Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3136, Refining the Star Source


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Inside a gazebo that was 10 kilometres away from Gathering Yang City, Yang Kai looked up at the sky and observed the movements of the clouds.


Just then, a white figure flew over and landed on the ground, after which Xu Bin Bai’s sturdy yet sleek figure was revealed.


By regaining control of Gathering Yang City, they had managed to completely destroy Netherworld Sect’s foundation on Green Mountains Star. Although some enemies had fled, they couldn’t possibly cause any harm anymore. The haze, which had covered the Star for more than ten years, had cleared up, so even the sky appeared brighter now.


Respectfully, Xu Bin Bai gazed at the figure inside the gazebo as his emotions undulated in his heart, as though he had returned to the time several dozen years ago.


At that time, he and Yang Kai had taken part in the Blood Prison Trial. Both of them were in the Origin Returning Realm, so they were supposed to be equals. Nevertheless, Xu Bin Bai thought he was the stronger one just because he had his Honoured Master, Wu Dao.


If the Starry Sky Great Emperor wasn’t taken into consideration, Wu Dao was universally acknowledged to be the strongest person in Heng Luo Star Field.


With the blessing of such an Honoured Master, Xu Bin Bai’s future was unlimited, and that was truly the case. Several dozen years had passed, and he had already reached the Second-Order Origin King Realm. What’s more, he still had great potential, so it was only a matter of time before he reached the Third-Order Origin King Realm.


However, when compared to the person before his eyes, his achievement was like the light of a firefly compared to the bright moon, not even worth mentioning.


Although Yang Kai hadn’t made a move in the battle on this day, the helpers he had brought with him were all inscrutable. Even the innocent-looking little girl riding his shoulders like a child was able to kill a Third-Order Origin King Realm Master with ease.


So, Xu Bin Bai was certain that Yang Kai’s power was beyond his ability to speculate.


“Brother Yang!” Xu Bin Bai cupped his fists and lowered his head slightly, “Many thanks for helping us today. It is all thanks to you that we’re able to kill those degenerates from the Netherworld Sect. Please accept my gratitude.”


Before he could bow though, Xu Bin Bai felt an invisible force holding him up. Yang Kai replied with a smile, “We’re even now, then.”


Xu Bin Bai looked doubtfully at him.


Yang Kai went on to say, “In the past, after we came out of the Blood Prison, if you hadn’t spoken up for me, I wouldn’t have been able to leave Green Mountains Star safely.”


At that time, during the Blood Prison Trial, Yang Kai had attracted the attention of the Star Master of Green Mountains Star, Luo Hai. After he came out of that place, he was stopped and interrogated. It was only because Xu Bin Bai spoke up for Yang Kai at the time that Luo Hai stopped pursuing the matter temporarily.


Although Xu Bin Bai’s cultivation was low at that time, his backer was Wu Dao, so Luo Hai had to show him some respect.


In the end, Luo Hai still chased after Yang Kai until they reached Scarlet Wave Star; however, if Xu Bin Bai hadn’t interfered at that moment, Yang Kai couldn’t have possibly been able to flee. Maybe he would have been captured by Luo Hai on Green Mountains Star. At that time, Yang Kai wasn’t able to resist the power of a Star Master on their Star.


Xu Bin Bai recalled what had happened, then burst into laughter, “That incident isn’t even worth mentioning compared to today.”


No one could have thought that Yang Kai would be the one who saved him on this day.


“Have a seat,” Yang Kai made a gesture.


Xu Bin Bai hesitated for a moment, but he still elegantly took a seat. When he met Liu Yan’s gaze, he still couldn’t believe how such a young girl was able to kill a Third-Order Origin King Realm Master. Moreover, since the beginning, she had never shown any emotion on her face, as though she had just killed an ant by stepping on it.


After shaking his head, he turned to look at Yang Kai. 


Before he could ask the most important question in his heart, however, Yang Kai uttered, “Senior Wu Dao has fallen.”


Upon hearing that, Xu Bin Bai shuddered and gulped with difficulty.


