Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3182, Go Forth, Gun-Gun


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“What in the world is this!?” Yang Kai floated in the Starry Sky, rubbing his chin as he studied the sight in front of him in astonishment. The huge black ball transformed from the Sealed World Bead was floating in front of him, but the surface of the black ball had split to form a mouth! It was an extremely large mouth, and an extremely terrifying one at that.


The mouth split open, stretching out 100 kilometres. It was like an enormous Void Crack, but that wasn’t all; its mouth was filled with sharp fangs. Whenever its mouth opened and closed, there was a crunching sound as though it was chewing on everything that existed in this world. Even Yang Kai found it rather creepy to look at.


When the Sealed World Bead finished swallowing up the entire Netherworld Star, the black ball had undergone a violent squirming transformation and changed into this form.


Yang Kai nearly found the change unacceptable. Why did his Sealed World Bead become like this? No, strictly speaking, the Sealed World Bead hadn’t changed much. It was still just a longan-sized bead. What changed was the Devouring Domain of the Sealed World Bead. What kind of monster had he created by allowing it to use the entire Netherworld Star as nourishment?


As Yang Kai had surmised, the current Devouring Domain of the Sealed World Bead looked just like a monster at first glance. It was round and bouncy; it had an enormous jet-black body with no facial features; it only had a large mouth filled with dense fangs. It was extremely odd and ferocious.


“The World’s Will?” Yang Kai frowned while muttering to himself. The message coming from the Sealed World Bead was becoming clearer and clearer. He could feel a sense of desire and hunger coming from it. [Could this be the Small Sealed World’s Will? Or, should I say that it’s now an Artifact Spirit?]


The Sealed World Bead was nothing but an Emperor Artifact. It was an Emperor Artifact without consciousness, yet at this very moment, it looked as if it was alive.


This Black Ball Monster, which was so large that even Yang Kai would feel insignificant after using his Dragon Transformation, was probably the Artifact Spirit of the Sealed World Bead. Its consciousness was not very obvious yet since it was only in its budding state. It simply instinctively wanted to devour more. Hence, that large mouth and fangs were the manifestation of the Artifact Spirit’s instinct.


“Hah!” Yang Kai laughed, suddenly recalling the black puppy with the Abyssal Returner bloodline that he had left behind in High Heaven Palace. [Why does everything related to me seem to have the ability to devour? First, the black puppy. Then, the Sealed World Bead. Let’s not forget my Embodiment too. I wonder if it’s due to providence or fate.]


Nevertheless, the Embodiment and the Sealed World Bead’s devouring was a little different from the black puppy’s devouring. The former two relied on the Heaven Devouring Battle Law while the black puppy relied on its Innate Divine Ability. In the end, it was all for the sake of strengthening themselves.


A sudden thought flashed through Yang Kai’s head. [Did Wu Kuang meet an Abyssal Returner back then? Is that why he created the Heaven Devouring Battle Law based on the characteristics of an Abyssal Returner? If that’s the case, their similarity to each other makes sense.]


*Kacha ca…* The sound of teeth clattering against each other rang out continuously as if urging Yang Kai to hurry up.


“Alright! Alright! I’ll bring you to the next place!” Yang Kai started to look around for his next target. It was not a bad thing for the Sealed World Bead to grow its own Will, even if it was vague. Any complete world would have a Will of its own. Such a World Will was invisible and intangible, but it affected all the lives that lived on it. If the Small Sealed World could obtain such an opportunity, then it would be extremely beneficial for its future growth.


[It’s just… Where should we go? The Star Field is so vast and if we don’t get the direction right, we might end up wasting a lot of time travelling. Ah! I got it!] Yang Kai lifted his head and looked in a certain direction. Shifting his body slightly, he stood on top of the black ball and sat down cross-legged. Waving his large hand, he ordered, “Let’s go!”


The black ball seemed to understand his command and there was no need for him to actively control it; it moved in that direction on its own. Moreover, it moved rather quickly, its teeth crunching against each other while flying, making a disturbing sound the entire journey. 


