Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3179, Greatly Ominous Premonition


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Yang Kai rubbed his chin for a moment, “Since you are asking so sincerely, I’ll give you a chance.”


Wu Heng hated Yang Kai so badly that his teeth hurt from gritting them so hard. Even so, he could only continue to choke down his anger and reply, “I wish to hear the details.”


Yang Kai spread his arms open, “I want half of this Star Field!” His words were so casual that one might think he was asking for half of a cake.


The veins in Wu Heng’s forehead bulged and he enunciated each word carefully, “In your dreams!”


Leaving aside the fact that his pride and self-esteem would never allow him to accede to such harsh conditions; if he really were to hand over half of the Star Field to Yang Kai, then he would completely lose control over Grand Desolation Star Field. [If that happens, I’ll be vulnerable to his every whim! There’s no way I’ll do something as stupid as to dig my own grave.]


Yang Kai’s gaze dropped and quickly added, “The opportunity is right in front of you. You won’t get another chance if you let it slip away now.”


Wu Heng suppressed the rage in his heart and shook his head, “I can’t do that. Friend, you should make a different proposal.”


Yang Kai shrugged lightly, “In that case, there’s nothing else to discuss.” Then, he turned to leave.


Wu Heng hurriedly said, “I can give you a Cultivation Star as a sign of my sincerity. Please consider it as compensation for your losses.”


[I can’t give him half of the Star Field, but it won’t hurt if it’s just one Cultivation Star. There are many Cultivation Stars in Grand Desolation Star Field, it doesn’t matter if I have one less.]


Yang Kai stopped mid-stride and looked back at Wu Heng, “Really?”


Wu Heng was slightly surprised to hear those words. He nodded affirmatively, “That’s right.”


Yang Kai replied, “Then, I want the Cultivation Star where the Netherworld Sect is located.”


Wu Heng didn’t even stop to consider his answer, “Good!” 


Pausing for a moment, he continued, “From today onward, the Netherworld Star belongs to you.”


The Netherworld Sect had basically been wiped out, and even if there were survivors, they were cultivators that were too inferior to be the public face of the Sect. There was nobody who could object to Wu Heng making this decision as Grand Desolation Star Field’s Master. Besides, it wasn’t like Yang Kai could just take away a Star because Wu Heng gave it to him. Wu Heng had simply offered that suggestion offhandedly, never really expecting the other party to actually agree to it.


Yang Kai smiled, “Then, point the way, Brother Wu. I’d like to check out my new territory.” 


While speaking, he secretly communicated with the Embodiment so that it slowed down the speed of the engulfment.


It was obvious that Wu Heng had sensed the change too and stared at Yang Kai meaningfully. Although he did not know how Yang Kai did it, it was clear that Yang Kai was able to control Heng Luo Star Field’s Star Source despite being in Grand Desolation Star Field.


[This is just too strange! We are both Star Field Masters, but I don’t have the same ability as he does. If I were to enter Heng Luo Star Field, communicating with Grand Desolation Star Field’s Source would be nearly impossible, forget about trying to control it.]


When the pressure from the black hole decreased abruptly, the idea of taking this opportunity to kill Yang Kai on the spot immediately came to Wu Heng’s mind; however, he only entertained the idea for a moment before pushing it aside. He had a better plan.


“Please rein in some of your strength. Otherwise, I won’t be able to divide my attention enough to send you there,” he said while looking at Yang Kai.


Yang Kai nodded at those words and communicated with Embodiment once more and just like that, the pressure coming from Heng Luo Star Field significantly reduced again. 


Yang Kai’s expression suddenly turned vigilant as he asked, “You won’t take this opportunity to attack me, right?”


Wu Heng’s expression was calm, “Your Excellency, there’s nothing I can say if you don’t trust me.”


Yang Kai dramatically waved his hands about in response, “Forget it, it’s nothing. Why don’t you send me there for now?”


“As you wish.” Wu Heng nodded lightly and stretched out his hand and a Void Corridor immediately appeared behind Yang Kai, leading to his destination located in the depths of the Star Field.


Yang Kai swivelled his head and looked into the tunnel for a moment before shaking his head repeatedly, “I have an ominous premonition! A greatly ominous premonition!”


