Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3165, Even if You Refuse, You Have No Choice but to Let Me Borrow It


Translator: Silavin & Tia

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


The whole palace fell silent, and the scorching air was filled with murderous intent. Many guests looked at each other, wondering if there was something wrong with their ears. Why else would they hear such nonsensical words?


“What did you say?” Chi Huo’s expression turned grim. [What a presumptuous little brat! How dare you want to borrow Fire Cloud Star’s Star Source!? Are Star Sources something that can be lent to others!? When it comes down to it, the reason why I stand above others and why even Third-Order Origin Kings have to bow down before me is because I am a Star Master! What leverage would I have if I lent my Star Source to somebody else!? Besides, I’ve never even heard of a Star Source being lent out before!]


Murderous intent spread out like a tide. If Yang Kai’s attitude earlier had displeased him, then this one sentence had truly triggered his murderous intent. The topic of the Star Source itself could be considered taboo so Chi Huo immediately concluded that this young man was here to intentionally cause trouble on his wedding day. Thus, he decided that Yang Kai would not leave this place alive.


“Brother Chi, please calm yourself.” Yang Kai lifted his hand placatingly, “I came here with sincere intentions so please hear me out until the end.”


Chi Huo was so furious that he laughed instead, “Fine. Go on.” [I want to see how smooth-spoken and eloquent your tongue can be.]


“If you can lend me your Star Source, Brother Chi, you can ensure the peace of this Star Field. It can be considered a heroic act of sorts. Of course, I know that the Star Source is very important to you so I won’t let you do this for nothing. I will definitely provide you with equivalent compensation.”


Chi Hup was taken aback for a moment before he roared with laughter, “Compensation!?” 


[I already stand at the peak of the Star Field. What else is there in this world that can impress me? This little brat is bluffing so shamelessly that it’s infuriating. Could it be that my enemies sent him here to entertain me?]


“En, compensation!” Yang Kai repeated solemnly, flipping his palms over and summoning a cloud of radiant and colourful energy into it.


“That’s…” Chi Hup suddenly became interested. He stood up from his chair abruptly and stared at the light incredulously. The rest of the guests also lost themselves for a moment, showing extremely shocked and greedy expressions.


“This is also a Star Source, but it has no corresponding Cultivation Star,” Yang Kai explained, “However, if I use this as compensation, I believe it will not have much impact on your cultivation, Brother Chi. En, once the affairs related to the Star Field are settled, I will also return Fire Cloud Star’s Source to you. In this way, you will have earned another Star Source without even lifting a finger, Brother Chi.”


“Which Star does this Source belong to?” Chi Huo muttered under his breath.


Yang Kai spread his hands wide and shrugged, “As I said, this Source has no corresponding Cultivation Star.”


Yang Kai had many other Sources just like this one. It was something he picked up in the Shattered Star Sea back then. Although he had given some away, he still had many left in his possession.


Chi Huo’s expression fluctuated, not because of Yang Kai’s proposal though. Even if Yang Kai compensated him with a new Source, he would be a Star Master in name only without the corresponding Cultivation Star. How could that compare to the benefits of being the Star Master of Fire Cloud Star?


It was simply the idea of killing and looting Yang Kai that came to Chi Huo’s mind; however, a strong sense of crisis rang out in his heart the moment that thought appeared in his head. It seemed to be warning him that he would face a tragic ending if he so much as lifted a finger against the young man in front of him. That feeling caused the blood surging all over his body to cool down instantly, and his mind cleared.


Returning to his seat, Chi Huo shook his head, “I won’t lend you Fire Cloud Star’s Source. Please leave.”


At the same time, he sneered in his heart. [This little brat doesn’t seem to understand the concept of hiding one’s wealth from others. Even if I suppress my greed and do nothing to him, he will surely be ambushed the moment he leaves Blazing Palace. When that time comes, I will be able to gauge his strength. It won’t be too late to decide to attack him then.]


