Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3142, Song of the Phoenix


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After Huang Tu Dao bellowed, Bi Luo felt her chest tightening. Fortunately, she had come up with an excuse while she was stepping into the hall earlier, so she didn’t appear flustered. After tucking her hair behind her ear, she replied with a smile, “Mountain Lord Huang, please restrain your anger. The reason I’m here tonight is to pass on our Queen’s word to you.”


If they wanted to stay alive, they had to make it clear that they were Shan Qing Luo’s people. Just like how Shan Qing Luo was wary of Huang Tu Dao, he was wary of her; after all, they were both in the same realm.


Huang Tu Dao narrowed his eyes, “Shan Qing Luo’s message? What is it? Has she agreed to become my wife? Hahaha!”


In response, Bi Luo just flashed a smile at him.


“She said that all of you will die tonight!”


Huang Tu Dao stopped laughing abruptly while all the cultivators at the scene were shocked as they got up and glowered at Bi Luo.


The smile on Bi Luo’s face froze as she looked down, because the person who had just uttered those words was Liu Yan, not her.


Huang Tu Dao took a glance at Liu Yan and then Bi Luo before saying impassively, “I can’t pretend that I have not heard that.”


Bi Luo’s forehead was drenched in cold sweat as she hurriedly said, “That was just a child’s nonsense, please don’t mind her.” Upon finishing her words, she glared at Liu Yan to warn her not to speak again.


“A child’s nonsense?” Huang Tu Dao snorted, “Rather than that, I think you’re here to find fault with us. Good. Initially, I didn’t want to make things too hard on you because you’re a woman, but since you can’t show proper respect, don’t blame me for treating you harshly.”


“Mountain Lord Huang, please wait!” Bi Luo felt a bitter taste in her mouth. [What have I done to deserve this kind of torture?] She hurriedly pushed Liu Yan forward, “Apologise to Mountain Lord Huang now.”


Liu Yan questioned, “He’s going to die soon. Why should I apologise to him?”


Huang Tu Dao was so enraged that he started laughing. Upon straightening up, he pressed his palms on the table and leaned forward. Staring at Liu Yan, he mocked, “Little girl, you’re quite interesting. I’m curious to see how I’m going to die tonight.” He then growled, “If that doesn’t happen, both of you will go to Hell tonight!”


He didn’t care even if she was just a young child. Since she had the guts to offend him repeatedly, she had to be taught a lesson. He wasn’t a kind-hearted man, so he’d still be able to sleep at night even if he had to kill a child.


“As you wish,” Liu Yan replied dispassionately. All of a sudden, she raised her hand as a fire was ignited on her finger. It was just a small flame that flickered unsteadily as though it could be put out by lightly blowing on it.


Upon seeing this, everyone in the hall burst into laughter, everyone except Huang Tu Dao of course, because the moment this flame appeared, he felt a deep chill shoot up his spine.


Following that, Liu Yan flicked her finger, upon which the flame shot towards Huang Tu Dao.


Feeling as if he was confronting a terrifying foe, Huang Tu Dao braced himself and let out a fierce growl, after which more than ten thick Beast Tattoos appeared on his body. At the same time, one of the Beast Tattoos glowed brightly and a giant beast that looked like a chimpanzee appeared in front of him. The ferocious Monster Beast exuded a Tenth-Order aura, and right after it appeared, it started thumping its chest and howling madly.


In the next instant though, the giant beast stopped howling as a blackened bloody hole appeared on its chest. Flames could be seen around its wound as it immediately spread and engulfed the giant beast in a burning inferno.


Meanwhile, after the flame penetrated the giant beast, it continued towards Huang Tu Dao and easily penetrated his protective Saint Qi and defensive artifact.


Just like a piece of dry wood that had come into contact with a raging fire, Huang Tu Dao’s entire body burst into flame as he shrieked pitifully.


As a crackling sound was heard, those cultivators from Limitless Beast Mountain, who were still laughing earlier, jumped to their feet in shock, spilling their wine and food all over the floor. All the dancers in the hall screamed and fled in all directions.


A stiffened Bi Luo was rooted to the spot as her eyes reflected those flames, wondering to herself if she was dreaming.


The shrieks only lasted for a short moment before Huang Tu Dao collapsed to the ground and scattered into ashes. Not a single bone was left while the beast he had summoned before had shared an identical fate.


In less than a breath, Huang Tu Dao had lost his life!


The hall fell into silence, with no one even daring to breathe. Everyone was dumbfounded as they didn’t expect that the Mountain Master of Limitless Beast Mountain, who was still behaving in an overbearing and arrogant manner just now, would be killed by a little girl who looked like she was no older than seven or eight.


They also found it hard to believe that a small flame was able to burn a Third-Order Origin King Realm Master to ashes in an instant. 


[Who is this little girl? What kind of flame was that?]


After a moment of silence, the sound of clothes swishing could be heard as everyone fled in different directions, some of them even smashing right through the walls of the hall. Suddenly, ten new exits from the hall were opened.


None of them had the guts to stay there. They didn’t know what realm this little girl was in or what powers she possessed; however, since she was able to kill Huang Tu Dao with ease, it would definitely take her even less effort to end their lives.


If they wanted to survive, they had to escape as far as possible.


“Thirteen…” Liu Yan muttered calmly as if she wasn’t aware of what was going on. Then, she uttered impassively, “Song of the Phoenix!”


Waving her little hand lightly, beams of light shot in all directions. All these beams turned into firebirds that released a cacophony of sharp cries as they circled the hall before soaring out of the palace.


