Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3168, Subdue


Translator: Silavin & Tia

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


On this day, Li Jiao had just finished getting rid of a group of cultivators that had arrived and was trying to flee back to Grand Desolation Star Field. He then returned to the asteroid in a dashing manner. Lu San Niang greeted him with a smile.


After living together for so many years, they no longer had any estrangement between them. Li Jiao even regarded Lu Yu Qin as his own daughter, which moved Lu San Niang so much that the thought of staying together with him in this place for the rest of her life bloomed in her. However, she knew that that was an extravagant hope. Li Jiao and Yang Kai had to return to the Star Boundary, and at that time, she would bring her daughter with her as she followed Li Jiao back to Fire Dragon Palace. For that reason, she believed that she had to cherish the good times they had now even more than ever.


“You must be tired.” Lu San Niang spoke gently.


Li Jiao proudly replied, “It was just a group of pitiful weaklings.” Despite having sealed his cultivation, he still had the foundation of a Third-Order Emperor Realm Master, so killing a bunch of ants below the Origin King Realm was simply overkill. He had the feeling that Yang Kai had assigned him to guard this place mainly so that he could have some time and opportunities to get along with Lu San Niang. Reaching out to embrace her soft waist, he gently planted a kiss on her forehead.


Feeling shy, she half-angrily warned, “Yu Qin is here too.”


Before Lu San Niang could finish her sentence, Lu Yu Qin ran out of the stone house with her hands over her eyes. She turned into a stream of light and flew away. Then, her voice floated over to them, “I’m going out for a walk. Staying here is too boring!”


“This little girl!” How could Lu San Niang not understand the hidden meaning behind her daughter’s words?


Li Jiao grinned and whispered, “She’s not here anymore.” 


While speaking, he bent down and picked her up in a princess carry and strode into the stone house. Lu San Niang’s heart pounded in excitement, and she nestled against that wide chest, her entire body becoming soft and relaxed.


Li Jiao suddenly paused mid-stride though, and the smile on his face froze. He abruptly lifted his head and glanced in the direction of the Void Corridor located a thousand kilometres away. For a moment just now, a sense of crisis had come over him but he instinctively found this rather hard to believe. With his cultivation, what could give him a sense of danger in this Lower Star Field? To put it bluntly, there was nobody in this Star Field that could be his opponent, except for Yang Kai. 


[Uh… Liu Yan should be taken out of the equation too.]


It didn’t look like there were any changes to the Void Corridor, but at the same time, it seemed to have become deeper. All of a sudden, the darkness expanded in Li Jiao’s field of vision and spread to the surroundings at a terrifying speed. Large pieces of the Starry Sky were swallowed by the darkness and vanished without a trace. 


The Void Corridor was expanding!


“This is bad!” Li Jiao paled in shock and turned to look in the direction Lu Yu Qin had left. Not far away, the little girl was so frightened that she had frozen in place, staring blankly at the darkness that was expanding towards her.


Li Jiao didn’t have time to consider anything else. Grabbing Lu San Niang in one hand, he hurriedly rushed towards Lu Yu Qin, arriving in front of her in the blink of an eye and grabbing her hand as he shouted, “Run!”


His figure flashed like lightning as he fled this place at full speed. He did not know what had happened here, but this was no longer something he could handle. 


He had to inform Yang Kai about this as soon as possible.


All of a sudden, he felt all the hair on his back standing on end as he vaguely felt as though somebody was spying on him. There was a pair of invisible eyes watching his every move and a soft exclamation of surprise rang out in his ears. It was barely audible, almost like a hallucination; however, Li Jiao immediately felt a strong restraining force wrapping around him in the next moment, forcing him to come to a sudden stop.


“Don’t leave my side!” Their lives were on the line, so Li Jiao shouted at Lu San Niang and her daughter while pushing his Emperor Qi to envelop both of them just as the darkness swallowed them up and they vanished entirely!




Day after day passed by, followed by year after year… Yang Kai had navigated his way through the Star Field, forgetting about the passage of time. His mind entirely immersed in the refining process.


The Star Chart inside his Knowledge Sea had been 90% illuminated by now, and there was only a little bit left. Over the years, he had more or less traversed the entire Star Field. Even the most remote and distant places had not been overlooked.


