Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3176, Let the Revenge Begin


Translator: Silavin & Tia

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When Heng Luo Star Field had been without a Master, no one could stop Wu Heng, a thief, from rushing in and looting the place as he pleased. Now that Yang Kai had become the Star Field Master though, how could he continue to allow Wu Heng to run wild in his territory?


Just as he was no match for Wu Heng in Grand Desolation Star Field, the same also applied vice versa.


Communicating with the Star Chart in his Knowledge Sea, Yang Kai faced the vast darkness, took a deep breath, spread his arms wide open, and pushed forward violently while assuming an aggressive stance. In response, the churning darkness rolled backwards like the ebbing tides of the sea. It retreated nearly a thousand kilometres in an instant. Moreover, it continued to shrink backwards. In the places where the darkness had retreated, the originally Starry Sky reappeared again.


Yang Kai had not been joking when he first said ‘Spit out whatever you ate that belongs to me!’ He fully intended to take action to get back what was originally his.


All of a sudden, the withdrawing darkness slowed down, as if some sort of power was blocking its retreat on the other side.


“How dare you resist!?” Yang Kai raised his brow and grinned savagely. How could he not know this was Wu Heng’s doing? Unable to forget the humiliation from the other day, Wu Heng was determined to make things difficult for Yang Kai.


Yang Kai was forcing the darkness that was devouring Heng Luo Star Field to retreat. On the contrary, Wu Heng was deliberately exerting force on the other side to hinder Yang Kai’s actions. Unfortunately, Wu Heng’s actions were meaningless. Even though the speed had slowed down by a lot, the darkness continued to recede under Yang Kai’s continuous efforts.


Three years ago, the darkness here had begun to devour everything. It took Wu Heng three years to engulf a few millions of kilometres of this Star Field. The speed of absorption was not that fast compared to the length of time it had taken to do so. On the other hand, the speed of recovery was much faster.


The darkness receded, shrinking towards a centre point, little by little. The black hole that had covered a vast area within the Star Field gradually disappeared and the Starry Sky was restored to its original state.


The entire process took about a month in total before all the darkness had been driven away, leaving behind only the original Void Corridor in its place. Back then, Li Jiao had been assigned to guard this Void Corridor and prevent both the reinforcement and escape of Grand Desolation Star Field’s cultivators.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai and Wu Heng had been battling each other from across Worlds over the course of the last month. The end result was as expected. It was Yang Kai’s overwhelming victory.


The gears in Yang Kai’s head began to turn as he stared at the entrance of that pitch-black Void Corridor.


The reason why this Void Corridor had appeared was mainly that he had taken the Source of Heng Luo Star Field away with him when he left for Star Boundary; thus, the World Barrier between the two Star Fields had weakened. It might have been accidental or it might have been Wu Heng’s plot all along, but the weakest point had transformed into an interconnecting Void Corridor between the two Star Fields.


Now that Yang Kai had brought the Source back and successfully refined the Star Chart to become Heng Luo Star Field’s Master, he was fully capable of closing up the Void Corridor. It wouldn’t take much time or effort for Yang Kai to accomplish this with his current strength. It was just that the connection between the two Star Fields would be completely cut off once the Void Corridor was closed.


How could Yang Kai end things so cleanly when he had yet to exact his revenge? Hence, he left the Void Corridor there as it was. Not only did he not repair it, he even began putting together a nefarious plot. 


[The best way to deal out revenge is to return an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Since Wu Heng tried to devour Heng Luo Star Field, I will return the favour and take a bite out of Grand Desolation Star Field to show him what it feels like to be robbed! But, I need to think up a good plan before doing that; otherwise, I’ll simply fail like Wu Heng did here.]


The Void Corridor fell silent, but although Yang Kai couldn’t see anything across it, he was certain that Wu Heng was also watching him from the other side. Grinning, he stretched his hand out and began drawing something.


A light flowed out, and in the next moment, a mysterious pattern appeared in front of the corridor. This pattern was none other than the pattern of the Cross-Territory Space Array. With the Void as its base and the power of the Stars as its materials, Yang Kai arranged a giant Space Array with just a few gestures, demonstrating the great power of a Star Field Master.


