Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3153, Stabbed in the Back


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“Besides, they are fleeing. Why bother provoking them at this time? The concept of ‘not pursuing a hard-pressed enemy’ fits this situation perfectly. I hope you can think this over, Brother Yang.”


“Are you done?” Yang Kai looked at Zi Wu Ji.


Zi Wu Ji nodded in response.


Then, Yang Kai stopped paying attention to Zi Wu Ji. Raising his finger to the sky, he shouted, “Engage them!”


“You…” Zi Wu Ji was stunned. He did not expect this person to ignore his advice and be so adamant on doing things their own way.


To some extent, there was nothing wrong with his concerns. There were quite a lot of Masters gathered in Nine Heavens Holy Land, and their respective cultivations were very high, but even so, they would be stretched quite thin compared to the lineup of those from Grand Desolation Star Field. If they really chased after the enemy without care, they might not only fail to kill them, but also risk losing their lives as a result.


Hence, the best way to deal with this situation was to stay put and let the cultivators from Grand Desolation Star Field leave. That way, they would have some breathing space to catch their breath; after all, ten years was not too long for a gentleman to have his revenge. There would always be an opportunity in the future as long as one survived.


He had tried so hard to persuade Yang Kai only to realize that he was simply casting pearls before a swine. Thus, he started cursing Yang Kai in his heart. [Hmph. Look at how arrogant you are acting. Let’s see just who is willing to accompany you in your crazy endeavours!]


However, he quickly froze in shock.


That was because Li Rong and Han Fei solemnly acknowledged Yang Kai’s order the moment it was issued. They turned into two streams of black light and shot straight into the sky with all the rest of the Ancient Demon Clan following behind them.


Meng Wu Ya and Old Demon followed closely behind. Similarly, Hu Jiao’er and Hu Mei’er transformed into two rays of light, one purple and one green, and spiralled into the sky.


Everyone took off, one after another, without any hesitation or doubt. In the blink of an eye, only the people of Purple Star and Sword Union were left standing in front of the great hall.


[Are they all crazy?] Zi Wu Ji looked lost.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai bent his knees and leapt up, shattering space and leaping across the Void, disappearing in an instant.


“Brother Zi, let’s go and help them too!” Gu Jian Xin said suddenly.


Zi Wu Ji turned to look at Gu Jian Xin, “Have you gone crazy too, Brother Gu?”


Rushing over right now was tantamount to rushing towards their deaths. Leaving aside the others, what surprised him was that Gu Jian Xin had made the same decision. That puzzled him to no end. He had grown a sense of comradery with Gu Jian Xin over the years due to their similar situations; therefore, he simply could not understand why Gu Jian Xin was so foolish now.


Gu Jian Xin smiled slightly, “You’re not really living if you don’t let loose a little every once in a while.” The simple longsword in his arms trembled, making his blood boil. He couldn’t wait to fight a huge battle and release the Sword Intent accumulated in his body.


As a Sword Master, he had not fought to the death for years and he felt as though his Martial Heart had been growing duller as a result. Although the situation at this moment was not optimistic, Gu Jian Xin burned with an endless fighting spirit. It didn’t matter whether he was being wise or unwise, at this moment, all he could think about was letting loose and fighting to his limits.


Taking out his sword, it thrummed with power and flashed with light. Gu Jian Xin became one with his sword and took off like a flash of lightning. His Sword Servants followed him without saying a word.


The corners of Zi Wu Ji’s brow twitched. He couldn’t remain here alone no matter how shameless he was; thus, he gathered a group of cultivators from Purple Star and joined the attack. He vowed to himself that he was only there for appearances’ sake and refused to fight to the death. If the situation took a turn for the worst, he would escape quickly.


In the blink of an eye, there was no one left in front of the great hall and the entire Nine Heavens Holy Land fell silent.



“Many thanks, Little Senior Sister!” Yang Kai laughed as he threw out a punch. A storm of fists then rained down on the enemy party.


He did not intercept the cultivators from Grand Desolation Star Field. He had more important things to deal with at the moment; that was to deal with the seven sub-arrays of the Eight Desolation Binding Spirit Array. These seven sub-arrays were like seven malignant tumours growing on Tong Xuan Realm. They eroded away at the vitality of both Xia Ning Chang and this Star. Although he had used the leaf and the sap of the Immortal Tree to stabilize Xia Ning Chang’s condition, getting rid of these seven sub-arrays was the top priority at the moment.


