Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3137, Monster Emperor Star


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Two days later, inside a certain gazebo, Liu Yan was bored as she was seated there resting her chin on her palms. Li Jiao and the others were inside the gazebo as well. They didn’t take the previous battle seriously, as it was akin to killing ants for them.


In front of the gazebo, a group of cultivators clad in white robes were looking respectfully at them as they all appeared restrained. These people were the most powerful Masters in White Robes Guild, and there were also a few Origin Kings among them. However, when facing these saviours who had appeared out of nowhere, they were all diffident. Due to the huge gap between their strength, they didn’t even dare to greet the people inside the gazebo.


Just then, a light flashed across their eyes as a young man appeared.


Seeing him, those from White Robes Guild were energised and the person at the front immediately cupped his fists and uttered, “Senior, may I ask where our Guild Master is?”


Yang Kai replied with a smile, “Brother Xu is refining the Star Source of Green Mountains Star now, so you don’t have to worry.”




“He’s refining the Star Source of Green Mountains Star?”


All of them were in disbelief, but Yang Kai appeared firm when he said those words, so they didn’t dare to not believe him.


Refining the Star Source of Green Mountains Star was indeed a piece of shocking news. It wasn’t that there were no Star Masters in the Star Field; however, normally, Star Masters were Third-Order Origin Kings. Only cultivators in this realm stood a chance of successfully refining the Star Source. Otherwise, they’d suffer a backlash and be killed by the immense Source Strength. Such an incident had happened many times in the past.


Many years ago, the fact that Luo Hai had managed to become a Star Master when he was only a Second-Order Origin King had sent a shockwave across the entire Star Field. Everyone was envious of him and thought that he was extremely lucky. If it weren’t because Yang Kai broke the record later, Luo Hai would still be the only success story.


Nevertheless, Yang Kai was a special case. Now, as a Second-Order Origin King Realm Master, Xu Bin Bai wanted to refine the Star Source as well. Instead of feeling pleasantly surprised, those from White Robes Guild were horrified when they heard about it.


After the war in Gathering Yang City, the foundation of Netherworld Sect on Green Mountains Star had been destroyed. Now, it was the time for those from White Robes Guild to step forward and lead the way to a brighter future. However, at this critical moment, Xu Bin Bai had taken a huge risk to refine the Star Source, which was absolutely ridiculous.


He’d be considered lucky if he could successfully refine it, but more likely he would fail in his attempt and lose his life, causing all his previous efforts to go to waste. By then, not only would Green Mountains Star descend into chaos again, it would also cause White Robes Guild to fall into internal strife.


Yang Kai observed all their expressions but didn’t explain anything, as they would find out that their Guild Master was fine very soon. Then, he looked at Li Jiao and the others before saying, “Let’s go.”


After that, they turned into beams of lights and shot into the distance. Half a day later, they arrived at the Blood Prison.


A blood-coloured barrier had engulfed the entire place and turned it into a Forbidden Zone, which blocked anyone from spying on it. Only when the time was due would this blood-coloured barrier open up and allow cultivators who were below the Origin King Realm to enter.


This barrier was set up by the Star Master before Luo Hai using the Star Source of Green Mountains Star. In the past, even Luo Hai couldn’t change it as he pleased, so he could only maintain the traditions of the Blood Prison Trial. Although the cultivators from Netherworld Sect had devastated the entire Star, they were powerless to do anything to this barrier around the Blood Prison.


So, when Yang Kai arrived at this place, he realised that it still looked the same as when he first saw it. Then, he placed his hand on the blood-coloured barrier, which immediately beamed with a red glow. The glow seemed corrosive as a sizzling sound could be heard coming from his palm.


Nevertheless, he ignored it. If he were just a Third-Order Origin King Realm Master, he wouldn’t be able to do anything to this barrier; however, he was already in the Emperor Realm, and he was also a Half-Dragon. Therefore, this barrier couldn’t possibly harm him.


Then, some strange vibrations could be felt. Yang Kai slowly pushed his palm into the blood-coloured barrier, followed by his arm, and then half of his body. Following that, he stepped forward and entered the Blood Prison.


Inside the prison, all he could see was the colour red. Even the clouds in the sky seemed to have been dyed scarlet. The average person would be horrified upon entering the place, but Yang Kai found it cordial. After all, he had already experienced a trial here and grown stronger as a result.


Liu Yan also ambled into the place and elegantly stood beside him. Her tight-fitting clothes had perfectly outlined her petite figure and her long hair reached her waist, making her look particularly adorable.


Earlier, she had told Yang Kai that she wouldn’t enter the Sealed World Bead again and insisted on following him around.


Left with no choice, Yang Kai could only grant her wish. However, Li Jiao and the others had no qualms about re-entering the Sealed World Bead.


“Wait here,” Yang Kai stroked her head.


Annoyed, Liu Yan slapped his hand away, as though she was still mad at the fact that he hadn’t released her for a long time earlier.


Yang Kai put on a smile and spread his arms. Then, he closed his eyes in an attempt to sense it. He only activated a fraction of his Divine Sense because he wasn’t on Shadowed Star, and if he showcased a power that was too strong, he would still be repelled by the Heavenly Way.


Just like fish in a river, his streams of Divine Sense, paired with Space Principles passed through the Void as a panoramic view was transmitted back into Yang Kai’s mind, as though he was personally seeing the view within the entire Blood Prison.


His Divine Sense spread across this place in all directions, as though it was never going to stop, and a quarter of an hour later, Yang Kai suddenly opened his eyes and looked in a particular direction. 


[Found it!]


