Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3159, Full Recovery


Translator: Silavin & Tia

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Yang Kai stood in the sky inside Nine Heavens Holy Land, his black hair flying around him and his robes dancing wildly. His expression was solemn as he held a small Array Jade in his hand. That was the Array Jade to control the Absolute Profound Heaven Spirit Array. It was something that he, Li Jiao, and Liu Yan jointly made together with a lot of effort.


Everything was in place, except for the most crucial part of it all. Closing his eyes, Yang Kai concentrated for a moment; then, he lightly touched the Array Jade and slowly poured some Emperor Qi into it so that it flashed with light.


Next, he opened his eyes abruptly and began forming a set of hand seals. Rays of light entered the Array Jade and he shouted, “Initialize!”


The Array Jade shone brightly!


A low humming sound came from deep underground. At the same time, an earthquake shook the entire Nine Heavens Holy Land. The changes startled countless cultivators who were cultivating in meditation, causing them to come out of retreat to investigate the situation. Upon seeing the figure standing in the sky though, they understood that the changes were his doing and not another enemy invasion; thus, they felt relieved.


Inside Nine Heavens Holy Land, the Absolute Profound Heaven Spirit Column located at the Array Core suddenly underwent an unusual change. The complex patterns on the surface of the pillar flickered and shone. Simultaneously, an invisible pulse spread out. With the Profound Spirit Column as its centre, it spread out tens of thousands of kilometres, covering Tong Xuan Realm.


One by one, the Profound Spirit Columns lit up in succession across the land. Under the influence of their energy fluctuations and invisible energy waves, they resonated with each other and the patterns on their surfaces shone brightly. If one were to look down from the Starry Sky, one could see the 108 lights flashing brightly across the entire Star. Everywhere the waves passed, the lights became extremely dazzling.


The speed of Yang Kai’s hand seals increased, becoming more and more rapid while his expression remained extremely solemn. Although his cultivation was extremely high, he was currently in a state of self-suppression, so he did not dare to be careless or negligent while maintaining this Grand Spirit Array. This matter was related to Xia Ning Chang’s well-being, so he had to take it very seriously. 


Soon, sweat was dripping down his face.


A quarter-hour later, the Profound Spirit Column in Nine Heavens Holy Land emitted an invisible wave once again and the previous phenomenon repeated. That column was like a beating heart, pulsing rhythmically. Every time it beat, the other 107 Profound Spirit Columns would produce a subtle resonance with each other. As the number of beasts increased, the resonance would connect from end to end and could no longer be separated from one another. Over time, all 108 Profound Spirit Columns synchronized and covered the entire Tong Xuan Realm as a result.


The invisible wave spread out again and again. Similarly, the 108 Profound Spirit Columns flashed in rhythm. The cycle repeated continuously; however, the frequency of the cycle slowly accelerated as time passed.


One day later, the time between each wave had been halved from the initial quarter-hour. Another day later, the time halved again. In another three days, the Profound Spirit Column at the Array Core pulsed every few breaths. The remaining 107 Profound Spirit Columns were the same. Moreover, if one were to observe it closely, they would discover that the flashing lights of the Profound Spirit Columns no longer lit up sequentially but in sync.


Yang Kai controlled the Array Jade with great focus, maintaining the Array without even knowing how much time was passing. Finally, the frequency of the flashing lights of the Profound Spirit Columns seemed to have reached a certain limit. Following that, an invisible aura spread like a fierce beast from ancient times that had awakened suddenly.


Yang Kai looked tired, but his eyes were shining so brightly that it was scary. The moment he had been waiting for was finally here! He no longer hesitated. Changing his hand seals, he threw the Array Jade high into the air as a ray of light hit it and he shouted, “Activate!”


The Array hummed. At that moment, the 108 lights that had been flashing continuously died out completely. They no longer contained any light in them; however, the extinguished lights were rekindled again in the next moment. There was neither sequence nor individuality to the rekindling of the lights. They had completely become one and 108 vibration waves undulated all at once. Every one of the Profound Spirit Columns shot out 107 rays of light in all directions. These lights cut through the sky and weaved a gigantic net that covered the skies above all of Tong Xuan Realm.


