Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3157, The Solution


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The door was pushed open suddenly and somebody in the palace stood up and shouted, “Who goes there!?”


They were discussing important issues at the moment, so just who would dare to act so presumptuously and barge into this place without prior notification? Everyone lifted their gazes to look in that direction and the sight of a young man walking into the room entered their vision. He looked familiar at first glance, as if they had seen him somewhere before, but they couldn’t quite recall where.


While many of the Origin Kings were still feeling confused, a gust of wind blew past them and Li Jiao greeted the young man in surprise, “Brother Yang!”


Similarly, Lu San Niang, Ruan Bi Ting, and He Yun Xiang all stood up and bowed too.


After seeing that, the Origin Kings no longer dared to look down on Yang Kai. Over the past month, all of them had witnessed how powerful Li Jiao and the others here were. He Yun Xiang seemed to be a Third-Order Origin King, which meant that while she was strong, it was still within their ability to understand. On the other hand, the strength of the other three, whether Li Jiao, Lu San Niang, or Ruan Bi Ting, was unfathomable. An Origin King Realm Master was nothing more than a child in front of them, one that they could kill on a whim; therefore, somebody who could receive such respectful treatment from these Masters could not be any ordinary person.


Upon a closer look, some people gave an exclamation of surprise and astonishment. They finally realized that this young man was Yang Kai, the same Yang Kai who had visited Water Moon Star back then and met many people during his trip here. Although more than several dozen years had passed, the memory was still vivid in their minds. Xue Yue’s husband; the handsome son-in-law of Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce; the Star Master of Shadowed Star. Any of these names were enough to attract their attention. Even so, they were astonished to see that he was acquainted with such powerful people. Moreover, looking at the way these influential Masters were treating him, it seemed as though they… respected and even felt grateful towards him.


All of a sudden, they recalled what Li Jiao casually mentioned before. He said that the reason why the four of them had purged their enemies and were helping the weak was that they were asked to do so by a certain person. From the looks of things, the person in question seemed to be none other than Yang Kai. For a moment, the Origin Kings were overwhelmed by their emotions.


“Brother Yang, we have taken back control of this Cultivation Star as you asked. We also got rid of all the remaining rats.”


Yang Kai smiled, “Many thanks for your hard work. En… I actually came here today to ask for a favour.”


Li Jiao laughed, “Just tell us what you need, Brother Yang. There’s no need to be so polite.”


Yang Kai rubbed his two fingers together and asked, “Lend me some money.”


“Huh?” Li Jiao was stunned.


“Source Crystals. Lend me everything you have. I will pay you back when we get back to the Star Boundary.”


Li Jiao finally ascertained that he had not heard wrongly. Failing to stifle his laughter, he hurriedly took off his Space Ring, fiddled with it slightly, and transferred all the Source Crystals within it to another before handing that second Space Ring to Yang Kai, “I only have these.”


He might be the Palace Master of Fire Dragon Palace, but he couldn’t possibly bring massive amounts of Source Crystals everywhere with him. Fire Dragon Palace needed funds to operate and develop after all. The disciples also needed to spend a lot of Source Crystals for their cultivation. The Sect would not be able to function if he took all the Source Crystals away with him. Besides, Fire Dragon Palace still owed High Heaven Palace a huge sum of money, so more than 90% of the reserves in the palace had been used to repay that debt.


Therefore, Li Jiao had no more than several tens of thousands of High-Rank Source Crystals in his Space Ring. He had slightly more Mid-Rank Source Crystals and Low-Rank Source Crystals, but unfortunately, these did not match with his status as a Third-Order Emperor Realm Master. In short, he had been living on a tight budget for the past two years.


“I have some as well,” Lu San Niang walked over and took out all the Source Crystals she had. Yang Kai was not offended by the amount and accepted them all. Meanwhile, Ruan Bi Ting and He Yun Xiang were helpless in this matter.


Yang Kai had been working hard in the Star Boundary over the years, so the number of Source Crystals he had amassed during this period was simply uncountable. Unfortunately, he left almost all of that wealth back in High Heaven Palace. He had quite a lot of Source Crystals in his possession, but for the next step of his plan, the more Source Crystals he could get, the better. It wouldn’t be enough no matter how many of them he had.


