Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3169, Interference


Translator: Silavin & Tia

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Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Before Yang Kai had time to rejoice, something happened again. The thousands of Star Sources that were gathered inside his body suddenly rose in revolt. Wave after wave of enormous energy rushed through his body arbitrarily.


Back when he was refining Fire Cloud Star’s Star Source, he learned that having too many Star Sources in his body would cause irreconcilable contradictions. At the time, he had used his powerful cultivation to suppress the Sources by force.


After all these years of wandering and refining, he no longer only had one or two Sources in his body like back then though, now, he had thousands of them!


In the blink of an eye, his body became a battlefield where thousands of children wailed and threw tantrums constantly. If it had been any other ordinary cultivator, they would soon suffer a mental collapse and damage to their physical bodies, even if they were in the Emperor Realm.


Fortunately, Yang Kai’s physical body was very tough. In all the years he spent cultivating, he had always paid attention to Body Tempering; therefore, the toughness of his body was incomparable to average cultivators. On top of that, he was also a Half-Dragon. This commotion was nothing to him. It was just that he could feel wave after wave of stabbing pains coming from his body. He immediately discovered the anomaly on his body the moment his Soul Avatar left his Knowledge Sea.


“Attacking my physical body after my Knowledge Sea? As expected, refining a Star Field Source is not easy!” He had already expected this, so he wasn’t surprised nor panicked. Instead, he was burning with a fighting spirit that made him eager to succeed.


Colourful rays of light burst out from the pores of his body and for an instant, he was bathed in a bright and colourful glow. Moreover, it was more fantastic compared to ordinary glowing lights. The Star Sources were fundamentally different from each other, so their respective colours were different too. That was why this phenomenon was occurring in his body right now. If anyone were to see the condition he was in, they would definitely worry about whether he was going to explode and die immediately.


Various Principle Strengths, which were generally the same but with some subtle variations among them, clashed violently inside Yang Kai’s body. These Principles came from the Star Sources themselves. The quantitative changes quickly turned into qualitative changes, causing him to suffer great pain. It felt as though his body could collapse at any time. Only then did he realize that he had underestimated the power of these naughty children. Not daring to underestimate them any longer, the words burst out of his mouth, “Dragon Transformation!”


A lofty Dragon’s Roar rang out and a phantom Golden Dragon flashed behind him before plunging into his body. 


The sounds of bones cracking rang out, so many that they compounded together into an endless loop.


Yang Kai’s brave and heroic figure quickly swelled like a balloon that was being pumped full of air. His hair flew in all directions as two lumps appeared on his forehead before short Dragon Horns pushed out from those lumps. His exposed skin was covered in strong Dragon Scales and his hands turned into sharp Dragon Claws while a sturdy Dragon Tail abruptly appeared behind him.


30 metres… 50 metres… 100 metres… 150 metres… 180 metres… 200 metres! 


Yang Kai quickly transformed into a giant half-Dragon half-Human Monster that towered alone above the Starry Sky.


[I can’t believe I turned into a 200 metre long Dragon. What a pleasant surprise!] He recalled that he had only been 180 metres long when he last used the Dragon Transformation Secret Art on Dragon Island. 


[I can’t believe I grew another 20 metres over the years.]


Although 20 metres was not a lot, it was the pure embodiment of the Dragon Clan’s bloodline. He had consumed so many Dragon Blood Flowers and Dragon Blood Pills back then that he had failed to absorb all the medicinal efficacies at the time. Hence, most of the medicinal efficacies had been stored in his body. This increase of 20 metres was undoubtedly the imperceptible influence of those stored medicinal efficacies in his body over the years.


Snorting lightly, two plumes of white smoke came out from his nostrils and his cultivation had more or less burst out of him. There was no holding back anymore.


In response, the space around him trembled and collapsed. Such power had already exceeded the limit that this world could withstand, and even without doing anything, Yang Kai had made the world uneasy just by standing there. The space surrounding him was like a lake that was no longer calm. Waves of ripples spread out as they constantly hovered along the fine lines between destruction and restoration. Following that, a great hostility enveloped him. That was none other than the World’s Will.


Flashes of thunder raced across the empty Starry Sky without rhyme or reason. In an instant, an area of a thousand kilometres around Yang Kai turned into a thunderstorm. Thunder rang out and converged together until it became a continuous roar, soon turning into a dense rain of lightning bolts that bombarded him from all directions.


Yang Kai laughed loudly at that moment, as though he had gone absolutely insane. He didn’t even bother to defend against these attacks, allowing the lightning to strike his body as he focused all his attention on suppressing the rioting Star Sources in his body.


*Hong long long…* 


The lights in the Starry Sky flickered and blinked as the waves of lightning and thunder that rained down on Yang Kai soon caused his Dragon Scales to crack and his flesh to singe.


The World’s rejection was unbearable, and even if Yang Kai had great power, he still couldn’t turn a blind eye to it; however, he possessed extremely powerful restorative powers and, combined with his Half-Dragon Form, he would heal quickly even if he took some damage.


Thunder and lightning continued to rain down on him for an hour while his body stood taller and straighter as time passed. The thousands of Star Sources above his 200-metre-long Half-Dragon Form were still in constant conflict, causing light to shine out of his pores as the different Principle Strengths entangled and clashed with each other.


