Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3170, He Succeeded


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Yang Kai remained motionless despite wielding the Moon Blade in his hand. In the meantime, the Shocking Void Beast King continued to rush forward. 


All of a sudden, it came to a stop as though it had sensed something. It was hard to imagine how it managed to control such a humongous body with such finesse, but it went from charging forward to a complete stop in an instant. Then, the two eyes on the top of its head slanted downward and fixed their gaze on where he was standing.


“Hmph!” Yang Kai snorted and the aura of the Moon Blade in his hands became more and more dangerous by the moment. 


In response, the Shocking Void Beast King closed its gaping mouth with a snap. It seemed like it had only just noticed his presence, and its eyes gleamed with sentience.


Yang Kai lifted his chin at it, making a gesture that seemed to say, ‘fight if you dare.’ His fighting spirit burned so hot that it almost condensed into something tangible.


Two figures, one large and one small, confronted each other strangely for several moments before the Shocking Void Beast King suddenly leapt and vaulted over his head. The huge body seemed to plunge into an invisible lake and melted into the Void before vanishing out of sight, leaving behind only a large Void Corridor that slowly closed behind it.


Yang Kai breathed a sigh of relief and let his Space Technique disperse into nothingness. Just as the Shocking Void Beast King had found him to be a difficult opponent, he could tell that it was no pushover either.


He was at the critical juncture of refining the Star Field, so why would he deliberately complicate the issue? The retreat of the Shocking Void Beast King was the best result he could hope for. If he truly fought with it, it wasn’t a matter of whether or not he could kill it but that the refining of the Star Field would probably end in a disaster.


“What other moves do you have? Why don’t you throw them all at me!?” Yang Kai laughed maniacally, standing with one hand on his waist and the other hand pointing towards the sky.


The hostility that had shrouded him all this time slowly faded away. Simultaneously, the conflict between the thousands of Star Sources in his body eased up too. He couldn’t help feeling happy over this discovery as it seemed like… After everything just now, the World Will had compromised and approved of his presence.


Things could not have turned out better. As somebody good at reading the situation, Yang Kai no longer did anything that would agitate the World’s Will. He also stopped hesitating and immediately closed his eyes to begin refining the Star Field Source.


Time slowly passed, and his body gradually shrank in size. The light pouring out of his skin was lessening too, a clear sign that he was making good progress on the refining. It wasn’t until the moment when the last ray of light disappeared that Yang Kai finally returned to his original appearance.


Opening his eyes abruptly, despite the trace of fatigue that showed in his expression, Yang Kai was extremely spirited. Besides, the refining process wasn’t completed yet; there was one last step to go. 


Spreading his arms wide, he shouted, “It’s time to go home! Go on; go home!”


Thousands of lights suddenly poured out from all parts of his body and turned into balls of Source Strength. They lingered around him, circling a few times before disappearing in a flash.


Yang Kai had been going around the Star Field to refine Star Sources and turn the entire Star Field, dividing it into over a thousand separate pieces to make the refining process a little easier. Asking the Star Sources to leave now was also in preparation for the last step.


Suppression by force was not enough to succeed. Only with genuine recognition from both parties could they truly connect with each other. The thousands of Star Sources scattered in all directions and disappeared in the blink of an eye. With Yang Kai standing in the middle, it looked as though a meteor shower had rained down on the entire Star Field.


Only one Star Source remained behind, constantly dancing around him, giving off a sense of nostalgia and dependence. It was the Star Source of Shadowed Star! It did not leave immediately like the other Sources. Instead, it stayed behind as though it had its own thoughts and ideas.


Smiling, Yang Kai reached out his hand and held it up in his palms. The Star Source squirmed around slightly, constantly moving and shape-shifting.


“Go on!” He gently said. 


Only then did Shadowed Star’s Source transform into a beam of light that headed in the direction where Shadowed Star was located.


[Come!] Yang Kai shouted in his heart. 


Closing his eyes, he sent his consciousness into his Knowledge Sea. The Seven Coloured Treasure Mountain transformed back into the Soul Warming Lotus and released the suppressive force it had been using to restrain the Star Chart. Then, the Star Chart slowly rose from the depths of the ocean and intertwined with his Soul until they could no longer be separated.




A loud sound rang out and Yang Kai felt his entire body shaking from the impact. It felt as though something had exploded inside him. Looking around, he saw that the Star Chart was once again hanging in the sky above his Knowledge Sea. He lifted his head to look and saw the sky twinkling with Stars; however, there was a huge difference between how it was now and how it was in the past. 


Although the Star Chart had settled down in his Knowledge Sea and was useful to him back then, it had never truly belonged to him. But now, the Star Chart was completely his. Every last part of it, down to the smallest speck of dust, contained his aura.


“So that’s how it is!” The moment Yang Kai completely refined the Star Chart, he immediately understood something. It wasn’t until this moment that he understood why Grand Desolation Star Field managed to invade Heng Luo Star Field. It turned out that the reason was related to him!


When Yang Kai left for the Star Boundary back then, he had taken the Star Chart away with him. In other words, he took away the Source Strength of the Star Field. Without its Source, the Star Field’s World Barrier, which should have been impenetrable, grew weaker as a result. That almost imperceptible flaw was what formed the channel connecting Grand Desolation Star Field and Heng Luo Star Field together and allowed the cultivators from the former to invade.


Yang Kai scratched his head, feeling somewhat guilty. The invasion of Grand Desolation Star Field’s cultivators had caused the deaths of many and brought disasters down on numerous Cultivation Stars. He could never have imagined that he would be the reason for such a catastrophe. In any case, all he could do at this point was apologize.


