Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3144, Retaliation


Translator: Silavin & Jon

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Upon seeing Su Yan, Bi Luo was dumbfounded.


Su Yan had disappeared twenty odd years ago, and there had not been any news about her since. [Why is she back in High Heaven Sect all of a sudden?] Not daring to appear impolite, Bi Luo hurriedly stepped forward and saluted her, “Greetings, First Madam.”


Although Yang Kai had many wives, Su Yan still ranked first. It wasn’t because she was the closest to Yang Kai or because she was his first woman, but because her demeanour could command respect from all the others.


Xue Yue and Shan Qing Luo would still bicker with each other from time to time, but both of them would become obedient in front of Su Yan. Faced with this undisputed First Madam, Bi Luo had to show due respect to her.


In response, Su Yan flashed a smile at her, “We haven’t met for a long time.”


Bi Luo replied, “It’s been twenty years. Mistress has always missed you. If she learns that you’re fine and healthy, she’ll definitely be elated.”


Su Yan turned to look at Yang Kai, “Haven’t you told Luo’er about it?”


Yang Kai scratched his face, “I er… forgot to mention it.”


“Too busy, right?” Su Yan teased him. 


Although Yang Kai was thick-skinned, he still blushed with embarrassment at this moment. He had spent the last three full days intimately entangled with Shan Qing Luo and had no time to talk about other matters. Now that Su Yan had pointed it out, he felt slightly bashful.


Fortunately, Su Yan wasn’t someone who enjoyed picking on minor issues like this, so she turned to look at Bi Luo quickly and said, “We’re here to give Luo’er a hand. Where is she? Bring us to look for her.”


Although all the top cultivators from Limitless Beast Mountain had been killed, they had been around for more than ten years and had occupied about 90 percent of the territories on Monster Emperor Star. Therefore, it would take those from Red Moon Territory a lot of time to regain these lands. Besides testing the viability of the Space Array, Yang Kai had also returned to High Heaven Sect to gather reinforcements from Shadowed Star to assist Shan Qing Luo.


Su Yan and the other Masters were just the vanguard though, and more people would continue to arrive from now on to support Shan Qing Luo. As such, it was just a matter of time before they could regain control of Monster Emperor Star.


“Yes!” Bi Luo responded firmly.


Su Yan then turned to Yang Kai and said, “I’ll leave Little Sister Yue and Ning Chang to you, then.”


“Yes, I was just about to set out now.” Yang Kai nodded. His experiences on Shadowed Star and Monster Emperor Star made him realise that the entire Star Field was in a perilous situation; therefore, he was worried about Xia Ning Chang and Xue Yue. He eagerly wanted to meet them to make sure that they were safe.


They didn’t even bid each other farewell because they knew that they’d reunite soon. Su Yan and those from the High Heaven Sect then turned around and left, while Yang Kai and Liu Yan stepped onto the array and continued with their journey.



Water Moon Star was the Home Star of Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce.


It took Yang Kai one month to reach this place after he left Monster Emperor Star. Upon arrival though, he appeared to be in doubt, because he thought that this place should be devastated by wars, just like the other Stars that he had visited; however, he didn’t expect that the Star would appear peaceful at this moment, as if there were no traces of battle, which made him feel slightly uneasy.


Also, he realised that a few Starships had been anchored in the Starry Sky. He acutely saw the symbol of the Netherworld Sect on those Starships, which made him become even more apprehensive.


Following that, he swiftly shot past the Starships, after which a series of intense explosions could be heard from behind him. These Starships that belonged to the Netherworld Sect were destroyed before the people inside even managed to realize they were under attack. The loud and bright explosions in the sky immediately attracted the attention of those top cultivators on Water Moon Star as they looked up at the same time. Some of them had their expressions change because they realised what was going on.


They were soon attracted to a beam of light, which presumptuously shot down from the Starry Sky and penetrated the clouds before landing in the main city that used to belong to Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce.


With a loud boom, the entire city shook as wide cracks appeared and spread across the ground. At the same time, a gale blasted out across the city, demolishing many buildings in its path.


*Sou sou sou…* 


Many figures flew over from all directions and hovered in mid-air, looking down at this unwelcome guest.


Yang Kai swept a cold glance over them as his heart sank, because his worries had become reality. 


Water Moon Star had fallen!


None of the cultivators here were familiar to him. Moreover, some of them were clad in clothes that resembled the uniforms of the Netherworld Sect. Even though the others might not be from Netherworld Sect, it was certain they came from Grand Desolation Star Field as well.


[Why has this Star fallen?] Yang Kai couldn’t understand it.


He wasn’t surprised that Green Mountains Star had been occupied, because they didn’t have any peak level cultivators or top forces protecting them. However, even Shadowed Star and Monster Emperor Star hadn’t fallen, so why would such a thing have happened to Water Moon Star? This was the Home Star of Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce, which was one of the three strongest forces in the entire Star Field. Before the rise of the High Heaven Sect on Shadowed Star, Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce was the top force in the Star Field, with even greater strength than Purple Star and Sword Union.


So, he couldn’t believe that such a Star had fallen. Now, the situation on this Star appeared even worse than Green Mountains Star. 


[What has happened to this place over the past decade? Where is Xue Yue? Where are those from Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce?]


As these questions flashed across Yang Kai’s mind, his aura suddenly turned cold, which caused the cultivators around him to feel as if they’d fallen into an ice cave. 


