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Martial Peak – Chapter 3158, The Absolute Profound Heaven Spirit Array


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“The World Energy here is the densest across the entire Star. The Principles are the most perfect too. It can be used as the Absolute Profound Heaven Spirit Array Core.” Li Jiao gave a wave of his hand and a red spot immediately appeared where Nine Heavens Holy Land was located on the projection as if he had marked it.


The cultivators from Grand Desolation Star Field had wantonly done whatever they wanted to Tong Xuan Realm for several years, so at this point, the only place left undamaged was Nine Heavens Holy Land. With Xia Ning Chang overseeing this place, it was the most suitable for the Array Core to be situated.


Yang Kai nodded slightly, indicating that he understood.


Then, Li Jiao waved his hand again. Eight small black spots immediately appeared on the projection of Tong Xuan Realm. These spots coincided with the positions of the sub-arrays of the Eight Desolation Binding Spirit Array that Yang Kai had destroyed previously. Li Jiao continued, “The poison is the worst in these eight areas. If I am correct, somebody set up Spirit Arrays in these eight spots before. If you want this Star to recover its World Energy, we must deal with these eight spots with utmost priority.”


“What you say makes sense, Brother Li.”


Lifting his hand again, many red spots appeared on the sphere, one after the other, “I travelled this land for several days and surveyed many places. As a result, I have chosen a total of 108 spots to situate sub-arrays. Aside from the Array Core and the eight black spots, there are still 99 more places to go. I need you to bury an adequate amount of Source Crystals in each of those places; then, once the Spirit Array is activated, those Source Crystals will be transformed into World Energy by the Spirit Array to nourish this Star.”


“Wonderful!” Yang Kai applauded. He had been studying the 108 Absolute Profound Heaven Spirit Array with Xia Ning Chang over the past few days and had gotten a basic understanding of how it worked and how to arrange it. After listening to Li Jiao’s explanation, Yang Kai was confident that this plan would work.


Xia Ning Chang had to rely on Tong Xuan Realm to recover if she wanted to restore her own vitality as soon as possible. Or, she could undergo the same experience Yang Kai had gone through on Shadowed Star. If she could perform a Star Master’s returning nurture to the Star, she could guide Starlight Strength to Tong Xuan Realm from the Star Field itself. There was no need for the Absolute Profound Heaven Spirit Array anymore if she could do this.


Unfortunately, her cultivation was not sufficient. She could not achieve what Yang Kai had accomplished as returning nurture to the Star was too far out of her grasp. The only reason Yang Kai could achieve it so easily was because his own cultivation had far surpassed the limits of Shadowed Star.


“Brother Yang, if you don’t have any objections to the plan, I will start working on it immediately.”


“Many thanks, Brother Li.”


Li Jiao gently nodded. After a pause, he added, “There is one more thing. I need Liu Yan’s help with this.”


Yang Kai grinned, “Go ahead and use her as you please.”


Li Jiao needed to refine all kinds of things for the Spirit Array, and it just so happened that Liu Yan could help in that aspect. It would also prevent her from being bored all day long.


The two of them immediately divided the materials between them with Yang Kai taking the Source Crystals while handing everything else to Li Jiao. Those were the materials that Li Jiao needed to refine for the Core of the array.


After that, Yang Kai did not linger and immediately went back and found a suitable spot in Nine Heavens Holy Land. Tapping his foot against the ground, he lifted his head with a smile, “Please help me, Little Senior Sister.”


As soon as the words left his mouth, the solid ground under his foot suddenly turned into quicksand and he instantly began to slide downwards without the slightest resistance. Even so, he remained motionless and was not the least bit panicked. Rather, he quietly calculated his position in his heart and halted his descent a few moments later. At this point, he was several hundred kilometres below the surface.


Taking out a large number of Source Crystals, he scattered them about so that they would flood to underground depths here. This spot in Nine Heavens Holy Land was going to be the Array Core of the Absolute Profound Heaven Spirit Array, so the need for Source Crystals was extraordinarily high.


