Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3164, Borrow Something


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As the Star Master of Fire Cloud Star, Chi Huo was naturally a Third-Order Origin King. It could almost be said that he stood at the peak of the Star Field, so it didn’t make much sense to cultivate further. For that reason, he had been indulging in various vices, including wine and beautiful women, for the past 500 years, living a thoroughly enjoyable life.


Although the concubine he was marrying today was only a First-Order Origin Returning Realm, she was an absolute beauty, so despite most cultivators not being big on formalities, Chi Huo had arranged an extravagant event to celebrate the occasion.


Inside the palace, Chi Huo and the bride were both dressed in fiery red as they sat side by side. Guests from all walks of life were celebrating their union. When the guests came forward to offer a toast, they also presented generous gifts to Chi Huo. There was also a lot of flattery going around, which made Chi Huo roar with laughter, his voice echoing thunderously.


Meanwhile, the bride sat motionlessly with a faint smile on her face. She looked dignified and generous. Many women were secretly pointing at her and talking about her. Their words were full of envy and jealousy, claiming that she was marrying above her station and enjoying the benefits that came with a huge promotion in status.


When it was the turn for a Second-Order Origin King Master to come up and offer a toast, Chi Huo lifted his glass before turning his head abruptly to look into the distance. His gaze seemed to pierce through the void, and he revealed a solemn expression.


The palace immediately quietened down as everybody’s gaze was fixed on Chi Huo.


Putting down his glass, he shouted, “May I know who is honouring us with their presence? I, Chi Huo, apologize for not greeting you immediately. Honoured Guest, please come this way.”


Everybody was shocked by his words for they had never seen Chi Huo acting so courteously before. His cultivation had reached the peak of the Star Field’s limits, and he was also the Star Master of Fire Cloud Star. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that he held the lives of several billions of cultivators living on this star in his hand. Even another Third-Order Origin King, who would technically be his equal, had to bow before him in this place.


[Who is it that can receive such courteous treatment from Sir Chi Huo? Just what kind of person can have such rights?] In their confusion, the crowd heard an unfamiliar voice sounding in their ears who simply replied, “Good.”


The guests couldn’t help finding it weird. Even though they had yet to meet the speaker, that response was far too presumptuous. [That person doesn’t know his place! He doesn’t even show basic respect in front of the Star Master of Fire Cloud Star!] The lively atmosphere in the palace cooled down all of a sudden, and everybody wore a strange look on their faces.


Yang Kai moved as swiftly as lightning, traversing the three thousand kilometres distance to arrive at Blazing Mountain in an instant, his goal the majestic Blazing Palace.


To Yang Kai’s surprise though, a shout suddenly came from below, “Senior! Please take me along with you!”


Lowering his head to have a look, Yang Kai saw a person standing on a black stone below. There was boiling lava flowing on all sides and it was so hot that it was scalding, a harsh and dangerous environment to be in.


That person was only in the Second-Order Origin Returning Realm cultivator and was clearly quite young, looking around 27 or 28 years old. He was square-faced and dressed in ragged clothes. It would seem that he had experienced a lot of hardships along his journey. His exposed skin revealed many scald marks caused by the lava, and the Saint Qi he was using to protect the surface of his body was dim and bleak, looking like it might disappear at any moment.


The Blazing Mountains, which stretched out for thousands of kilometres in all directions, was the place where Chi Huo lived. It was not a place that could be traversed by ordinary people. Without support and guidance, a Second-Order Origin Returning Realm Master would surely die in these lands. Even so, this young man had not retreated. Despite being in a dishevelled state, those eyes of his were very determined and it seemed as though he would continue his journey towards Blazing Palace even if Yang Kai refused to help him. He wouldn’t complain even if he died here.


“Were you talking to me?” Yang Kai stopped and looked at that young man.


“Senior, please bring me along with you! I, Cui Meng Yuan, will forever be grateful!” The young man gave a deep bow. His appearance was a mess, but it was hard to find fault with his etiquette. He seemed to have been at least educated well.


“Why should I bring you along?” Yang Kai grinned, “What benefit might it bring me?”


Cui Meng Yuan shook his head, “I don’t have anything except this life of mine to offer you.”


Yang Kai curled his lips in response, “Your life is worthless to me.”


Cui Meng Yuan’s eyes darkened at those words. Then, he sighed and did not force the matter. Straightening his back, he prepared to fly away; however, the lava around him turned into something akin to a living monster at that moment and condensed to form fire pythons that lunged at him.