He initially wanted to rush to the place where these seven parts were located as quickly as possible; however, his body suddenly became lighter during the flight and he immediately appeared at his destination, crossing several tens of thousands of kilometres in an instant.


This was clearly Xia Ning Chang’s doing. She was the Star Master of Tong Xuan Realm, so transporting a person around on this land was as easy as snapping her fingers. Even though she was still recuperating in her room, she was obviously aware of his plans; hence, she helped him with the power of a Star Master. It was also a way to help herself.


Below Yang Kai was where one of the seven ‘black ink stains’ was located. According to reason, the situation should have been similar to what he saw at the largest ‘black ink stain’ he destroyed previously; however, the cultivators of the Grand Desolation Star Field had clearly done something to the Array. The ‘black ink stain’ was showing signs of wildly spreading to its surrounding areas. The huge ‘black ink stain’ continuously devoured the surrounding region while at the same time, an extremely uncomfortable aura was being emitted from its depths. It seemed to be connected to the Netherworld and led straight to Purgatory.


An endless rain of punches blasted down on the ‘black ink stain’ from above, and the Black Qi was instantly sent churning. It was like throwing a drop of cold water into a pan of boiling oil, resulting in an unpredictable chain reaction. The ‘black ink stain’ stopped expanding all of a sudden. Then, it exploded without warning, shrouding a thousand-kilometre radius in black light.


Yang Kai stopped punching at that moment. Taking a deep breath, he looked down at the situation below him. The ‘black ink stain’ could no longer maintain its shape, and although it had expanded by a lot, its colour had grown considerably lighter.


Regardless of what the cultivators of Grand Desolation Star Field had done to make the Eight Desolation Binding Spirit Array gain such explosive power before they left, it was still just a Spirit Array. The ‘black ink stain’ would no longer be a threat as long as he destroyed the structure of the array. The World Energy would now repair this region over time and one day, the Black Qi would disappear on its own.


Without giving him time to observe the situation though, Yang Kai felt a floating sensation once more. It felt as though he was being held by an invisible hand, and when that hand moved him around again, he found himself in a new place. Below him was another ‘black ink stain’ that was spreading violently, so he gave it the same treatment as the one from before.


“Another one down!”


“Little Senior Sister, don’t tire yourself out, okay? Don’t force yourself if you feel uncomfortable. My cultivation is very high, so travelling this kind of short distance is no trouble for me.”


“By the way, I forgot to tell you, but Su Yan is fine now. I’ve brought her back with me. She is probably with Luo’er right now.”


“When this matter is resolved, let’s return to Shadowed Star together. We can have a good talk once our whole family is reunited once again.”


Yang Kai attacked again and again. At the same time, he kept up what looked like a monologue to outsiders. Although he did not receive any responses, he knew that Xia Ning Chang was paying close attention to him as she was actively assisting him. The help she gave him undoubtedly saved him a lot of time travelling as while Tong Xuan Realm wasn’t exactly large, it would still take some time for Yang Kai to deal with the seven ‘black ink stains’ in his current condition. Therefore, things went far smoother with the Star Master aiding him. It was just that… This undoubtedly put quite a heavy burden on her body. Her condition had just stabilized, so it was best if she did not use so much strength.


The entire process took approximately a quarter of an hour. In that time, the seven ‘black ink stains’ had been eradicated and the seven sub-arrays had been destroyed.


Yang Kai smiled, “Alright, Little Senior Sister. You should get some rest. Leave the rest to me.”


A gentle breeze blew against his face at that moment and it felt as if something had left his side.


Raising his head, Yang Kai looked up into the sky and his gaze instantly became as sharp as a sword. The tenderness his eyes previously held was gone without a trace.


Blood was being spilled above the clouds high up in the sky. Corpses fell to the ground as figures tangled together in battle. Their violent power flowed and spread out wantonly.


The power gathered in Nine Heavens Holy Land was not weak, but it was not as good as the lineup of those from Grand Desolation Star Field. One after another, they began to fall into a disadvantage as there were four Third-Order Origin Kings from Grand Desolation Star Field present. If Xin Xuan Ming, who was killed by Yang Kai previously, was added to the count, they had a total of five! Most of them might only have been promoted recently, but a Third-Order Origin King was still a Third-Order Origin King, not an easy opponent to face under any circumstances.