Although Yang Kai didn’t keep an accurate count, he scattered an estimate of several million High-Rank Source Crystals in this area before he was satisfied and stopped. Several million High-Rank Source Crystals was considered a huge sum even in the Star Boundary, let alone a Lower Star Field where Saint Crystals were the only currency in circulation. Even Peak-Rank Saint Crystals were incomparable to Low-Rank Source Crystals.


If the World Energy contained within these millions of Source Crystals could be channelled into the Star, it would instantly transform Nine Heavens Holy Land into a place that could rival any Cave Heaven or Paradise of the Star Boundary.


After setting up the Array Core, Yang Kai immediately flew up and headed towards the next area.


A quarter of an hour later, Yang Kai checked the information in the jade slip he was holding and stopped on the spot. This was close to the periphery of a city. Unfortunately, the city that was supposed to be bustling at this time was uninhabited and dilapidated. It was clear that it had been deserted for some time.


Yang Kai called out to Xia Ning Chang again and just like before, the process of burying a large amount of Source Crystals was carried out.


Over the following days, Yang Kai circled around Tong Xuan Realm and completed the preparatory work for arranging the Array according to the instructions written in the jade slip given to him by Li Jiao. His busy figure could be seen everywhere, including in the deserts, below the sea, in the jungles, and out on the plains.


He did not allow Xia Ning Chang to intervene during his travels as although she could instantaneously move him from one point to another in Tong Xuan Realm with just a single thought, it would also consume quite a bit of her strength to do so; therefore, he only asked her to help him a little when burying the Source Crystals.


In this manner, he spent countless Source Crystals along his journey. Yang Kai ended up using more than 90% of the Source Crystals in his possession. It wasn’t that he was wasting his financial resources, but rather that this matter was related to Xia Ning Chang’s future, so he refused to hold back in any way.


By the time he was done setting up all 108 locations, several days had passed. Yang Kai scratched his head and communicated with Xia Ning Chang, who had been watching him the entire time. Then, he plunged himself towards the ground. In response, the ground opened up a passage for him and let him pass through unobstructed.


Soon, Yang Kai arrived at the centre of the Star. This place was where the Source of Tong Xuan Realm came into being. It was also the place where Xia Ning Chang had refined the Star Source back then and could be said to be the heart of Tong Xuan Realm.


Scorching lava flowed around Yang Kai, seeming to burn everything in its path. Arriving here, Yang Kai lifted his hand and pulled out a magnificent Source Crystal Lode from the Small Sealed World before dropping it into the core. The Lode sank into the lava soon after. 


This was the only Source Crystal Lode in his possession, and he had obtained it just outside of Maplewood City many years ago. It had always been left inside the Sealed World Bead to be used by his Embodiment for cultivation, so a large portion of it had already been consumed. That said, it was still a huge expenditure for the current Tong Xuan Realm.


It wasn’t hard to imagine that with the help of so many Source Crystals from Yang Kai, Tong Xuan Realm’s dismal situation would immediately become much better once the Absolute Profound Heaven Spirit Array was up and running. Although it would still take some time to recover completely, it would reduce that time from several hundred years many times over. In other words, Xia Ning Chang’s recovery period would be shortened. She could be back to normal within a decade.


That wasn’t all. As long as the Absolute Profound Heaven Spirit Array continued to operate, Tong Xuan Realm’s situation would continuously improve. The World Energy would become denser, richer and, in time, this Cultivation Star would grow to be on par with Shadowed Star and Water Moon Star. It would no longer be like how it was before, where the cultivation limit was the Saint Realm at best. It would be able to produce cultivators in the Saint King Realm, the Origin Returning Realm, and the Origin King Realm, ultimately reaching the peak of the Star Field’s Martial Dao. 


The better Tong Xuan Realm became, the more beneficial it would be for Xia Ning Chang.


