Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3141, Dragged Into This Mess


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“Limitless Beast Mountain is over there.” Bi Luo was standing beside Liu Yan on a mountain peak as she pointed at a place up ahead that was brightly lit.


In the past, this had been the residence of the Wild Lion Tribal Lord; however, since Limitless Beast Mountain’s invasion more than ten years ago, one of the Ten Great Tribal Lords, Kuang Shi, was the first one to side with Limitless Beast Mountain. From then on, this place had been the base for Limitless Beast Mountain on Monster Emperor Star.


This place wasn’t far from Red Moon Territory, so given Bi Luo’s cultivation, it only took her one hour to reach this place.


As the cold wind whisked across her, she immediately regretted it. 


[Why did I even bring her to this place? This is definitely not safe, and if those from Limitless Beast Mountain find out that we’re here, we’ll be doomed.] Earlier, she just couldn’t put up with the little girl, who imitated Shan Qing Luo’s different positions in front of her, so she brought her to this place out of rage.


At this moment, Liu Yan was standing beside her as she looked fixedly at the largest building down there. After investigating it with her Divine Sense, she managed to find out what was going on inside the building.


“Are you done?” Bi Luo lowered her head and asked, “If you’re done, follow me back to Red Moon Territory. If anything happens to you, I’ll have a hard time explaining myself to Mistress and Yang Kai.”


Then, Liu Yan shook her head and burst into laughter. 


[She’s such a mischievous little girl. I wonder what it is that she wants to see here.]


Right after she turned around and flew away, her expression changed drastically. Turning her head, she realised that instead of following her, Liu Yan had actually jumped down from the peak and flew towards Limitless Beast Mountain.


“What are you doing!?” Bi Luo exclaimed and raced after her.


Nevertheless, she couldn’t reach her no matter how hard she tried. They were already in the enemy’s territory, so she wouldn’t dare to use too much power lest their enemies discover them. The young girl didn’t seem to be flying rapidly, but she managed to constantly keep a distance away from Bi Luo.


“Come back now! Are you sick of living!?” Bi Luo said through clenched teeth, but Liu Yan just ignored her.


Bi Luo was enraged at the fact that the little girl didn’t take her seriously, so she exerted more Saint Qi to hasten her speed as the gap between them shortened.


A moment later, she took Liu Yan’s arm to make her stop before bellowing at her, “Why are you so naughty? Do you want me to spank your backside?”


Liu Yan raised her head and looked silently at her.


“How dare you glare at me? We need to go back, now!”


However, Liu Yan shook her head slowly, “It’s too late.”


Bi Luo’s face turned ashen in an instant because streams of powerful Divine Sense spread out from the brightly lit place and engulfed her like a great tide. [Damn it! I must have accidentally exposed my aura because I used more Qi to chase after this girl. I’m going to die here because of her!]


“You’re unable to do anything right? Do you know you’ve just ruined my plan?” Liu Yan pursed her lips.


Her plan was to launch a sneak attack on them and destroy them in one go. Now that their enemies were alerted, it might take her more effort to eliminate them. Though, in the end, it didn’t matter much to her.


“Who do you think you’re accusing?” Bi Luo couldn’t believe her ears. [How dare she still lecture me at this point? Doesn’t she understand that I’ve been dragged into this mess because of her?]


“Hahaha. Welcome, my guests. Why don’t you come in and have a chat with me?” A loud voice was suddenly heard saying. The voice was as deafening as thunder, so it was apparent that the speaker was very powerful. Upon hearing it, Bi Luo felt her chest tightening as she almost couldn’t support her own weight. The speaker’s cultivation was undoubtedly much higher than hers. He was probably the Mountain Master of Limitless Beast Mountain.


What she failed to realize at that moment though was that Liu Yan was unfazed upon hearing the voice as she still remained calm and collected.


Feeling conflicted within, Bi Luo muttered through gritted teeth, “I’ll be killed because of you!”


More than ten powerful but restrained streams of Divine Sense had targeted her, so she knew that if she showed any intention of fleeing, she would be severely injured the next moment. Now, she could only see how things would work out. At the same time, she had to come up with a solution quickly. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to leave this place alive.


As she tried to rack her brain for a plan, she drew a deep breath and erased any signs of fear on her face. With a faint smile, she attempted to utter in a calm voice, “Sorry for disturbing you, then.”


After that, she took Liu Yan’s hand and shuffled toward the source of the voice. Simultaneously, she spoke to the little girl in her mind, “After we get in there, don’t say anything and follow my lead.” 


She paused for a moment, “If we really get into a fight, you should try to flee on your own.” However, she then shook her head and spoke in a dejected manner, “I think you’d better kill yourself.”


It was cruel to tell a young girl to kill herself, but if they really fell into the hands of those brutes from Limitless Beast Mountain, they would go through an ordeal that was worse than death. So, killing themselves might be a better option.


Meanwhile, Liu Yan remained silent and let Bi Luo lug her forward.


Many of the disciples from Limitless Beast Mountain had been alerted, but seeing Bi Luo and Liu Yan come over together, they looked mockingly at them. Some of the men even presumptuously sized up Bi Luo’s curvy figure and whistled at her.


Naturally, Liu Yan had the attention of some men as well as a delicate young girl like her could attract the attention of some with perverse fetishes.


Bi Luo put on a faint smile as she ambled towards the lion’s den as if she was taking a stroll in her own back garden. Now, she could only pretend to be confident to increase her chances of survival. If she showed any sign of diffidence, she would definitely end up in a miserable state.


