Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3167, Kill To The Last


Translator: Silavin & Tia

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A pitch-black Starship sailed slowly and silently across the empty Star Field like a huge ghost. A skull logo on the Starship revealed its origins. It was a Starship that belonged to the Netherworld Sect of Grand Desolation Star Field.


The huge Starship wandered the Starry Sky like a homeless child, exuding an extremely depressed aura although it was a non-living thing. It seemed to depict an extremely tragic end in life.


It was currently sailing towards Broken Void Corridor, which only appeared in the last two years. Broken Void Corridor was connected to Grand Desolation Star Field, so if they could reach the Broken Void Corridor, they might get the chance to return to Grand Desolation Star Field.


The lives of Grand Desolation Star Field’s cultivators had become extremely difficult ever since the day Heng Luo Star Field’s counterattack began five years ago. All of their invading armies had been obliterated, one by one. Consequently, panic spread throughout the hearts of Grand Desolation Star Field’s cultivators. They didn’t even want to know why Heng Luo Star Field, which should not have had the strength to fight back, could rise up again all of a sudden.


All the powerful Sects that had invaded this Star Field had paid a heavy price as a consequence. Myriad Beast Mountain, Heavenly Sword Sect, and Wild Thunder Divine Sect had been annihilated… Which one among these powerful Sects was not a top existence in Grand Desolation Star Field? And yet, none of them could even lift a finger against Heng Luo Star Field. 


Heng Luo Star Field was now a ruthless wild beast that devoured its prey whole.


Some of the surviving members among Grand Desolation Star Field’s cultivators even suspected that this was a conspiracy set up by Heng Luo Star Field, that they had been feigning weakness for the past 10 years so that they could lure their enemies in completely; that way, they could attract even more cultivators here to kill.


Although the Netherworld Sect had yet to be completely annihilated, it was very close to dying out. This was the only Starship left from Netherworld Sect’s invasion force; moreover, this Starship had suffered greatly from various attacks. The surface was full of dents and bloodstains, with every part of it covered in the scars left behind by the war.


It was hard, but it managed to escape the latest siege and wandered across the Star Field for a very long time before it finally lost its pursuers. 


[Home! We have to go home! This Starfield is a place we should never have carelessly invaded!]


Broken Void Corridor was just a few thousand kilometres ahead, so the surviving cultivators of Netherworld Sect inside the Starship could see it with their own eyes through the polished crystal windows. The scent of home seemed to linger in their noses, as if their relatives were beckoning to them after such a long separation. As such, everybody was overjoyed; they were extremely excited at the thought of returning home.


All of a sudden, a white shadow appeared in front of them and blocked the Starship’s path.


The cultivators inside the Starship soon discovered the presence of this white figure. Controlling the Spirit Arrays within the Starship, they enlarged and projected the image of the white figure and the image of a stunning woman with long, smooth-flowing hair dressed in snow-white clothes instantly entered their vision. Her expression was indifferent, but she had a noble and divine poise. Looking at her made one feel inferior and ashamed of their unseemliness for some reason.


A gasp rang out throughout the entire Starship, followed by a heavy silence as everyone held their breaths.


[It’s her!] 


Grand Desolation Star Field’s cultivators did not know her name; however, she was their greatest nightmare. Cultivators in the Third-Order Origin King Realm were as weak as babies in front of her. No one was a match for her the moment that longsword of hers began to dance.


A cold air spread out inside the Starship as everyone felt their limbs stiffen and their bodies shiver. The huge Starship was a sharp contrast to this tiny figure; but even so, the entire Starship seemed to make various creaking sounds, as if whimpering in fear in front of this woman.


“You! Are you really so intent on killing to the last?!” An aged voice rang out furiously from within the Starship.


Su Yan stood inside the void, her beautiful eyes like a pool of water in autumn, staring at the oncoming Starship without any intention of responding to the question.


“Move aside, or this place will become your burial ground!” The aged voice threatened harshly; however, it was clear that this person was simply trying to act strong. Besides, it was impossible for her to move aside. Raising her bare hand, she placed it against the hilt of her sword.


“Since you court death, we’ll grant your wish! Run her over!” That aged voice was undoubtedly irritated. This woman had displayed cultivation and strength vastly surpassing ordinary Masters in recent years. Nevertheless, it didn’t matter how strong an individual was; how could one person possibly compete against a Starship?


The cultivators of Grand Desolation Star Field were eager to escape back to their homes and they were reluctant to go through another bout of fighting here. That was why they were threatening her instead. If she refused to appreciate their kindness, then she should just die.


With a loud hum, the Starship sped up abruptly and charged directly towards Su Yan!


As the distance between the two parties quickly shortened, Su Yan continued to stand there quietly without dodging or drawing her sword. She didn’t even show any changes in her expression whatsoever. It was almost as if what was charging straight at her wasn’t a monstrous Starship but a light breeze blowing across her face.


When they were separated by a mere 100 kilometres, a sword light suddenly flashed out and struck the huge Starship. 100 kilometres of space was torn asunder as a result. At the same time, the Starship slammed into the spot where she had been standing previously and left as swiftly as lightning.