Yang Kai returned to Nine Heavens Holy Land with a beautiful dream for the future. Meanwhile, Li Jiao and Liu Yan were refining the base of the Spirit Array. Even with Liu Yan’s help, the process was taking a lot out of Li Jiao. He looked haggard and worn out, and if not for the numerous Spirit Pills he was consuming, he would have collapsed a long time ago. 


Seeing this, Yang Kai assisted from the side.


Two months passed by in a hurry, and on this particular day, Li Jiao handed the last item to Yang Kai with a slightly dazed expression and dull eyes, “I’ve done what you asked.”


The refining of 108 Absolute Profound Heaven Spirit Columns was completed. With that, Li Jiao had completed his task. During the process, he had made several mistakes and wasted quite a bit of material, but Yang Kai was well prepared, so some wastage was no big deal.


Yang Kai stretched out his hand to take the item with a word of thanks. Then, he lifted his hand and transferred Li Jiao to the Small Sealed World so that he could rest inside and recover from his fatigue.


Fiddling with the Absolute Profound Heaven Spirit Column in his hand that was about a meter tall, Yang Kai raised his eyes to look in the direction of Nine Heavens Holy Land’s Array Core and smiled before asking, “Are you ready?”


A refreshing breeze blew against his face like an invisible hand stroking his cheek. That was Xia Ning Chang’s response to his question.


“Then, let’s begin!” He shifted his body slightly and immediately arrived at the place where he had buried the Source Crystals previously. Taking a deep breath, Yang Kai circulated his Emperor Qi and tossed the Profound Spirit Column into the air in front of him. At the same time, he swiftly formed a series of hand seals.


Following that, several beams of light entered the Spirit Column and disappeared. 


As the Profound Spirit Column slowly fell downward, it seemed to become more and more energetic while also expanding in size rapidly. 


The Profound Spirit Column had only been a meter tall before, but it turned into a towering pillar that was a few thousand meters high in the blink of an eye. Even if several people tried to wrap their arms around it, they wouldn’t be able to encircle it fully. The complex patterns on the Profound Spirit Column flickered and flashed before it fell straight down into the ground as if held by an invisible large hand.


In response, countless people in Nine Heavens Holy Land looked up with shocked expressions. The Profound Spirit Column was not an artifact, it was simply a Spirit Array base; however, it was emitting an imposing aura at the moment. If an ordinary cultivator from the Star Field were to come into contact with an existence like this, they would be turned to ashes in an instant.


Then, the ground formed a whirlpool, revealing a path that guided the Profound Spirit Column deeper into the ground.


Yang Kai quickly shouted, “Bury the Array Core 2 kilometres deep while leaving a kilometre exposed. Little Senior Sister, please pay attention to the details.”


The Profound Spirit Column silently continued to bury itself deeper into the ground before stopping all of a sudden when it reached a certain level. Afterwards, the ground hardened again to bind the Profound Spirit Column tightly in its embrace. It was now buried exactly 2 kilometres into the ground, not one bit more nor one bit less.


Inspecting the Profound Spirit Column, Yang Kai confirmed that there were no errors in the placement before swiftly heading in another direction with Li Yan following close behind him.


The Absolute Profound Heaven Spirit Array was formed based on the 108 Profound Spirit Columns. The requirements for the location and the depth of placement for every Profound Spirit Column was very particular and the slightest error would make a huge difference.


Fortunately, Li Jiao was quite familiar with this Spirit Array, although the one he was familiar with was the 72 Absolute Profound Heaven Spirit Array and not the 108 Absolute Profound Heaven Spirit Array. The fundamentals were basically the same despite the difference in numbers; therefore, the information he supplied was pretty much accurate.


Li Jiao had worked together with Liu Yan to refine all these Profound Spirit Columns, so the Array should activate smoothly as long as everything was arranged appropriately.


Over the next few days, Yang Kai revisited all the places he had been to previously and buried one Profound Spirit Column above each buried pile of Source Crystals. It took him a whole seven days to finish burying all 108 Profound Spirit Columns before he ran around with Liu Yan, cross-checking his handiwork. Only when he was satisfied that everything was in order did he return to Nine Heavens Holy Land.




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