Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3160, Important Matter Completed


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“Of course,” Yang Kai nodded. Although Li Jiao and him were now close enough that there was no need for thanks between them anymore, it was only natural that he agreed to this task since Xia Ning Chang had spoken up about it.


“10 years!” Xia Ning Chang suddenly said.




She smiled, “Tong Xuan Realm will fully recover within 10 years.”


The cultivators of Grand Desolation Star Field only took a few years to cause such severe poisoning. In contrast, it would take 10 years to recover from the damage even with Yang Kai spending a huge amount of Source Crystals. Destruction was often easier than recovery.


“Are you satisfied with just that?” He glanced at her with a grin.


She blinked, “What else is there to want?”


He replied, “Tong Xuan Realm is inferior to the other Stars. In the first place, its grade is on the lower side. Just restoring it to its original state is no good. Moreover, 10 years… That’s far too long.”


The wheels in Xia Ning Chang’s head spun quickly as she asked, “Husband, are you saying you have a way to make the Star even better?”


“It all depends,” He laughed heartily. He had some plans in his heart, but he did not know if they could succeed; therefore, he did not dare to promise them anything, lest he could not achieve what he promised. That would be extremely embarrassing.


However, Xue Yue seemed to have seen through his intentions and smirked, “If you can make Tong Xuan Realm better, then I will…”


“You will what?” He glanced at her with a scorching gaze.


She blushed slightly but remained steadfast, “I will let you do whatever you want with me.”


His eyes gleamed, “I want us to sleep together!”


“Hmph!” She scoffed at him.


Then, he slipped between Xue Yue and Xia Ning Chang. Hugging both women in his arms, one on each side, he boldly declared, “You can’t make a horse work without feeding it. Let’s all sleep together, come come!”


“Pervert!” Xue Yue glared at him fiercely, her alluring and graceful looks nearly charming his very soul out of his body. Then, she lowered her head shyly and murmured, “You have to convince Ning Chang first.”


Xia Ning Chang’s face blushed beet red, “How did this topic even come up?”


Yang Kai then said with a serious expression, “The convergence of Yin and Yang is the Heavenly Way. En, it’s decided then.”


“Who agreed to that!?” Xia Ning Chang was anxious. She couldn’t even imagine doing something like that; however, Yang Kai quickly lowered his head and took a little taste by pecking her on the lips. In response, she became frozen stiff as if she had been struck by lightning. She had never been so intimate with him in front of others before.


Xue Yue had been watching them with a smile and was caught off-guard when he turned around and stole her red lips too. Similarly, it was just a peck and he did not go too far. It wasn’t that he wasn’t tempted, but that he still remembered what Xue Yue said before. He was not allowed to touch her until Xia Ning Chang was fully recovered. Although he could win them over with persistence at this moment, how could that win against the expectation of having both of them at once in his heart?


[Heh heh… These two innocent women… Did you think that it’s just the two of you? When that time comes, neither Qing Luo nor Su Yan will escape!] Laughing riotously, he flew off.


Behind him, Xue Yue touched her cherry lips for a moment before she stomped her foot and shouted, “Scoundrel!”


Yang Kai stood under the Spirit Rain with his hands on his waist, energetically and passionately declaring, “Everyone, Grand Desolation Star Field has invaded our lands for more than 10 years, massacred our fellow cultivators, snatched our women, and looted the riches from our Star Field! Billions have lost their homes, and billions more have had their lives destroyed! Now is the time for us to fight back!”


The heavy rain was noisy, but it couldn’t drown out his voice so everyone heard him clearly.


“Join me now and we will make them pay! An eye for an eye! Blood for blood!” Yang Kai lifted his fist towards the Starry Sky.


“Blood for blood!” Voices roared to the sky. The grievances accumulated over the past few years had not disappeared with the recovery of Tong Xuan Realm. Instead, the thirst for revenge had only grown stronger with time.




Yang Kai sat on the peak of a barren mountain on a certain Dead Star in the endless Star Field. He propped his cheek on one hand and closed his eyes in deep contemplation. His Divine Sense dived into his Knowledge Sea, navigating through the vast Star Chart there.


This Star Chart depicted the entire Heng Luo Star Field and was something Yang Kai obtained by accident when he first left Tong Xuan Realm in the past. At first, he had not paid much attention to it and simply used it as a navigation tool to not lose his way in the Star Field.


Over time though, he discovered that this Star Chart was different from the Star Charts drawn by ordinary Star Chart Masters. It seemed to be changing constantly, corresponding to every corner of the entire Star Field. It was just that the Star Chart was too large and the Star Field was too vast, so these minor changes would not have been noticeable without careful observation.


Yang Kai later learned that the Star Chart he had accidentally obtained was actually the Source of the entire Star Field. It was precisely because of this Star Chart that he managed to sense a faint connection with Heng Luo Star Field in the Ancestral Domain and eventually return to this place.


Wu Kuang mentioned that, in the past, every time he travelled to a new Star Field, he would search for the Star Field Source and devour it. With that, he could become the Master of that Star Field and would no longer be rejected by its World Principles.


A Star Field Source did not have a fixed form, and compared to the Star Source of a Cultivation Star, the Star Field Source could almost be considered a mythical existence, practically impossible to find.


For Yang Kai to obtain one could be said to be a great stroke of good fortune. Unfortunately, he could not harness the power of the Star Field Source because he had never bothered to refine it. Only by successfully refining this Star Field Source could he truly become the Master of Heng Luo Star Field. At that time, he wouldn’t even need to lift a single finger to purge all the cultivators of Grand Desolation Star Field as he could do so with just a single thought.