“Hahahaha! That’s what you get for being overconfident!” That aged voice laughed wildly and continuously before it stopped abruptly when he discovered that Su Yan, who should have been smashed to pieces, was standing behind the Starship in perfect condition. Her sword had been unsheathed at some point. At this moment, her back was facing the ship as she sheathed her sword, turned into a stream of light, and flew off. Not even once did she glance back at the Starship throughout the entire process.


“Wha…” The owner of the aged voice was confused; however, he soon realized that something was wrong. The speed of the Starship was becoming slower and slower, as if an invisible force was binding it in place. At the same time, an astonishing chill filled the entire Starship from the inside and a strange crackling sound came from all directions.


Turning around, the sight that greeted this old man shocked him. Snowflakes had appeared inside the Starship at some point of time, blooming and spreading to every corner of the hull. One by one, the Spirit Arrays that were in operation iced over. Similarly, the cultivators that had been caught off guard were frozen on the spot as the snowflakes covered their entire bodies.


The old man suddenly felt a coolness spreading across his hands. 


Looking down, his pupils contracted as he saw snow flowers had appeared on the back of his hand, and he lost feeling in the parts of his body that were covered by these white snowflakes. One snowflake… Two snowflakes… Three snowflakes…


While that was occurring inside the Starship, the same was happening on the outside too. Dense snowflakes wrapped the Starship in thick layers, like a naughty child had wrapped the Starship in a coat sewn out of snowflakes until it became a white and flawless bundle.




The sound of something shattering rang out as the huge Starship shattered into pieces mid-motion and broke into multiple blocks of ice. The cultivators inside the Starship were not spared either, joining these blocks of ice that continued to sail forward into the endless void for all eternity.




Several lights passed by as swiftly as lightning, chasing after each other in the Star Field. The three leading this group had powerful auras with the weakest among them being a First-Order Origin King while the one leading the group was a Third-Order Master. Meanwhile, the aura of the light following behind them was quite subdued. The figure was that of a little girl around seven or eight years old. Moreover, she did not give off any aura at all, as if she had never cultivated before.


Even so, the trio flying in the lead did not even dare to turn back to look at her, seemingly terrified of what they might see. They simply fled for their lives, desperately.


One day… Two days… Three days… The three fleeing Origin Kings were exhausted as, although their cultivations were fairly high, escaping at full speed for such a long time was extremely tiring. If they had not been constantly taking Spirit Pills to supplement their energy consumption, they would have died of exhaustion a long time ago.


[We must have gotten away by now, right?] The three of them thought in unison; thus, they turned back to take a look and immediately felt as though their souls had left their bodies.


That small figure was following not far behind them, her delicate and tender face completely expressionless. Her black eyes were clear and deep, so clear that their fearful expressions were reflected in them. What made them despair even more was that she didn’t seem the least bit out of breath, even after chasing them for such a long time. Her face was not flushed, and her breathing was steady. The indifferent expression on her face had not changed in the slightest since the beginning.


[Monster! That little girl is a monster!]


“Let’s fight!” The person in the lead made a resolute decision, turned around, and struck out at Liu Yan. The remaining two knew that running was useless too; hence, they immediately cooperated and launched an attack. A powerful wave of strength instantaneously swept towards the tiny figure like a torrent.


[Did we get her?] Those three were hopeful; however, their joy immediately turned into deep despair when the situation became clearer.


“How boring…” A childish voice sounded as Liu Yan raised her hand, seemingly tired of this little game she had been playing.


A great sense of crisis enveloped the trio of Origin Kings, turning them stiff and unable to move. Following that, flames ignited around them and the last thing they saw while alive was a flash of red.




Li Jiao and his family were enjoying themselves in the Starry Sky. Although they had been assigned an extremely dull task for the past seven or eight years, neither Li Jiao nor Lu San Niang was bored.


Li Jiao had got a huge asteroid from somewhere and placed it in the Starry Sky, turning it into a simple house where the family of three now lived.


A thousand kilometres behind the asteroid was a deep and chaotic Void Corridor. This was the passage through which Grand Desolation Star Field had first invaded Heng Luo Star Field. 


Li Jiao had been stationed here roughly eight years now and he had long since lost count of how many cultivators from Grand Desolation Star Field he had killed during that time. They probably heard that the cultivators of Heng Luo Star Field were easy targets and hurriedly travelled here from their Star Field. Unfortunately, they had been massacred by Li Jiao before they even got to reap any benefits.


Li Jiao didn’t just kill the cultivators arriving from Grand Desolation Star Field though, he also killed those who were trying to escape back to Grand Desolation Star Field.


In recent years, Heng Luo Star Field had fought back against their invaders. They were united in their cause and worked seamlessly together. Furthermore, they had a number of extraordinarily powerful Masters helping them. Therefore, Grand Desolation Star Field’s forces were no match for this counterattack at all. All the Cultivation Stars that had been captured in the past were recovered, one by one. As a result, every one of Grand Desolation Star Field’s cultivators was running away like dogs with their tails between their legs.


Many of them wanted to escape back to their homeland, but Li Jiao was guarding this place, so who could get past him? He killed every single person who came, like a meat grinder that had been placed in front of the Void Corridor. Regardless of whether the person was trying to enter or exit the Void Corridor, he would turn them into paste without any exceptions.


Since Yang Kai’s return, the turbulent situation in the Star Field had stabilized while the invading enemy had been crushed without mercy. Even if there were an occasional rat that slipped through this purge, they would never be able to cause trouble again.




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