“Brother Li, can I ask you a question? How much do you know about Spirit Arrays?” Yang Kai asked after putting the Source Crystals away


Li Jiao replied, “I’m no expert, but I know a thing or two.”


“Good. Come with me.” Yang Kai reached out, grabbed Li Jiao’s arm, and walked outside.


Li Jiao was speechless. He did not know why Yang Kai was in such a hurry, but he didn’t resist. He simply gave Lu San Niang a look and asked her to wait there; afterwards, Yang Kai and Li Jiao returned to Nine Heavens Holy Land together via the Space Array.


“Come!” Yang Kai flew up into the air while Li Jiao followed closely behind. It didn’t take long for the two of them to reach a height of several thousands of kilometres, at which point Yang Kai pointed downward and said, “Brother Li, take a look.”


Upon hearing those words, Li Jiao looked down and subconsciously frowned. Everywhere he looked, Tong Xuan Realm seemed to be wrapped in a frail aura. Furthermore, the surface of this Cultivation Star had many obvious traces of being poisoned.


“What do you want me to do, Brother Yang?” Li Jiao had a vague idea as to what Yang Kai was planning now.


Yang Kai asked, “Are there any Spirit Arrays that allow this Cultivation Star to quickly recover its World Energy and vitality?”


Li Jiao pondered for a moment, “I know a Spirit Array called the Absolute Profound Heaven Spirit Array. It might be of some help to you, Brother Yang.”


Yang Kai lifted his brow at that and said, “In that case, please help me arrange this Absolute Profound Heaven Spirit Array, Brother Li.”


Li Jiao explained, “The Absolute Profound Heaven Spirit Array can be divided into several types. They are the 18 Absolute Profound Heaven Spirit Array, 36 Absolute Profound Heaven Spirit Array, 72 Absolute Profound Heaven Spirit Array, and the highest rank being the 108 Absolute Profound Heaven Spirit Array. Every type requires different kinds of materials to arrange, and the difficulty of arranging it increases with each rank. In exchange, the effects will get better and better. I could easily set up the 108 Absolute Profound Heaven Spirit Array if we were in Star Boundary, but here…”


“I can help.”


Li Jiao laughed, “Brother Yang, as you know, these Lower Star Fields will reject any power that exceeds the limits of its Principles. I need to suppress my cultivation to be able to move about freely here just as you do, so the same limitation applies to Spirit Arrays as well. The very existence of the Absolute Profound Heaven Spirit Array surpasses what this Star’s World Principles can handle, so I’m afraid that arranging such a Spirit Array won’t make much of a difference.”


“What if we have the help of the Star Master?”


“This Star has a Star Master?” Li Jiao asked in surprise. This Cultivation Star was in a dilapidated state and its World Energy was clearly exhausted. Even if there was a Star Master, that person would likely be dying by now. That was why his thoughts had not gone in that direction before. However, Li Jiao abruptly realized something after listening to what Yang Kai said. The reason Yang Kai wanted him to arrange such a Spirit Array to help this Cultivation Star recover its World Energy was not for the sake of the Cultivation Star, but for its Star Master!


Now that he understood the situation, Li Jiao nodded, “If we can get the Star Master’s help, we’ll have some hope in this matter.”


The Star Master was the ruler of this place, so even if the Absolute Profound Heaven Spirit Array was rejected by the Star Field, the Star Master could circumvent the rejection enough to activate the Spirit Array.


“Which type of Absolute Profound Heaven Spirit Array do you want me to arrange here, Brother Yang?”


“Naturally, I want you to prepare the best.”


Hesitating, Li Jiao cautioned, “The materials required will be quite substantial.”


Even for Fire Dragon Palace, the 108 Absolute Profound Heaven Spirit Array was not something they could arrange at will without a valid reason. Doing so for a Cultivation Star of a Lower Plane was simply not worth it.


Yang Kai resolutely declared, “The cost is of no concern.” 


While speaking, he took off the Space Ring on his finger and tossed it to Li Jiao to check.


