Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3171, Spit Out Whatever You Ate That Belongs to Me


Translator: Silavin & Tia

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


“Hmm? What happened here?” All of a sudden, Yang Kai noticed that something was wrong. A fist-sized ‘black ink stain’ had appeared somewhere on the Star Chart above his Knowledge Sea. This ‘black ink stain’ looked extremely familiar. It reminded him of the scenery he once saw when looking down on Tong Xuan Realm from a high altitude. Now that he was connected to the Star Field Source, he immediately felt a strong malice coming from this ‘black ink stain’.


If he was not mistaken, the location where that ‘black ink stain’ was located should be the place where Grand Desolation Star Field and Heng Luo Star Field were connected. 


That was an important location so 10 years ago, Yang Kai had dispatched Li Jiao and his family there to guard the place. Yang Kai thought that his plan was foolproof and it wasn’t until today when he finished refining the Star Chart that he noticed something was wrong.


With a single thought, Yang Kai’s vision seemed to travel across a distance of billions of kilometres and came to the vicinity of the ‘black ink stain’ in an instant. The sight that greeted him shocked him to the core.


An area stretching for tens of million kilometres had turned into a black hole so humongous that it was hard to imagine. Everything that was originally located in this piece of Starry Sky was gone without a trace, including some Dead Stars and many asteroids. That wasn’t the worst of it; the edges of the black hole continued to expand into its surroundings at a steady speed. Everything that stood in the path of that creeping darkness turned into nothingness. From the way things stood, it looked like the darkness was devouring the Star Field.


The sight immediately enraged him! He had refined the Star Field Source and became the Star Field Master just now; in other words, the entire Star Field was his domain. Regardless of what that darkness was, it was encroaching on his territory! How could he tolerate such actions as the Star Field Master!?


[Where is Li Jiao, that bastard!? I sent him here to guard this place back then. Why didn’t he inform me about such a major incident? Even if I’ve been running all over the place for the past few years and have no fixed residence to speak of, I’m sure he could have found a way to locate me if he really wanted to…] Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling a little resentful in his heart and with a slight flicker, it didn’t take him more than a moment to reach the edge of the huge black hole.


Upon a closer look, Yang Kai understood more and more just how horrifying this black hole was. All he could see was darkness and nothing else. It was no less dangerous than a Void Crack for sure though as that darkness slowly crept forward like the tide, expanding into its surroundings and assimilating everything in its way.


Yang Kai could feel that he was losing his territory, bit by bit, so his expression turned grim. Communicating with the Star Chart through his mind, the Star Field Source hummed in response as if it had received some sort of encouragement and began to exude a dazzling light.


The darkness that had been expanding steadily suddenly slowed down considerably. The sight made him raise an eyebrow in response. He had never encountered something like this before; hence, he honestly did not know how to deal with it. He simply wanted to try to prevent the spread of the darkness and had not expected that communicating with the Star Chart would bring about such effects.


Then, Yang Kai immediately understood the situation. Since he was the Star Field Master, his Will was the Will of the Star Field. Every thought and every action of his could make the Star Field resonate with his wishes. With that answer in hand, he no longer hesitated. Communicating with the Star Chart more actively, borrowing the power of the entire Star Field, Yang Kai strove to prevent the darkness from spreading further.


The speed at which the darkness expanded outwards slowed down so much that the changes were visible to the naked eye. In the end, it gradually stopped expanding. Even so, Yang Kai was not satisfied with the situation and shouted, “Get out!”


At the same time, he pushed out explosively with both arms in front of him and an invisible force pressed down from all directions. The boundaries of the darkness instantly shrank back by several thousands of metres and continued shrinking without stopping.


As the darkness receded, everything in its path that it had previously devoured was restored back to normal. Yang Kai watched as a huge asteroid slowly emerged from within the darkness and eventually became fully exposed after a while. The discovery made him extremely happy. He initially thought that everything the darkness swallowed would no longer exist, but that did not seem to be the case. Even though all those places had been devoured, they still existed in perfect condition. It was just that nobody could see them anymore, and the truth could only be revealed by pushing back the darkness.


