Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3174, Leaping Across Boundaries


Translator: Silavin & Tia

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


The Sect Master of the Netherworld Sect immediately calmed down after being smacked by Yang Kai. The scenery flashed by quickly as they brushed past large Stars that soon were left behind as no more than specks of lights in the distance. In just a short while, the two of them had travelled across billions of kilometres.


Stopping all of a sudden, Yang Kai tossed the old man to the side. The old man immediately caught his balance and looked around. His pupils contracted at the sight, “This is…”


There was a gigantic black hole in front of him, heaving and writhing like the mouth of a giant beast. It seemed to be gnawing at this world, trying to swallow it all up.


“Grand Desolation Star Field is on the other side of that darkness!” Yang Kai pointed at the area where the darkness was the densest.


The old man’s eyes lit up at those words.


“Do you want to go back?”


He nodded repeatedly to that.


“Good. I’ll let you go back. But, you have to help me pass on a message.”


He cautiously asked, “What message?”


“Tell that bastard to wash his neck and wait for my arrival! I’ll be there to claim his head soon enough!”




“Scram!” Yang Kai lifted the old man by the collar again and threw him into the darkness without any explanation. The old man screamed in horror and tried to resist, but he couldn’t even gather his Saint Qi. In the end, he could only plunge headfirst into the darkness and his figure disappeared in the blink of an eye.


Yang Kai narrowed his eyes as he glanced into the darkness and let out a soft whistle.


Three figures stood on the other side of the darkness at this moment. Aside from the sallow-faced man, the other two were people that Yang Kai was familiar with. They were Li Jiao and Lu San Niang!


Both their auras were still intact. They had suffered neither torture nor injury, but they had no intention of escaping either. That was because neither Li Jiao nor Lu San Niang could exert their full strength in this place, while on the contrary, this middle-aged man in front of them could.


Capturing them was a simple task for this man. Neither Li Jiao nor Lu San Niang could put up any resistance against him.


“No matter who you are, you will pay the price for this!” Li Jiao gazed at the middle-aged man with a vicious expression on his face. This man had thrown Lu Yu Qin into the darkness right in front of them and they did not even know whether she was still alive at this point. It was only natural that Li Jiao was furious. He hated himself for being helpless. If he had been in the Star Boundary, he would have fought this man to the death. Even if he wound up not being this man’s opponent, it would still be better than simmering with this rage.


The middle-aged man turned a deaf ear to those words and simply said calmly, “How are you so confident?”


Li Jiao smiled coldly, “Because you don’t know who you provoked.”


The middle-aged man finally turned his head to look at Li Jiao. Studying Li Jiao for a moment, he said, “I’m afraid you don’t have that ability.”


Li Jiao said, “If I had the ability, I would have twisted your head off a long time ago.”


“Are you pinning your hopes on that person named Yang Kai?” The middle-aged man raised his eyebrows at Li Jiao, secretly feeling amused.


He had never even heard of the name ‘Yang Kai’ before. So, how strong could this person be? Even if he was lucky enough to become the Star Field Master, he wouldn’t last long. He only learned of Yang Kai’s existence after talking to Li Jiao for some time. It wasn’t that Li Jiao wanted to sell Yang Kai out. He simply had no choice but to answer the questions since Lu Yu Qin and Lu San Niang were behind him.


“Just you wait. You will come to regret this.” Li Jiao sneered and said no more. It didn’t matter where the person in front of him came from or how high that person’s cultivation was, he believed that Yang Kai could get rid of them as long as they were not a Great Emperor. Yang Kai was a person who even dared to barge into a place like Dragon Island after all, so what else could trouble him in this world?


“I hope he is as capable as you say. Otherwise, this will be too boring!” The middle-aged man smiled slightly. All of a sudden, he sensed something and turned to look into the darkness. Ripples spread across the surface of the darkness. Immediately after that, a figure flew out from the depths of the darkness. Flailing about wildly, a deep look of shock still etched on their face.


The middle-aged man stretched out his hand and caught the figure. Meanwhile, the old man continued to yell without stopping. It took the middle-aged man shouting at him for him to calm down.


“S-Sir!” The old man exclaimed when his vision cleared and he saw who was standing in front of him. His eyes flashed with a sense of euphoria at having escaped the clutches of death. He had thought that he was a goner when Yang Kai threw him into the darkness. Who could have known that Yang Kai had kept his promise and let him live? Moreover, Yang Kai even sent him back to Grand Desolation Star Field!


“Why did you appear here from the other side?” The middle-aged man looked at the old man rather curiously and slowly released him from his grip.


The old man hurriedly replied, “Sir, I had to endure great humiliation in return for my life. That was how I survived and came back here to report to you.”


“Did that person send you back?” The middle-aged man frowned slightly, hitting the nail on the head with his statement.


Netherworld Sect’s Sect Master wore a stern expression. Even so, he could only nod affirmatively, “Yes. He sent me here to pass a message to you.”


“What message?”


“That little brat who doesn’t know his place claimed that he will be coming for you soon, Sir.” The old man considered his words carefully, not daring to repeat the exact words that Yang Kai had used.


“Is that all?” The middle-aged man frowned slightly. He seemed astonished by the message and turned to glance at Li Jiao and Lu San Niang. 


[Doesn’t that person care about the lives of these two?]


“That’s all.” Netherworld Sect Master lowered his head.


The middle-aged man mulled over it for a moment. Then, he raised his hand and reached out towards Netherworld Sect Master’s head, an action that startled the old man greatly. He instinctively wanted to resist even though he knew that it was useless to, but in that moment of hesitation, the large hand covered his forehead and he stiffened in response, even his thoughts freezing in place.


