Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3180, Black Ball


Translator: Silavin & Tia

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


A jet-black light appeared on the surface of the Sealed World Bead that had become an intermediary for the Heaven Devouring Battle Law. It was as though the entire bead had turned into a black hole. Moreover, the black hole was no longer longan-sized as it had been when it first appeared. Instead, it was expanding rapidly while falling downward. By the time it landed on the ground, it had a diameter of approximately one kilometre. That was the limit Yang Kai could bring out. It could just barely pass as a Devouring Domain created from the Small Sealed World.


Without anybody noticing, a huge part of the ground was swept away, leaving behind an enormous pit. Everything had been devoured by the Small Sealed World, but it wasn’t until the pit was several kilometres deep that Yang Kai suddenly had an idea.


With a single thought, the Sealed World Bead leisurely rose from the pit and hovered above the ground before flying off into the distance while grazing against the ground. 


At a glance, it seemed as though a black hole with a diameter of one kilometre was wandering around the Star like a living creature with everything in its path disappearing as it passed.


It only took an instant for a long and narrow valley to form at the bottom of the Spirit Peak. When the black hole encountered the middle of a mountain not far away, it immediately tunnelled through it, opening up a gaping hole through which one could see the scenery on the other side of the mountain.


The peak rumbled and shook. Following that, a dishevelled figure flew out from the belly of the mountain and shouted, “Who goes there!? Show yourselves!”


This person had been cultivating in his cave mansion just now when he was awakened by the commotion from the engulfment. Thinking that he was being attacked by a formidable enemy, he immediately rushed out to check out the situation. His cultivation was not that high, only Second-Order Origin Returning Realm; however, such cultivation was considered fairly outstanding on Netherworld Star nowadays, so he rarely met anybody who could rival his strength, causing him to speak with a lot of confidence.


In the next moment though, he widened his eyes and stared at the black hole wandering across the ground in stupefied amazement. He felt a chill running down his back all the way to his toes at the sight and couldn’t help shuddering.


[What the Hell is that!? How can it have such terrifying strength!?] He watched as the black hole turned everything in its path into nothingness, like space itself was being devoured cleanly.


One by one, other figures flew out from the various surrounding Spirit Peaks. They had all been rudely awoken from their cultivation just like this person and soon noticed the presence of the Sealed World Bead. 


Staring at it in dumbfounded amazement, they shared a conversation through their Divine Senses, but nobody could explain the situation. Even though they had been cultivating for some time now and their experiences were not lacking, what was happening in front of them right now was beyond their comprehension.


“There’s someone over there. Does anybody recognize him?” The cultivator who first appeared suddenly noticed Yang Kai’s presence and pointed him out while asking such a question.


Everybody glanced at Yang Kai and shook their heads in response.


“Could he be the one wreaking havoc here!?”


“Who is he? He doesn’t look familiar.”


“Is he one of the Elders of Netherworld Sect?”


“Should we go up to him and ask?”


“Go if you want to. That guy looks dangerous.”


Everybody made excuses and pushed the responsibility around for a bit, so in the end, the cultivator who first appeared took up the task of communicating with Yang Kai. Cautiously flying over, this man cupped his fists from afar to Yang Kai and asked, “Wu Zi Min greets Sir. May I ask how to address you?”


Yang Kai looked up and glanced at Wu Zi Min, “What do you want?”


Wu Zi Min felt apprehensive, but he put up a brave front despite being terrified as he asked, “Sir, may I know if I have offended you in any way?”


Yang Kai put his hands on his cheeks and leisurely replied, “No.”


Wu Zi Min looked troubled, “If I have not offended you in any way, then why are you doing this?”


“To what are you referring?”


Wu Zi Min continued, “The secluded homes of my friends and I are located in this place. What you are doing right now will endanger our cave mansions, Sir, if this continues, the Spirit Mountain itself will collapse.”


