Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3154, I Didn’t Hear You Clearly


Translator: Silavin & Tia

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Starships had always been used as weapons of conquest; therefore, even a single Crystal Cannon had unbelievable power. With more than ten Starships and hundreds of Crystal Cannons, even the Third Elder of Netherworld Sect could not predict just how great the damage would be. The only thing he could be sure of was that the people of Nine Heavens Holy Land would not be able to defend against this attack.


Even though Xue Yue and the others were unable to defend against an attack of that magnitude, they had no choice but to do so because behind them stood Nine Heavens Holy Land, as well as the Tong Xuan Realm. If they dodged the attack, then Nine Heavens Holy Land and Xia Ning Chang would be the ones to take it instead. Xia Ning Chang’s condition had just stabilized, so if she had to withstand a volley of hundreds of Crystal Cannons all at once, her condition would surely worsen.


Xue Yue’s figure flickered and she once again appeared, her long hair flying in the wind. Subsequently, a group of people gathered around her and formed an impassable defensive barrier.


The Third Elder was both shocked and overjoyed as he sneered, “If you are not going to avoid this attack, then you can all go and die!” 


With a grand wave of his hand, he ordered the Starships to open fire.


The light of the Crystal Cannons was extremely dazzling, and the accumulated energy had reached its peak. 


Without warning, a loud explosive sound rang out. 


It was so loud that the world seemed to tremble in response; however, the expected barrage of Crystal Cannons did not appear. Scenes of carnage and devastation did not materialize either. On the contrary, an aura so powerful that it made one’s heart pound came from behind the crowd and approached them swiftly.


The Third Elder turned his head abruptly and his eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. A black-haired young man had appeared out of nowhere and rushed towards where Grand Desolation Star Field’s Starships were all on his own. The difference between the size of the huge Starships and that person’s figure was akin to a firefly and the Moon, giving off an absolutely tragic yet resolute vibe.


Be that as it may, the defences of the Starships might as well have been made of paper when that person slammed into one of their hulls. The Third Elder watched as that young man swung his fists casually, opening a huge hole in the side of a Starship with ease. It was followed by a loud explosion and flames flaring in all directions. At the same time, miserable cries rang out from inside the Starship as lives were extinguished, one after another.


In the blink of an eye, the young man rushed out from the other side of the Starship and flew straight to the second. He was like a meteor falling from the sky, bringing with him an unstoppable destructive force as he smashed through one Origin King Grade Starship after another.


*Hong hong hong…* 


A series of explosions rang out from every Starship, and by the time the unknown man made his way out of the last Starship, none of them remained intact. The Crystal Cannons that had been shining with a dazzling light now became extremely unstable.


*Hong long…* 


A Starship suddenly exploded and was engulfed in flames. The huge hull of the ship split apart with a creaking sound and slowly fell downward. Another Starship quickly followed suit, then a third, a fourth… In just a few breaths, the dozen or so Starships had all been completely decimated.


All the cultivators from Grand Desolation Star Field felt as though their souls had left their bodies. Chills ran down from the tops of their heads to the soles of their feet, freezing them in terror as all of them stared at this young man with eyes full of shock and horror.


[Who the Hell is that!? How was he able to destroy more than ten Starships so easily!? Is he still human!?]


The Third Elder suddenly had an epiphany and shouted, “It’s you!”


He had wondered who destroyed the Eight Desolation Binding Spirit Array Core and killed Vice Sect Master Xin Xuan Ming. It was only at this moment when he saw this earth-shattering sight that he understood. 


[It’s him! It’s definitely him! To be able to perform such feats… There can be no other person! He must be the one who destroyed the Eight Desolation Binding Spirit Array Core and killed the Vice Sect Master! But, who is he!? How is he so strong!?]


Xue Yue breathed out softly. She had steeled herself just now. Even if she had to give up her life in this place, she would not let a single one of those Crystal Cannons touch Tong Xuan Realm, but to her surprise, Yang Kai had arrived in the nick of time. His arrival instantly created a sense of relief and reliance in her heart and the churning emotional storm in her was finally able to calm. A proud expression next appeared on her face as she inwardly declared, [This is the man I chose!]