[What the Hell is this darkness?] Yang Kai wondered as he worked to take back his territory, probing into the emptiness. A short while later, his body stiffened and a shocked expression appeared on his face. He had discovered a World Will in the depths of the darkness! Moreover, it was a World Will that did not belong to Heng Luo Star Field! The World Will was very similar to the one found in Heng Luo Star Field, however. Regardless, it was almost as though this darkness was another world on its own.


[This is incredible! Simply unbelievable! Could it be? That there is another world out there trying to eat away at Heng Luo Star Field? Is it Grand Desolation Star Field? This place is where the two Star Fields are connected after all. It makes sense if Grand Desolation Star Field is the one trying to devour Heng Luo Star Field.]


Yang Kai suddenly felt a little fortunate. If he had not refined the Star Chart and become the Star Field Master, he would have had no way to deal with this situation. The absorption of a world by another world was no longer something that could be solved through cultivation alone. He had to borrow the power of the world he was in to fight back against the absorption. Just then, a sliver of insight came to him. The reason why he managed to refine the Star Chart so easily was probably related to the current situation. Heng Luo Star Field wanted to use his power to fight against this encroachment.


“Spit out whatever you ate that belongs to me!” Yang Kai had just become Heng Luo Star Field’s Master, so he was in high spirits. How could he be afraid of the minor difficulties in front of him?


Directing the power of Heng Luo Star Field, Yang Kai viciously pushed back against the darkness. With no power to resist, the darkness steadily retreated as a result. In the meantime, the Starry Sky that had been swallowed by the darkness gradually returned to normal while the darkness retreated faster and faster with his help. In less than a quarter of an hour, the darkness had receded by more than ten thousand kilometres.


Ten thousand kilometres was nothing compared to the territory it had engulfed, but even so, it was a good start. Yang Kai was certain that the speed at which he regained the lands he lost would increase as time passed, and reality proved that to be the case. The entire Heng Luo Star Field seemed to be aware of his intentions and the Star Field Source cooperated with him unreservedly to give him the power to make it a reality.


A hundred thousand kilometres… Two hundred thousand kilometres… A million kilometres… The darkness had shrunk considerably. At this speed, he would be able to recover everything he lost to the darkness in less than a month.


At that moment, the hairs on the back of his neck stood up without warning as he felt a great sense of crisis enveloping him. Widening his eyes, Yang Kai focused his gaze on the darkness in front of him. It was completely filled with chaos and nothingness. Not only did it not contain any vitality, but it also did not contain any living or dead. Despite that, Yang Kai was certain that the sense of crisis had come from within the darkness.


A ray of light suddenly appeared in his line of vision. It arrived in front of him in the blink of an eye. Lifting his head abruptly, Yang Kai opened his mouth and bit down on the ray of light. The light trembled endlessly as if it was a living thing. Biting down, his sharp fangs turned into indestructible blades. 


*Kacha…* The sound of something shattering rang out and the struggling movement in his mouth subsided suddenly.


“Bah!” Yang Kai spat out the thing. Then, he reached out his hand to catch it, his gaze focusing on the item. The item turned out to be an exquisitely shaped flying knife. It had a flawless blade, about a forearm in length. Unfortunately, there was now a row of teeth marks on the blade. It was also covered in a dense spider web of cracks. Yang Kai’s bite had destroyed the flying knife’s spirituality.


“This is…” His eyes nearly fell out of their sockets, “An Emperor Artifact?”


The thing that struck at him from within the darkness turned out to be an Emperor Artifact! Although the spirituality had been destroyed and it was covered in cracks now, Yang Kai was not blind so how could he fail to recognize an Emperor Grade Artifact? Besides, there were still traces of Emperor Qi lingering on the flying knife.


Lifting his head, he stared into the darkness with eyes that burned with raging flames. [Good, good, good! I thought that the absorption between worlds was some kind of natural phenomenon. I can’t believe it turned out to be a man-made disaster instead!]