There was a secret passage in the Blood Prison that was connected to Monster Emperor Star. In the past, Shan Qing Luo and the Monster Race’s top Juniors passed through this secret passage and entered the Blood Prison to take part in the trial. Since it was a passage that connected two Cultivation Stars, there was definitely a Void Corridor between them. Therefore, the fluctuations of Space Principles around it could be detected.


This kind of fluctuation was elusive to most people, but to Yang Kai, it was as dazzling as a lighthouse in the darkness. Then, he took Liu Yan’s hand and they flickered forward. Despite their slow pace, the view around them was reversing rapidly.


A while later, they arrived at a hidden spot that looked like it was in the centre of a mountain. There was an altar in this place that Yang Kai stepped onto with Liu Yan.




Monster Emperor Star was the only Cultivation Star in the Star Field where the Monster Race ruled. This place could be said to be their paradise as well as their origin. On this Star, Humans and those of other Races could barely survive as their status was low, so they had always been oppressed by the Monster Race. There were no Masters in the Human Race with the strongest Humans being mere Origin Returning Realm cultivators. Those that had the potential to reach the Origin King Realm would be weeded out by the Monster Race early. In such a place, Humans could only subordinate themselves to the Monster Race.


There were Ten Great Tribal Lords on Monster Emperor Star who ruled over different parts of the Star, each of them Tenth-Order Monster Beasts, equivalent to Origin Kings. However, only when they reached the peak of the Tenth Order could they gain the right to be called Monster Kings.


Monster Kings were extremely rare because it might take a few hundred to a thousand years for one to appear.


Several dozen years ago, a Monster Queen had emerged on Monster Emperor Star. She was the Master of Red Moon Territory as well as one of the Ten Great Tribal Lords; however, she soon left the Star and passed her own territory to her adopted daughter. Since then, Monster Kings had become a sort of legend.


The Ten Great Tribal Lords on the Star had different temperaments, and they treated Humans differently as well. In the territory of one of the Tribal Lords, Humans could never gain a footing because they were all killed on sight.


Of the Ten Great Tribal Lords, the leader of Red Moon Territory was the most hospitable to Humans. In her territory, Humans weren’t oppressed, and they were even able to live freely, which was why many great forces had been founded by Humans there.


Chi Yue was a far-sighted woman and knew that Monsters were not good at Artifact Refining and Alchemy, but Humans were experts in these fields, so she decided to provide shelter for those oppressed Humans and ensure their safety. After taking in a lot of Artifact Refiners and Alchemists, she told them to refine artifacts and pills to help increase the power of Red Moon Territory.


After she left, Shan Qing Luo took over Red Moon Territory and continued this practice. Moreover, Shan Qing Luo had the support of the High Heaven Sect from Shadowed Star, so her tribe grew stronger like a rolling snowball. In just a dozen years, she had surpassed the other nine Tribal Lords and seemed set to subdue the entire Monster Emperor Star.


If it weren’t because of the sudden invasion, given Shan Qing Luo’s cultivation and the support she had, she would have ruled over Monster Emperor Star sooner or later. However, the invasion of the cultivators from Grand Desolation Star Field had derailed her plans.


Monster Emperor Star had been targeted by those from Grand Desolation Star Field as well, and the Sect that had set their eyes on this Star was also a first-class Sect from that Star Field, Limitless Beast Mountain. Although they were not as formidable as Netherworld Sect, they were still fairly powerful.


Limitless Beast Mountain focussed on Beast-taming, so their disciples were all experts in enslaving and subduing Monster Beasts. As their cultivation increased, they’d also be able to control more Monster Beasts. When the disciples from Limitless Beast Mountain got into a fight with their enemies, they had the help of their Monster Beasts, so they always had an upper hand against opponents in the same realm.


Upon hearing that there was a Star in Heng Luo Star Field that was ruled by the Monster Race, and that there were many rare and exotic Monster Beasts to be found on that Star, they couldn’t hold back anymore and went all out to invade Monster Emperor Star.


After just a dozen years, of the Ten Great Tribal Lords on Monster Emperor Star, only three were left. The other seven Tribal Lords were either not willing to be tamed, so they killed themselves by destroying their own Monster Cores, or had submitted to Limitless Beast Mountain and become their lackeys.


Now, the Tribal Lords existed in name only, as only Red Moon Territory continued to resist.


The reason Red Moon Territory could persevere in their battle against Limitless Beast Mountain until now was thanks to their leader, Shan Qing Luo. She was already a Third-Order Origin King and possessed the Divine Spirit Heavenly Moon Demon Spider’s Source, so it was hard for anyone to defeat her.


Furthermore, they had the support of High Heaven Sect in the past, so they had developed rapidly and amassed countless Masters and resources. If Limitless Beast Mountain insisted on confronting them, both parties would suffer greatly.


So, even though Limitless Beast Mountain had invaded most of the land on Monster Emperor Star and subdued 90% of the Monster Race population, they had remained awkwardly peaceful with Red Moon Territory.


Despite the peaceful façade, however, a storm was brewing beneath it.


Everyone knew that this peace wouldn’t last forever. Limitless Beast Mountain was accumulating strength as their disciples needed time to tame new Monster Beasts and familiarize themselves with their new slaves. When they prepared well enough though, they would launch an assault on Red Moon Territory like a tempest. 


By then, Red Moon Territory wouldn’t be able to fight back.


On Half-Moon Mountain, Shan Qing Luo was seated by the window in her bedroom as she looked out at the mountain view. She was clad in red clothes that were as bright as the sun and perfectly outlined her astounding figure. Her hair hung loosely over her shoulders, and her enrapturing face was able to enchant any man who so much as gazed upon her.




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