Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3172, There’s an Insect


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The Moon Blade shattered suddenly, causing the middle-aged man to frown in response. Then, his heart skipped a beat and he hurriedly backed away. Unfortunately, it was too late. The Moon Blade exploded and the space around him went wild. Consequently, several void cracks appeared. Those cracks were not arranged in a disorderly manner. Rather, they spelled out the words, “Fuck your mother!”


“Space Technique!” The middle-aged man exclaimed in surprise. He looked extremely shocked but didn’t seem bothered by Yang Kai’s insult. The main reason was that the Dao of Space was incredibly esoteric and difficult to cultivate. A person who could utilize a Space Technique to this extent could not be just a random nobody.


“Could it be him!?” The image of a person appeared in the middle-aged man’s mind. If the person on the other side of the Void Corridor matched with the person in his mind, then things would become extremely troublesome. The prestige of the Martial Beast Great Emperor and of Spirit Beast Island could not be ignored. ‘That’ person was the right arm of the Martial Beast Great Emperor, Mo Huang. If it really was him, then things would become very difficult to handle.


[Still… I have never heard of that person being related to a Lower Star Field before… Why would he suddenly appear in Heng Luo Star Field?] He suddenly remembered the family of three who had been dragged into this Star Field three years ago. At first, he had no intention of bothering with them, but now, it would seem that it was time for him to have a talk with them. Perhaps… he could obtain some useful information.


Yang Kai waited intently in front of the darkness, but after a full day and night, he began to feel bored when he did not see any signs of a counterattack. He did not know if his Moon Blade had injured the other party; however, it shouldn’t be possible. The barrier between the two Star Fields might be weak enough for him to send an attack across the World Barrier, but the power behind his attack would be severely worn down in the process. Moreover, the opponent was strong, so how could they be harmed so easily? He simply could not understand why the other party had not made a move.


Yang Kai couldn’t be bothered to think about it though. Since the other party didn’t seem like they were going to make a move, he might as well restore his Star Field with some peace of mind. Hence, the darkness continued to recede, revealing the Starry Sky that had been swallowed previously.


All of a sudden, Yang Kai’s eyes flashed as he grinned, “How bold!”


Stretching out his hand, Yang Kai grabbed at the space in front of him as a figure suddenly leapt out from the endless darkness. However, he frowned and immediately stopped his attack when he saw who it was, instead reaching out and pulling this figure to him.


“Yu Qin?” Yang Kai looked down at the little girl in front of him with a slight frown.


Lu Yu Qin was not injured, but her complexion was extremely pale. She had obviously been deeply frightened by something. The pupils in her eyes were dilated, and she was trembling uncontrollably.


Yang Kai called out her name twice, but she did not react one bit. With no other choice, he circulated his Spiritual Energy to soothe her mind first.


After a while, she finally recovered from her shock. When her eyes gradually focused and she saw his face clearly, she began crying before she could say anything, her tears pouring down her face.


“Why did you appear from the other side? Where are your parents?” A sense of uneasiness bloomed in his heart.


“Senior Yang, please save my father and mother!”


Yang Kai felt his heart sink at those words and he quickly asked, “Are they on the other side?”


“Please! I beg you! Save them!” She grabbed at his arm tightly, crying pitifully.


“Stop crying first, you have to explain the situation to me properly if you want me to act,” he comforted her.


A while later, her emotions finally calmed down enough for her to brokenly recount the events of the past few years.


Three years ago, the Void Corridor connecting Heng Luo Star Field and Grand Desolation Star Field suddenly went out of control. The darkness had swept across the land and devoured their family of three. When they recovered from their shock, they discovered that they had arrived at another Star Field. It was only later that they learned that the Star Field they were in was none other than Grand Desolation Star Field.


Fortunately, Li Jiao and Lu San Niang were existences that had surpassed the limits of the Star Field; hence, they did not encounter any danger. However, they seemed to be sealed in a certain space and couldn’t find their way back.


One day ago, a middle-aged man suddenly came to them and chatted with Li Jiao for a long time. Lu Yu Qin did not know what they discussed at the time. In the end, that middle-aged man had grabbed her, dragged her to the edge of the darkness, and threw her in.


“What was that guy called?” Yang Kai was aware that there was somebody on the other side of the darkness and he felt that this person was behind the encroachment upon his Star Field. And now, his guess had been confirmed by Lu Yu Qin’s story.


She shook her head in response. She had never seen that man before yesterday. All she knew was that her parents were no match for him. They had tried to stop him when he grabbed her, but they couldn’t even touch the hems of his clothes.


“What did he say?” Yang Kai asked. That man clearly wanted her to pass on a message since he returned her to this place.


Lu Yu Qin said, “He asked me to tell you… If you want them to live, then hand over the Star Field Source!”


“Hah?!” Yang Kai’s eyebrow twitched in response, “Is he crazy?”


Although he got along fairly well with Li Jiao, they were not close enough to be used as a bargaining chip for something so valuable. Yang Kai might have stopped to consider it if Su Yan or one his other close relations had been kidnapped instead, but the other party might not keep his word to release the hostages even if he handed over the Star Field Source. Instead, he would no longer have the ability to fight against the other party without the Star Field Source. In the end, Heng Luo Star Field would not be able to escape from being completely devoured. 


[Is that person deliberately trying to annoy me by asking Lu Yu Qin to come back and pass this message to me?]


“Senior Yang…” She looked at him pleadingly.