Li Jiao used his Divine Sense to sweep this Space Ring, and what he found inside immediately made him dizzy. Source Crystals were piled up like mountains in practically impossible to count numbers. Moreover, there were various cultivation resources and rare materials of all sorts of shapes and sizes. Even though he was a Palace Master himself, looking at these items made him envious. In comparison, the Source Crystals he lent to Yang Kai just now were not even a fraction of what was inside this Space Ring.


The initial shock was quickly followed by astonishment as Li Jiao recalled that it wasn’t that long ago that Yang Kai established High Heaven Palace. Besides, High Heaven Palace did not own any businesses or industries to generate regular income or collect materials. Yang Kai couldn’t have earned so many Source Crystals in such a short time, so the only other explanation was he gained all this treasure through fighting and looting others. In other words, this mountain of Source Crystals and every single artifact and material in this Space Ring represented the number of enemies Yang Kai killed and the Sects he destroyed.


A drop of cold sweat dripped down Li Jiao’s forehead as he sincerely thought to himself, [I’m so glad I didn’t cause a falling out with Yang Kai back then. Otherwise, things would not have ended well for Fire Dragon Palace!]


“Are these enough?” Yang Kai asked, “I still have a Source Crystal Lode tucked away if it’s not enough.”


“It’s enough.” Li Jiao nodded repeatedly, [It would be inexcusable if this amount still wasn’t enough…]


“Then, I’ll have to trouble you with this, Brother Li. Please let me know if there’s anything I can help with.”


“Of course. Uh… I also need you to inform the Star Master that I need their cooperation, Brother Yang.”




Next, Li Jiao took out several blank jade slips and using his Divine Sense began engraving them with all the essential information about the Absolute Profound Heaven Spirit Array before he handed them over to Yang Kai.


Afterwards, Yang Kai returned to Nine Heavens Holy Land and informed Xia Ning Chang of the matter. On the other hand, Li Jiao flew around Tong Xuan Realm and carefully inspected the environment to determine the optimal way to arrange the Spirit Array.


The Absolute Profound Heaven Spirit Array wasn’t considered a profound or complex Spirit Array in the Star Boundary. It was just that there were many different types. With Xia Ning Chang’s insight, it was not difficult for her to comprehend the mystery of this Spirit Array, and with Yang Kai assisting her, she gained a comprehensive understanding of the subject within a few days.


One day, Xia Ning Chang suddenly felt something and smiled, “That person is here.” While speaking, she gently waved her hand.


At the moment, Li Jiao was wandering around outside Nine Heavens Holy Land while thinking about how to get in. 


[Maybe I should call Yang Kai and ask him to pick me up?] While he was considering his options, the thick fog in front of him suddenly split apart to reveal a passage into which he immediately walked.


Yang Kai was waiting inside the great hall, and when he saw Li Jiao arriving, covered in dust and tired from travelling, he asked anxiously, “How did your investigation go, Brother Li?”


Li Jiao replied, “It’s going to be time-consuming, but it shouldn’t be a problem.”


Yang Kai was overjoyed, “Very good!”


“Let me tell you where to arrange the Spirit Array. There is some preparatory work that needs to be done in advance, which I will leave to you, Brother Yang. We can start arranging things once the refining of the base and flags is completed,” Li Jiao said. While speaking, he took out a jade slip and tapped on it.


A sphere projection then appeared from the jade slip with a flash of light. Most of the sphere was covered in blue or yellow. Moreover, the distribution of the two colours were uneven. Yang Kai glanced at the projection and immediately realized that it was a projection of Tong Xuan Realm with yellow representing land and blue representing water.


It seemed that Li Jiao had been working very hard over the past few days. Not only did he circle the entire Tong Xuan Realm, but he also carefully drew such a map. Although he did not dare to say that it was 100% accurate, it was certainly pretty close. Studying it for a moment, Li Jiao pointed to a certain spot, “Brother Yang, please look at this. This place is where we are right now.”


Yang Kai nodded, recognizing that it was the location of Nine Heavens Holy Land on Tong Xuan Realm.




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