All of a sudden, the force behind the thunder and lightning reduced considerably. The thunder arcs flashing around him lessened too.


Yang Kai’s eyes flashed with light, and he snorted coldly. If he had not had the Star Field Source in his possession nor the results of all his hard work over the past 10 years, he would never have dared to release all his strength in this manner. Doing so would only result in him being rejected or eliminated by the world. On the contrary, it was because he had the Star Field Source suppressed under his control and the 10 years of hard work under his belt that his aura had already influenced the entire Star Field. Even if the World’s Will had noticed his actions and began to reject him, he had the strength to resist it.


All the World could do was make him suffer so much that he retreated on his own. Even so, Yang Kai would never retreat. He had worked hard for so many years just to refine the Star Field and now that the goal was right at his fingertips, how could he be willing to let go?


When two parties clashed, one side would surely lose. Yang Kai believed that he would not be the losing party, and the weakening of the thunder and lightning was undoubtedly the best sign. It even made him feel a little dissatisfied because he did not expect it to reveal its weakness so quickly.


“Hm?” Yang Kai suddenly raised his head abruptly and glanced in a certain direction. He could vaguely sense something approaching him, but he found nothing there even after careful inspection. However, trying to pacify the thousands of Sources inside his body, he kept a close watch on his surroundings.


As he suspected, something was approaching him. Moreover, it was travelling at a great speed. It was hurtling through the Void so quickly that it was visible to the naked eye.


All of a sudden, a huge black hole appeared, approximately a thousand kilometres away. It looked like a piece of the Starry Sky had been melted away by something before a gigantic Monster leapt out.


When that gigantic Monster appeared, a strange voice sounded at the same time. It was neither sharp nor majestic. Rather, it was dreamy and sounded like a sorrowful cry, overflowing with despair and nostalgia for life. However, it was definitely not a sound that an animal could make. The appearance of the gigantic Monster was similar to that of a dolphin, one that was several hundred times the size of an ordinary dolphin! The Starry Sky was the ocean it swam in, and the Void was its home!


“A Shocking Void Beast!” Yang Kai’s eyes widened when he recognized what this gigantic Monster was. 


[It’s a Shocking Void Beast! This is a rare event!] 


He once met a Shocking Void Beast in his early years and had also killed it and obtained its Monster Core. A Shocking Void Beast could be considered a type of ancient Monster Beast. They were naturally proficient in the Dao of Space. Moreover, their proficiency was something innate, carved deep into their bones. Additionally, they were rumoured to be able to navigate freely between various planes without being hindered in any way.


The power of the Void was something people got anxious about just by mentioning it; however, this power was nothing more than nutrition to a Shocking Void Beast. Their favourite place to hide was inside the Void Cracks where they could devour the void turbulence as food for their growth. For that reason, it was rare for them to appear since they spent most of their time swimming through the Void. It was generally difficult to see them in the material world.


“I never expected to meet a Shocking Void Beast at a time like this. No, that’s not right! It’s a Shocking Void Beast King!” Yang Kai compared this Monster Beast to the ones in his memories and quickly discovered that this was not an ordinary Shocking Void Beast. It was a Shocking Void Beast King! That monstrous body was not something an ordinary Shocking Void Beast could have.


The dreamy voice sounded once again, and regardless of whether Yang Kai wanted it or not, it filled his ears and made him dizzy.


Meanwhile, the Shocking Void Beast King flicked its tail lightly, causing space to ripple as it skipped past the thousand kilometres between them to arrive in front of Yang Kai in a flash. It was so fast that he didn’t even have the time to react.


His 200-metre-long Half-Dragon Form looked like an infant next to the gigantic Shocking Void Beast King’s mountainous figure and Yang Kai felt as though a mountain was crushing down on him, making it hard to breathe.


On the contrary, the Shocking Void Beast King seemed not to have noticed him at all. Opening its gaping maw, that huge mouth looked like a Void Corridor that connected to a space of chaos and nothingness. 


It was going to swallow him up in the next moment.


A Shocking Void Beast King couldn’t appear in this place without a reason. More than that, it was impossible for a Shocking Void Beast King to fail to notice Yang Kai’s presence. Although it was strong, it was not invincible, and the aura Yang Kai was emitting at the moment was not weak. As long as this Monster had some sense in its head, it would not charge in so recklessly and open its mouth to swallow him up, of all things.


At that moment, Yang Kai felt the intense malice from the world around him. The reason the Shocking Void Beast King appeared in this place and seemed to be targeting him was definitely the doing of the World. The weakening of the thunder and lightning was simply in preparation for a more powerful attack. As the saying went, ‘Nature was unkind; everything was but a pawn in its eyes’. It really was vicious indeed.


Under normal circumstances, Yang Kai wouldn’t have minded having a battle with a Shocking Void Beast King. He might even be able to kill it and obtain its Monster Core, something that would surely be beneficial for cultivating the Dao of Space. It was just that he had more important things to do today, so he had no choice but to let it go for the time being.


Swinging his hand, a large Moon Blade formed out of nowhere, and with his current 200 metres long body, how could the Moon Blade he condensed be small? If it were to slash out, even the Shocking Void Beast King in front of him could not ignore it.


Silavin: Original Title – Shocking Void Beast King




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