Yang Kai went on to say, “He fell during a breakthrough. No one killed him.”


Of the people who had headed to the Star Boundary, only Wu Dao had lost his life. According to Chi Yue and the others, when Wu Dao was breaking through from the Origin King Realm to the Dao Source Realm, he failed to survive the World Energy Baptism.


Yang Kai hadn’t personally seen it, so he wasn’t certain about what had happened; therefore, he was unable to explain the situation to Xu Bin Bai in detail. Nevertheless, it was regrettable that Wu Dao had lost his life, and one couldn’t help but lament that life was full of uncertainties. In the past, Wu Dao was the strongest cultivator in the entire Star Field. They had travelled to the Star Boundary together, but only Wu Dao had lost his life, while Chi Yue and the others successfully broke through. 


[I guess no one can really predict their fortunes.]


At this moment, Xu Bin Bai was engulfed in a deep sense of sorrow, so he no longer felt joyful that they had won a great battle today. His Honoured Master was just as close to him as a father, so he was the most important person in his life. Without him, Xu Bin Bai couldn’t possibly have achieved success in life.


Nonetheless, he had experienced countless hardships over the past dozen years, and he was used to seeing the loss of lives now. He could even disregard his own safety, so he managed to pull himself together quickly as he asked with bloodshot eyes, “Can you tell me the details?”


Yang Kai shook his head and told him the reason behind it.


Upon that realization, Xu Bin Bai said, “Brother Yang, I’m truly grateful that you’ve informed me about this.”


“It’s a coincidence that we’ve come across each other today. Brother Xu, please don’t be overly sorrowful.” Yang Kai paused for a moment and changed the topic, “Are you the founder of the White Robes Guild?”


Xu Bin Bai took a deep breath and replied, “Yes.” 


In fact, he didn’t have the intention to create the White Robes Guild. Over the years, he had seen too many people die, and he had even saved some on the verge of death. Thus, he had somewhat made a name for himself. As a result, some people started following him. One day, those people decided to make use of his fame and founded White Robes Guild. It was said that heroes were born in turbulent times. Rather than saying that Xu Bin Bai and his companions had founded White Robes Guild, it was Green Mountains Star that needed an organisation like theirs. The guild developed rapidly after its founding, and now, they were the largest force opposing Netherworld Sect on the Star. After the battle today, they would certainly reach new heights and rule over everything on the Star.


“Brother Yang, can you stay here to relieve the suffering of everyone on Green Mountains Star?” Xu Bin Bai looked sincerely at him. With Yang Kai around, the Netherworld Sect would no longer be a threat.


However, Yang Kai shook his head, “I just happened to pass by this place, so I won’t stay for long.”


Upon hearing the reply, Xu Bin Bai appeared disappointed. Although the Netherworld Sect had suffered a setback due to the battle today, and their foundation on Green Mountains Star had been destroyed, no one could guarantee that they wouldn’t send even stronger cultivators to this place once they learned of this setback. If a new Third-Order Origin King came to this place, Xu Bin Bai wouldn’t be able to defeat him, and their previous efforts would all be wasted.


Nevertheless, since Yang Kai had said so, he wouldn’t want to keep persuading him. He was a man, so he would rather rely on himself than the mercy of others. Although he was grateful to Yang Kai, he didn’t want to act as if he was inferior to him.


“Good, I can stay here for two days at most,” Yang Kai uttered.


Xu Bin Bai was speechless at that. What could Yang Kai do in two days? Moreover, if the cultivators from Netherworld Sect or Grand Desolation Star Field wanted to make a comeback, they wouldn’t choose to do so in such a short period of time.


With a smile, Yang Kai replied, “No one has refined the Star Source of Green Mountains Star, right?”


Upon hearing that, Xu Bin Bai trembled and gazed at him in disbelief. Shocked, he uttered, “Brother Yang, you mean…”


[No way! That’s not possible! Even though he’s powerful, he can’t possibly do that!]


“Come with me!” Yang Kai suddenly grabbed Xu Bin Bai’s shoulder, and before the latter could understand what was going on, Yang Kai moved as they disappeared from the place.


