Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3156, Thought Of Something


Translator: Silavin & Tia

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


First, Yang Kai ran into Su Yan in the Ancestral Domain by accident. Then, he returned to Shadowed Star to calm the war. After that, he went to Monster Emperor Star to help Shan Qing Luo. And now, the conflict in Tong Xuan Realm had been settled.


All those who were close to him were safe and sound. That was the greatest happiness he could ever ask for. Everything else could be dealt with slowly.


Xia Ning Chang had suffered greatly over the years. Not only did she have to maintain the protection over Nine Heavens Holy Land, but she also diverted her attention to take care of Xue Yue and the others whenever they went out on occasion and got into a skirmish with the cultivators of Grand Desolation Star Field; therefore, she had not had a real break in years.


Now that her worries were gone and Yang Kai was back, she snuggled against him and soon fell into a deep sleep. She no longer needed to use sleep to supplement her bodily needs at her current cultivation, but even so, she fell into a deep slumber like any ordinary mortal. Her expression was calm as she curled up next to Yang Kai and she seemed to be dreaming about something and smiled.


Meanwhile, Xue Yue lay on the other side of Yang Kai. They quietly used their Divine Sense to communicate, telling each other about their lives and the experiences they went through over the years.


The fragrance from her body lingered in his nose, and although he was not consumed by desire, he couldn’t resist the urge to kiss her on her red lips.


Xue Yue reached out and covered his lips with her hand though before he could and whispered, “Don’t even think about touching me until you solve Ning Chang’s problem!”


The situation in Tong Xuan Realm had calmed down and the cultivators from Grand Desolation Star Field who invaded this place had been eliminated; however, the wounds Xia Ning Chang suffered could not be so easily erased. Even though Yang Kai had used the Immortal Tree to restore her vitality and had destroyed the Eight Desolation Binding Spirit Array, she would not be healthy again as long as Tong Xuan Realm had not fully recovered.


Yang Kai scratched his head, “That will take several hundreds of years. Can you wait that long?”


Xue Yue snorted, “I’m fine with that. I’m more afraid you won’t be able to wait that long.”


“You’re looking down on me too much!” He spat disdainfully. Many years had passed since he went to Star Boundary, and if he had not gotten intimate with Zhu Qing, he would have remained celibate up until today. He was not some sort of gentleman and would of course still be moved by beauties; however, he refused to go against his principles and cheat on his wives.

(Silavin: Pretty sure Zhu Qing counts as cheating…)


She added, “You are not allowed to touch Elder Sister and Luo’er either!”


Yang Kai’s expression immediately sank into despair, “Why must you go that far?”


[There truly is nothing more poisonous than a woman’s heart! What fun is there in life if I have four women by my side but I can’t even touch a single one of them!? Traversing the Martial Dao is about more than just cultivating! If Xue Yue colludes with Su Yan and Shan Qing Luo, she might actually be able to convince them. No, she will definitely convince them!]


Xue Yue arched her body against his arms and said softly, “I’m to blame for what happened to Ning Chang. As long as her problems aren’t solved, I won’t be able to rest at ease. Husband, I’m begging you, please think of a way to help Ning Chang recover as soon as possible.”


Reaching out her hand, he pinched her nose and said firmly, “If you blame yourself again like that, I will devour you right here and right now.”


She made a contemptuous snort in response.


He used his hand to lift her face up by her chin, “Ning Chang won’t blame you, so you should stop blaming yourself too. If she were in your shoes, she would have made the same decision. You also wouldn’t blame her for making that choice either.”




“There are no buts.” He smiled and scratched his head again, “Still, you’ve given me quite a difficult challenge.” 


Solving Xia Ning Chang’s issue wasn’t going to be easy; however, Yang Kai had planned to do something about it even if Xue Yue had not said anything. Several hundreds of years was too long, so whether it was for him or Xua Ning Chang, he could not afford to wait that long, and neither could she.


“Husband, are you at a loss for what to do too?” Xue Yue looked sad.


“I’m thinking…” He pondered in silence, “En, I’ve thought of something.”


Xue Yue was pleasantly surprised by those words as she looked up at him.


“If I succeed, will I get a reward?” He looked at her with a big grin.


She blushed slightly at those words and lowering her head, she murmured, “Why is your head always thinking about such obscene things? Ning Chang is your wife, so why are you asking me for a reward? How illogical.” She pouted, but still asked, “What do you want as a reward?”


He reached out and touched her cherry lips.


Despite glaring at him, she voluntarily stood up, leaned down, and pressed her lips against his. They kissed for a short while, and their breathing became uneven. Then, she grabbed his large hands that were shamelessly groping her under her clothes and slowly shook her head. Xia Ning Chang was sleeping right next to them, so how could she bring herself to act so shamelessly?


Yang Kai didn’t force the issue. Besides, he knew that she wasn’t in the mood right now. Removing his hand from her clothes, he pulled her into his arms and enjoyed the peaceful moment together.


Once Xia Ning Chang fell asleep, she remained so for five days straight. It wasn’t until five days later that she slowly opened her eyes and saw that Yang Kai was sitting next to her in the same position he had been in before she fell asleep. It looked as if he had not taken a single step away in the past few days. She couldn’t help feeling bad for him and blaming herself for making him uncomfortable.


After resting for five days, her condition had somewhat improved; unfortunately, the problem was not solved. The two auras in her body, one black and one green, were entangled with each other, but the green aura clearly had the upper hand. She only needed to wait for some time and the Black Qi would disappear completely; hence, there was no need to worry about her own body. The only thing that needed to be considered was Tong Xuan Realm.


