Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3143, Who Is She?


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Upon seeing that Yang Kai was able to block his fist with just one finger, Yu Xiong widened his eyes in disbelief and pushed out the other fist.


Yang Kai lightly flicked Yu Xiong’s fist, after which the latter’s muscular arm turned limp as he couldn’t exert any force with it anymore. After moving several steps backwards, he examined Yang Kai and uttered, “You…”


He was rough-looking, but it didn’t mean that he was brainless. Although he hadn’t used all his strength with his two fists, he believed that hardly anyone in this world could stop his attacks. However, since Yang Kai was able to do so with utter ease, he couldn’t help but make all kinds of speculations.


Nevertheless, Yang Kai just stood there with a smile as his expression appeared inscrutable.


Yu Xiong shook his head and stopped messing with him before he turned to Shan Qing Luo, “Little Sister, something major happened.”


A shocked Shan Qing Luo asked, “What happened?”


Yu Xiong was also an Origin King Realm Master now, so anything that could make him so flustered must be serious. On Monster Emperor Star, there were not so many pressing issues, so it must have something to do with Red Moon Territory.


“Limitless Beast Mountain has been destroyed.”


Upon hearing that, Shan Qing Luo was rooted to the spot for a moment before she turned to look at Yang Kai, as though she was asking him whether it had something to do with him. Red Moon Territory had been in a battle against Limitless Beast Mountain for more than ten years, but they had always been suppressed by the latter. She had also dealt with Huang Tu Dao several times before, so she knew that he was truly powerful. No one in Red Moon Territory, or on Monster Emperor Star for that matter, had the power to destroy them.


The person who was able to do this without anyone else knowing must be the man beside her; however, for the past three days, they had basically spent every breath together, so how was he able to achieve that? [Did he go over to Limitless Beast Mountain before coming to see me?]


An excited Yu Xiong uttered, “I also couldn’t believe it when I first heard the news, so I personally went over to investigate the matter and guess what? All the buildings on Limitless Beast Mountain have been destroyed, and not even a single living creature is left. Although I have no idea who made the move, the person must be an expert in the Fire Attribute and possess unparalleled ability. Moreover, from what I’ve gathered, on the night when Limitless Beast Mountain was destroyed, that old dog Huang Tu Dao was holding a feast. Besides the Elders from Limitless Beast Mountain who were all in the Origin King Realm, the participants also included the two traitors, Qian Yan and Kuang Shi! All of them finally got what they deserve! Hahaha! Retribution came for them at last!” He clenched up his fists as his eyes beamed with ferocity, “Little Sister, it’s time we made our move!”


After Limitless Beast Mountain was destroyed and their top cultivators were all killed, Red Moon Territory practically had no more worries. It was time they regained control of Monster Emperor Star.


“It wasn’t me,” Seeing that Shan Qing Luo kept staring at him, Yang Kai shrugged and put on a smile before he turned to look at Liu Yan.


Upon hearing that Limitless Beast Mountain was demolished by someone with a Fire Attribute Divine Ability, he immediately knew who the culprit was. 


Liu Yan and Bi Luo had gone out the other night, and although they were able to hide it from Shan Qing Luo, they wouldn’t be able to fool his Divine Sense. Apparently, they had made a move that night.


Liu Yan happened to turn her head and beamed at him, as if she was demanding a compliment from him. In response, Yang Kai showed her a thumbs-up, and her smile became even sweeter.


“You did it?” After examining their expressions for a bit, Shan Qing Luo stared at Liu Yan in shock. Initially, she thought that this little girl was Yang Kai’s daughter from another woman, but now it seemed that she was mistaken.


“She was the one?” After Yu Xiong’s speech was interrupted, he turned to gaze at Liu Yan in amazement. Then, he pursed his lips and uttered, “You must be kidding me.”


It wasn’t that he couldn’t accept new and strange things, but what he had just heard was utterly inconceivable.


To the side, Bi Luo said meekly, “Sir, it was really her who devastated Limitless Beast Mountain.”


Yu Xiong took a glance at her and guffawed, “This is not a joke you know?” 


Seeing that Bi Luo was solemnly gazing back at him though, he stopped laughing and asked dumbly, “Are you serious?”


Bi Luo replied, “I was about to tell Mistress about it. Three nights ago, we…” She then went on to narrate what happened that night in detail. Although her tone was calm and she only relayed the facts, not making any exaggerations, her descriptions were so vivid and shocking that Shan Qing Luo and Yu Xiong were both astounded.


Upon hearing that Huang Tu Dao was killed by Liu Yan with a tiny flame, even they were drenched in a cold sweat. 


[He was a Third-Order Origin King Realm Master. How was he burned to death in just an instant?]


Yu Xiong’s face had turned pale as he looked at Liu Yan with respect and fear, because just some time ago, he had gently patted her head as he found her to be cute.


Thinking back, he realised that he was extremely lucky. If this little girl had taken offence to his actions, he would have followed Huang Tu Dao to Hell. Since Huang Tu Dao was powerless to resist her flames, they could also kill him easily.


With difficulty, he gulped and secretly widened his gap with Liu Yan, as if he could find a sense of security by doing so.


“Who is she?” Shan Qing Luo turned to look at Yang Kai, “Isn’t she your daughter?”


Yang Kai spread his palms, “I told you she’s not, but you just wouldn’t listen to me. She’s Liu Yan.”


“Liu Yan!?” Shan Qing Luo was flabbergasted. Certainly, she was familiar with Liu Yan, but she couldn’t liken the Artifact Spirit to the little girl before her eyes; after all, the person in front of her was a living being with a body of flesh and bone.