The Embodiment right now was sitting cross-legged in High Heaven Sect, far away on Shadowed Star, absorbing World Energy to cultivate. All of a sudden, light flashed behind it and an identical array appeared at its back. It turned to look behind it when it felt something; then, it got up and stepped into the array.


In an instant, it passed through a distance of billions of kilometres and appeared in front of Yang Kai. Looking around, it understood everything even though nothing was said. It quietly walked over to Yang Kai and pressed its hand against his head before sending a vast sea of information into the latter’s Knowledge Sea.


To some extent, the Embodiment was an extension of Yang Kai’s body. It was just that it had the body of a Stone Spirit with Yang Kai’s Soul Clone occupying it. 


It was capable of communicating with Yang Kai via words to express different opinions and ideas; however, when it was needed, it could also communicate without using words at all. Yang Kai could understand its various thoughts, as well as share his own with it.


The information the Embodiment was currently sending to Yang Kai was none other than the most powerful and most evil Secret Art in the world, the Heaven Devouring Battle Law!


The Heaven Devouring Battle Law was created by Wu Kuang and was a Secret Art that could swallow and refine everything in the world. Back then, Wu Kuang had used this Secret Art to devour countless Star Fields. Several Great Emperors had died in order to kill him in a great battle; however, Wu Kuang had seized another person’s body and consciousness, coming back to life again after tens of thousands of years. If those fallen Great Emperors learned of this, they might roll over in their graves or come back to life out of rage.


Even though the Heaven Devouring Battle Law was powerful, Yang Kai had not cultivated it because he always felt that there were significant drawbacks to this Secret Art. His belief had been strengthened even more after the Embodiment cultivated it. The Secret Art contained several critical flaws. Being able to devour and refine everything in existence might sound amazing, but it would only end in disaster if there was no corresponding way to process what was devoured.


That was because there would inevitably be all kinds of energies, Principles, and Attributes, along with innumerable impurities taken in when swallowing and refining raw materials, resources, and energy. In turn, these impurities were bound to produce some complications. Once these complications accumulated to a certain level, they would cause great harm to a cultivator and even lead to the regression of their cultivation due to cultivation dissonance.


Wu Kuang naturally had a method of resolving those issues, which was why he was capable of using his Heaven Devouring Battle Law so wantonly.


As for Yang Kai though, he did not have the means to do so. However, his Embodiment did. The Stone Spirit Clan had a unique physique wherein they could eat all kinds of stones and minerals that contained all kinds of Principles and energies. Then, they simply refined those ores and discard any kind of impurity from their bodies innately.


Strictly speaking, there was no other race in this world that was more suitable for cultivating the Heaven Devouring Battle Law than the Stone Spirit Clan. That was probably something Wu Kuang had never thought of nor foreseen either.


After obtaining the Heaven Devouring Battle Law, the Embodiment had been cultivating it for many years but it had yet to encounter any problems regarding impurities or mismatched energies during that time. It even managed to devour Shi Huo’s Source. When it came to understanding and comprehending the Heaven Devouring Battle Law, the Embodiment was the only one in this world, aside from Wu Kuang, that held any authority on the subject.


Yang Kai slowly digested the huge amount of information pouring into his mind. He had studied it before, but now, with Embodiment’s notes and key insights as well as things he learnt from Wu Kuang, Yang Kai quickly realized that this Secret Art was far more profound and mysterious than he had originally imagined. If Wu Kuang had not been evil, he would have been a glorified genius.


Half a day later, the Embodiment withdrew its hand and glanced at the black hole not too far away, standing guard next to Yang Kai in case of unexpected accidents.


Time passed by slowly as Yang Kai was completely immersed in comprehending the Heaven Devouring Battle Law. He could not extricate himself from it and the more he learned, the more he was tempted to cultivate this Secret Art. 


[This Secret Art is incredibly powerful. Wu Meng Chuan must have been pretty stupid to fail to break through to the Emperor Realm despite cultivating this Secret Art for so many years.]


Fortunately, Yang Kai had been travelling all over the world for many years and had a firm mental disposition from all those experiences, so he managed to curb his greed at this moment.