On the contrary, Yang Kai had already considered many issues during this time and a plan had formed in his head. The reason he had not taken action immediately was that he wanted to wait until Xia Ning Chang woke up. He was afraid that she might be disappointed if she opened her eyes and did not see him there.


Yang Kai stayed with Xia Ning Chang for a while before he asked Xue Yue to take good care of her then got up and walked out.


A group of people was gathered inside the main hall at this moment. 


They had eliminated the enemies that invaded their land during the battle a few days ago, and the excitement continued to bubble within them to this day.


When Yang Kai appeared, Meng Wu Ya and Old Demon greeted him immediately, with the former immediately asking, “How is Ning Chang?”


“Don’t worry. Little Senior Sister’s situation has stabilized and she will recover over time.”


Upon hearing those words, Meng Wu Ya heaved a sigh of relief.


Yang Kai glanced about his surroundings, letting his gaze roam across every familiar and unfamiliar face in the room before cupping his fists and speaking solemnly, “Many thanks for all the help you’ve given me over the years.”


Meng Wu Ya laughed and scolded, “You smelly brat! Why are you being so reserved around us?”


Yang Kai sternly replied, “The troubles in Tong Xuan Realm might be resolved, but the situation of the Star Field as a whole is not optimistic. There will be many aspects which you will need to contribute to in the future. Once we eliminate all the enemies across Heng Luo Star Field, I will prepare a huge celebratory feast for all of you.”


As soon as his words rang out, everybody fell into deep contemplation. They had been stuck inside Tong Xuan Realm for many years, so they did not know much about the outside world. Clearly, the situation outside was not much better than their own had been.


“So… For now I ask all of you to cultivate diligently. We must begin preparing for the next battle immediately.” Saying so, he tossed a Space Ring to Meng Wu Ya.


Meng Wu Ya accepted the Space Ring and swept its contents with his Divine Sense, his expression swiftly turning to one of shock. The Space Ring was filled with all kinds of cultivation resources; moreover, he could tell that those items were extremely valuable at first glance, some of them he had not even heard of nor seen before.


He did not check the contents thoroughly, but such a large number of materials was enough for thousands of people to use for several years. 


[With these, everybody will surely undergo explosive growth within a short period of time!]


“I will leave these things to you, Treasurer Meng. You will be in charge of distributing them to the others. Next, I will open up a communication channel between this place and the outside world. Once that’s finished, you will be able to reach Water Moon Star, Monster Emperor Star, and Shadowed Star. One month. After one month, please join me in battle again!




Nine Heavens Holy Land had the Space Array that Yang Kai had arranged back then, and working together with Liu Yan, he was able to quickly upgrade it so it could connect to the more distant Stars.


Yang Kai instructed Liu Yan to stay behind after they were finished before he mounted the Array and activated it. A bright light flashed for a moment and his figure vanished. After that, Yang Kai appeared in the palace of Water Moon Star where he saw a young girl sitting cross-legged by the side. There were a lot of Source Crystals piled up beside her and she seemed to be cultivating.


The young girl sensed something and hurriedly opened her eyes. Lifting her head, she exclaimed in surprise, “Senior Yang!”


“Yu Qin. Are you alone?” He smiled at her.


This young girl was Lu San Niang’s daughter, Lu Yu Qin. Although her cultivation was nothing special in the Star Boundary, it was considered rather uncommon and extraordinary in the Star Field considering her young age. Leaving her to guard this Space Array was a great idea as there was really no need to worry about people attacking or intruding.


Lu Yu Qin was clearly much more cheerful than before and her small face blushed slightly as she nodded, “Mother said that this Array is very important to you, Senior Yang, so she asked me to guard this place to prevent anybody from getting close.”


“Where are your parents now?” Yang Kai asked.


Pouting slightly, Lu Yu Qin muttered, “In the city. They’re ignoring me.”


Seeing this, Yang Kai laughed, “They finally reunited after a long time, so it’s inevitable that they want some time together by themselves.”


She snorted, “They are stuck together all day long. I hate it!”


Despite saying that, she did not look like she was holding it against them. All she and Lu San Niang had on Dragon Island was each other; moreover, they were constantly bullied there. Now, they had Li Jiao by their side and he took very good care of both of them. Even Lu Yu Qin was glad about the change so how could she reproach them for their behaviour?


“Alright. Focus on cultivating. I’m going to look for your parents,” Yang Kai said before he used his Divine Sense to check his surroundings and locate Li Jiao and the others.


Li Jiao, Lu San Niang, Ruan Bi Ting, and He Yun Xiang were gathered together inside one of the palaces in the city right now. In addition, there were many unknown faces gathered around them. These people were all Origin Kings whose eyes were filled with admiration and respect as they gazed upon these four, Li Jiao in particular. There were as many as a dozen such individuals.


They seemed to be discussing something. Li Jiao sat at the head of the table, feeling bored and absent-minded. He was a Third-Order Emperor Realm Master, so being left here by Yang Kai to recover Water Moon Star was simply overkill. After separating from Lu San Niang and the others, the task only took less than a month to complete. It was just that Li Jiao had no choice but to manage the place after regaining control since he had no idea how important Water Moon Star was to Yang Kai.


Unfortunately, this place and its issues were completely meaningless to him so he felt it was better if he went sightseeing with Lu San Niang instead.


As for the other cultivators in the Origin King Realm gathered in this palace, they were subordinates he took in during the process of recovering Water Moon Star. They were originally local Masters or subordinates of Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce who had been living in hiding from the Netherworld Sect all these years, but all of them had joined the crusade after witnessing the strength of these four strangers.




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