Before Wu Zi Min finished speaking, he heard an anguished howl coming from the group of people. One of their secluded homes had been swallowed up. Their expression was extremely bitter when even the mountain on which their cave mansion once was began to collapse.


Yang Kai spat disdainfully, “What does that have to do with me?”


Wu Zi Min pleaded, “Sir, please quickly stop using your Divine Ability.”


Yang Kai shook his head in response, “No can do! I’m not just devouring this mountain; I’m devouring all of Netherworld Star!”


“Huh!?” Wu Zi Min’s jaw fell open in shock as he wore a dumbstruck expression on his face.


“If there’s nothing else, hurry up and leave. I don’t feel like killing anybody at the moment.” Yang Kai waved his hand dismissively as though he was chasing away a fly.


Wu Zi Min’s complexion turned flushed and he hesitated slightly before asking, “Sir, are you not from the Netherworld Sect?”


“You are the one from Netherworld Sect! Your whole family is from the Netherworld Sect! Do I look like I’m from the Netherworld Sect!?”


The man replied, “Sir, don’t you know that this Star is called Netherworld Star? Do you know how powerful the Netherworld Sect is?” 


He was hoping to use the Netherworld Sect’s prestige to intimidate Yang Kai so that he would retreat in the face of danger.


Yang Kai burst out laughing, “Netherworld Sect has already been obliterated by me.”


“That’s impossible!”


“Shoo shoo! You’re beginning to bother me!” Yang Kai waved his hand again, but this time around, Wu Zi Min felt a strong blast of wind on his face, one so fierce that lost his footing and was thrown out more than a thousand metres.


*Hong long long…* 


Another mountain collapsed as it lost its foundation and support after being devoured by the black hole. 


Wu Zi Min shifted his gaze in that direction and felt heartbroken. That mountain was where his secluded home was located. Now that the mountain had collapsed, his secluded home was gone too, causing him to turn back and glare at Yang Kai. Unfortunately, all he could do was glare as he did not dare to raise any complaints.


“What do we do now?” These other cultivators present had never seen anything like this before and lost all ability to make decisions as a result.


Wu Zi Min pondered in silence for a moment before decisively declaring, “He is too strong. We are no match for him. Let’s hurry to the Netherworld Sect to report about this matter.” 


As the saying went, ‘Even if the sky collapses, somebody taller would hold it up’. The Netherworld Sect was the highest authority that existed on the Netherworld Star so this was their responsibility.


Everybody felt that Wu Zi Min’s suggestion was reasonable, so they immediately set off with him and headed in the direction of Netherworld Sect.


After chasing away those annoying flies, Yang Kai continued to control the Sealed World Bead’s devouring. Regardless of where the black hole went, it left a path of destruction in its wake. There was no stopping it and less than a day later, the mountain range in this region had been devoured cleanly, leaving behind a large, empty basin. One would have a hard time believing their eyes even if they saw what happened.


Cultivators could move mountains and shape the seas to a certain extent when their cultivation reached a certain level; however, even that required the use of extremely powerful Divine Abilities to just barely pull it off. Who would have the ability to make an entire mountain range vanish silently in a day?


After devouring the Spirit Peaks, Yang Kai could sense that the black hole that the Small Sealed World had transformed into had expanded slightly. In other words, its Devouring Domain had gotten larger. The increase in the size of its Devouring Domain meant that the efficiency of its engulfment had improved also!


One full day of experimenting had allowed Yang Kai to verify his conjectures, and he no longer hesitated in this matter. Shifting slightly, he flew off into the distance. In the meantime, the black hole formed by the Small Sealed World rolled about the ground like a black ball. It ploughed the ground and turned it into deep canyons. The lands of Netherworld Star were not the only things that were missing inside those canyons, the Principles and the World Energy were gone too. A canyon like this could never be restored to normal ever again.




A Starship arrived above the wilderness at some point, one with a striking skull symbol on its hull, indicating it belonged to Netherworld Sect. It was just that this was not a Starship of particularly high quality, only reaching the Origin Grade.