With the Star Chart as a guiding reference, he could not get lost and could also tell where he had been before and where he had not been yet. Everything was laid out in an orderly manner.


Collecting thousands of Star Sources and spreading his aura throughout the entire Star Field was an extremely large-scale project. Even so, he did not find it boring. As he continued to refine, he gradually gained a stronger understanding in his heart.


After everything he experienced since coming back to this Star Field, Yang Kai had been increasingly confident that he could break through to the Second-Order Emperor Realm. But now, he was pretty much certain that he would break through the moment he returned to the Star Boundary.


[It’s not enough! There’s still a little more to go!] The truth was that he was more curious about how Wu Kuang had refined Star Field Sources in the past. 


[I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t use such a painstaking method. He might have a method to achieve the same results in a shorter time. Still, he had lived for so long so it’s only normal for him to have many amazing Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques in his arsenal.]


Time continued to pass, so much so that Yang Kai had lost track of how long he had been at it. When the last spot on the Star Chart in his Knowledge Sea finally lit up, he heard a loud booming sound resounding in his ears, like an explosion had gone off in his head. This explosion was so loud that he became dizzy and stars swam in front of his eyes. After recovering though, he was filled with joy. 


[I did it! How long did it take? 8 years? 9 years? Or, has it been 10 years? I can’t even remember anymore…]


However, things hadn’t ended yet. All he had done over so many years was to divide the entire Star Field into puzzle pieces of different shapes and sizes. Although he had refined these pieces to some extent, it was still a mish-mash of individual parts. He could form a whole picture when he put them all together, but there were still many flaws and gaps in between the pieces. He would never become the Star Field Master as long as these flaws were not removed completely. He was only one last step away from completion. Unfortunately, it was also the most difficult step.


Just by using his thoughts, Yang Kai’s figure flickered through the various pieces of the Star Field and it didn’t take long for him to reach the centre of the entire Star Field. Taking a deep breath, he slowly adjusted his mental state. After some time, he abruptly opened his eyes and spread his arms wide as though he was trying to embrace the Star Field.


His Space Divine Ability and Divine Sense were activated both at once. His Divine Sense navigated through the Void, leaping forward, radiating throughout the entire Star Field.


For an instant, he felt as though his entire being had vanished; it felt as though he had turned into nothing; it felt as though he was spread throughout the entire Star Field. His Spiritual Energy flowed out rapidly like the floodwaters in a river after a torrential rain.


The Seven Coloured Soul Warming Lotus seemed to notice the change and immediately shone with a seven-coloured light, swiftly making up for the Spiritual Energy that was consumed.


Countless Stars flickered above Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea, as if all of them were flashing. It made the brightness within his Knowledge Sea fluctuate unsteadily.


The magnificent Star Field had undergone a wondrous change at this moment and all living creatures, regardless of where they were located or how high their cultivation was, could feel a mighty will descending on them from the sky. This Will was greater than the will of a Star Master. It was the Will of the World. It was the Will of the Star Field.


When Yang Kai had divided the Star Field into countless puzzle pieces to refine, he had not felt any obstacles; however, when he tried refining and merging the entire Star Field together into one picture, the world began rejecting him. Even the Star Chart that had always remained in his Knowledge Sea without any problems was showing signs of leaving his Knowledge Sea and abandoning him.


He was startled to notice these signs. The first thing in the course of refining the Star Field was to obtain the Star Field Source, so what was he supposed to refine if he let the Star Chart escape?


The lights were flashing wildly in the Star Chart, transforming into a surging mighty force. That force was turning his entire Knowledge Sea upside down, seemingly trying to intimidate him into retreating in the face of danger and force him to release it on his own.


A piercing pain spread out through Yang Kai’s head, but he gritted his teeth and refused to make a single sound. Simultaneously, he sealed off his entire Knowledge Sea. 


[No matter what, I will never let you leave!]


His Soul was taking damage and his vision dimmed as if he was about to faint. Fortunately, the Seven Coloured Soul Warming Lotus had been continuously pouring pure power into him to nourish his Soul, making up for the damage and bringing the situation in his Knowledge Sea to a stalemate. However, this also meant that he could not do anything else.