Exactly one month later, Yang Kai slowly opened his eyes, eyes that shone with clarity. He stood up and stretched, loosening his muscles and joints. His entire body rang out with cracking noises. Shaking his hands, he discovered that they were as good as new. His injuries were fully healed after one month of recovery.


Staring at the Void Corridor, Yang Kai grinned and muttered, “Let the revenge begin!”


He connected to the Star Chart within his Knowledge Sea and activated the power of the Star Field. Rushing towards the Void Corridor, he next circulated the Heaven Devouring Battle Law, demonstrating his skills as he started working.


Upon learning about the pros and cons of the Heaven Devouring Battle Law, Yang Kai refused to cultivate it himself. At this moment, he was using the entire Star Field as a foundation to activate this powerful Secret Art. It was as though Heng Luo Star Field was the one using the Heaven Devouring Battle Law. In other words, the one cultivating the Secret Art wasn’t Yang Kai but Heng Luo Star Field itself. Regardless of how many different kinds of Principles or energies the Star Field devoured, it could digest and absorb them easily. The Star Field had the natural ability to do so. This powerful technique was something only a Star Field Master could pull off.


On the other side of the Void Corridor, Wu Heng had a grim expression. He had stood guard in this place for a month and was growing increasingly bored. He initially wanted to cultivate by devouring another Star Field, but those plans ended up being destroyed. Moreover, Yang Kai had broken into his home and punched him twice. He instinctively knew that Yang Kai was not to be trifled with. So, he could not just charge into Heng Luo Star Field and attack, lest he be retaliated against and bring trouble down upon himself.


Who could have known that one month would pass by so peacefully? Nothing happened during this period. [It looks like that Yang Kai knows that he can’t do anything to me and has given up.]


The Void Corridor stood there, but Wu Heng kept his distance, as if afraid Yang Kai would launch another sneak attack. How could he embarrass himself in such a manner? In truth, it would be the best outcome for him if things ended as they were right now. Engulfing an entire Star Field was no small matter after all. It was only because he could sense that the other Star Field had no Master that he started having such ideas in the first place. Wu Heng would not have attempted what he did if Heng Luo Star Field had a Master from the beginning.


Wu Heng was willing to overlook this matter and let bygones be bygones. However, Yang Kai was not. He wanted an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. 


In Yang Kai’s mind, he felt Grand Desolation Star Field’s invasion had caused many families to be separated and Sects to be destroyed. Even Tong Xuan Realm was almost poisoned to death, and Little Senior Sister nearly died as a result. There was no point in cultivating if he couldn’t even vent his anger after such an insult!


An abnormal movement came from the Void Corridor all of a sudden. Wu Heng abruptly lifted his head to look in that direction but his expression soon sank as he gritted his teeth, “Bastard boy! I even gave you a way out of this!”


He felt that he was already making a huge concession in his willingness to overlook Yang Kai’s previous transgressions. Who could have known that Yang Kai would refuse to rest until he got what he wanted? 


[I can’t believe he is trying to devour my Star Field instead! I’m going to make sure he learns a painful lesson! Otherwise, that brat will never know his place!]


Darkness poured out of the Void Corridor like a tide. It was as if a thick layer of ink was spreading into the surroundings at a rapid pace. Everything the darkness touched turned into nothingness, leaving a chaotic black hole in its wake.


Wu Heng ignored the darkness and simply kept backing away from it. It wasn’t the right time to launch his counterattack. He could suppress the darkness if he made a move now, but it would definitely lead to an endless tug of war with Yang Kai. Therefore, he calmly waited for his chance to end things in one fell swoop.


Silavin: What a waste of half a chapter, talking as if Yang Kai had not learnt it already… Changed the context to match up with what we know. =.= 

So, it would be Yang Kai knowing about it but he is learning from Embodiment and Wu Kuang insights as well.




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      1. The great demon god truly was an unparalleled genius. He was an alchemy master who invented the way to make pill veins. Nobody in the star boundary can do that. He sealed a whole world with an array. So master array master. Had multiple divine techniques such as the soul clone. Golden blood.

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