It could be said that Netherworld Sect had all but emptied its nest in order to invade Heng Luo Star Field. From the Sect Master to the disciples, more than 90% of its members had joined the crusade. Only a few had remained on Netherworld Star to guard the Sect.


Wu Zi Min and the others had gone to the Netherworld Sect a few days back and had taken a while to finally meet somebody in charge after going through a lot of trouble and reported what they witnessed. To their chagrin, the person in charge had not taken them seriously at all and didn’t even bother to report it to the higher-ups.


It wasn’t until recently, when more and more people arrived at Netherworld Sect to report the appearance of a terrifying man destroying everything in his path that the Netherworld Sect realized that the situation was both real and critical. The reports claimed that that man controlled a black ball and devoured all that stood before him. The places where he passed, regardless of whether they were wastelands, mountains, deserts, snowfields, cities, or even Sects, would be devoured cleanly by the black ball. Everything ceased to exist in its wake. Thus, the Elder who had stayed behind began to gather people to deal with this invader who was raising such havoc.


The Starship had only flown a few thousand kilometres from the Netherworld Sect before a rumbling sound came from the front. It sounded as though thunder was rolling across the ground.


“What’s going on!?” Inside the Starship, an elderly man asked. This elderly man was none other than the Elder who had remained to guard the Netherworld Sect.


A disciple immediately used an array to display the external images inside the Starship. A terrifying scene immediately entered all of their visions. A young man was speeding towards them from the horizon with an enormous black ball rolling several thousand metres below him. The black ball ran across the ground, leaving an indelible scar in its wake. It was impossible to determine how far that scar spread, but it looked as if an unhealable wound had appeared on the ground.


“It’s him!” Wu Zi Min cried out in horror. It had only been a few days since the incident, so how could he forget this person’s face so quickly? It wasn’t until now that he understood something though. Clearly, when this man claimed that he was ‘going to devour the entire Netherworld Star’, it wasn’t an idle boast. He really meant every word he uttered.


“Is that the black ball that is devouring everything!?” The Elder’s eyes widened at the sight. Although he had received many reports on this matter over the past few days, it was hard for him to imagine that something so strange could exist in the world without seeing it with his own eyes. The information he received was perfectly accurate. That black ball was terrifying indeed. Everything and everywhere that was touched by that darkness was devoured cleanly in an instant.


“This is bad! He is coming towards us!” One of the disciples cried out in horror.


“Hurry up and evade!” The Elder shouted. Although he had yet to exchange blows with Yang Kai and had only caught a glimpse of him from afar, he was certain that he was no match for this young man. Putting aside the differences in their cultivation, just the black ball alone gave the Elder a dreadful feeling. [I’m afraid even I won’t be spared if that black ball touches me. I’ll be devoured by it too!]


“It’s too fast! We won’t avoid it in time!” The disciple was close to tears. While that disciple was speaking, a figure swept past the Starship as swiftly as the wind. That young man didn’t even bother glancing at the Starship, as though it was so insignificant to him that it wasn’t worth his time.


Meanwhile, the black ball rolled underneath the Starship. Before anyone had a chance to rejoice, they heard a rumbling earthquake coming from behind them. It sounded as though something had collapsed.


Looking back, the Elder yelled out sorrowfully, “No!”


This place was only a thousand kilometres away from the Netherworld Sect, so while the Starship might not have been devoured by the black ball, the Netherworld Sect located behind them obviously could not avoid this calamity. Thus, the black ball rolled over the Netherworld Sect, immediately dividing it in two, cutting a huge swath out of it. The so-called Sect Defending Array couldn’t even stop the black ball for a single moment before collapsing.


“Hmm? Was that the Netherworld Sect?” Yang Kai glanced backwards, “Then, I have to take good care of it.”


Afterwards, everybody aboard the Starship witnessed an even more horrifying scene. The black ball suddenly turned around, returned to the Netherworld Sect, and rolled around several more times. 


In just a few moments, the entire Netherworld Sect… was gone!




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