It had been half a year since he left Tong Xuan Realm, and throughout this time Yang Kai had been trying to refine the Star Field Source, but he had yet to make any progress. Even if his cultivation was in the Emperor Realm, the Star Field was too vast and it contained countless Stars within it. To refine the Star Field Source was equivalent to trying to control all of these Stars; it was more difficult than trying to ascend to the Heavens.


[I must be doing something wrong.] Even Wu Kuang had to suppress his cultivation when he arrived in the Lower Star Fields and could only start unscrupulously doing as he pleased after consuming the Star Field Source.


[If Wu Kuang can do this, then there’s no reason why I can’t.] Yang Kai was secretly annoyed with himself for not asking more about this matter at the time. [Even if I go to the Ancestral Domain right now… Putting aside the issue of whether I can manage to locate him, even if I did manage to, that guy might not tell me anything either.]


Yang Kai secretly rejoiced over the fact that he had not boasted about anything in front of Xue Yue and Xia Ning Chang; otherwise, he would be too embarrassed to meet them now. At the time, he only had a vague plan in mind; that was to refine the Star Chart and become the Master of this Star Field. Then, he would be able to control the power of the entire Star Field to provide some extra nurturing to Tong Xuan Realm. Upgrading it to be the same level as Shadowed Star and Water Moon Star would be nothing but child’s play at that time; but now, it would seem that his thoughts had been too naïve.


“Still not working?” A crisp voice rang out next to him, one that was sweet and pleasant to the ear.


Upon hearing her, Yang Kai opened his eyes and pulled Liu Yan into his arms. He continued to prop his cheeks on his hand and sighed, “I have an idea, but I don’t know if it will work.”


Liu Yan raised her head to look up at him. Reaching out her hand, she touched the hard stubble on his chin and gently murmured, “If you have an idea, then go ahead and try it out. There’s no loss in trying, right?”


“I was thinking so too.” He nodded and stood up, “How much longer before they gather here?”


“There are about ten more days until the agreed time.”


“Ten days is enough. Can you keep watch? Tell me immediately if you receive any news. I’m going to give my idea a try.”


“En.” She nodded.


Afterwards, Yang Kai kicked off the ground and rushed straight into the sky like a flying arrow, soon vanishing from sight. Plunging into the Starry Sky, he flew about aimlessly at a speed that was neither fast nor slow. As he flew, Yang Kai pushed his Emperor Qi gently, leaving a trail of his aura behind him. At the same time, he observed his path with the Star Chart in his Knowledge Sea and delineated an area that was neither large nor small.


With the Star Chart as a cross-reference, he was not worried about getting his position wrong. And so, he continuously flew around this area as if drawing a circle. All the aura he had left behind was within the circle.


Five days later, he came to the centre of the circle and abruptly stopped before closing his eyes. His Divine Sense dived into his Knowledge Sea as he quietly studied the Star Chart. All of a sudden, his figure stiffened. A look of pleasant surprise soon appeared on his face as he clearly felt a special area within the Star Chart in his Knowledge Sea. That area was none other than the place where he had spent the past few days marking with his aura.


[Interesting! Perhaps the method I’ve been trying for the past six months has been wrong all along. If this method works, then it means that refining the Star Field Source and a Star Source are two completely different things.] He had been trying to refine the Star Field Source with the method he used to refine Star Sources before. He had worked directly on the Star Chart in his Knowledge Sea, but his efforts had been to no avail. From what he could see right now though, it was apparent he needed to start from the basics before going deeper. [Tackling this from the ground up is the way! But, what method should I use to refine it? There’s no other Secret Art to use aside from the Star Refining Art.]


Upon making his decision, he no longer hesitated. He immediately activated the Star Refining Art and immersed his mind in that special area within the Star Chart. All of a sudden, he felt a strange sensation. It felt as if his thoughts were spreading and expanding, flooding across the places he had passed through during the past five days, and firmly connecting the path made of aura he had left behind. He could now sense the movement of every object in that region without even opening his eyes. Everything was as clear as could be.


The Star Refining Art continued to circulate slowly, branding a certain area within the Star Chart with his aura, as if gradually changing the colour of that region. There were no ripples nor fluctuations that accompanied this process; everything seemed so peaceful and natural.


Without warning, Yang Kai suddenly opened his eyes and laughed loudly. [I can’t believe a sudden whim pointed me in the right direction.]


The ‘colour’ of that particular area in the Star Chart inside his Knowledge Sea seemed slightly different from the other places now. Correspondingly, he could feel that special area within the Starry Sky too.


Yang Kai did not use any kind of power. He simply changed what he was thinking about. Following that, his figure kept flickering throughout the area, leaving behind afterimages as if countless versions of him existed at the same time.


This was a special piece of the Starry Sky, a piece that only belonged to him! He was the Master of everything within this region, just like on Shadowed Star.


His figure stopped abruptly, and an eager light flashed in his eyes. [If I am safe after doing this, then it proves my theory is correct! If so, then all I need to refine the Star Chart is time and I can become the Master of Heng Luo Star Field!]


Taking a deep breath, Yang Kai roared. A strange sound rang out from the depths of his heart as the seal on his cultivation broke open. Immediately after that, his cultivation soared. First-Order Dao Source Realm… Second-Order Dao Source Realm… Third-Order Dao Source Realm… Emperor Realm!


Despite lifting the seal on his cultivation though, he remained safe and sound. The world was not rejecting him nor revealing any hostile intent towards him. 


[I did it!]





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