Choosing this direction was not without reason. It was simply the direction in which many of Netherworld Star’s cultivators had fled when they were escaping. Yang Kai might not know the distribution of the Cultivation Stars in Grand Desolation Star Field, but there was no way these natives did not know. If they had been heading in this direction, then it could only mean that there were other Cultivation Stars this way too.


One man and one black ball floated through the Starry Sky, heading towards an unknown destination. This scene was indescribably strange. The black ball that could engulf a Star did not seem to have any effect on Yang Kai. Rather, it even transformed into a carrier of sorts that he could ride freely.


Reaching out under him, Yang Kai patted his new ‘mount’ he had newly obtained. It was very soft to the touch, almost like touching a cloud, a sensation that did not match its hideous appearance at all. If it stopped clattering its teeth all the time and kept its mouth shut, it might look rather adorable. It was just that it was just born and its instinct to devour was causing it to constantly make biting movements; therefore, he couldn’t be bothered to stop it either.


“I should think of a name for you. I can’t just keep calling you ‘black ball’.” Yang Kai rubbed his chin and murmured under his breath. The black ball was similar to the original Liu Yan, a mere manifestation of her Artifact Refining Furnace until he gave her a name.


“I know!” His eyes brightened and he snapped his fingers in delight, “I’ll call you Gun-Gun from now on!”


It had rolled across the entire Netherworld Star and swallowed it in the process. The name ‘Gun-Gun’ just seemed fitting.


*Kacha ca…* The teeth clattered against each other, making a crisp clickety-clack sound.


“You think it’s a good name too, don’t you? Let’s go with that then.” Yang Kai smiled, feeling like he was a genius at giving names. Then, he clapped his hands together and looked slightly distressed, “I can’t favour one over the other. Let’s name the Abyssal Returner ‘Xiao Hei’.”


As soon as he decided, he labelled the savage Abyssal Returner which terrorized the Demon Realm, nearly bringing it to destruction, with an inescapable new name. Who knows what the Demon Kings and the Demon Saints would feel when they learned about this?


“Go forth, Gun-Gun!” Yang Kai pointed forward, his heart dancing with joy like a child who had gotten a new toy.




“Devour, Gun-Gun!”




Along the way, they ran into several enormous asteroids. Gun-Gun rolled past them and opened its mouth, swallowing those asteroids into its belly and storing them in the Small Sealed World.


Nevertheless, Yang Kai could clearly sense that Gun-Gun was not very fond of the taste of those asteroids. If Netherworld Star from before was a delicious dish, then these asteroids would be similar to stale bread, extremely hard to swallow and lacking all flavour.


They encountered more asteroids on several other occasions while wandering the Starry Sky; however, Gun-Gun was no longer interested in eating them. Even Dead Stars could hardly arouse its interest. On the other hand, it would change directions once in a while without seeking guidance from Yang Kai. It was as though it had a keen sense of smell and could detect the direction these delicious aromas were coming from.


Yang Kai did not stop it, and one month later, he confirmed his conjecture. A Star that was not much smaller than the Netherworld Star appeared in the distance. Even without landing on it, he could tell that it was an extraordinary Cultivation Star. 


[Gun-Gun really does know where Cultivation Stars are located!]




On High Seas Star, all living creatures lifted their heads to stare up into the sky, reacting as though they were facing a terrible enemy.


A few days ago, a small black spot appeared in the sky. It was located between High Seas Star and the Sun Star. In the beginning, not many people cared about it; however, the black spot grew bigger and bigger as the days passed, and now, it blocked out the sun entirely, plunging High Seas Star into utter darkness as if an eclipse was occurring. All living creatures present were feeling uneasy as an inexplicable sense of crisis bloomed in their hearts.