Cui Meng Yuan’s heart sank, knowing that he was destined to die here today; hence, he didn’t even bother to resist and simply took a long, yearning look at Blazing Palace. Contrary to his expectations though, the scorching temperature suddenly disappeared and the pain he imagined did not come. Stunned, he discovered that he had been rescued. The fire python that had been striking at him had turned back into lava and flowed away. 


When he lifted his head to look at Yang Kai, he gratefully spoke, “Many thanks, Senior.”


“Forget it. It is fate that you and I met today, so I’ll bring you along at a loss!” Yang Kai grinned and grabbed Cui Meng Yuan by the collar. He then carried the young man in his hand like a chicken. The scenery around them receded in a flash and they arrived at Blazing Mountain in the blink of an eye.


After being tossed to the ground by Yang Kai, it took a while for Cui Meng Yuan to recover from his shock. He was just about to thank Yang Kai again when he saw him striding towards Blazing Palace. Thus, he gritted his teeth and followed closely behind.


The gates of the palace were wide open, displaying the magnificent interior that gave off an extremely luxurious aura. The moment Yang Kai walked into the palace, he felt many pairs of eyes staring fixedly at him. Those gazes were scrutinizing and contained a touch of hostility.


A stocky man with red hair and a beard sat on an elevated platform like an iron tower. He was dressed in red robes and looked like a bundle of flames that could turn the entire world into a sea of fire. He also had a pair of red eyes that shone as brightly as two suns and flickered with an imposing light.


Cui Meng Yuan stepped out from behind Yang Kai and stared towards the bride beside Chi Huo with a complex expression. His lips moved and he whispered something. Although his voice was very soft, it couldn’t escape Yang Kai’s ears. Similarly, the bride’s tender body stiffened in response; however, she quickly lowered her eyes and her expression returned to normal.


Chi Huo and Yang Kai looked at each other. One was aggressive and imposing, while the other was deep and quiet. There seemed to be invisible forces clashing and colliding in the palace, making the atmosphere as tense as could be. 


All of a sudden, Chi Huo laughed and stretched out his hand to hold the jade white hand of the bride next to him, “Today is my wedding day. I can’t believe I have such an Honoured Guest gracing my palace. What a happy occasion! Dare I ask for your name, Honoured Guest?”


Although it was a question, he remained sitting above all others in a condescending manner. As for Cui Meng Yuan, Chi Huo didn’t even bother to glance at him, as if the latter was air.


Yang Kai smiled, “Names are nothing more than labels others use to distinguish one from another, not worth mentioning here. I invited myself in because I have a favour to ask of you, Brother Chi.”


Chi Huo lowered his eyes and replied faintly, “We can talk about that another day. Today is my wedding day. Little Brother, if you don’t mind, you should stay and join us for a few drinks.”


Despite directing a question at the young man, he did not receive a corresponding answer; thus, Chi Huo was a little displeased. Feeling that this young man was a little too arrogant, he lost interest in speaking with him further. [How dare he call me ‘Brother Chi’? What arrogance! Does he really think he can speak to me as equals just because I’m being a little generous?]


The only reason he did not kick Yang Kai out was because he could vaguely sense Yang Kai’s strength was astonishing. Besides, today was his wedding and he did not wish to create trouble on such an auspicious day. Otherwise, he would never have held his temper in. Even so, the way he addressed Yang Kai became ‘Little Brother’ at some point, which carried a sense of superiority over Yang Kai.


Chi Huo initially thought that Yang Kai would take his advice, but to his surprise, Yang Kai shook his head, “This matter is of great importance. Although I am not in a hurry, it’s better if I settle this matter as soon as possible. Please forgive me, Brother Chi.”


Chi Huo’s expression immediately darkened at those words. He was not acquainted with Yang Kai, so there were no grievances between them to speak of; however, he was getting irritated with Yang Kai’s arrogant attitude during the brief conversation they had with each other. [I don’t really want to make a move, but if this boy doesn’t know when to call it quits, I don’t mind adding another bloodstain to Blazing Palace.] 


Hence, he quickly said, “Is that so? Well then, let’s hear it. We’ll see just how important it is.”


Yang Kai solemnly replied, “It’s related to the peace in the Star Field.”


Chi Huo was startled for a moment, then he roared with laughter. Similarly, the other guest began laughing too, their voices filled with mockery. There was no way they could hold in their laughter if a random cultivator suddenly popped out and claimed that his circumstances were related to the peace of the entire Star Field. To them, it was as though a frog had popped up to tell them that the sky was falling.