[This person is quite bold to descend here straight from the Starry Sky.] Although Yang Kai hadn’t made a move, his cold aura was enough to terrify them.


“Who is the one who is in charge of this place?” Yang Kai swept a glance over all of them. His attitude was that of a tiger that had barged into a place where a herd of sheep lived, as he didn’t take any one of them seriously.


The place fell into silence as no one replied to him. Faced with this formidable young man, these cultivators from Grand Desolation Star Field all appeared cautious.


“I asked…” Yang Kai raised his fist and bent his arm backwards before forcefully pushing out his fist, “Where is the person in charge of this place!? Are all of you deaf?”


Just then, a loud boom was heard, as if something had exploded. These people turned their heads and gasped, because in the direction Yang Kai pushed out his fist, a cultivator had exploded into a blood mist on the spot, leaving not a single bone behind.


That person was a First-Order Origin King! How powerful must this young man be to be able to kill an Origin King Realm who was a thousand meters away from him with just one punch? These people, who were already wary of Yang Kai, felt their hearts freezing when they saw this. None of them could possibly be a match for him, so they all started moving backwards at the same time.


Right then, a person stepped forward. He was a thin and tall middle-aged man who was surrounded by Death Qi. An array controller suddenly appeared in his hand and he pushed his Saint Qi into it. The next moment, a buzzing sound could be heard in the air as the City Defending Array rumbled to life.


The Netherworld Sect had been in control of Water Moon Star for many years now, and it had been peaceful on the Star because no one dared to find fault with them. So, they were quite lax when it came to guarding the Star. However, they didn’t expect that someone would barge into the city one day.


The others were afraid of Yang Kai’s power, but this thin man wasn’t. That was because he was in control of the city’s defensive Spirit Array.


[I may not have the confidence to face you if you were acting wantonly outside the city; however, since you have the guts to enter this place, once the array is active, I can still deal with you!] 


As he activated the array, he bellowed, “What are you all waiting for? Take him down! I’ll assist you with the array!”


After he finished speaking, the Spirit Array became fully active and exerted a strong pressure to suppress Yang Kai.


At that moment, Yang Kai’s knees bent slightly, as if two mountains had been placed on his shoulders.


Seeing that, everyone present became elated. Hesitating no more, they activated their Secret Techniques and artifacts before launching an attack on Yang Kai.


Meanwhile, the thin man was shocked for a moment before he became ecstatic. Then, in a way that was against the current atmosphere, he yelled, “Keep him alive!”


It wasn’t that he didn’t want to kill. Yang Kai had killed one of their Origin King Realm Masters and even offended them, so there was no way he’d let him off; however, after he activated the array, not only was Yang Kai not pinned down to the ground, but the latter didn’t even show any sign of using his Saint Qi. At that instant, he realised that the young man’s body must be incredibly tough, so the latter might have cultivated some kind of profound Body Tempering Secret Art.


Body Tempering Secret Arts weren’t all that rare, but it was difficult to look for a person with such a strong body.


This thin man was a Netherworld Sect Elder who was an expert in Corpse Refinement, so he was most fond of cultivators whose bodies were sturdy. If he could capture Yang Kai and refine him, he would certainly be able to produce an excellent Corpse Puppet. The man before his eyes was an extremely rare material that he had always dreamed of obtaining. 


[He’s even more precious than the other materials I’ve obtained on Water Moon Star over the years!] 


With that thought in mind, he wasn’t willing to see Yang Kai get killed. Although he could also refine Yang Kai after the latter was dead, the results would be better if he refined a living Human.


Receiving these instructions, the cultivators, who were pouncing on Yang Kai, cursed at him in their hearts. [Why didn’t you say earlier that you wanted us to hold back?] 


Now that they had launched an attack, it was difficult for them to stop. However, they couldn’t disobey the thin man, so left with no choice, they tried their best to hold back some of their power. Some of them even suffered a backlash and spat blood from the exertion.


With a loud boom, all their Secret Techniques and artifacts landed on Yang Kai, sending out surging waves of energy and dazzling explosions of light.


Seeing this, the thin man felt his chest tightening. [Damn it! He’ll probably be dismembered! There will be nothing left for me to refine!] 


His face fell as he felt heartbroken.


After the lights all faded though, he was shocked to see that Yang Kai was still alive and kicking. On top of that, the little girl beside him also appeared calm and collected, as though she wasn’t hurt one bit.


The thin man was horrified as he was gripped by a sense of uneasiness.


“It’d be impolite of me if I don’t give you something in return for your warm greeting gift. Since you’re all so hospitable, please accept my regards!” Yang Kai growled as his arms flickered out, sending fist shadows in all directions.


*Hong! Hong! Hong!* Bodies exploded in all directions as no one here could withstand even one punch from Yang Kai. In the blink of an eye, dozens of enemy cultivators had been killed.


At this moment, only the thin man was still alive. His limbs had turned completely cold as if he had fallen into a blizzard.


Yang Kai turned to look at him and said, “It seems that you’re the person in charge here. Don’t worry, I only have some questions for you. If I’m happy with your answers, I promise to give you a painless death.” His hair hung loose on his forehead, and his gaze appeared dark.


At that instant, the thin man found it hard to breathe, as if he was being stared at by a giant ancient beast.


Nevertheless, he was a proud man, so even though he was terrified, he hadn’t lost his will to struggle. After taking out a copper ring, he quickly spun it and glared at Yang Kai as he said through clenched teeth, “I don’t care who you are, but since you have the guts to offend us, you have to die today!”




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