It was only a distance of several hundred meters, but Bi Luo walked so slowly that it was as though it would take her a year to reach the other end. If she hadn’t tried to suppress her perspiration, her clothes would’ve been drenched in her sweat by now.


All of a sudden, she felt a pinch on her palm. Looking down, she realised that Liu Yan was winking at her and speaking to her in a clear voice, “Don’t worry.”


Bi Luo pressed her lips together and giggled, as she felt that this kid was indeed strange. Compared to how calm this child was, she looked just like a paper tiger. With that said, her mood seemed to have been infected by her confidence as she truly felt less anxious now.


Outside the hall, more than ten disciples from Limitless Beast Mountain blocked their way. They were accompanied by all sorts of Monster Beasts, which included a wolf, a bear, a tiger, a leopard and so on. These were all their ‘pets’. Moreover, these people had some strange patterns on their faces, so they looked rather exotic.


Bi Luo knew that these were Beast Tattoos. The disciples from Limitless Beast Mountain focussed on taming beasts, and every time they successfully tamed a new Monster Beast, a new Beast Tattoo would be added to their bodies. These Beast Tattoos were their features as well as their connections with their Monster Beasts.


The more Beast Tattoos one had, the more powerful he was, thus enabling him to control more Monster Beasts.


These more than ten cultivators in the Origin Returning Realm were standing in a row. Apparently, they didn’t seem to have the intention of making way for the ladies as they looked provocatively at them. The more than ten Monster Beasts growled as well. They seemed to have felt their Masters’ intention, so they readied themself in an aggressive posture.


Bi Luo stopped in her tracks and swept a glance over these people with a smile. Following that, her expression turned cold before she yelled, “Scram!”


Then, she waved her hand as a gale gusted across this group, causing them to stagger backwards. Even their Monster Beasts retreated to the sides. All of them were stunned as they didn’t expect that not only did this woman have the guts to come to their place in the middle of the night, but she also dared to be so presumptuous. At that instant, they were all astounded. Then, they recalled that this woman was an Origin King and realized they truly weren’t powerful enough to deal with her.


After that, Bi Luo walked straight inside. No one dared to stop her again, as if all of them were non-existent. Although she was a lady, her posture was that of a Master at this moment.


Upon entering the hall, she immediately heard the melodious sounds of traditional musical instruments. The hall was spacious and brightly lit as a group of young women, who were clad in semi-transparent dresses, were dancing, their curvy figures faintly visible as they twirled and leapt.


Cultivators of different sexes, heights and weights were seated on both sides of the hall, a table in front of every one of them on which delectable dishes and wine were placed. All of them exuded auras that suggested that they were in the Origin King Realm.


It seemed that tonight, they were having a feast on Limitless Beast Mountain.


Bi Luo was stunned as her heart sank. [We’re really doomed this time. It seems that all the Masters of Limitless Beast Mountain have gathered together tonight. If I can’t come up with an excuse, we won’t be able to leave.]


Facing all the stares Bi Luo found it hard to breathe, as if a mountain had been pressed against her chest. So, she immediately circulated her Saint Qi to pull herself together.


Ignoring the others, she looked fixedly towards the head of the hall. Over there, a burly man was seated in the main seat. His towering figure was like that of a bear. He was clad in a top that was made of animal skin, but he didn’t button it up, which revealed his chest. Apparently, he was an unrestrained man.


He was reclining on a piece of animal skin, which was hard to identify. There was a beautiful woman in his embrace and he was supporting his own head with one hand while tapping his thigh to the beat of the musical instruments with the other. He didn’t open his eyes when Bi Luo was entering the place and even after she stopped in her tracks he still didn’t seem to have noticed it. He was like a sleeping lion that exuded an impenetrable aura.


Certainly, Bi Luo recognised him. He was the Mountain Master of Limitless Beast Mountain, as well as the culprit who had devastated Monster Emperor Star, Huang Tu Dao. Previously, Shan Qing Luo had battled against him several times, but it always ended up in a draw. That was because Huang Tu Dao was also a Third-Order Origin King!


The ladies were still dancing to the music and the feast wasn’t interrupted just because Bi Luo had arrived as only the Masters of Limitless Beast Mountain, who were seated on both sides, looked playfully at her.


As for Liu Yan, nobody actually cared about her, as they just wondered why Bi Luo would bring a little girl along with her.


Standing in the hall, Bi Luo pressed her lips together and remained silent.


Like a lion that had awakened from its slumber, Huang Tu Dao suddenly opened his eyes as a glint flashed across his gaze. In a stern voice, he demanded, “Why is there a lady who is not dancing here? Is she sick of living?”


Upon hearing that, all of them broke into laughter as they teased Bi Luo. 


“Come on. Dance for us. You’ll be rewarded handsomely.”


“Dance now. Don’t worry. Even if you dance poorly, you won’t be punished. Our Mountain Master is very gentle to beautiful women.”


“Are you too hungry to dance? Come here then, I’ll give you this piece of meat.” Just then, a piece of well-cooked meat dropped beside Bi Luo.


Unfazed, Bi Luo put on a faint smile and slightly bowed to the leader, “Greetings, Mountain Lord Huang, I have come tonight as an envoy from Red Moon Territory.”


Huang Tu Dao arched his brow, “An envoy from Red Moon Territory?” As if he had just managed to clearly see her face, he pretended to examine her, “Oh, you’re that Shan Qing Luo’s maidservant.”


“Bi Luo.”


“En, it’s you!” Huang Tu Dao grinned at her with a hideous face and suddenly blew his top, “How dare you barge into our Mountain! You court death!”




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