The light disappeared as Yang Kai put away the Source. Rubbing his forehead, he seemed a little troubled, “Haa… As expected, trying to be reasonable doesn’t work after all.”


He had tried to be gentlemanly and settle things peacefully without resorting to forceful means, but in the end, it still came down to a fight. Turning around, he grabbed Cui Meng Yuan by the collar and shouted, “Boy, what grievances do you have? Spit them all out, I’ll stand up for you today!”


“Huh?” Cui Meng Yuan was taken aback. His eyes had never left the bride from the moment he followed Yang Kai into Blazing Palace. The only time he had looked away for a moment was when Yang Kai took out the Star Source. Nevertheless, his attention was quickly drawn back to the bride again; hence, being questioned by Yang Kai without any warning or context like this left him feeling rather confused.


“What do you mean by ‘Huh?’ I heard what you said earlier. Are you acquainted with the bride?”


Yang Kai was practically spitting in his face, but even so, Cui Meng Yuan nodded stupidly in response to the question. That was the reason why he had charged into Blazing Mountain without fear of death today.


“Were you and the bride deeply in love with one another? Did you promise your lives to each other?”


Cui Meng Yuan nodded again, his eyes filled with humiliation and reluctance.


“Did this old fart bully the weak and abuse his authority? Did he snatch your woman from you regardless of your feelings?”


“Yes!” Cui Meng Yuan shouted, clenching his fists and gritting his teeth so hard that his gums were bleeding.


“Good!” Yang Kai shouted. Tossing Cui Meng Yuan to the side, he turned to look at Chi Huo and leisurely said, “I’ve felt your determination. Today, I will help you get your bride back!”


Cui Meng Yuan was both shocked and delighted. He never imagined that something so dramatic would occur. He had barged into Blazing Palace alone today with the resolution to die for the sake of his revenge. He had not expected somebody to stand up for him.


However, he soon seemed to realize something and spoke up sadly, “Senior, many thanks for your kindness, but…”


“Shut up!”


He immediately closed his mouth and did not dare to say another word.


Meanwhile, Chi Huo stood on the elevated platform and lowered his eyes. His expression was gloomy as he indifferently said, “All disputes begin due to the wrong words being said and the eagerness to show off. Junior, don’t think too highly of yourself just because I was being generous with you.” 


[This bastard is simply looking for trouble. It really is as the saying goes, ‘He who comes is surely ill-intentioned’.]


Yang Kai laughed before pointing at Chi Huo and shouting, “Old dog, the Star Field is at war! Foreign enemies are invading us! It’s bad enough that you aren’t helping, but you also sealed Fire Cloud Star from the outside world to keep all others here ignorant as well! How dare you! I came here for the common people and would have turned a blind eye to the matter if you had cooperated with me, but since you refused to cooperate, don’t blame me for being merciless!”


Yang Kai acted as though he was standing on a moral high ground, preparing to take down a villain who killed and looted the innocent, eliciting a round of cursing from the guests.


In contrast, Chi Huo stood with his red hair flying in the wind and his robes flapped around him, “How outrageous!”


Yang Kai declared, “You have no choice but to lend me your Star Source, even if you don’t want to!” While speaking, he lunged towards Chi Huo.


“Impudence!” Chi Huo was furious and with a single thought, his power surged as an invisible force descended from the sky. Everybody had trouble breathing as a result as they felt as though a mountain was pressing down on their chests.


Yang Kai, who was the target of this oppression bore the brunt of this pressure and paused for a moment before he abruptly doubled over slightly, looking like he would be forced to the ground at any moment.


This was the power of a Star Master. Chi Huo could dominate everything on this Star and could kill his enemies soundlessly with a single thought.


Many guests applauded and cheered at the sight.


However, Chi Huo’s expression was extremely solemn. Rather than being displeased, he was thoroughly shocked. Yang Kai’s performance was beyond his expectations. [How is this brat not forced to the ground by the pressure!? He truly isn’t anything ordinary.] 


