Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3178, Are You Having Fun?


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Yang Kai wasn’t the only one happy about the process of engulfment, the entire Heng Luo Star Field also seemed to be experiencing some sort of joyous feeling. Seeing as the world had a Will of its own as well, it was only natural that it could detect how beneficial Yang Kai’s actions were to it.


As time passed, the speed of engulfment became faster and faster. Even though Wu Heng tried his best to push back, his efforts were useless. All he could do was watch while grieving as his territory slowly slipped out of his grasp.


At a certain moment, an idea suddenly came to Yang Kai. He considered the feasibility of this idea while maintaining the engulfment of Grand Desolation Star Field, and the more he thought about it, the more confident he felt it would work. He even had the urge to praise himself for his ingenuity.


Opening his eyes, he glanced at the Embodiment, who had been standing guard next to him while he was busy with the process of devouring and refining the enemy Star Field. When their eyes met, it immediately understood what crazy idea Yang Kai was thinking about; thus, it nodded lightly and spread its palm out towards him.


Controlling the Star Field Source, Yang Kai forced it out of his Knowledge Sea. The resplendent Star Chart that had shrunken by countless times appeared in the palm of his hand, shining with a dazzling light.


The Embodiment took it from Yang Kai and swallowed it in one bite before sitting down cross-legged in the Starry Sky. A short time later, it opened its eyes and nodded at Yang Kai to indicate that everything was prepared.


As of this moment, it had temporarily replaced Yang Kai as the Master of Heng Luo Star Field. It would have been impossible for anyone else to do this as they would have died from the backlash as soon as they swallowed the Star Chart.


Strictly speaking, the Embodiment’s consciousness was formed from Yang Kai’s Soul Clone, both of which originated from the same source. Their auras overlapped perfectly, and as a result, the Star Field Source did not reject this exchange too strongly. In addition, the process of devouring and refining during this period had also given the Star Field Source a taste of the benefits, which made it more willing to accept the Embodiment as a temporary replacement as its Master.


Besides, the Embodiment had been cultivating the Heaven Devouring Battle Law for many years and his comprehension and skill with this Secret Art was far above Yang Kai’s. It didn’t take a genius to know that the efficiency of letting him take control of the Star Field Source, as well as the process of devouring and refining Grand Desolation Star Field, would be much higher compared to what Yang Kai could do. 


Freed from the responsibility of controlling the Star Field Source, Yang Kai turned to look at the darkness and grinned as he muttered, “I’m coming, Wu Heng!”


Although swallowing and refining the opponent’s Star Field had given Yang Kai the revenge he had been looking for, he had not actually caused any harm to Wu Heng. He probably needed to wait until the entire Grand Desolation Star Field was thoroughly refined before he could truly cause the other party some grief.


[I don’t have that much time to play with him, but I promised that I would beat him up so badly that even his mother won’t be able to recognize him, and that’s what I’m going to do! Besides, fighting across the boundaries of two Star Fields like this doesn’t give me a sense of satisfaction even though I’m holding the upper hand in battle. Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Let’s visit the lion’s den again!] Only this time was going to be different. The last time Yang Kai crossed the World Boundary, it was to rescue Li Jiao and Lu San Niang and he had retreated immediately after succeeding. But this time, he was going there to turn the entire Grand Desolation Star Field upside down!


Needless to say, part of the reason was that he needed to find a way to repair the Sealed World Bead. As the saying went, ‘there is no such thing as a free lunch’. The Sealed World Bead had been damaged because of Wu Heng, so it was only natural for the latter to compensate for this. Besides, there was no shortage of materials for repairing the Sealed World Bead in Grand Desolation Star Field.


After making up his mind, Yang Kai boldly plunged headfirst into the darkness without hesitation.


The black hole had spread as far as several tens of thousands of kilometres within the Starry Sky of Grand Desolation Star Field, and even a couple of small nearby Dead Stars had been swallowed up without a trace. 


Meanwhile, Wu Heng continued to retreat, using all his energy to resist the black hole’s advance, but his efforts could only slow the speed of the engulfment, not stop it.


