Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3135, Xu Bin Bai


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Just then, the mountains and the ground could be seen shaking as the City Defending Array of Gathering Yang City finally sealed off completely. 


Everyone from White Robes Guild turned ashen as they realised that they were doomed.


Right before everyone’s eyes though, the Embodiment stepped forward and lightly pushed out his fist, seemingly not exerting any force at all.


Nevertheless, the power of his fist was able to make the Heavens and Earth shudder, and those from Grand Desolation Star Field turned pale upon realizing this.


After refining Shi Huo’s Source, the Embodiment could shrink to the size of an average Human; however, his true form was that of a stone giant that was as towering as a mountain. So, although his strike appeared light, it actually contained immense power.


In one move, the City Defending Array, which looked impenetrable, rippled wildly, and with his fist as the centre, several cracks started spreading across the barrier. Lights could be seen flickering above the array, and the next moment, it broke into pieces.


It was indeed stunning that he was able to break the array with just one light fist, and those who witnessed this scene down below were shocked and aghast.


Without the need for Yang Kai to say anything, Li Jiao, Lu San Niang, Ruan Bi Ting, He Yun Xiang, and the Embodiment shot off in five different beams of lights towards five different directions. After they landed on the battlefield, all their enemies were immediately killed as these people were no match for them.


Among the five people, He Yun Xiang had the lowest cultivation, as she had just reached the Third-Order Origin King Realm not long ago. Nevertheless, in Gathering Yang City, their most powerful enemy was only a single Third-Order Origin King, while there were not many other Origin Kings present. So, how were these people supposed to oppose this force?


Just like a bunch of fully grown adult soldiers who had interfered in the game of a group of young children, it was a completely unreasonable and overwhelming disaster.


In the blink of an eye, they had managed to kill more than 100 people, with a number of Origin Kings among the deceased.


The arrival of these saviours instantly turned the situation around and those from White Robes Guild, who were determined to fight till their death, were astounded as they realised that these people were there to help them. While their enemies were still stuck in a dazed state, the White Robes Guild charged forward and counterattacked. Unlike earlier, they occupied the absolute advantage as the cultivators from the Netherworld Sect were forced to retreat again and again.


From a bird’s eye view, Li Jiao and the others looked just like five Dragons that were swimming across the city, leaving five trails of death and destruction behind them. The enemies within a radius of several dozen meters around any one of them were immediately wounded or killed.


These people were totally no match for them as the difference in power wasn’t just massive, it was as wide as the gap between the Heavens and Earth.


“Oh?” Yang Kai suddenly looked in a particular direction. In the sky over there, a white figure was struggling amidst a mass of black Qi, attempting to break free from it. Yang Kai looked through the black Qi, and upon making out the face of the white figure, he was surprised, for he had never expected that he would come across a familiar person here.


After giving it a thought, he finally recalled the person’s name. In fact, he wasn’t close to this person, as they had only met once; however, this person had offered him some assistance at that time, so in a way, they were somewhat related.


They hadn’t met for years, so Yang Kai hadn’t expected this person to have reached the Second-Order Origin King Realm already, but as ‘that’ person’s Disciple, his aptitude proved truly extraordinary. 


This person’s enemy was the Third-Order Origin King Realm Master assuming command of this city. Nevertheless, the enemy’s aura was unstable, which was similar to He Yun Xiang’s situation. Apparently, he had just reached the Third-Order a short time ago and hadn’t managed to consolidate his foundation.


This newly promoted Third-Order Origin King was a short old man who was clad in a loose robe, one which almost covered his entire body. As the energy waves around him surged, his aura appeared glacial. He was holding a Ten Thousand Soul Banner in his left hand from which a menacing howling could be heard. These howls seemed able to affect one’s Soul and were causing trouble for the white figure. Meanwhile, beams of lights that looked like blood kept shooting out from the Blood Sea Banner in the old man’s right hand.


There was a gap between their cultivations, and the artifacts in the old man’s hands were eerily powerful, so although the white figure was fairly powerful in his own right, he could barely parry the enemy’s attacks. He appeared battered as he kept avoiding the enemy’s strikes without the power to counterattack.


If the Embodiment hadn’t broken Gathering Yang City’s Defending Array, distracting the old man, the white figure would have lost the battle by now.


Just then, Yang Kai leapt into the air and approached them. The old man’s expression darkened as he had been distracted again, which allowed the white figure to take a breather.


In just a short moment, Yang Kai reached a location that was only a kilometre away from them.


The old man immediately bellowed, “Who are you? Why are you going against our Sect?” He was certain that these people were not from Green Mountains Star. He had stayed on this Star for more than ten years and dealt with countless local cultivators, so he knew most of the Masters here. However, he had never heard of these people who had visited Gathering Yang City on this day, but every one of them was able to arouse fear in him.


As such, he couldn’t remain focused as Yang Kai edged closer to him. He was worried that not only could they not destroy White Robes Guild today, they would also lose Gathering Yang City. However, he was a Third-Order Origin King in the end and was confident in his own power, so he wasn’t in a rush to flee. Now, he wanted to find out more about Yang Kai and the others before he returned to the Sect to ask their Master to deal with them.


“Watch out, old man. I’m going to use a super-secret hidden weapon!” Yang Kai yelled as he didn’t want to waste any time on him. Then, he grabbed something from his head and hurled it forward.


The old man and the white figure were dumbfounded as they had forgotten about the battle between them, for the hidden weapon Yang Kai had thrown at them was a young girl, who had been sitting on his shoulders just now.


She looked like a child of only seven or eight years. Her long hair reached her waist, and she appeared delicate and adorable. Anyone who saw her would take a liking to her; however, at this moment, she was actually thrown out at the enemy as a hidden weapon. So, there was no way she could survive. The young girl appeared dumbstruck as well as her petite figure shot toward the old man. Nevertheless, she didn’t try to struggle or throw a tantrum.