“I’ll send you somewhere safe first. Don’t worry. I will rescue your parents.” He patted her on the shoulder. He divided part of his attention to continue suppressing the darkness before his figure flickered slightly and he headed towards Shadowed Star.


The Star Field was vast, so anybody would need to spend a lot of time travelling across it from one Star to another; however, Yang Kai was now Heng Luo Star Field’s Master, so it was only natural that he enjoyed certain conveniences that nobody else could have. One such advantage was that he could cover a lot of distance with just a thought.


After several leaps, Shadowed Star appeared in the distance. With another leap, they appeared inside High Heaven Sect. A stream of light flew out from a certain Spirit Peak at that moment. It was Su Yan, who had sensed his return. Under her lead, all the Masters in High Heaven Sect swarmed over. It didn’t take long for all the Elders and Masters to gather together.


Ye Xi Yun stepped forward and spoke first, “Sect Master, there is something I need to inform you about.” While speaking, she glanced at Lu Yu Qin, who was leaning in Yang Kai’s embrace, with some measure of surprise. The matter she wanted to report about was related to the disappearance of Li Jiao and his family.


“You don’t need to tell me. I already know about it.” Yang Kai handed the sleeping Lu Yu Qin over to Su Yan, “Please take care of her!”


Their gazes met, and although nothing more was said, they understood each other; thus, Su Yan gently nodded and carried Lu Yu Qin back to her Spirit Peak.


Afterwards, Yang Kai took a seat in the main hall while the rest gathered around him. Sweeping his gaze over them, he spoke, “You have worked hard over the years. I have seen the results of your hard work with my own eyes. Although I did not participate in the endeavour, I am thankful for all your contributions.”


Ye Xi Yun said, “It’s what we should do, but, what do you know about the expanding black hole, Sect Master?”


Yang Kai replied, “I just found out about it not too long ago, but don’t worry, I will deal with this matter myself.”


Upon hearing what he said, she calmed down. What she had been worrying about for the past few years finally disappeared. Although Yang Kai was somebody who rarely showed his face and usually left all the work to her, he was reliable when he became serious.


“Husband, what is that black hole? How is it able to devour the Star Field?” Shan Qing Luo asked puzzledly.


To which he answered, “It’s the power of Grand Desolation Star Field.”


“It’s the doing of Grand Desolation Star Field again!?” A group of people suddenly exclaimed with righteous indignation.


Ever since the war ended three years ago, the entire Star Field had entered a stage of recuperation. They thought that they could finally live in peace for a time but they did not expect Grand Desolation Star Field to reappear and stir up a storm again so soon. Moreover, it was worse this time around as that Star Field actually started to eat away at their Star Field, leaving them at a loss for what to do.


Ye Xi Yun frowned, “Sect Master, how is Grand Desolation Star Field able to devour this Star Field? Could it be that Grand Desolation Star Field is a higher plane than ours?”


Yang Kai shook his head, “That’s not it. There are no major differences between the two Star Fields. The reason something like that happened is that somebody is pulling strings from the shadows.”






“Could it be…”


He nodded and said solemnly, “It’s the Master of Grand Desolation Star Field!”


The person who had exchanged blows with him was no ordinary person. Besides, only one person could direct the refinement and assimilation of another Star Field, and that was the Star Field Master of Grand Desolation Star Field! That person was just like Yang Kai; they were both Star Field Masters!


A gasp rang out among the crowd. Then, they quickly remembered that Yang Kai was also a Star Field Master, so there was no reason for them to be so fearful. It was just that… What would happen if the two Star Field Masters started a fight with each other? How would their battle affect their respective Star Fields? Their battle would not be done in person nor with their strength alone after all, they would be fighting with the power of their respective Star Fields as their support. That was bound to cause great disturbances in both Star Fields.


“Sect Master, who is stronger between the two of you?” Ye Xi Yun raised the question that everyone was most anxious to know.


“He is not my opponent at the moment,” Yang Kai replied calmly. The places swallowed up by the darkness had originally been part of his territory, so Yang Kai still had a certain advantage despite it having been taken over by the other party. In essence, it was not difficult for Yang Kai to drive the foreign enemy out.


“At the moment?” Ye Xi Yun keenly grasped the key points in his words, “What about in the future?”


Yang Kai laughed, “Who can say what the future will bring? We simply do what we can to conform with the Heavenly Way.”


She looked like she still had more to ask, but he raised his hand to stop her before smiling meaningfully, “There’s an insect here.”


While speaking, he suddenly stretched out his hand and grabbed at something in front of him. His movements were neither hurried nor unhurried. In response, the space in front of him became chaotic. Plunging his large hand into this warped space, Yang Kai seemed to grab hold of something far away, and when he withdrew his hand, an old man with an all-white beard appeared in the great hall.


The old man looked shocked and bewildered. He had a stooped figure, and his entire body was trembling. He looked rather unsteady on his feet; moreover, the aura around him was not that strong, only in the Origin Returning Realm.


Everybody in the great hall looked at each other in confusion, wondering why Yang Kai had captured this old man. They didn’t even know where Yang Kai had brought this old man from. After becoming the Star Field’s Master, Yang Kai’s strength had become more and more difficult for them to understand.


In the meantime, that old man with the stooped figure glanced about his surroundings and seemed to be frightened. The people around him might not know who he was, but he knew many of their faces, so panic flashed through his eyes for a moment before he quickly feigned ignorance and haltingly asked, “Where… am I?”




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