this mysterious young man. The leader of White Robes Guild was only a Second-Order Origin King and naturally, a young man with such phenomenal ability wouldn’t become someone else’s subordinate.


“Good. This is as far as I can help you. From now on, all of you have to rely on yourselves.” Yang Kai extended his hand and patted Peng Shi Zhong’s shoulder, “By the way, where’s the Blood Prison?”


Peng Shi Zhong immediately pointed out the direction for him, but just when he wanted to ask Yang Kai why he was going to the Blood Prison, the latter had already leapt into the air and headed into the distance.


“Senior, may I ask your honoured name?” Peng Shi Zhong shouted.


In the distance, Yang Kai answered back.


Upon hearing that, Peng Shi Zhong frowned, as he felt that the name was familiar to him. He must have heard it from somewhere before, but he couldn’t remember where it was.


“Yang Kai!” One person suddenly exclaimed.


Peng Shi Zhong turned to look at the person as his expression appeared inquisitive.


“Brother Peng, please don’t tell me you’ve forgotten this name.” The person looked at Peng Shi Zhong with a conflicted expression, “Several dozen years ago, Star Master Luo Hai was killed…”


It was then that Peng Shi Zhong recalled who the young man was, “It’s him?”


He finally remembered where he had heard this name before. Although everyone in the Star Field was shocked to learn that Luo Hai was killed, it was the cultivators on Green Mountains Star that were most affected. After the Star Master passed away, the Star Source Strength with Luo Hai had returned to the Star, but it had inevitably suffered some damage, causing the World Energy on the Star to weaken. That was why the billions of cultivators on the Star loathed Yang Kai.


However, Peng Shi Zhong had never expected that the person who saved him on this day was the one who had killed Luo Hai several dozen years ago.


[If it’s him… Then it all makes sense,] Peng Shi Zhong thought. Yang Kai was already able to kill a Star Master several dozen years ago, so it wasn’t surprising that he could showcase such power and methods today.


“I heard that he had left the Star Field several dozen years ago and headed for a Higher Plane. Was this news fake?”


“Maybe he has returned?”


“In the past, there was the Starry Sky Great Emperor in the Star Field who was practically unrivalled. I think even if this Senior Yang is still no match for the Starry Sky Great Emperor, the difference in powers between them isn’t far off.”


“If a new Starry Sky Great Emperor rose, then it would be good news for the countless cultivators in the Star Field.”


Although the fact that Yang Kai had killed Luo Hai had left a bad impression on those from Green Mountains Star, that incident happened a long time ago, so nobody really wanted to take revenge for Luo Hai anymore. Now that they were saved by Yang Kai, naturally, they were grateful to him.


After they chatted for a while more, they stopped talking and approached Peng Shi Zhong to congratulate him on his breakthrough.


Peng Shi Zhong forced a smile. In the past, he would have been over the moon if he reached the Origin King Realm; however, now, so many people had been slaughtered, and his friends and relatives were mostly killed, so the joy of such an ascension had diminished greatly.


“Brother Peng, what should we do now?” Someone asked.


In the past, Peng Shi Zhong already had the highest cultivation among them, and now he was a genuine Origin King. If they wanted to survive, they had to stay by his side and listen to his orders.


After giving it a thought, Peng Shi Zhong raised his head and uttered, “I intend to join White Robes Guild.”


There were many great forces on Green Mountains Star that resisted the oppression from Grand Desolation Star Field. Nevertheless, White Robes Guild was definitely the most powerful among them. Moreover, it had only been a short time since it was founded, so they would surely be in need of more Masters and warriors. Peng Shi Zhong believed that they would certainly welcome an Origin King like him.


He had gone through a bumpy emotional ride today, so he was somewhat enlightened. Not only had he escaped from death’s door, but he was also offered help to reach the Origin King Realm. So, he reckoned that he should join the war to liberate Green Mountains Star. Even if he was bound to die on the battlefield, he wouldn’t regret his decision.


His suggestion resonated with many people and all soon agreed with his plan.


Peng Shi Zhong went on to announce, “Go bring those other people back. If they’re willing to follow me, we’ll go to White Robes Guild together; however, if they don’t agree to it, I won’t force them.” 


After that, all of them dispersed to search for the others who had fled earlier.



Smoke could be seen billowing from everywhere as scorched earth covered the land.


Yang Kai’s expression was extremely dark. He thought that the city where he came across Peng Shi Zhong was just a rare instance, but he had never expected that it was already the norm on Green Mountains Star.


All the cities he passed by were destroyed with no survivors in sight. Inside the cities, traces of blood pools and altars could still be seen. Apparently, it was the doing of the cultivators from the Netherworld Sect.


Needless to say, all the citizens who once lived in these cities must have been killed and used as materials to refine Blood Sea Banners and Ten Thousand Soul Banners by those from the Netherworld Sect.


What those from the Netherworld Sect had done was evil and outrageous. Nine in ten cities were empty as Death Qi permeated the skies.


On his way to his destination, Yang Kai had saved some people and killed anyone from the Netherworld Sect and Grand Desolation Star Field he came across. However, what he had done was inadequate to save everyone on this Star.


After arriving at a new city, Yang Kai again killed all the invaders he found, but he finally reached a breaking point and couldn’t take it anymore. So, he kept the last person alive and clenched his neck before questioning in a grim voice, “Where’s the strongest person from the Netherworld Sect right now?”