At that moment, all living creatures in Tong Xuan Realm looked up into the sky. The criss-crossing rays of light looked like meteors falling from above, converging to form a shower raining across the entire Star. The sight was shocking to see; however, nobody felt any fear or trepidation. Instead, many had the urge to worship the phenomenon instead.


*Hong hong hong…* 


Rumbling sounds rang out continuously as every Profound Spirit Column was closely connected with the other 107 Profound Spirit Columns. 


*Kacha…* As if a key had slid into the lock, the 108 Profound Spirit Columns came to life at the same instant and began to release a world-shattering force.


Immediately after that, the sky sparkled, the clouds gathered, and Principle Strength swirled. The world was beginning to reject the Spirit Array that exceeded its tolerance limit.


All of a sudden, a fair and flawless jade-white hand swept through the air. Wherever the jade-white hand passed, the clouds dissipated and the skies calmed. Soon, everything returned to normal.


Without Xia Ning Chang using her Star Master’s power to protect the Spirit Array and interfere with the World Principles, the 108 Absolute Profound Heaven Spirit Array would not have been able to function properly. 


Li Jiao was right, those in the Emperor Realm were unable to exist in this world safely with their cultivations unsealed, so how could the Absolute Profound Heaven Spirit Array that came from the Star Boundary be any different?


If it were a slightly weaker Spirit Array, it might not have been a problem; unfortunately, the Absolute Profound Heaven Spirit Array was an Emperor Grade Spirit Array that far exceeded the limits that this world could withstand. Fortunately, Xia Ning Chang’s power had allowed the Array to continue existing within Tong Xuan Realm.


It wasn’t just Nine Heavens Holy Land that was facing constant tremors though; in fact, the entire world shook as the Absolute Profound Heaven Spirit Array took effect.


The net of light covering the entire world gradually disappeared, but the 108 Profound Spirit Columns were now connected together as one. At the same time, the Array began to truly operate. Firstly, the Source Crystals that Yang Kai buried in advance finally came into play. Guided by the Profound Spirit Columns, countless Source Crystals transformed into pure World Energy, which was extracted by the Profound Spirit Columns and circulated into the world.


“What rich World Energy!” A burst of exclamations rang out from Nine Heavens Holy Land.


At this moment, the World Energy that had always been rather special in the Holy Land climbed to new heights. More importantly, it had yet to reach its limits and continued to rise rapidly. Nine Heavens Holy Land was soon covered in a layer of fog, one that took only the blink of an eye to become so thick that one couldn’t see anything in front of them. The fog made a person feel as though they were floating in a sea of World Energy, a very pleasant and joy-inducing sensation.


Nobody had ever experienced such dense World Energy before. Although Nine Heavens Holy Land was the Cultivation Paradise of Tong Xuan Realm and, it was still worse off compared to many other places in the Star Field. The reason being that Tong Xuan Realm’s World Energy had been in decline for thousands of years and was now quite depleted. That was why it couldn’t produce any strong cultivators. Even when Nine Heavens Holy Land was at its peak, it could not compare to any of the ordinary mountains on Shadowed Star or Water Moon Star. The differences between them were like night and day.


However, it was different now. Changes were occurring everywhere on Tong Xuan Realm and all the cultivators who survived the previous war happily cheered and ran around spreading the news.


The sun was shining in the sky, but raindrops still began to fall. The cheering cultivators suddenly seemed to freeze in place when this happened and looked up into the sky stupidly, reached out their hands to catch the raindrops or using their tongues to lick them. When they did, they were shocked to the core.


It was Spirit Rain! It wasn’t just any ordinary rain as every single drop of rain was brimming with World Energy. It was practically the manifestation of pure, condensed World Energy.