For an instant just now, the devouring came to an abrupt stop; however, it started up again before Wu Heng could even begin to rejoice and seemed to have gotten much stronger than before. He was unaware that Yang Kai and the Embodiment had switched roles. Moreover, the horrifying power of the Heaven Devouring Battle Law had increased significantly now that the Embodiment was controlling it.


While Wu Heng was reeling in surprise, a figure suddenly flashed out of the enormous black hole. Glancing in that direction, Wu Heng’s vision instantaneously turned red and through gritted teeth he roared, “Bastard, how dare you come here!?”


Who else could that person be if not Yang Kai? Wu Heng couldn’t believe this boy dared to come waltzing back into his domain! Did he not know how to write the word ‘death’? 


However, Wu Heng quickly realized something, if Yang Kai was here, then why did the engulfment not stop and instead become faster?


Logically speaking, there was no way a Star Field Master could make the Star Field continue this kind of engulfment process if they were not in their own Star Field; however, it was also true that Yang Kai had crossed the World Boundary and appeared in front of him. 


[Could it be that he isn’t the Star Field Master? Have I been mistaken all this time? No! The last time we fought, he definitely used the power of the Star Field. Otherwise, I would not have been blown away by a single punch.]


Wu Heng’s eyes blazed with hatred upon meeting his enemy. There was no time for him to think so deeply as he fiercely roared, “Since you are here, prepare to die!”


He had previously been humiliated by Yang Kai twice, so how could he dare to let his guard down now? Wu Heng immediately attacked with full force, his large hand stretching out towards Yang Kai and suddenly squeezing hard.


Yang Kai felt his entire body becoming imprisoned. Cracking sounds rang out from all the bones in his body and he spit out a mouthful of Golden Blood. It was only to be expected that he would suffer for angering somebody else in their territory; even so, he did not panic and simply grinned at Wu Heng.


That smile was ill-intentioned and full of mockery, causing Wu Heng’s heart to clench up. He had the feeling that Yang Kai was about to carry out some sort of evil plan, and in the next moment, his expression changed drastically.


Wu Heng had switched his focus to dealing with Yang Kai just now, taking his attention and the power of the Star Field away from dealing with the encroachment of the black hole. As a result though, the shift in momentum between the two Star Fields was dramatic. Although Wu Heng had not been a match for the opposing Star Field prior to this, he could, at the very least, curb the speed of the engulfment; however, the rate of devouring immediately went wild the moment he became distracted and expanded by a thousand kilometres in an instant. The previous speed of engulfment was practically as slow as a turtle compared to its current speed.


Wu Heng wasn’t standing too far from the black hole since he had been trying to contain the devouring to the greatest extent possible; thus, the rapid expansion of the endless darkness nearly swallowed him up too. Shocked, he hurriedly backed away and put a few thousand kilometres between him and the darkness all at once. 


Wu Heng did not dare to delay and immediately communicated with his Star Field Source to suppress the darkness again.


The speed of engulfment slowed down once more, but Yang Kai took the opportunity to free himself from Wu Heng’s suppression. After that, he simply crossed his arms in front of his chest and stood there with no intention of escaping. 


Calmly looking down at Wu Heng with a mischievous expression, he quipped, “Having fun?”


“You court death!” The veins on Wu Hen’s forehead bulged and twitched wildly as his murderous intent overflowed from him in waves.


Yang Kai chuckled and wiped at the blood at the corners of his mouth, “Why don’t you hurry up and kill me then?”


The corner of Wu Heng’s eyes twitched fiercely in response. 


Having seen Yang Kai’s power before, he knew that Yang Kai seemed to be carrying the Dragon Clan’s bloodline. He didn’t know what consequences he would face if he killed someone like him. Even putting that aside, Wu Heng didn’t have the confidence to say he could kill Yang Kai in a short period of time.