Xu Bin Bai could see the view around them flowing by him like a rapid stream, and even given his current cultivation, he wasn’t able to see how Yang Kai was moving. Nevertheless, he got a whiff of the smell of soil, and the view around him was rather dark, so he believed that they were now deep underground.


In just a short moment, both of them stopped moving as they appeared in some kind of cave filled with brilliant multi-coloured light. Xu Bin Bai turned around and narrowed his eyes to get a better look at the source of this radiance.


Over there, a mass of colourful light was waving about, a dazzling sight to behold. After scanning it with his Divine Sense, Xu Bin Bai could feel a horrifying force coming from this mass of light. Moreover, it seemed to contain a mysterious and unrivalled power.


“This is…” Xu Bin Bai had his own speculation, but he couldn’t be certain about it.


“It’s the Star Source of Green Mountains Star!” Yang Kai replied.


[It really is the Star Source!] Xu Bin Bai gasped as he looked hesitantly at Yang Kai, “Brother Yang, are you going to tell me to refine it now?”


Yang Kai uttered with a smile, “After you refine it, you’ll be the Master of Green Mountains Star. With the help of the Star, you don’t have to be afraid of any invaders anymore.”


“But I…”


“Hold your breath and focus. Feel it with your heart. This will decide whether you’ll be able to refine it!” Yang Kai suddenly extended his hand and poked Xu Bin Bai’s forehead. At that instant, a lot of information rushed into his head as rows of words appeared in his mind. Hesitating no more, he calmed himself and tried to comprehend all he had just been taught.


A moment later, Yang Kai retracted his hand and straightened up, while Xu Bin Bai still remained unmoving on the same spot.


Yang Kai had passed Xu Bin Bai the Star Refining Art, and with the help of this Secret Technique, the latter should be able to refine the Star Source of this Star with ease. However, Yang Kai still had to stay there to give him some guidance.


He had obtained this Secret Technique from Yang Yan’s Emperor Garden and both he and Xia Ning Chang had relied on this Secret Technique to refine the Star Sources of Shadowed Star and Tong Xuan Realm respectively, so the effectiveness of this technique was unquestionable.


Moreover, Yang Kai did not just pass down the technique, but also his own comprehension and understanding of its mysteries, which would save Xu Bin Bai a lot of time when he tried to learn and master it.


Four hours later, Xu Bin Bai opened his eyes and excitedly looked at Yang Kai.


“Let’s begin,” Yang Kai urged him.


Xu Bin Bai nodded and sat down with his legs crossed in front of the Star Source. Then, he activated the Secret Technique and communicated with the Source.


A moment later, dots of lights jumped out of the mass like fireflies and hovered around Xu Bin Bai.


Yang Kai was astounded, as he didn’t expect that Xu Bin Bai could communicate with the Source so easily.


After giving it a thought though, he realised the reason behind it. Over the years, Green Mountains Star had been devastated by those from the Netherworld Sect, its land destroyed and its World Energy drained. During this time, Xu Bin Hai had valiantly led a resistance trying to save the people from suffering as the leader of White Robes Guild. His actions conformed to the Heavenly Way and were of great benefit to Green Mountains Star.


The Star Source was the will of the entire Cultivation Star. It was like a living being and could sense what was happening on the Star.


Xu Bin Bai was saving the people, so in a way, he was helping Green Mountains Star as well, which explained why the Star Source took a liking to him. The world was full of uncertainties, but there were rules behind the Heavenly Way.


Upon that realization, Yang Kai knew that his worries were unnecessary. It would be difficult for anyone else to try to refine the Star Source, but Xu Bin Bai could achieve this with ease.


Yang Kai knew that soon enough, the Star would welcome a new Star Master. By then, the people on the Star would be able to protect themselves and not need to worry about the Netherworld Sect’s invasion again.


He wanted to leave just like this, but after giving it a thought, Yang Kai still walked to the side and fished out some materials before setting up a Space Array. It was a good decision to place a Space Array around here so that he would be directly transported to this place when he wanted to come here next time.




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