Gu Jian Xin looked shocked as a bitter smile hung at the corner of his lips, [No wonder my sword warned me about him. To what extent has he grown? When I first met him, his cultivation was on par with mine. I’ve always known that he had a limitless future ahead of him, but even so, I can’t believe he managed to increase his strength by so much in just a few dozen years. He has left me so far behind that I can’t even see his shadow anymore. What is his cultivation now? Is it comparable to the legendary Starry Sky Great Emperor? No wonder he only asked us to keep the cultivators of Grand Desolation Star Field occupied. We really only needed to prevent them from escaping as with his current strength, all of them put together aren’t his opponent.]


The situation had changed sharply, and it was all because of the arrival of one man.


Many of the cultivators from Grand Desolation Star Field were ashen-faced. They couldn’t even muster the slightest bit of courage to fight when faced with that young man in front of them.


“Die!” Yang Kai spat out a word coldly. He was still standing there when he opened his mouth to speak, but by the time his voice rang out, he had already appeared on the opposite side of the crowd. 


The Third Elder only saw a barely visible shadow passing through the ranks of his men, but before they had any time to react, the other party had already walked out of there calmly. He jumped in fright, intuitively feeling as though he had brushed past the gates of death.




A strange sound rang out as many cultivators from Grand Desolation Star Field looked in the direction of the sound only to see a scene that scared them senseless. A headless corpse stood in mid-air, blood spouting from its neck like a fountain. It was spectacular as the corpse still maintained a defensive posture, but its head was nowhere to be seen.


Turning their eyes stiffly, they quickly found the missing head of the corpse. At this moment, it was being held in the hand of the young man who had appeared out of nowhere. The head of the corpse had a confused expression on its face, looking as though it was still clueless about what had happened up until the moment of its death.


That was one of their Third-Order Origin King Realm Masters! That Master had battled with Meng Wu Ya previously and pounded the latter into the ground. To think he had been beheaded by Yang Kai; moreover, nobody had seen how he pulled that off!


“Kill!” Xue Yue shouted. The rage, resentment, and even the guilt she felt that had accumulated over the years burst out at this moment. These emotions fueled a thick murderous intent as she charged toward the cultivators from Grand Desolation Star Field.


What else was there to hesitate about? After seeing Yang Kai’s strength, everyone from Heng Luo Star Field immediately understood that there was no possibility of them losing today’s battle. Thus, they swiftly used their Movement Skills and jumped forward.


The battle began raging once more, but the situation was reversed. The cultivators from Grand Desolation Star Field were fearful of Yang Kai’s Heaven defying strength and had lost all will to fight. On the other hand, the cultivators of Nine Heavens Holy Land charged forward bravely, fueled by unparalleled fury.


The result of the battle was decided from the beginning.


Yang Kai was not idle either. The torture Xia Ning Chang went through had left him feeling as though he had a fishbone stuck in his throat. He needed to get that feeling of vexation out of his system. Moreover, he intended to make these invaders pay plenty of interest for this blood debt. Like a tiger descending from the mountain, he struck at the Third-Order Origin Kings with both hands. These Third-Order Origin Kings that had always stood at the top of the world quickly exploded into blood mists as they were completely incapable of putting up any resistance whatsoever. All of them died in the blink of an eye, leaving only the Third Elder behind.


The Third Elder looked around in stunned shock. How could he not realize that the war was lost? This young man was so strong that he had never seen another of this calibre in his life. Nobody in the Star Field was a match for this person. 


Suddenly, the Third Elder’s vision blurred as he saw the unfathomable young man appear just one step away from him


Before he had the time to get out of the way, he was grabbed by the neck and hoisted into the air. He couldn’t even circulate his Saint Qi as he felt as though his bones were going to be crushed. Only when experiencing it in person did the Third Elder fully understand just how terrifying this man was.


“You sure had a lot of fun while I wasn’t home!” Yang Kai looked at the Third Elder coldly as he tightened his grip on the other party’s neck.


“Wait!” The Third Elder yelled, his face flushing red.


Yang Kai grinned, “If you have any last words, then hurry up and spit them out. You won’t have another chance if you don’t speak now.”


The Third Elder looked hostile instead, “Release me. Otherwise, you will regret it for the rest of your life.”


Yang Kai looked at the Third Elder in surprise, “What did you say? I didn’t hear you clearly. Can you say it again?”


The Third Elder coldly said, “Your Star Master! Aren’t you going to go back to check on her condition? If nothing unexpected happens, she should be dead by now.”


Activating the seven parts of the Eight Desolation Binding Spirit Array to lure their enemy out of their lair was only one part of the Third Elder’s plan. He had prepared something else too, and the target was Xia Ning Chang! Once the Master of Nine Heavens Holy Land was gone, all the defences in this place would collapse. There was no way his plan could fail as it was his biggest trump card. Unfortunately, all the other Third-Order Origin King Realm Masters, aside from himself, had died before he could reveal this final move.