There was no way an Emperor Artifact had attacked him for no reason, and judging by the lingering Emperor Qi aura left on the blade, that person had clearly tried to kill him from the other world. Moreover, the person who attacked him was definitely in the Emperor Realm.


Launching an attack across a World Barrier was not something that Yang Kai could pull off even now. The wall between worlds was simply too strong. Only a Great Emperor might be able to pull off such a feat. However, Heng Luo Star Field and Grand Desolation Star Field were not completely separated at the moment. The darkness was the place where the two worlds were connected. Thus, it was not difficult for potential enemies to ambush him from across the boundaries of the world. As for the reason… It was undoubtedly due to the fact that he had been hindering Grand Desolation Star Field’s absorption of Heng Luo Star Field.


A bold idea popped up in Yang Kai’s head at that point, and though he was not 100% certain, he was quite confident about it.


“It’s finally getting interesting!” Yang Kai couldn’t help flashing a savage grin as he stared into the darkness as though he could penetrate the barriers between the worlds with his gaze and stare straight at the powerful enemy hiding in the other world!


Ever since he returned to the Star Field, the only enemies Yang Kai encountered had been weaklings. Those enemies could not do anything to him even though he was affected by the rejection of the world. Therefore, the sudden appearance of such a strong enemy immediately roused his long-diminished fighting spirit.


“It’s impolite not to reciprocate the gesture. Take this!” He slapped his hands together and condensed a huge Moon Blade. He did not launch it immediately. Instead, he continued to pour his power into it.


The Moon Blade buzzed and became erratic. It felt as though it might collapse at any time. Even so, it was more stable than ever under Yang Kai’s control.


A long while later, he finally looked up and threw the flying blade with broken spirituality back into the darkness in front of him. Only then did he slash out with the Moon Blade. Both the flying knife and the Moon Blade disappeared into the darkness without a sound.


A great darkness was surging in the endless Starry Sky within Grand Desolation Star Field. The scenery there was similar to the scenery on Yang Kai’s side, and at the edge of the darkness, a middle-aged man with a sallow face frowned as he stared straight ahead.


All of a sudden, a flying knife appeared out of the darkness. He lifted his hand and caught the flying knife in his hand, but before he could study the condition of the flying knife, a pitch-black Moon Blade followed close behind and slashed towards him.


He was not a careless individual, but even so, he did not notice the Moon Blade until it was practically right in front of his eyes. The main reason was that the Moon Blade was extremely stealthy and silent. Moreover, it was very similar to the darkness before him, which made it very hard to detect.


Perceiving the terrifying power of the Moon Blade, the middle-aged man raised his brow and revealed a look of surprise; however, he did not panic. Another flying knife abruptly appeared in his hand, one identical to the one Yang Kai had intercepted before. Raising it high, the flying knife shone brightly and turned into a huge blade before slashing downward without warning.




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  1. Fighting a space ability with just an artifact.. and it isnt a defensive one but an offensive blade.. dont tell me it will magically be able to stop the space moon blade . That would be ridiculous..

    1. well, we’ve seen people shatter the moon blades before and it is assumed that this enemy is a GE so it will probably happen

        1. “Launching an attack across a World Barrier was not something that Yang Kai could pull off even now. The wall between worlds was simply too strong. Only a Great Emperor might be able to pull off such a feat. “

          1. He literally said just afterwards that it didn’t have to be a Great Emperor because of the weakened barriers. In fact, YK himself wouldn’t have been able to launch his attack if only GEs could do it.

      1. It is not assumed that it is a great emperor. If it was he wouldn’t have been able to stop the attack with his teeth. He said that under normal circumstances only a great emperor could attack someone else in a different world/star field, but in the current situation that isn’t the case anymore. I am assuming this guy is the sect master of netherworld sect in the Eastern territory of the star boundary, the guy who Yang Kai extorted. Maybe its not him, but at the very least I think its an elder level figure from his sect.

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