The old man was enraged as he felt that he had been looked down on. He wanted to kill the little girl, but as soon as he met her clear gaze, he suddenly felt terrified.


The flustered old man immediately swung the Blood Sea Banner in his hand, upon which a blood light flashed out across the young girl and drew her inside of it. 


[I don’t care who she is. I’ll hold her hostage first.]


The white figure was flurried upon seeing that, so he immediately pounced on the old man and traded some moves with him. However, he was no match for him, so he was forced to retreat. With a spear in his hand, he panted heavily.


“Brother Xu, it’s been too long since we last met. How have you been?” Yang Kai continued hovering mid-air as he greeted the white figure with a smile. His black hair and robe flapped in the wind. If he hadn’t thrown out the little girl as a hidden weapon earlier, he would have looked pretty noble and imposing.


“You are…” Xu Bin Bai looked at Yang Kai with a frown as he found the latter familiar, and after some quick deliberation, he finally recalled an incident that happened several dozen years ago and in shock, exclaimed, “It’s you!”


He finally recognised Yang Kai.


Yang Kai grinned at him, “En, it’s me.”


“Why are you…” Xu Bin Bai couldn’t believe that Yang Kai would appear in this place; after all, Yang Kai had left the Star Field several dozen years ago. It was said that he had used the Great Emperor Tokens to forcefully break through the Void and head for the Higher World.


His companions at that time were the greatest Masters in the Star Field, President Ai Ou of Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce, Monster King Chi Yue from Monster Emperor Star, Union Master Gu Cang Yun of Sword Union, and Xu Bin Bai’s Honoured Master, Wu Dao.


It had been several dozen years since they left, and there had never been any news about them. Before Wu Dao left, he had told Xu Bin Bai many things, so the latter understood this matter very well.


[Why is he here? Where is my Honoured Master?] Xu Bin Bai looked around in an attempt to look for the person who had raised him, but that person was nowhere to be found.


Seeing his enemies chit-chatting while ignoring him, the old man from Netherworld Sect couldn’t take it anymore and bellowed, “Who are you!?”


Yang Kai turned to look at him, “You’re going to die soon, so what’s the point of you asking so many questions?”


The old man’s face fell as he said through clenched teeth, “I’ll remember you. Our Sect will definitely have its revenge one day!”


Upon finishing his words, he shot into the distance.


Certainly, Xu Bin Bai wouldn’t allow him to leave, so he was ready to chase after him, but just then, Yang Kai raised his hand and uttered, “There’s no point running after a dead man.”


Xu Bin Bai looked puzzledly at him. Although he wasn’t certain about Yang Kai’s cultivation, he knew that the old man was definitely no match for Yang Kai. That was the Sixth Elder of the Netherworld Sect, so if they could kill him in this place, it would be a blow to the Netherworld Sect. Therefore, he didn’t understand why they had to let this chance slip through their fingers.


While gazing at Yang Kai, he realised that there was an inscrutable smile on his face as the latter stared fixedly in the direction the old man had left.


Realising something, Xu Bin Bai turned his gaze in that direction, after which he widened his eyes in disbelief.


The old man, who had flown several thousand metres, suddenly staggered as though he had been hit by something. Following that, the Blood Sea Banner in his hand burst into flames.


Initially, the fire wasn’t so conspicuous, but in the blink of an eye, the Blood Sea Banner was completely engulfed in flames. The old man coughed out a mouthful of blood before he threw away what was left of the banner.


He had used his Soul to refine both the Blood Sea Banner and Ten Thousand Soul Banner, so if either of these artifacts was damaged, he would also be affected. Since the Blood Sea Banner was now burning to ashes, there was no way he could still be alright.


Just then, a spark leapt out of the Blood Sea Banner and transformed into a mini Fire Phoenix. It was only a palm-sized phoenix, but it appeared extremely elegant. As it raised its head and cried, the Heavens and Earth seemed to shake.


Seeing the Fire Phoenix flying at him, the old man was terrified and wielded his Ten Thousand Soul Banner, releasing a thick black Qi to form a protective barrier around himself.


Wherever the palm-sized phoenix went though, the black Qi would immediately vaporize. The protective barrier around the old man was completely useless and after he was lit on fire, he began wailing in despair. However, his cries did not last long as he was soon covered in flames and fell from the sky.


Right then, a fair hand stuck out from the burnt remnants of the Blood Sea Banner, as though it was coming from a different space. Following that, a petite figure appeared.


Standing mid-air, she patted her clothes and looked around. Then, she flew towards Yang Kai and hopped back on his neck. Just like what she had been doing earlier, grabbing Yang Kai’s ears with both hands to stabilize herself.


Xu Bin Bai’s eyes bulged and his jaw dropped as he was left dumbfounded. He regarded himself as a seasoned man, but what he had just seen made him think he was dreaming.


[How was a Third-Order Origin King Realm Master killed so easily? What realm is this little girl in? What kind of fire is so mystical?]


As though sensing his stare, Liu Yan turned to look at him. There wasn’t any impurity behind her clear gaze, and feeling somewhat guilty and overwhelmed, Xu Bin Bai looked away.


“Brother Xu, let’s end this battle first,” Yang Kai uttered.


It was then Xu Bin Bai came to his senses and nodded, “Good.”


Then, he wielded his spear and turned into a beam of light before plunging toward the city. At the same time, he yelled, “White Robes Guild, today, we purge these devils!”


His fellow guildsmen cheered along with him and at that instant, the mountains and the ground seemed to tremble. With unrivalled courage, those from White Robes Guild, together with Li Jiao and the others, charged forward and killed all the cultivators from Grand Desolation Star Field.




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