Xue Yue was battling alone at the moment against none other than the Third-Elder of Netherworld Sect! Among all the other Masters from Grand Desolation Star Field, he was the strongest.


Both of them were Third-Order Origin Kings. Xue Yue was full of vigour while the Third-Elder was still kicking despite his age. Thus, they were equally matched. Both sides used their Artifacts and Secret Techniques at full power, but neither could gain an advantage.


The strongest was facing the strongest. It was a fruitless move, but it was also the best way to deal with the situation. If the Third-Elder was allowed to roam around freely, nobody from Nine Heavens Holy Land would be able to withstand him.


Meng Wu Ya and Old Demon were each battling a powerful enemy; but unfortunately, they were being beaten badly. In just a short amount of time, both Meng Wu Ya and Old Demon suffered minor injuries. They could only keep a Third-Order Origin King busy through various tricks and didn’t dare to turn the fight into a direct confrontation.


Meanwhile, Hu Jiao’er and her sister merged their strength to confront their opponent. Even though they were both just First-Order Origin Kings, they were in a much better situation compared to the former two. A purple and a green sword-light twisted together to form a large net of swords and wrapped around the final Third-Order Origin King. Caught in the net, their opponent would not be able to break free for some time.


Li Rong, Han Fei, Gu Jian Xin and his two Sword Servants, Xu Hui, as well as An Ling’er… All of them were fighting vigorously. They remembered Yang Kai’s order to hinder the enemy and prevent them from escaping.


“How dare you chase after us!? I’ll kill every last one of you!” The Third Elder forced Xue Yue back with a heavy palm strike; then, laughing wildly, he hurriedly turned and retreated.


Likewise, the other Masters from Grand Desolation Star Field seemed to have received some kind of signal and quickly created some distance between themselves and their opponents. One of them even reached into the net of swords created by Hu Jiao’er and her sister to pull their companion out.


The Third Elder stood there, looking outraged, but soon a sly and triumphant smile appeared on his face. Dozens of Starships lined up behind him, and their Crystal Cannons shone with white light. Their target was everybody from the Nine Heavens Holy Land!


Escaping was just a ruse! Their biggest purpose was to draw the enemy out of their lair, and from the looks of it, they had succeeded in their goal. The Starships had long been prepared and they only needed to fire one volley to reduce these people from Nine Heavens Holy Land to dust.


Victory was within sight; however, the Third Elder still felt his heart pounding in trepidation. He couldn’t help feeling that something was wrong. It made him feel extremely uneasy. Scanning his gaze over the crowd, he could not find any notable yet unfamiliar face. 


[Who was it? Who was the one that destroyed the Eight Desolation Binding Spirit Array Core and killed the Vice Sect Master!?]


“Damn it!” Meng Wu Ya cursed, his complexion turning pale. The dozen or so Starships lined up in a row looked like wild beasts that devoured people whole and they gave off an incredible pressure as their Crystal Cannons began to glow, generating a sense of crisis.




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  1. You see, this why author thinks we’re stupid. Yang Kai could have sen Liu Yan to deal with the trash, as she’s pretty much immortal here, but nooo. Let’s send all my friends and families to create a sense of crisis! Cheap tricks to pay the bills, eh Momo?

    1. eh.

      Leaving the strongest person behind to protect his wife who was just brought back from the brink of death and is still in a bad situation seems at least understandable, even if you don’t think it’s a smart move.

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        1. The author made a point to tell us that the place was now empty so there’s probably a knife in the shadows. Then they’ll run into liu yan and think it’s just a sick woman and a little girl.

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    2. At the same time, there is a concept in this story where YK doesn’t take revenge for the others who wants it.

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      That’s just recently. So I assume YK still took all precautions and will let our friends killing the Grand Desolation invaders. Even more leaving Xia Ning Chang killing some too.

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    3. Typical “word count chapter”. He and Liu Yan could’ve solved all the issues (enemies+arrays) within minutes.
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  2. Xia Ning Chan helping Yang Kai is so wonderful. As she recovered strength she uses her Star Master power to move him to each location. That was well done.

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