Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3166, Settle Down


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“W-Who… Are you!?” Chi Huo squeezed out those words from between his teeth.


He was a burly man who was one head taller than Yang Kai, but he was currently being held like a helpless little baby chicken by the latter. Anybody who saw this sight would feel a strong sense of visual conflict.


“Will my name have any meaning to you?” Yang Kai sneered, ignoring Chi Huo while silently circulating the Star Refining Art.


Chi Huo had a sudden realization. He had asked this young man for his name before but did not receive an answer. He thought this boy was cocky and reckless, but now it seems that he just couldn’t be bothered to answer.


An unbearable pain suddenly spread throughout Chi Huo’s body. It hurt so much that he shuddered violently; then, his eyes widened as he clearly felt something and screamed in horror, “No!”


“Come!” Yang Kai abruptly raised his hand and pressed against Chi Huo’s dantian. His fingers turned into claws as he grabbed at something without warning and dragged it out. A ball of crimson light was plucked out in an instant. 


Tossing Chi Huo aside, Yang Kai lowered his head to study the ball of crimson light in his hand before nodding in satisfaction.


On the other side, Chi Huo got up shakily. He was in bad shape, and his face was ashen. Yang Kai had severely damaged his foundation, and while that damage was not permanent, his Star Source had been forcefully taken away. How could Chi Huo not be affected by that? Lifting his head, he looked in that direction with a sorrowful gaze.


[How was my Star Source taken away from me so easily? That was the Source I risked my life to obtain and spent many years of blood, sweat, and tears to refine. It is by relying on it that I became a Star Master and succeeded in unifying the entire Fire Cloud Star. Without that Source, I am nothing more than an ordinary Third-Order Origin King. No, I might be even worse than that… I’ve suffered internal injuries when my connection to the Source was severed.]


Many of the guests couldn’t help feeling sympathy for Chi Huo when they saw what happened while a horrifying chill wrapped around their bodies. They froze in place, not daring to make any reckless moves.


Somebody as powerful as the Star Master of Fire Cloud Star couldn’t even lift a finger against this young man. Not only was he defeated in an instant, but his Star Source had also been forcibly taken away. How could they dare to make an enemy of Yang Kai after witnessing this? Their gazes were filled with both awe and horror.


In front of everyone’s eyes, Yang Kai opened his mouth, stuffed the ball of crimson light into his mouth, and swallowed it. His skin immediately turned blood-red as if he was being burned by flames. Groaning, he felt a heavy pressure on his dantian and quickly activated the Star Refining Art to suppress and refine the Star Source.


Unfortunately, he soon discovered that things were not looking too optimistic. Shadowed Star’s Source Strength that was inside his body turned out to be incompatible with Fire Cloud Star’s Source. The two seemed to be innately hostile toward each other, and the former formed an unimaginably strong resistance against the latter as a consequence.


This situation was a little surprising as Yang Kai had refined the Sources of several other Stars before coming here. It was just that the Sources of those Stars were very weak, so he had not felt any kind of conflict. It wasn’t until this instance that he experienced a reaction.


The World Principles of each Cultivation Star were distinct. They had their respective differences and could not coexist. Yang Kai quickly figured this out; but even so, he did not panic and continued to circulate the Star Refining Art. For the next part of his plan, he would need to refine more than just a single Star Source. He was going to refine all the Star Sources in the entire Star Field. How was he going to carry out his plan if he couldn’t even get past the minor challenges that he was currently facing?


Dividing his attention in two, Yang Kai comforted the Source Strength of Shadowed Star with one hand while doing the same for Fire Cloud Star’s Source with the other. This led to the surface of his body, his left side and right side, both emitting different rays of light that seemed like they were attacking each other.


The power of the two Stars lashed out arbitrarily, causing Blazing Palace to collapse in an instant. The towering palace was turned into ruins and many of the guests fled in all directions. The guests that came to offer their congratulations to Chi Huo were all powerful people, so they would not die because of a minor accident like this, but that did not diminish their shock when witnessing Yang Kai’s power and methods.


The aftermath of the conflict between the two Star Sources made them uncomfortable even from a distance, so it wasn’t difficult for them to imagine how Yang Kai, who stood at the centre of the conflict, was feeling.


As expected, Yang Kai was not unscathed. He felt as though two children were pummeling each other inside of him, vying for the ownership of his body. Trying to calm and mediate between the two was not very effective. On the contrary, it made his vitality become unstable and his face flushed red as a result. There was no describing how unbearable it was. Aside from those two unruly children, there were a few wailing babies in the background too. Those babies were undoubtedly those Star Sources that he had refined recently. Compared to the Source Strengths of Shadowed Star and Fire Cloud Star, these Star Sources were neither as complete nor as strong. They had been behaving themselves until Fire Cloud Star’s Source agitated them and made them restless too.