Focusing his thoughts, Yang Kai’s excitement soon surged. Upon becoming a Star Field Master, he realized it felt somewhat similar to the feeling when he became a Star Master. Everything was in the palm of his hands with just a single thought. It was just that the range had been expanded by several thousand times.


As his mind continued to reach out into the surroundings, Yang Kai could perceive anything and everything at his target location.


He soon came across Tong Xuan Realm. 


Over the past few years, Tong Xuan Realm had recovered considerably with the traces of Grand Desolation Star Field’s corruption having long since vanished completely. With the 108 Absolute Profound Heaven Spirit Array and Xia Ning Chang protecting this place, 10 years was enough time for Tong Xuan Realm to recover its World Energy to its original state. However, that was still not enough.


In the first place, Tong Xuan Realm’s foundation was inherently weaker than other Cultivation Stars and could not produce any strong cultivators. There were two reasons why Yang Kai had been so desperate to become the Star Field Master. Firstly, it was for his own needs. Secondly, it was for Xia Ning Chang and Tong Xuan Realm. 


Only by becoming the Star Field Master could Yang Kai use the power of the Star Field to bring benefits to Tong Xuan Realm and make Xia Ning Chang rise in power.


[It’s time to experiment and see if it works.] He stood in place without moving and simply gestured with his hands.




Xia Ning Chang was talking to Xue Yue in Nine Heavens Holy Land on Tong Xuan Realm at this time. Ever since the war ended three years ago, the entire Star Field had returned to normal. There was no longer any need to be worried about being invaded by powerful enemies again. Both the Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce and Sword Union were in the process of rebuilding. As for Purple Star… it no longer existed. Moreover, Purple Star’s place in the three great forces had been assumed by High Heaven Sect, which was also the strongest force in the entire Star Field now!


Xia Ning Chang’s aura had recovered and she was no longer as weak as she had been back then. Her skin was fair and healthy; her aura was stable, and she had reached the peak of the Third-Order Origin King Realm. 


Similarly, Xue Yue was doing well also. Although she was not a Star Master, she had a Special Constitution and an unlimited supply of resources, so her cultivation progress had never been less than the others.


All of a sudden, Xia Ning Chang lifted her head and looked outside, seeming to sense something.


“What’s wrong?” Xue Yue asked suspiciously.


“It’s…” Xia Ning Chang got up and walked out of the palace in a single step. Then, Xue Yue came to stand next to her as two pairs of eyes stared into the sky before they immediately froze.


Under the blazing sun in the blue sky, they saw streams of lights flashing across the Heavens. Each stream of light contained an unimaginable amount of pure energy and all of them came crashing towards the surface like a meteor shower.


Xue Yue’s face paled. Even though there was a large distance between them and the incoming meteor-like things, she could sense how much damage they could do if they were to land. If even only one of them fell on Tong Xuan Realm, the entire Star would be hit hard. What’s more, there were far more than one that they could see. The sky was densely packed with these lights, simply too many to count.


Xia Ning Chang and Xue Yue were not the only ones to witness it. All the living creatures in Tong Xuan Realm were shocked by what they were seeing at this moment.


Xia Ning Chang’s expression turned solemn and she was just about to summon the Star Source’s Strength to stop some of these incoming meteors when she suddenly noticed one of the large clouds in the sky distort and transform into a distinct human face.


“Ah!” She screamed.


“Husband!” Xue Yue was dumbfounded too.


The face formed by those clouds undoubtedly belonged to Yang Kai. They did not know how far away he was from the two of them, but it seemed as though he could see them and was smiling at them, even winking cheekily.


That moment of hesitation caused Xia Ning Chang to lose the opportunity to intercept those meteors. However, she knew that all of this was his doing the moment she saw his face and lost all intention of intercepting them as a result. She was simply curious as to what he was planning to do as the world-shattering power looming over them was nothing to joke about after all.


When the meteors crashed to the ground, the impact and destruction they imagined did not come. On the contrary, those meteors silently vanished without a single trace and once the light dissipated, the World Energy in the Nine Heavens Holy Land clearly became denser. Additionally… Several other things were quietly changing too.


Xia Ning Chang was the most conscious of these changes. 


As the Star Master, she could sense that the World Principles in Tong Xuan Realm were gradually becoming stronger and more perfect. More complete Principles would mean that stronger cultivators could be born here. The whole Star conveyed a pleasant aura, which gave her a sense of joy too.


“Ning Chang, this is…” Xue Yue couldn’t help asking when she saw Xia Ning Chang smiling.


“He succeeded!” Xia Ning Chang replied.


Xue Yue understood immediately, and her beautiful eyes shone with a strange light, “Did he finally succeed?”


Ten years had passed without any news from Yang Kai. They would occasionally hear that somebody had seen him in the Star Field, but they would only catch a glimpse. Nobody went looking for him since they all knew what he was busy with. It was surprising that he managed to succeed in just 10 years though.


The abnormality occurring in Tong Xuan Realm at the moment was the best example of his success though. Only by successfully refining the Star Field and becoming a Star Field Master could Yang Kai have the power to guide such enormous amounts of power to Tong Xuan Realm and carry out such a huge transformation.


It could be said that a transformation like this was not without cost. The improvement of Tong Xuan Realm was done by extracting power from other places. Nevertheless, it was a matter related to Xia Ning Chang, so Yang Kai was not going to be stingy about his methods.




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  1. (As always, no spoilers, only estimates) So I assume getting that void beast king will be a priority. Then, revenge by going to the grand desolation field and nipping the evil sects in the bud. Finally, since that field has a way to Star Boundary, he probably will be able to go back at this time, and create a stable corridor to his Heng Luo star field.

    And obviously, since it’s been many years, his sect is probably in turmoil and he’ll be able to save them at the last second 😉

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