The corners of Wu Heng’s eyes twitched at those words, “Do you still refuse to trust me, Your Excellency!?” Although it was true that Wu Heng did not harbour any good intentions towards Yang Kai, it wasn’t as if he could reveal those thoughts at this time.


Yang Kai solemnly replied, “You’re mistaken about something.”


“What am I mistaken about?” Wu Heng asked with a grim expression.


“The ominous premonition I mentioned is for you, Brother Wu. If you don’t believe me, you can just look behind you.”


There was no need for Wu Heng to look back though as the moment Yang Kai spoke those words, Wu Heng distinctly felt the pressure coming from Heng Luo Star Field increasing all of a sudden. Panicking, he hurriedly used all his strength to resist, but even so, he could not stop the darkness from spreading.


There was an abnormal movement behind him at that time and glancing back, Wu Heng saw that Yang Kai had put one foot into the Void Corridor. Yang Kai paused just like that, looked back, and gave him a warm smile while loudly saying, “Many thanks for your good intentions, Brother Wu. Let’s meet again another day!”


“Bastard!” Wu Heng cursed and a thought flashed across his mind, causing the Void Corridor to immediately collapse. He had tried to murder Yang Kai within the Void Corridor, but he was obviously one step too late. A moment later, his expression changed again as he shouted, “How is that possible!?”


Yang Kai had passed through the Void Corridor and arrived at Netherworld Star, which was located hundreds of millions of kilometres away. 


[Why is the pressure coming from Heng Luo Star Field not showing any signs of weakening!?] Wu Heng previously thought that Yang Kai was only able to control Heng Luo Star Field’s Source because he was close enough. 


Therefore, he thought of an idea, which was to send Yang Kai further away from Heng Luo Star Field. At that time, he was smirking in his heart. As long as he sent Yang Kai deep into Grand Desolation Star Field, his connection with Heng Luo Star Field’s Source would definitely weaken, possibly even get cut. At that time, Wu Heng would be able to free up a hand to get rid of him!


It wasn’t until this moment that he understood why Yang Kai was so calm and confident, it was because Heng Luo Star Field’s devouring showed no signs of stopping regardless of the distance between Yang Kai and the Star Field. Rather, it seemed to be even stronger than before so now Wu Heng had to concentrate all his attention on defending. 


Where would he find the energy to deal with Yang Kai under these circumstances? 


[Could it be that he isn’t the Master of Heng Luo Star Field after all?] A wave of uneasiness spread across Wu Heng’s heart. He did not know whether sending Yang Kai to Netherworld Star had been the right decision and he couldn’t help feeling as though he had thrown a torch into his backyard, one that could start a raging fire and burn everything down at any time.



Netherworld Star was the peak Cultivation Star in Grand Desolation Star Field. It was the Home Star of the Netherworld Sect after all so it was not inferior compared to the Water Moon Star of Heng Luo Star Field. The World Energy was extremely dense and it also contained many beautiful mountains and rivers, as well as plentiful cultivation paradises. Moreover, the ruler of this Cultivation Star was none other than Netherworld Sect.


Unfortunately, the last Star Field invasion had caused a heavy loss to Netherworld Sect. There were only insignificant members left within the Sect at this moment and the number of Origin Kings left was quite pitiful.


Stepping out of the Void Corridor, Yang Kai stood above Netherworld Star, glanced around, and examined the surroundings carefully. 


He was extremely satisfied with what he saw and was in no hurry to put his plan into motion. 


He flew around the Netherworld Star several times before slowly landing on top of a certain mountain.


The mountain was incredibly tall and the World Energy aura here was abundant. It was very impressive at first glance with countless birds and beasts living among its stones. There were several secluded homes belonging to cultivators here too, all of which were guarded by defensive Arrays. It was clear that people came here to cultivate in retreat. Yang Kai just did not know if they belonged to the Netherworld Sect or some other force.


Nevertheless, he couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to these details. He went straight to the highest peak and stretched out his hand. A longan-sized bead immediately appeared on his upturned palm. 


It was the Sealed World Bead!