The force of his attack just now had not been low, but even so, Yang Kai had gotten off with just some slight injuries. It could be seen that his opponent’s defences and abilities were far beyond Wu Heng’s imagination. [But, if I can’t kill him quickly… The opposing Star Field’s devouring speed will surely increase in an explosive burst the moment I stop focusing on it. Not only will that bring danger to my Star Field, but I may also sustain grave injuries.]


The rage and resentment piled up like a mountain weighing down on Wu Heng’s heart. He was barely able to breathe because of it. He had never imagined that he would suffer such a huge loss in his own Star Field! Just where did this bastard come from!? Why had he never heard of his name before? If he is just a rising star, then this strength was simply too unbelievable!


“Looks like you are all talk and no substance.” Yang Kai seemed oblivious to Wu Heng’s murderous intent and continued to add fuel to the fire. It was as though he wouldn’t be satisfied unless he made Wu Heng cough up blood from irritation. His actions were similar to walking a tightrope on a cliff though, so even Wu Heng had to admire him for his courage.


“Too bad for you, but I’m not in a joking mood,” shaking his head slowly, Yang Kai stared at Wu Heng coldly and continued unhurriedly, “Just you wait. I’ll be back for your life later.” 


Saying so, he swiped his finger across his neck as though his finger was a knife. After saying that, he turned and left!


“Stop!” Wu Heng shouted as a thought flashed through his head, and the space around Yang Kai turned into a cage, confining the latter inside. However, that moment of distraction caused the expansion of the black hole to accelerate again. It expanded to Wu Heng’s side in the blink of an eye, causing him to panic and struggle to cope with it.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai turned his head and glanced sideways at Wu Heng, “If you have something to say, spit it out!”


Wu Heng’s temper flared at those words. [How dare he be so disrespectful to me!?] Ever since he became the Star Field Master in this place, he felt as though he controlled the world. All the people who had disrespected him had died at his hands. Naturally, he wanted Yang Kai dead too. Although he might be able to pull this off in his own territory, the price he would have to pay was so great that even he could not afford it.


[I’m in a desperate situation!] Those words suddenly popped up in Wu Heng’s mind, so taking a deep breath, he suppressed the anger in his heart and quickly spoke, “As the saying goes, ‘It’s better to have more friends than enemies’. I only tried to devour the Heng Luo Star Field because I could sense that it was a Star Field without a Master. I won’t attempt this anymore now that you have become the Star Field Master. Why not put down arms and make peace instead? If we continue to fight, it will only cause all living beings in both Star Fields to suffer.”


Yang Kai widened his eyes and looked at Wu Heng in astonishment, “Are you begging for mercy?”


Wu Heng replied in a low voice, “I was just proposing a solution to our problem.” 


[Beg for mercy!? Is he joking!? The victor isn’t set in stone; we don’t know who will win once I start fighting seriously! I just don’t want to contend with a strong enemy if possible.]


“Oh… It’s just a suggestion then…” Yang Kai looked disappointed. Then, he shook his head exaggeratedly and said, “Then, that’s not a good solution.”


“What’s wrong with it? Making peace is beneficial for both you and me,” Wu Heng questioned patiently.


Yang Kai retorted, “You commanded the people of Grand Desolation Star Field to run amok in my territory. Countless of my people died or suffered grievous injuries because of that. Don’t you think I got the worst end of the deal if I stop now?”


Wu Heng didn’t think so. Even so, he nodded agreeably on the surface and tried to negotiate, “That’s reasonable. If you find it unfair, then I can give you some compensation.”


“What can you compensate me with?”


Wu Heng replied, “You can have the Starry Sky that you have engulfed so far.”


Yang Kai laughed, “That already belongs to me. Can you even snatch it back?”


The Starry Sky that the Heaven Devouring Battle Law digested had long been fused with Heng Luo Star Field, so regardless of how powerful Wu Heng was, he had no means to separate the two from each other. 


Thus Wu Heng asked grimly, “Then, what do you want!?”




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  1. YK just had to keep the speed as it was before then after appearing in front of Wu Heng. He should have announced ” Heaven Devouring Battle Law” while opening his arms wide open and increase the speed simultaneously(He could do that by coordinating with Embodiment).

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