The guests today consisted mostly of the older generation and they had long noticed the change in Chi Huo’s attitude. Seeing how Yang Kai was behaving, how could they tolerate his lack of propriety? Hence, an old man with a goatee immediately shook his head and mocked, “Brat, this is Blazing Palace. It’s not a place for you to spew utter nonsense. Go back to wherever you came from. Sir Chi Huo is in a good mood today, so he won’t mind a tasteless joke or two.”


“That’s right. Hurry up and scram from here. Stop delaying my time; it’s my turn to offer a toast.”


“To think Sir Chi Huo was being so polite to him. I can’t believe he is so crazy. How ridiculous.”


“The Star Field has been at peace for such a long time. How dare he try to deceive us!?”



Yang Kai was unmoved by the insults and mockery that blew past his ears like a breeze. He simply frowned and looked at Chi Huo, “Brother Chi, did you block all news from the outside? Why?”


These guests didn’t seem to know about what had happened in the Star Field over the past decade. [I can’t believe they said something like ‘The Star Field has been at peace for such a long time.’ Don’t they have any form of communication with the outside world?] 


Then, he remembered the barriers he encountered when he first arrived at Fire Cloud Star just now and immediately understood the situation. It wasn’t that they did not communicate with the outside world, it was that the Star Master had blocked all communications. They had no way of getting any news from the outside world at all.


Yang Kai turned to look at the old man with a goatee then and asked, “Old man, do you know of the Grand Desolation Star Field? Or Netherworld Sect?”


The old man with a goatee frowned and asked, “What nonsense are you spewing now?”


“Where did this crazy brat come from? His insane talk is so displeasing! Sir Chi Huo, please allow me to throw him out!” Somebody yelled with righteous indignation. The joyous wedding feast had been ruined by this young man’s arrival and many were naturally unhappy at losing the chance to ingratiate themselves with the Star Master.


“Why did you do that, Brother Chi?” Yang Kai looked at Chi Huo in a puzzled manner. Was he trying to isolate them from the dangers outside? If that’s the case, then these actions were a little too ridiculous. How could Fire Cloud Star survive if Heng Luo Star Field fell?


Chi Huo replied indifferently, “It has nothing to do with you.”


Yang Kai thought for a moment and nodded, “You’re right.” 


[It’s not my problem. There’s no reason for me to care.] 


Even so, Yang Kai kindly gave some advice, “Brother Chi, there’s no need to do this anymore. For the past two years, Grand Desolation Star Field and Netherworld Sect have been on the decline. My fellow Star Field cultivators have paved a path towards victory and killed countless enemies; however, the war is not over yet. You can lend them a helping hand if you wish, Brother Chi. I believe the war will end faster with Fire Cloud Star’s help.”


Chi Huo grinned, “So, why aren’t you helping them?”


Yang Kai said, “I have more important things to do, which is also the reason I am here today.”


“I’m curious as to just what this ‘important thing’ of yours is.”


Yang Kai solemnly answered, “Brother Chi, I’m here to borrow something!”


“What do you want to borrow?” Chi Huo asked in a low voice while thinking, [This is ridiculous. All the other guests came with gifts, but as if it wasn’t bad enough that he came here empty-handed, he wants to borrow something on top of that!?] 


Chi Huo was filled with murderous intent and if Yang Kai dared to say something displeasing, he would surely unleash his wrath on him.


“I want to borrow this Star’s Source!” Yang Kai pointed to the ground under his feet.




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  1. Its nothing. Just allow me to borrow your star force and be the master here for a moment. See you can guess I am a noble guy from my looks and the way I talked earlier. Its only reasonable you lend my the star source for a little. It isnt like I am going to harm you or rule the star right? Why would you even need to worry.

    .. like there is even 0.0000001% chance a sensible man would do that to a complete stranger.

    1. This is basically a filler chapter. The author’s dao of wordcount can create chapters out of nothing. Its simply too powerful. Luckily it this was part of the mass release

  2. Ah the classic old master stole someone else’s lover and is marrying them but Yang Kai comes in and rescues them and re hires them with their lover, never gets old

  3. If you’re the type of person to block communication with the outside world are you going to hand over a star source to a stranger just because he asks for it?

    1. I’d say only idiots would hand over their star source to anyone else.
      Handing over their star source is like handing over their soul and fate to the other.

  4. Honestly, the author didn’t do well at all. Not only does he want to borrow the star source as a stranger, he also refused to say his name. Perhaps his name might’ve given him some more credibility and respect. Well, maybe this is just one of those times Yang Kai decides that strength is the only courtesy that’s needed.

  5. Yang Kai could take literally anything out of his space ring and blow every other guest’s gift out of the water. Even a single source crystal.

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