The Third Elder hated Yang Kai for being so decisive and ruthless. He only wanted to lure his enemies out, but how could he have known that he would bait such a dangerous existence instead?


“Really?” Yang Kai tilted his head to the side.


“You can go and confirm it yourself! The Netherworld Sect is finished, so I won’t ask for anything else. I just want you to let me live, and I will let your Star Master go free.”


“Idiot!” Yang Kai suddenly exerted more strength and the Third Elder’s head immediately separated from his shoulders. Blood splashed everywhere, as that flying head filled with an incredulous expression. It seemed as though he did not understand why Yang Kai had killed him. [I told him the truth. Doesn’t he need to confirm it? He-] His thoughts were cut off partway through, and he plunged into eternal darkness.


Yang Kai stood in mid-air, his gaze sweeping across the crowd. Sneering as he muttered, “As I thought, a thief in the family is the hardest to ward against.”


All of a sudden, he recalled what Long Tian Shang had said to him before losing his last bit of sentience. Those words might have been about the situation today. From the looks of it, Long Tian Shang had learned some secrets before and after being refined into a corpse.


Glancing at Nine Heavens Holy Land below him, Yang Kai raised an eyebrow but eventually shook his head, “Forget it, I’ll go back later.”


He was not worried about Xia Ning Chang’s safety at all. The Third Elder may have had a hidden trump card, but Liu Yan was guarding Xia Ning Chang right now. With Liu Yan there, nobody could harm a single hair on Xia Ning Chang’s head!


Thus, Yang Kai entered the fray again. His figure leapt across space and wherever he passed, Masters from Grand Desolation Star Field fell, one after another. Many people wanted to escape when they saw that the battle had been lost; however, how could Xue Yue or any of the others allow these people to escape so easily? All of them used everything they had to intercept and tie down these invaders.


The number of Masters from Grand Desolation Star Field dwindled as the battle went on, and under these circumstances, it soon turned into a massacre.


The battle ended an hour later, with not a single cultivator from Grand Desolation Star Field surviving. On the other hand, except for some casualties sustained during the initial interception, nobody from Nine Heavens Holy Land had died after Yang Kai came to support them. In fact, not a single one of them had even taken any further injuries.


Everyone was covered in blood, some of it their own, most of it the enemies’. They were breathing heavily as many pairs of eyes were fixed on Yang Kai. The looks were filled with admiration and astonishment. All of them were curious as to how strong he really was as he had seemed so casual in today’s battle, making it obvious that he wasn’t using his full strength…




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  1. I almost wish the author made the fight more visceral, because sometimes I really don’t want them to die a quick death. Tearing them limb by limb sounds much more appropriate, although time consuming.

  2. And now we get a chapter of how arrogant a certain purple feller is followed by some expectations of his majesty only to be amazed and flabbergasted that a little child is so powerful accompanied by the denial of reality and death.

  3. Phew! I think we can count ourselves lucky that YK made it in time. That could have gone horribly wrong. A really close call. Wasn’t sure if he would make it in time. And then going through all the ships one by one before they could fire their canons…..goosebumps

    Or as Momo would say it:
    Through the first ship, then through the second ship, followed by the third Origin King Grade Starship.
    Only to turn towards and attacking the fourth Origin King grade starship. A grade that wasn’t even remotely comparable to emperor grade artifacts, but nonetheless stronger than Saint grade or Origin Returning grade artifacts.
    After destroying four of the imposing ships, there were only eight more to go.
    [Describe how shocked everyone is]
    [Inner monolog about how shocked someone feels by a random character]
    [Pointing out again how incredibly strong YK is]
    [Repeat that he can’t use his full strength]
    [Random person “feeling” that YK is way stronger than everyone else and is maybe not even using his full strength]
    [All of this in less than a breath of time]
    The fifth Origin King Grade starship is about to be hit by a palm


    1. They’re from a lower Star Field that’s connected to the Star Boundary, but they’ve never actually been there. YK
      is more than a full Great Realm above even the strongest Origin King.

  4. Imo, he either sould have let Liu Yan alone confront the Star ships while he takes care of the ink stains, then Xue Yue and the others would have protected Xia Ning Chang.
    Or just let them leave. Taking care of the array shouldn’t have taken so long that Yang Kai couldn’t have caught up to them

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