Chi Huo focused and increased the pressure exerted on Yang Kai.


Yang Kai grunted slightly, and the ground beneath his feet cracked. Even so, he smiled coldly, “So what if you have Star Strength? Do you think I don’t?”


A Star flickered in the distant Starry Sky at that moment and emitted a beam of light. That light leapt across billions of kilometres in the blink of an eye and shone down on Yang Kai. It made the area around his body glow and shine so brightly that people couldn’t keep their eyes open anymore. 


This place was not Shadowed Star, but although Yang Kai was not in his domain, he was still in the same Star Field. It was only natural that he could guide the power of Shadowed Star to him and use it to resist the World Principles of Fire Cloud Star.


The pressure Yang Kai felt instantaneously lightened; however, the show wasn’t over yet. A portion of the Starry Sky began to light up and gather great power, strangely resonating with Yang Kai, becoming a source of strength.


That stretch of the Starry Sky was the result of what Yang Kai had spent the last two years refining. The power gathered by the vast Starry Sky was not as pure as the Star Strength of Shadowed Star, but it was vastly superior in terms of quantity, enough to cause unimaginable changes.


“Break!” Yang Kai suddenly shouted.




As if something had cracked apart, Yang Kai’s figure suddenly stood up tall and straight again.


A look of disbelief flashed across Chi Huo’s eyes as he stood up from his chair. Before he could do anything though, a figure flashed in front of him and a large iron-shackle-like hand grabbed him by the neck. The force coming from that arm was so powerful that he couldn’t muster up the strength to resist.


A layer of invisible force wrapped around Chi Huo’s entire body instantly, and the connection between him and Fire Cloud Star was severed without warning. That wasn’t all; even the Star Source he had refined in his body was suppressed too. 


His eyes nearly popping out of their sockets, Chi Huo wondered in terror, [What is this horrifying strength!? Just who is this person!?]


*Ding ding dang dang…* 


The sound of wine glasses falling to the ground rang out from the surroundings as all the guests stared at this scene stupidly with their mouths agape in shock, feeling as though they were dreaming. Their eyes were filled with pure astonishment as Star Master Chi Huo was being single-handedly lifted into the air by a boy! Moreover, it looked like Chi Huo didn’t even have time to react or the strength to resist!


The confrontation between those two had lasted for less than a moment. It was so fast that everybody was left reeling and many were still clueless as to what was going on. Nevertheless, the victor had already been decided.


There could only be one explanation for this situation: the strength of one party far surpassed the strength of the other. That was the only way for an instant defeat to occur. 


But… Chi Huo was a Star Master and a Third-Order Origin King! What kind of person could surpass him in strength by such a large margin? None of them could wrap their heads around the idea as it was too much to take in at this moment. Regardless, this scene would forever be the most shocking moment in their entire lives.


“Huh!?” Cui Meng Yuan yelled with a dazed look. Things had ended so quickly that he didn’t even have the time to prepare himself.


Similarly, the bride was covering her red lips with her small hands. Her eyes were filled with shock and horror as she looked up at Yang Kai. The figure in front of her seemed as large as a mountain and she couldn’t see his face clearly despite their close proximity. Instead, it felt like he was standing beyond Heavens themselves.


Yang Kai turned his head and grinned at her, “Hurry up and fly away with that boy.”


He waved his hand while he was talking, tossing both her and Cui Meng Yuan thousands of kilometres away from Blazing Mountain, regardless of whether she wanted it or not. 


[Oh, well. I’m sure she is willing; after all, she looked worried when that Cui Meng Yuan first appeared here.]




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    1. Does it really matter tho? YK only used them as an excuse for a “righteous” act. It doesn’t seem like refining star sources is a necessity for refining the star field, just a faster way. We will know if YK decided to be overbearing or if it was necessary if he goes on to refine Tong Xuan realm as well.

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        1. It’s much easier to sort stuff out with root access, and if being a star master is so useful even for Emperors – imagine how handy could it be to become a Star Field master…

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