When the Spirit Rain first appeared, it was only a light drizzle; however, it soon became a pouring rain that covered the entire Star with not a single spot left out. Green sprouts emerged in the withered wilderness; young grass sprung up from the dry ground; sickly cows mooed and stood up again; the dying elderly abruptly opened their dull eyes as they began shining with life. Their grieving families, who were about to cry in mourning, were dumbstruck by the phenomenon.


When the Absolute Profound Heaven Spirit Array was in operation, it not only increased the World Energy of the Star but also improved the ethereal vitality of Tong Xuan Realm that was difficult to sense.


Yang Kai remained standing in the sky, holding the Array Jade of the 108 Absolute Profound Heaven Spirit Array in his hand as he spread his Divine Sense out like a tide and investigated the situation in every corner of the world. Upon seeing the status, a satisfied look surfaced on his face.


He was only able to solve Tong Xuan Realm’s worries this time around thanks to Li Jiao’s help. Yang Kai neither knew much about Spirit Arrays nor had he heard of the Absolute Profound Heaven Spirit Array before. If not for Li Jiao’s efforts over the past two months, he would not have been able to arrange this Array. And now, the effects were greater than Yang Kai could have expected. He couldn’t help feeling extremely grateful toward Li Jiao.


[En… Let’s just write off the debt that Fire Dragon Palace owes me. At any rate, Li Jiao and I have gone through more than one life or death experience together and he has also provided his assistance to me… though not always willingly. In any case, it would be too embarrassing to try and collect that debt from him after this. Besides, those debts are nothing to the current High Heaven Palace. Why should I make others tighten their belts just to pay me money I don’t care about?] Secretly making up his mind, Yang Kai glanced out of the corner of his eye and immediately flew off in a certain direction.


“Little Senior Sister, why did you come out?” He appeared next to two women and supported Xia Ning Chang by the arm with one hand. He was extremely anxious, “Why aren’t you lying down? Why did you run out instead? Walk slowly! Slowly! Stop, stop. It’s raining outside. You shouldn’t go past this point.


Xue Yue glanced sideways at him and complained, “If I didn’t know better, I’d have thought that Ning Chang was pregnant.”


Xia Ning Chang’s face reddened upon hearing this.


On the other hand, he touched his chin and considered it seriously, “That’s not a bad idea.”


Xia Ning Chang quickly changed the topic, “I just came out to take a look as I felt much better all of a sudden just now.”


It wasn’t just ‘much better’. Prior to this, she remained extremely weak and pale-faced despite receiving Yang Kai’s help to stabilize her vitality and prevent it from being drained. In contrast, her face now had a rosy glow. It wasn’t just because she was feeling shy after being teased by Xue Yue, it was mainly due to the effects of the Spirit Array.


Even though she was the Star Master and could grasp the situation of the entire Star with just a single thought, seeing with her own eyes was a habit and a more intuitive experience overall.


“This Spirit Array is truly amazing. Junior Brother, please thank Sir Li for me.” Xia Ning Chang was watching the Spirit Rain pouring down outside, and if not for Yang Kai’s presence, she would have rushed out to dance in the rain to express the joy she was feeling inside.




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  1. Let her dance ffs!
    She’s an ~80 y.o. 3rd order Origin King Realm Star Master with a decade of war-experience under her belt.
    As much as I like YK “protective” side when it comes to his family, at times it really gets over the top xD

    1. Agreed. You can read from the whole novel between the lines that the Chinese family culture is super toxic. It’s not just different, it’s scary and traumatizing

      1. I have no problem with him protecting his family. Sometimes maybe even in a slightly exaggerated way. Makes for a good laugh every now and then. But what annoys me is when YK suddenly acts as if his wives are some sort of completely defenseless, vulnerable, weak, naive/stupid small children that are totally incapable of doing anything on their own.

      2. That line “If I didn’t know better, I’d have thought that Ning Chang was pregnant.” is a reference to a common belief in China that if a pregnant woman gets cold at all she could suffer a miscarriage. Even touching the floor with their bare feet is considered very risky. Quite often expecting mothers are practically confined to their beds by their families.

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