“I’ll see for myself,” the middle-aged man said faintly. He then released his Divine Sense and poured it into the old man’s Knowledge Sea, forcefully scanning his memories. This method could easily cause irreversible damage to the old man; however, it was clear that the middle-aged man was not too concerned about that.


The old man’s Knowledge Sea churned violently all of a sudden, and a ray of light burst out from within the waters. That light flickered with an aura that did not belong to him before it transformed into an incredibly sharp attack that lashed out at the middle-aged man’s Divine Sense.


It turned out that Yang Kai had planted a lethal attack in the old man’s Knowledge Sea without the old man noticing, then he simply waited for the middle-aged man to walk right into his trap.


“Hmph!” The middle-aged man coldly snorted. Although he was surprised, he did not panic. His Divine Sense fluctuated and a wave of pure Spiritual Energy surged forward to take on the attack.


A loud crash rang out as the water in the old man’s Knowledge Sea boiled. The two Divine Senses collided together before dissipating, with the middle-aged man slightly surprised to find that the other party’s Spiritual Energy was no weaker than his. But, from what he heard from Li Jiao, this Yang Kai was only a First-Order Emperor! How can he have such a powerful Divine Sense?


When the two Divine Senses collided, neither side could do anything to the other. Unfortunately, Netherworld Sect Master suffered from their little exchange as he was caught off guard. The aftermath of the clash sent ripples back into the Star Field Master’s own Knowledge Sea, shaking his Soul slightly. On the other hand, the old man’s Knowledge Sea collapsed under the impact of this clash and his aura was extinguished. In the end, he was simply collateral damage in their confrontation. Yang Kai had not killed him and even allowed him to return, but Yang Kai’s trap caused him to lose his life instantly.


It was no longer realistic to investigate anything else, but just as the middle-aged man was about to withdraw his consciousness from the collapsed Knowledge Sea, a great sense of crisis descended from the sky.


He forced his eyes open and looked up to see a vortex had appeared within the darkness in front of him and a young man grinned at him from within as he leapt across the World Boundaries and lunged at him.


“Bold!” The middle-aged man’s expression finally changed as he exclaimed to himself. Grand Desolation Star Field was located on this side of the darkness and it was his territory! Anybody who entered this place would be suppressed by his power.


Even when he made plans to devour Heng Luo Star Field, he had to take his time and slowly make progress, one step at a time. He also had to send people over to search for Heng Luo Star Field’s Source on his behalf. 


[How can this boy just rush into this place like this!? Isn’t he afraid he won’t leave this place alive!?]


Despite all the thoughts running through his head, the middle-aged man swiftly composed himself and grinned happily. He would have been helpless to do anything if Yang Kai had fought him while remaining hidden in Heng Luo Star Field. Both of them were Star Field Masters with control of their respective Star Fields, which also meant that they held a distinct advantage over the other in their respective territories.


But this place was his territory! A hint of pride flashed in the middle-aged man’s eyes as he looked at the fist slamming towards him, communicating with his own Star Field Source as he threw out a punch of his own.


“Dragon Transformation!” A shout suddenly rang out as Yang Kai’s body suddenly swelled, transforming into his 200-metre-long Half-Dragon Form in the blink of an eye, his fist suddenly becoming the size of a house.


The middle-aged man was startled by this change and before he could react, their fists collided. From an outsider’s perspective, the middle-aged man was not even the size of Yang Kai’s finger and it gave rise to an inexplicable feeling that the middle-aged man had overestimated his abilities, like an ant trying to shake a tree. Even so, the aura of both parties was not inferior to one another, both as tall and imposing as giants.


When their fists connected, Yang Kai’s huge fist visibly dented. The sound of bones breaking subsequently rang out and that sound travelled upwards, from his arms to his shoulders. His arm immediately went as limp as a wet noodle.


With just one punch, his arm had been rendered useless. He had suffered such a serious injury despite his Dragon Transformation which went to show just how powerful the middle-aged man was.


Although Yang Kai suffered great damage though, the other party was no better off.


The middle-aged man originally thought that with the advantage of being in his own territory, being able to fully mobilize the power of his Star Field, he could defeat Yang Kai without breaking a sweat; however, he realized how wrong he was the moment their fists connected.


An explosive and shocking power struck him from the front, and as a result, he was thrown backwards like a meteor and his figure vanished in the blink of an eye.


“What happened!?” The middle-aged man’s eyes widened as large as saucers. He had a look of disbelief on his face, but nevertheless, he soon figured out how Yang Kai had managed to do it. Logically speaking, Yang Kai would not be able to cause any harm to him in his own Star Field, no matter how high Yang Kai’s strength was. That punch was clearly not an ordinary attack. It was an attack that was mixed with the power of the enemy’s Star Field. That was the only explanation for how Yang Kai could produce such great force.


“Brother Yang!” Li Jiao was pleasantly surprised.


“Hurry up and escape!” Yang Kai stretched out his other intact hand towards Li Jiao and Lu San Niang, grabbed them in his palm, and plunged into the darkness behind him without any hesitation whatsoever. A punch like that could only be thrown once. He couldn’t do it again. Fortunately, his attack had caught the other party off guard. If he waited until that person recovered from his shock; forget letting Li Jiao and Lu San Niang escape, he himself would not be able to leave this Star Field alive either.




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  1. This chapter said this guy knows Yang Kai is a 1st order Emperor and he didn’t care as he’s stronger. About 10 chapters back, author says the people from Netherworld sect never saw anyone as strong as Yang Kai. How contradictory is that? The one sending them is stronger than a 1st order Emperor and they never seen anyone stronger than a 1st order Emperor. I didn’t notice this when I read the machine translated version but now…

    1. Why are you assuming they’ve met the other star field master? Or if they have, that they have any grounds to understand his strength. They are only speaking from their own perspective, with the information they have.

    2. Their star field master may not have shown himself in public and he may have
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