After that, miserable cries rang out from outside the hall for a brief moment before several powerful auras disappeared.


Bi Luo felt her entire body trembling. Rather than feeling joyous, she was horrified. The little girl, who she thought was a harmless child, had showcased an unimaginable power that caused Bi Luo to be terrified as she dashed out of the hall. After arriving outside though, she was immediately rooted to the spot.


At this moment, the firebirds could be seen flying around the vast city, no longer exquisite and petite as they had transformed into giant creatures with dazzling fiery tails. Wherever these giant firebirds went, everything would be reduced to ashes.


In just a short while, besides Liu Yan and Bi Luo, there were no more living creatures within a ten-kilometre radius of the main hall. Those people who were overbearing and rude to them just moments ago were nowhere in sight as they had all been reduced to ashes in different parts of the city. Meanwhile, the firebirds continued flying outwards.


It was a horrifying sight, and it signalled the end of Limitless Beast Mountain as their foundation had been uprooted and utterly destroyed.


Bi Luo didn’t know what kind of celebration Limitless Beast Mountain had been hosting tonight to gather all their top cultivators; however, looking back, she knew that they had made a fatal mistake because it gave Liu Yan a chance to kill them all in one go.


It was then that she came to the realisation why this little girl had insisted on coming to Limitless Beast Mountain. It was no wonder that not only was she not afraid, but she had also offended Huang Tu Dao multiple times in the hall. With such power, there was no reason for her to fear anyone or anything here.


Just then, a cold breeze whisked across Bi Luo’s face and cleared up her mind a little. Still in a semi-dazed state, she stepped back into the hall, only to see Liu Yan sitting on the chair where Huang Tu Dao was seated earlier. Appearing to be bored, she yawned nonchalantly.


Bi Luo’s face twitched when she saw that.



Three days later, Yang Kai pulled out his arm from under Shan Qing Luo with difficulty, but she soon wrapped her limbs around him again like an octopus.


Then, he landed a slap on her backside and instantly formed a palm mark. Following that, he said, “Are you not satisfied yet?”


Still in a groggy state, Shan Qing Luo opened her eyes and said languidly, “Am I someone who can be satisfied easily?”


Yang Kai replied in shock, “Are you not?”


The two of them had spent almost every moment of the last three days engaged in a torrid lovemaking session. It was as though Shan Qing Luo wanted to make up for all the time she had lost since they had separated decades ago. 


She always proactively came on to Yang Kai, as if she wanted to squeeze every last bit of energy out of him; however, her endurance simply could not match his, so she was always the one to be subdued in the end.


Now, Yang Kai’s cultivation was two realms higher than hers, and he was also a Half-Dragon; therefore, his prowess in bed could easily be unbearable for her. Nevertheless, she would still pounce on him no matter how many times she was knocked out. Hence, the past few days had been quite enjoyable for him.


Shan Qing Luo and Su Yan were two extremely different women.


“What are you talking about?” Shan Qing Luo shot him a glare and pinched him.


Yang Kai put on a smile and placed his hand on her flat belly, “If you pinch me to death, the baby in your belly will lose its father.”


All of a sudden, she widened her eyes and muttered, “Baby…” 


She stroked her belly and thought, [En, maybe there’s a child in here now. If that’s the case, I’ll still have someone by my side after he’s gone in the future.]


Following that, she flipped over and rode on top of him. Her hair cascading down over her shoulders and covering her twin peaks, with her lips pressed together, she said, “Give me more. I must get pregnant this time.”


Yang Kai was torn between tears and laughter, “I was just trying to make a point. Why do you take it so seriously?”


“Are you a man of your word or not? How dare you evade your responsibility!” She clenched his neck with a fierce expression.


Yang Kai replied, “I wouldn’t dare to, but someone is looking for you now.” He pointed at the door.


“Who is it?” Shan Qing Luo frowned, “I don’t want to meet anyone.”


“It’s Yu Xiong.” Yang Kai smiled faintly.


In the past, Chi Yue had adopted a son and a daughter. Naturally, the adopted daughter was Shan Qing Luo, while Yu Xiong was the adopted son. Since then, both of them regarded each other as a real brother and sister.


Previously, Yang Kai had come into contact with Yu Xiong when he came to Monster Emperor Star. Yu Xiong was a forthright man, so they were on good terms.


Upon hearing that Yu Xiong was looking for her, Shan Qing Luo immediately got up and put on her clothes, as it would be inappropriate for her to refuse to meet him.


A moment later, she placed her hand on the handle, but before she could open the door, she heard Yu Xiong yelling outside the room, “Step aside, Bi Luo. I have something vital to tell my Little Sister. How dare you stop me!?”


Bi Luo replied anxiously, “Sir, it’s not convenient for Mistress to meet you now. Please wait for a while. I’ll inform her of your visit.”


Yu Xiong bellowed, “What do you mean it’s not convenient for her to meet me?” While they were bickering, the door was suddenly pushed open. Yu Xiong immediately moved past Bi Luo and walked over, but upon seeing how radiant Shan Qing Luo appeared, he was startled for a moment and gulped down what he was about to say.


Raising his head, he saw Yang Kai stepping out of the room as well.


“Little Brat! It’s you!” Yu Xiong growled. With his brow twitching, he attempted to land a fist on Yang Kai, “I’ll kill you!”


Shan Qing Luo immediately stepped aside and looked smilingly at them. She wasn’t worried that either of them would hurt the other, so she didn’t intend to interfere.




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