Then, she immediately realised that since Liu Yan had been following Yang Kai around over the years, the latter must have come across an astonishing opportunity and even obtained a physical body for herself.


After she recovered from the shock, her eyes flashed. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Since all the top cultivators from Limitless Beast Mountain were dead, the others were now powerless to resist Red Moon Territory. If they made a move now, all their enemies on Monster Emperor Star would be doomed.


Then, she gave Yang Kai an apologetic smile and uttered, “Husband, I’m afraid I have to leave now.”


Yang Kai nodded lightly, “Go ahead. We still have a long future together anyway, so there’s no rush.” The reason he came back this time was to bring all of them to the Star Boundary. Since he wouldn’t disappear for decades again, he’d have plenty of time with his wives in the future.


Moreover, after three days of intense activities, both he and Shan Qing Luo needed some time to recover.


Shan Qing Luo and Yu Xiong soon left the place to embark on a journey to reclaim control of Monster Emperor Star, so only Bi Luo was left to serve Yang Kai.


With a conflicted expression, Bi Luo gazed at him, “Sir, what can I do for you?”


She had never expected that this young man, who was captured and brought back to Fragrance City by Shan Qing Luo in the past, would become so powerful one day. Even Shan Qing Luo had benefited from his protection now.


After giving it a thought, Yang Kai replied, “I remember that there’s a Space Array in Red Moon Territory. Lead me to it.”


Shadowed Star was now free from any enemies, and the same would be true of Monster Emperor Star soon. However, they still had to be careful as those top cultivators from Grand Desolation Star Field might try to make a comeback. Shadowed Star was currently protected by Su Yan, so Yang Kai didn’t have to worry about anything. Nevertheless, more power was needed to protect Monster Emperor Star. The best way was to connect both Cultivation Stars so that they could help each other. Once the connection was established, if anyone had the guts to invade Monster Emperor Star again, they would certainly lose their lives here.


And so, the trio headed further towards a certain spot in Red Moon Territory. 


According to Bi Luo, the Space Array in Red Moon Territory had been destroyed by Shan Qing Luo more than ten years ago because she was worried that their enemies might arrive at their place through this Space Array.


At that time, they had already lost contact with Shadowed Star, so she had to do it as a last resort.


On their way there, they came across many Monster Race members as they all respectfully saluted Bi Luo. Although she was just Shan Qing Luo’s maidservant, she was an Origin King, after all, so she received the respect she deserved. Furthermore, all these Monster Race members in Red Moon Territory knew that Shan Qing Luo had never regarded her as a maidservant, instead treating her as if she was her blood sister.


On the other hand, they were all shocked when they saw Yang Kai and Liu Yan. However, since Bi Luo didn’t say anything, they did not dare to inquire about it.


Soon, they reached the Space Array. This Space Array was also arranged by Yang Kai in the past, and upon closer inspection now, he realised that it was quite simple and crude. Besides the fact that his vision had been broadened due to the advancement of his cultivation, his mastery over the Dao of Space had also increased dramatically.


“Sir, what materials do you need?” Bi Luo asked, remembering it had required many rare materials to arrange this Space Array the first time.


Yang Kai waved his hand, “There’s no need for that. Just go about your business.” 


In the past, the primary materials he used to build the Space Arrays in the Star Field were Space Spirit Jades; however, those materials found in the Star Field were no longer that high of a grade to him. 


Meanwhile, he had brought countless Space Spirit Crystals and Space Spirit Jades from the Star Boundary, and they would undoubtedly bring out better effects after they were used to arrange Space Arrays.


Bi Luo replied with a smile, “My most important job is to serve you.” 


Certainly, she had to take Shan Qing Luo’s orders seriously, but after she finished speaking, she realised that something was off, because what she had just uttered sounded somewhat intimate.


Yang Kai happened to turn to look at her at that moment. Realising that he was staring at her lips, she immediately hung her head low. The shadows of her long eyelashes had been formed under her eyes, and no one could make out her expression.


When she raised her head, she realised that Yang Kai was now working on the Space Array in a serious manner. Sensing a stare from the side, she turned her head only to see Liu Yan gazing at her as she spread her arms and drew a circle in the air.


“What are you doing?” Bi Luo was terrified of her now, especially when the latter made any gestures with her hands that might lead anyone to fall into wild thoughts.


“A lot of women. A lot,” Liu Yan replied.


After giving it a thought, Bi Luo realised what the young girl was talking about as her face reddened, “Why did you tell me this?”


“Hah hah hah…” Liu Yan laughed slowly and in a hollow manner.


Seeing that, Bi Luo had the urge to rip her mouth off.


“Liu Yan, come help me!” Yang Kai called out.


Liu Yan grumbled in agreement and skipped toward Yang Kai. Facing the Space Spirit Crystals and Space Spirit Jades he had fished out, she let out a breath, after which, a jet of flames shot out of her mouth and engulfed the materials.


With her help, repairing and upgrading the Space Array became much easier. In just half a day, a new Space Array had been built.


After Yang Kai added some finishing touches and localized its coordinates, the Space Array now had direct access to Shadowed Star. There was no need for relay points anymore, so it was convenient for the people on both ends.


Then, he told Liu Yan to stay behind before he stepped onto the array and pushed his Space Principles. After a glint flashed across the array, he disappeared from their sight. Bi Luo and Liu Yan only waited for half a day before the array began glowing again. In the next moment, they could faintly see some figures atop the array who all exuded powerful auras.


After the glow disappeared, Bi Luo was surprised to see many familiar faces. These people were all the top cultivators from High Heaven Sect and Shadowed Star. She and Shan Qing Luo had lived on Shadowed Star for some time in the past, so she was naturally familiar with these people.




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