[Calm down… calm… down… caalll… Agh! Screw it!]


“Behave yourselves!” Yang Kai roared furiously, emphasizing each syllable strongly as he abruptly pushed the Star Refining Art hard to suppress these Star Sources.


The whole world fell silent all at once. At the same time, his aura gradually stabilized and the conflict between the Source Strengths inside his body subsided.


[These rascals were simply asking to be disciplined!] Even so, he knew that this was just a stopgap measure. They might not pose a problem for the time being, but those conflicts would only get worse and worse as he refined more and more Star Sources in the future. If he could not find a proper solution to the problem, it would eventually turn into a bigger issue down the road. [Haa… I’ll think about it when it happens…]


In the Star Chart inside his Knowledge Sea, the light that symbolized Fire Cloud Star flickered. At the same time, he formed an unbreakable connection with the entire Fire Cloud Star. With a single thought, the entire Fire Cloud Star came under his control. The skies rumbled and the earth trembled. All these phenomena seemed to be informing the world that the Star Master had changed.


The guests that came to attend Chi Huo’s wedding hurried forward at this moment and bowed respectfully, “Greetings, Sir!”


Leaving aside the overwhelming strength that Yang Kai had displayed, just the fact that he was the current Star Master of Fire Cloud Star was enough to make them swallow their pride and lower their heads. In the future, they would have to live under his rule, so how could they dare to conduct themselves carelessly?


“Greetings… Sir!” Chi Huo lowered his head too, looking like he had aged several hundred years in an instant, an extremely depressed look on his face.


Unexpectedly, he was good at judging the situation and reading the room. He had previously dared to challenge Yang Kai because he had the confidence of winning. Reality had proven that that was nothing more than an illusion though and now that he was in an inferior position, he had no choice but to lower his head. He didn’t even dare to think about exacting revenge despite the hatred burning in his heart. He was no match for Yang Kai even at his peak, so nothing needed to be said about now when he was severely weakened.


Yang Kai glanced at Chi Huo meaningfully, which made Chi Huo tremble out of fear, afraid that Yang Kai was going to kill him. Fortunately, Yang Kai never had the intention to do that. Sweeping his gaze across the room, he said, “There’s something I need your help with.”


The old man with the goatee that had mocked Yang Kai previously hurriedly said, “Sir, grant us your instructions. This Old Master will do his best to complete them for you.”


“Yes, please tell us, Sir.”


Yang Kai said, “Chi Huo sealed this Star previously, so you don’t know about the recent situation in the Star Field, right?”


The old man with the goatee hesitated, “I’m not sure what you are referring to…”


“More than 10 years ago, enemies from Grand Desolation Star Field invaded our Star Field, seized many of our Cultivation Stars, and killed billions of our fellow cultivators. They are greedy, cruel, and ruthless! Their sins are unforgivable!”


“What?” Everybody was shocked. Although they had heard Yang Kai mentioning this matter previously, nobody had taken it seriously. Hearing it again now though, they had no choice but to take it seriously. 


[To think that there is another Star Field out there! Moreover, they invaded us!? Something like that is simply unthinkable!]


“However, the situation isn’t so dire anymore. Our fellow cultivators are fighting back. I want you to go and support them. Wipe out those cultivators from Grand Desolation Star Field!”


The old man with the goatee asked, “Where… Should we go to support our fellow brothers and sisters?” They had never even heard of Grand Desolation Star Field before, so it was only natural that they didn’t know where to go.


“Figure it out yourselves!” Yang Kai had been operating alone for the past two years so he did not know where the battle was currently taking place either. However, it wouldn’t be hard for them to find out about the war as long as they had the heart to do so. Fire Cloud Star might have been sealed off by Chi Huo, but that was also the reason that these people’s strength had been preserved more or less perfectly. If they joined the front, they would surely be of great help.


“Of course. Of course.” The old man with the goatee nodded repeatedly, thinking to himself that this young man was subject to shifting moods.


“Stop wasting time. Set off immediately.” Yang Kai waved his hand dismissively and called up a strong burst of wind like he was chasing flies away. Immediately every Origin King present lost their footing and was blown away by the wind.


A moment later, Yang Kai was the only one left in the ruins of Blazing Palace. Then, he found a spot and sat down cross-legged, plunging his consciousness into his Knowledge Sea to study the Star Chart.