This was something he obtained back in his time on Shadowed Star. If one were to trace it back to its origins, then it was an artifact that Yang Yan had brought with her from the Star Boundary. According to Yang Yan, it was a complete world that was refined by a friend of hers. Since he was similar to that friend in the sense that they both cultivated the Dao of Space, she had left it in his care.


Over the years, the Sealed World Bead had left many indelible marks on Yang Kai’s growth. It had been a huge help to him many times, and more importantly, they were united in their hearts and minds. 


It was one of his most important trump cards.


The plan Yang Kai devised this time was very simple. He was going to use the Heaven Devouring Battle Law to devour a Cultivation Star and repair the broken Small Sealed World. The plan had come to him on a whim. He wasn’t even sure whether his idea could be realized. Nevertheless, with Heng Luo Star Field’s devouring as a precedent, he was certain that the feasibility of this plan was very high.


Heng Luo Star Field could be regarded as a complete world, and since it could act as a medium to execute the Heaven Devouring Battle Law from and engulf another complete world, it was only natural that the Sealed World Bead could do something similar. After all, the Sealed World Bead was also a complete world. Fundamentally speaking, it was not much different from Heng Luo Star Field aside from being vastly smaller.


If one were to describe the Sealed World Bead as a Small World, then Heng Luo Star Field was a Medium World while Star Boundary was a Great World. And, devouring was possible between worlds.


Similarly, the Cultivation Stars in the Star Field were Small Worlds too. Netherworld Star was one such Small World among countless Small Worlds. It was also the target Yang Kai intended to devour using the Sealed World Bead. If his attempt succeeded, then it was highly likely that the Sealed World Bead would be completely repaired. It might even become better than before.


At that time, he would have his Embodiment control Heng Luo Star Field from the outside while he used the Small Sealed World to stir up trouble on the inside. Grand Desolation Star Field would be faced with trouble from both inside and out, and Wu Heng would have to struggle to cope with them. After some time, killing Wu Heng would be nothing.


Yang Kai calmed his mind and considered the feasibility of his plan, and after a long while, his expression became serious. Flicking his wrist, he tossed the Sealed World Bead out. At the same time, he sat down cross-legged and communicated with the Sealed World Bead through his mind. At this moment, he had basically become the Will of the Small Sealed World.


All of a sudden, Yang Kai’s vision changed. It was as though he had become the Sealed World Bead itself. This feeling was not unfamiliar as he experienced the same sensation when communicating with Heng Luo Star Field’s Source. It felt as though his entire being had merged with the world, and he could control it as he pleased.


With the Sealed World Bead as the intermediary, Yang Kai executed the Heaven Devouring Battle Law without delay. He did everything with practised ease since he had had similar experiences just recently, so his actions were neither slow nor sloppy.


The Sealed World Bead that was falling downward was immediately filled with a peculiar aura. It was an aura that could devour everything in the world! Wherever the Sealed World Bead passed, space collapsed and dissolved to reveal a pitch-black Void Crack. It looked like somebody had cut out a long and narrow slice of the cake that was the world.


[It works!] Yang Kai was overjoyed at the sight and immediately understood that his previous conjecture had been correct. It was obvious that the original space where the new Void Crack stood now had been devoured by the Sealed World Bead because he could distinctly sense something extra in the Small Sealed World.


Yang Kai did not know who Yang Yan’s friend was, but that person must have been incredibly powerful to refine a complete world and form the Sealed World Bead. However, what Yang Kai was doing at the moment had surpassed what that person had done.


For a long time, the role of the Sealed World Bead was for him to harbour people, plant all sorts of exotic Spirit Herbs, or hide from his pursuers. The biggest role it played was to drag his enemies into the Small Sealed World, where he could control their life or death. Although Yang Kai had the ability to drag his enemy into the Sealed World Bead and crush them with World Force, he could win most fights with his own abilities alone; therefore, that function seemed a little tasteless. 


But starting today, the Sealed World Bead might have an even bigger and more astonishing purpose! Yang Kai couldn’t wait to see the final results!




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  1. Imagine if he could make the world in the small bead as big as a while star field. He could have a portable star field source force all along. Furthermore, with this new method using the bead to execute heaven devouring law, YK should practically be able to use a star field power to devour anything he wishes to be devoured without worrying about any consequences. Assuming he manages to improve it that much.

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