The person was already shaken to the core by Yang Kai’s overwhelming power, so he replied in horror, “The Sixth Elder is currently in Gathering Yang City!”


“Lead the way!” Yang Kai ordered.


“Yes, yes, yes!” The person hurriedly replied and pointed out the direction for Yang Kai. The next moment, the view around them went flying by him in reverse at a horrifying speed. The person was so shocked that he immediately closed his eyes.


Although Yang Kai didn’t have the time to stay on Green Mountains Star to turn the situation around, he could still look for the enemy leader and kill him.


Gathering Yang City was one of the top cities on Green Mountains Star. It was a huge city that was hustling and bustling with countless cultivators entering and leaving the place in the past. However, it had been occupied after those from the Netherworld Sect invaded this place and, since then, the city had become the base for Netherworld Sect on Green Mountains Star.


At least hundreds of thousands of people had been detained in the city as ingredients for those from the Netherworld Sect to refine their wicked artifacts. Over the past few dozen years, countless people had been sacrificed.


Naturally, such an important place was the most heavily guarded by Netherworld Sect. Although they had absolute control over Green Mountains Star, they couldn’t possibly oppress every single cultivator on the Star. Nevertheless, they had never intended to do so, as they only regarded the people on this Star as materials to refine their artifacts.


It was a particularly violent day in Gathering Yang City. 


Yang Kai arrived at this place with his guide, but just when he was about to showcase his power, he realised that the city had descended into an intense battle.


Flashes of light could be seen across the city as people were continuously killed. Countless were entangled in the air and on the ground in a chaotic melee.


“White Robes Guild!” The person, who was still being carried by Yang Kai, exclaimed.


“They’re from White Robes Guild?” Yang Kai swept a glance over the battlefield and his interest was piqued.


He had just heard from Peng Shi Zhong about White Robes Guild yesterday, so he didn’t expect that he’d come across them on this day. According to Peng Shi Zhong, White Robes Guild was the strongest force opposing Grand Desolation Star Field on Green Mountains Star, and it seemed that he was right. These people had to be fairly powerful to have the guts to start a battle in Gathering Yang City.


“Yes, they’re from White Robes Guild,” the man replied. Then, he suddenly came to his senses and yelled, “Senior, I’ve brought you to Gathering Yang City. Please…”


He stopped speaking abruptly though before Yang Kai hurled the new corpse away and pursed his lips.


Upon closer inspection, he realised that there was no mystery as to which side would turn out to be the winner. Although there were many people on White Robes Guild’s side, it was apparent that they were no match for Netherworld Sect. That was because they didn’t have many powerful Masters. On most of the battlefields, those from White Robes Guild had already lost, and in just half a day, they would have to flee for their lives.


The prerequisite was that they had to still be able to flee by then.


At this moment, everyone was caught up in the battle around and inside the city. Yang Kai also realised that the City Defending Array of Gathering Yang City had been activated. Although he wasn’t certain what was going on, he could deduce that White Robes Guild must have fallen into an enemy trap. If the array was able to fully close, they would be trapped and eventually eliminated.


Certainly, those from White Robes Guild had realised this problem as well and many wanted to break out of the siege, but they were tied down by the enemy forces. Moreover, with multiple Ten Thousand Soul Banners and Blood Sea Banners in this place, putrid Blood Qi and vicious Yin Souls roamed the air freely, making the entire city look like the very picture of Hell.


[I’ve definitely come at the right time!] Yang Kai strode forward and waved his hand, upon which a few figures appeared suddenly. He needed more people to help him out at this kind of moment. Although it would be completely fine for him to charge forward alone, he knew that he could save more people with additional helpers.


Before he could even say anything, Liu Yan charged forward and landed a kick on him.


“What are you doing?” Yang Kai glared at her.


Liu Yan pouted as her eyes had turned wet. She appeared aggrieved, as though she was blaming Yang Kai for ignoring her for the past few days. Yang Kai had wanted to reprimand her, but he gulped down his words and picked her up before placing her on his shoulder, “Are you happy now?”


Liu Yan then rode on his neck and wrapped her arms around his head before putting on a smile.


Li Jiao cupped his fists and uttered, “Brother Yang.”


He Yun Xiang also greeted, “Sir.”


Although his Embodiment, Lu San Niang, and Ruan Bi Ting didn’t say anything, they looked curiously at him.


“Have you all suppressed your cultivations properly? Are you alright with fighting against others now?” Yang Kai asked.


“There’s no problem.” Li Jiao nodded. Since he was put into the Small Sealed World by Yang Kai back on Dragon Island, this was the first time he had been let out, so he wanted to show Yang Kai that he was able to help him.


He Yun Xiang looked in the direction of Gathering Yang City and asked, “Sir, are we going to interfere in the battle over there?”


“Yes.” Yang Kai pointed at the front, “Do you see those banner-wielding people who look like ghosts? Kill them all.”


“Yes.” He Yun Xiang bowed her head.


Seeing that Ruan Bi Ting was constantly looking around anxiously, Yang Kai explained, “Su Yan is somewhere else right now.” 


He had forgotten to leave her behind to keep Su Yan company some time ago, but since she was here anyway, she could be a helper at this moment.


As they spoke, they moved towards Gathering Yang City.


At this moment, the array in this city was steadily shrinking, pressuring the cultivators from White Robes Guild. Although they wanted to break out of the enclosure, they were powerless to do so; therefore, they could only watch as the array continued to close up.


Just then, they caught a glimpse of some strangers outside the city, so they looked curiously at them.




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