A few lights in a certain location flickered. Those were the lights that corresponded to the Cultivation Stars he refined recently, and the brightest one among them was Fire Cloud Star. More importantly, these lights were not chosen at random. If a line was drawn to connect them to each other, the outline of an irregular polygon would appear in the massive Star Chart.


Yang Kai’s Soul Avatar moved slightly. Separated by several thousands of kilometres, he activated the Source Strengths of these Stars and all of a sudden, lights lit up along the edges of the invisible irregular polygon and began to spread outwards. Wherever the light passed in the Starry Sky, those areas were branded by Yang Kai’s aura and gradually refined by him. He could tell that those areas within the Starry Sky were now under his influence and was overjoyed to know that his previous conjecture was not wrong. 


Confirming his theory, Yang Kai immediately continued with his efforts.


The entire process only took three days for him to complete the entire refining process, and when he checked the Star Chart again, the irregular polygon formed by the light points on the Star Chart were already in harmony with him. That irregular polygon might not be much in the scale of the entire Star Chart, but the corresponding region of the Starry Sky was still extremely vast. If Yang Kai had used his previous refining methods, it would have taken him at least half a year to accomplish this. Using this method, it only took him a month to complete the refinement process.


He only needed to refine a few Star Sources, then use those Cultivation Stars as his foundation to increase the area under his influence. With that, he could achieve twice the results with only half the effort. It saved him a lot of time and energy.


The Star Field was truly too vast. He had spent two years only to refine an area that did not even make up 1/20th of the entire Star Field. In other words, it would take him at least 40 to 50 years to completely refine the entire Star Field at the previous speed.


[Do you know how long 40 to 50 years is!? How can I spend so much time in this Star Field!?] The efficiency was increased by a lot with his current method. Combined with the many auras that he had left behind in various Asteroid Seas, it would speed up even more. 


[10 years. Within 10 years, I will finish refining the entire Star Field and become its Master!]




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  1. This is absolutely ridiculous , i dont believe that every star field guardian/protector or whatever they a called have to steal star source to refine the star field. For fuck sake his star chart is the star field source and anyways since when can he refine multiple star source.

    1. The bottom line here is that he simply doesn’t know the proper method to refine the star field source, as it was not like a star source. This is the one thing he should have asked Yang Yan before they parted ways back then, or even Wu Kuang a while ago, hence, he is doing it the hard way

  2. Wait a min, he said he needs to refine all star sources. Doesn’t that mean he has to get Water Moon Star Source from Ai Ou who is trillions of miles away from him.!? And also the ones from Xia Ning Chang and the one he himself newly made, Xu Bin Bai, too.

    1. After 10 years, Tong Xuan realm is healed completely..then YK and all of.his relatives will go to star boundary and settled down at High Heaven Palace…leave the Heng Luo Starfield and then abandoned it again. And I can’t relate how this will benefit YK in the future

      1. I think this is of great use in his becoming a Great Emperor. In addition, this is an incredible field of the future. Although the method still bothers me a lot. I highly doubt that Wu Kuang spent so much time subduing the star field.

        1. * “This will help in protecting the field”, I wanted to write, but the translator threw out something of his own

  3. There are chapters that could be described as “useless” or “unnecessary” since they don’t really add additional value to the story or are fillers (pov changes) at best. Sometimes nice to have, sometimes annoying.

    And then there are chapters like this one. Chapters that singlehandedly manage to lower the “quality” of the entire story. Honestly, what is the takeaway from this chapter? It only emphasizes that the MC is a selfish, disinterested, impatient jerk, who would rather needlessly force star sources to submit and by doing so hurting the star field and future cultivators by taking the sources away, than waiting for 30-40yrs. Despite the fact that he already has a lifespan of tens of thousands of years and could therefore EASILY afford to wait a few years

  4. So he crashed the wedding. Stole the star source and hurt the one who he stole it from. Gave the wife to someone else without knowing the story. Didn’t even reveal his fucking name. All so he could be a few weeks faster in refining the star field. And he has no need to hurry.

  5. It sounds like the area in the polygon with the stars he refined as corners is what he then refines in the end. (Ignoring the fact that the Star field should be 3D), couldn’t he then just refine the “outer” stars, so that every other star is in that polygon?
    But either way, Yang Kai treats people too harshly, especially since he would likely do something similar in that situation (random person comes and asks for one of Yang Kai’s treasures and offers something worth less in exchange and the promise to give it back).


    Same with Zi Wu Yi. If Yang Kai’s life was in the Hand of somebody else, and that person wanted Yang Kai to harm somebody Yang Kai doesn’t really care for and gain something from doing it, he would 100% do it, or rather
    (Spoilerwarning again) he does do it (key words centipede and dao seal)

    Spoiler end

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