Even the seas were violent and choppy with stormy waves breaking across the surface. More than 80% of High Seas Star was covered in water. Various islands of all shapes and sizes were scattered across the surface like chess pieces on a board, creating a space where the living creatures of High Seas Star could settle. This was a world dominated by the Sea Clan. Humans and other Monster Beasts had very little space to live on this Star.


Looking up at the darkness blocking the Sun, many of the Sea Clan couldn’t help but think of the rumours circulating in the past month regarding the black ball. It was said that everywhere the black ball passed, everything would be devoured and all living creatures would cease to exist!


The origin of this rumour was from some Humans who had fled here. According to these people, they had come from the Netherworld Star where a terrifying devil had arrived and used a giant black ball to devour both the Heavens and Earth, literally swallowing up the entire Netherworld Star.


The Sea Clan had always proclaimed themselves as nobler than other races and they despised those of the Human Race and the Monster Race. Moreover, they felt that those who were born on land were extremely dirty and despicable, especially the refugees who had fled to this Star.


None of the Sea Clan had taken those rumours seriously, but the rumours still spread very quickly. In less than one month, most of the Sea Clan of High Seas Star had at least heard about this wild story. It wasn’t until this moment when they looked up at the black ball that the recent rumours couldn’t help coming to the forefront of their minds. They couldn’t help feeling uneasy as a result. 


[Is there really darkness in this world that can devour both the Heavens and Earth?]


The world rumbled and a figure flew out from a large island and headed towards the darkness. When the members of the Sea Clan saw this person, their uneasy moods suddenly stabilized.


“It’s Senior Ao Wei!”


“That’s right! We have Senior Ao Wei! Why should we be afraid of that black ball?”


“If it dares to come here, Senior Ao Wei will surely show it who’s boss!”


“They are walking right to their deaths. Do they think High Seas Star is on the same level as the Netherworld Star!?”


The members of the Sea Clan shouted in excitement. The chants of the name ‘Ao Wei’ turned into a wave, creating an aura that almost overshadowed the world.


Ao Wei was the strongest Master on High Seas Star. He was regarded by all of the Sea Clan as its greatest hero, one who protected this world. It seemed as though he only needed to make a move and the black ball heading towards High Seas Star would be wiped out immediately. The belief of hundreds of millions of living creatures seemed to transform into a tangible substance, blessing Ao Wei and allowing him to adhere to the World’s Will. At this moment, he could be said to be an invincible existence.


It was a pity that no one noticed that Ao Wei’s expression was extremely solemn. Even if the fortune of the Heavens and Earth, as well as the collective will of hundreds of millions of living creatures, converged on him, he still couldn’t help shivering. The thought of turning around and running away was surging in him; however, he was the Star Master of this Star. Even if everybody else could escape, where could he run?


He lifted his head and stared up at the black ball with feelings of despair and fear. These emotions did not originate from him, they came straight from the Will of High Seas Star. It was an emotion that the Star Source was sending him and that made him extremely uneasy. It felt as though a mouse had met a cat or a rabbit had encountered a falcon. The Star had met its natural enemy.


Ao Wei stood in place and could barely muster up the courage to fly upward. He could only wait for the black ball to arrive as he racked his brains to figure out how to resolve the crisis before him.




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  1. Recalling back then, the embodiment started with a cultivation star and its star source being merged with the stone puppet. I wonder, wouldn’t it be possible for the embodiment to create its own world as well by devouring more cultivation stars?
    Thanks for the chapter

    1. In a previous chapter this was said, “ The gains and perceptions of upgrading, modifying, and constructing a complete world was not something that could be obtained through cultivation in retreat. This would be very beneficial in helping Yang Kai understand World Force; after all, comprehending World Force was the key to becoming a Great Emperor!” If just messing with it helps him understand world force then creating a world probably takes an even greater level of understanding of world force. It sounds like it would take a great emperor level artifact refiner to create another world bead.

      Though with all of Yang Kai’s supplies ,the embodiments free time, the natural abilities of a stone puppet, and the ability to cultivate by devouring, learning artifact refining would be a very very efficient move by the embodiment.