A sharp look flashed across Yang Kai’s eyes at that moment as he sent his Soul Avatar into his Knowledge Sea, stretched out his hand, and summoned something. A large blade appeared in his hands and pointing that blade at the Star Chart in the sky, he shouted, “If you dare to cause trouble again, believe me when I say I will cut you down!”


That blade was the Soul Splitting Sabre. Moreover, it had been nourished for many years, so if he truly slashed at the Star Chart with this blade, using his Heaven Severing Slash, even the Star Field Source would suffer severe consequences.


Murderous intent spilled from Yang Kai’s figure as he was not joking around; even so, the Star Chart was unmoved by his threats. Its lights continued to flicker, and each time they did it produced an invisible force that interfered with his Knowledge Sea.


It seemed to have spirituality so it could tell that he was bluffing by trying to act strong.


“Since you refuse to do this the easy way, we’ll do it the hard way!” Yang Kai was livid. 


[I can even cut down a Third-Order Emperor Realm Master! How dare a mere Star Chart act so presumptuously!?] 


However, he truly did not dare to do anything to the Star Chart. How was he going to refine the Star Field without this Star Chart?


Tossing aside the Soul Splitting Sabre, he formed a set of seals with both hands. The Seven Coloured Soul Warming Lotus inside his Knowledge Sea transformed into a Seven Coloured Treasure Mountain that charged upward without any warning as he shouted, “Settled down!” 


The Seven Coloured Treasure Mountain flew high into the sky, higher than the Star Chart. Then, a suppressive force spread out and slowly pressured the Star Chart. In response, the Star Chart’s lights flickered even more vigorously. Nevertheless, it was being suppressed little by little as the Seven Coloured Treasure Mountain descended.


Yang Kai was overjoyed when he saw what he was doing was working. The Star Chart was a Star Field Source, and although it was precious, it was not the only one in the world. Every Star Field would have its own Star Field Source. On the other hand, the Soul Warming Lotus was similar to the Immortal Tree. There was only one, and there could never be another one. Just from this point, both the Soul Warming Lotus and the Immortal Tree were more precious and of a higher order than a Star Field Source.


Reality had proven that the Soul Warming Lotus truly did have the ability to suppress the Star Chart. Under the effects of this suppression, the Star Chart was gradually subdued. The frequency of the flickering lights lessened considerably, and the interference became less frequent. 


Yang Kai could finally breathe out a sigh of relief. Following that, he concentrated on controlling the Soul Warming Lotus to utilize its unbelievable powers.




The Seven Coloured Treasure Mountain descended and the entire Star Chart was suppressed under it, sinking into Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea. The waters in his Knowledge Sea were his Spiritual Energy; thus, the Star Chart stabilized significantly when it was surrounded by these waters. At the same time, Yang Kai could feel that the connection between him and the Star Chart had grown much stronger than before.




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      1. Yeah I think so too. Plus, it is the first time the author mention that the Seven Colour Lotus and the Immortal Tree only have one copy in the entire “multiverse”, coincidentally, it becomes an argument to make it more powerful than a fucking starfield Source. Like seriously, they keep mentioning the fact that Star Source give birth and protect billions of lives, and that the Starfield Source handle the lives of billions of trillions yet it is less powerful than a mere tree which has grown for what? 20 thousands years? Less powerful than a flower which is part of a mere 1-order-emperor?
        It’s not like a StarField is powerful enough to threaten the life of the most powerful Great Emperor remembered in the StarBoundary History if he does not possess it’s source.

        1. No it was already mentionned multiple times that the immortal tree and the soul warming lotus are unique. And honestly it is not that surprising as thr tree has the OP effect of making your body immortal and the lotus can protect and nourrish your soul. More importantly, what makes the lotus so unique is that it provides an energy that is never harmful, even at a low cultivation, but also strong enough to be beneficial to emperors and probably beyond.

        2. They’re better because rare is better. That’s why the powdered dick of endangered animals gives better boners than common animals duh

  1. Didn’t the Star Chart “choose” and accept YK to begin with? Why would it now suddenly reject him, and at the last step of the refinement no less…

    Also, if YK had already covered the majority of the Star Field, how would he not be aware of whatever happened at the void corridor?

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