      1. Don’t forget artifacts can be upgrade. It’s not outside the realm of possibility that the SSWB can be upgraded to a GE level artifact.

        1. I mean the embodiment was originally a stone spirit which is known to have its own space where it stores its minerals, even tho we never seen the embodiment use that ability. I assumed with the help of heaven devouring battle law and that space with the embodiment already having fused with star source, it would have been reasonable for it to be able to develope a world inside its own space and serve a similar purpose to the small sealed world bead. Ofc with the small world bead around I doubt there would be any need for that.

      2. The world was just a rudimentary thing that could hardly be called a “world”. Started as just a few kilometres big. It didn’t have world force then, I’m assuming

  2. This starts to sound like the origin of a new series, where the protagonist is one random dude born in the sealed world bead who finds some random inheritence and rises up to break the chains of this world, to find the evil devourer from the myths and legends that is said to have swallowed up their ancestors along with their home worlds tens of thousands of years ago.

    1. There is something unsettling about all the people who will be stuck in the Seal World Bead, especially when cultivators are used to travelling from star to star; However, this is only the second star he’s gone after while GDSF invaded HLSF and has waged war for decades against his friends and family. I wouldn’t call him evil just yet.

      1. Don’t rly think evil is fitting.
        Sure GDSF invaded HLSF but does this allow YK to do the same? Both sides are kinda fucked up.
        It’s like cultivators can’t decide if they still see mortals and lower realm cultivators as fellow humans(/intelligent beings) or ants…

        I wonder?
        I thought of the sealed world bead and star boundary as a discworld (Terry Pratchett style) and assumed the planets surface would be incorporated into such a disc, since YK only devoured the surface in the beginning (the rest of the planet being added to the underground or mountains).

        Did the sealed world bead also devour more stars (suns) and the room between the different astral objects?
        If yes, I’d assume the sealed world bead is becoming like a star field.

        1. “Sure GDSF invaded HLSF but does this allow YK to do the same? Both sides are kinda fucked up”
          I mean revenge has always been the overarching theme of this story, hasn’t it?

          “It’s like cultivators can’t decide if they still see mortals and lower realm cultivators as fellow humans(/intelligent beings) or ants…”
          It’s a cruel world where might is right. Think of the amount of times people attempted to bully the MC simply because of his perceived strength (cultivation level)

        2. It wasn’t just invading though? GDSF went in and laid waste to many of the stars inside, whereas YK is stealing stars including the local population. I would hardly call genocide and kidnapping the same.

        3. It wasn’t just invading though? GDSF laid waste to many of the stars in HLSF, killing many of its inhabitants. Did you forget all the deplorable acts that the netherworld sect performed on the various stars? I would hardly call YK kidnapping the inhabitants with their stars the same as the genocide of GDSF and the netherworld sect.

  3. I mean, Yang Kai isn’t killing anyone really. They’re being moved. So it’s hard to call that anywhere as evil as the person who invaded Yang Kai’s star field and waged war

    1. Yeah… And theoretically, the sealed world bead doesn’t have the same shackles as the lower fields so their cultivation shouldn’t be limited

  4. Gun-gun I don’t know why I get the impression of one of the gods of the primordial chaos of the Howard Phillips Lovecraft books.
    And the deity I’m talking about is Azathoth😱

  5. The problem I see with Gun-Gun devouring people is, what if people are being split up by this? Imagine if it was shadowed star and all of Yang Kai’s family and friends were brought to another World like this while Yang Kai is away. Especially since he does not even want to take the people in the sealed world bead, but is just to lazy to wait for them to leave.

    All he would have to do is find someone with a lot of influence (e.g. star master) and tell him that he will take the Planet with him. If people want to stay there, they can and perhaps be brought to a higher world. But then they will never meet anyone from that star field again, that wasn’t devoured. And then that influential person can forward it to the people on the star (eventually after Yang Kai demonstrates GunGun’s ability if necessary) and the people decide for themself

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