Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3183, Rebirth Comes From Destruction


Translator: Silavin & Tia

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

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“What in the world is that!?”


When the darkness descended from the sky, Ao Wei’s expression changed drastically. The enormous black ball had a diameter stretching out for a hundred kilometres at least. It also had a gaping mouth filled with sharp fangs that split right across the middle of its face. The click-clacking noise coming from its mouth gave him goosebumps and chills when it entered his ears.


Even as a Star Master, Ao Wei did not have the courage to face such a monster directly. Moreover, the overwhelming pressure coming from the sky made his chest feel tight and caused him to have trouble breathing.


“Who dares block my path!? Do you court death!?” A voice rang out suddenly, startling Ao Wei. Only then did he notice that a person was standing on top of the black ball. That person seemed to be a rather young man who was currently quietly standing atop the Black Ball Monstrosity and looking down on him from above, like he was looking at an ant.


Gulping lightly, Ao Wei cupped his fists and shouted, “Ao Wei, Star Master of High Seas Star, greets Senior.”


“Oh?” Yang Kai raised his brow slightly, “You are the Star Master of this Star?”




“Very good. I am going to devour High Seas Star. Please cooperate with me. I will provide you with great benefits after I’m done!” If the Star Master could cooperate with him, the devouring would surely be much easier.


Ao Wei’s face twitched as he nearly suspected whether he had heard wrongly. This person came here with ill intentions and declared that he was going to devour High Seas Star the moment he opened his mouth. What’s more, he wanted Ao Wei to cooperate with him! 


Ao Wei suddenly felt a little angry; however, he did not dare to lose his temper. He suppressed his rage and asked, “What has High Seas Star done to offend Senior?”


Yang Kai replied impatiently, “It’s not about whether you’ve offended me or not. I simply happened to come across this Star.”


[Simply came across…] Ao Wei never expected that the reason for this terrible catastrophe would turn out to be nothing more than the result of a coincidence. A shudder ran down his spine as he spoke loudly, “The Heavens cherish all life. High Seas Star hosts trillions of lives. What will happen to those who live here if you devour this Star? People of our generation are competitive and we constantly strive to reach the peak of the Martial Dao. Our lives are constantly at stake, but what does that have to do with the innocents? You will surely be punished by karma if you destroy High Seas Star. That will be highly disadvantageous to your future endeavours. Please reconsider!” He sincerely tried to dissuade Yang Kai.


Yang Kai put one hand on his thigh, leaned forward, and grinned, “What do you want to say?”


There wasn’t even the slightest fluctuation of aura from this young man when he spoke, but even so, Ao Wei’s expression couldn’t help changing slightly. It felt as though a great ancient beast was baring its fangs at him, preparing to swallow him whole. Fortunately, he was the Star Master of High Seas Star and received blessings from it. Otherwise, he would have turned tail and ran away already. 


Cupping his fist again, Ao Wei shouted once more, “Please reconsider!”


Yang Kai touched his chin, thought about it seriously, and nodded, “I’ve given it some thought.”


“Does that mean you…” Ao Wei looked at Yang Kai earnestly.


“My will is resolute. Now, hurry up and move aside!” Yang Kai really could not have gone through with it if billions of sentient lives would be lost because he devoured a Cultivation Star; after all, the Heavens truly were fair in all matters. Even if his cultivation was extraordinary, he could not regard the weak as ants to be slaughtered at will.


The devouring process of the Sealed World Bead would certainly destroy the Star, but it would not harm any of the living creatures here. It simply allowed them to live in another place. Moreover, Yang Kai had the confidence that he could make the Small Sealed World better than any Cultivation Star in time. In other words, his current approach was not only harmless to the living creatures here, but would also bring about infinite benefits to them in the long-term. Hence, he felt no burden at all.


In response, Ao Wei’s expression darkened slightly. Even so, he refused to give in. As a Star Master, he had no room to retreat. Bracing himself, he began releasing the aura of a peak Origin King Realm Master. Scales appeared on his face simultaneously as the characteristics of a Monster Beast appeared on him. From the looks of things, he was not part of the Human Race. Even though he knew that he was no match for Yang Kai and that things would end tragically the moment he acted, he continued to obstruct this wicked destroyer’s path. 


Gathering his courage, Ao Wei shouted firmly, “Senior, if you insist on doing this, then you must kill me first!”


His voice was not loud, but it spread throughout the Cultivation Star under the influence of its Will. All the living creatures on High Seas Star suddenly felt touched. They felt extremely lucky to have such a responsible Star Master. It was invisible to the eye, but his aura increased again. That single sentence had given him a huge boost in power, but it still didn’t give him the slightest sense of security.


“Oh? A Flood Dragon descendant?” Yang Kai asked as he looked at the scales on Ao Wei’s face and the traces of monsterfication on Ao Wei’s body, sensing a familiar aura from him.


“Indeed!” Ao Wei nodded. There was no need to conceal anything, it wasn’t a secret after all.


Yang Kai nodded and said, “I know of other Flood Dragons, and they’re indeed not bad, but… You are too weak.”


Even though Ao Wei had always presented himself in a courteous and humble manner while lowering his posture as much as possible, he couldn’t help feeling unconvinced when he heard those words. He stood at the peak of the Origin King Realm and was the Star Master of High Seas Star. There were only a few people in the entire Grand Desolation Star Field who could challenge him! How could his cultivation still be considered ‘too weak’?


Rage burst forth in Ao Wei’s heart, dampening his fear as he gritted his teeth and declared, “Is that so? Then, I will have to see how powerful Senior is!”


Yang Kai smiled slightly, “You might not believe me, but that guy can probably take a few of my attacks. You, on the other hand…”


Ao Wei roared furiously, “Let’s see how many attacks it takes you to defeat me!” While speaking, he lunged toward Yang Kai. Although there was a slight hint of a Dragon Roar in his voice, it was not very pure. Flood Dragons inherited the Dragon Clan’s blood, but the difference in purity varied greatly. How could they be compared to True Dragons? Even so, Ao Wei was relatively powerful after receiving a boost from High Seas Star.


In that instant, the world paled and storms surged. The full-powered attack of a Star Master was truly extraordinary.


On the contrary, Yang Kai didn’t seem inclined to defend against the attack nor did he look like he was going to attack. He simply watched expressionlessly as Ao Wei lunged at him.


[He is just too arrogant! He completely looks down on me! I need to teach him a lesson!] 


Yang Kai’s attitude had utterly enraged Ao Wei and he no longer held anything back, channelling even greater strength than he had ever before in his life.


An invisible force suddenly swept out from Yang Kai at that moment and it made Ao Wei abruptly stiffen, his eyes widening to the size of saucers in the next instant. He looked extremely shocked, and for a moment, he thought he saw an enormous Dragon hovering around Yang Kai’s body, its massive head staring down at him. Instantly, his Saint Qi stopped circulating and he was unable to summon the slightest strength.


Following that, the Dragon Head pounced at him. Opening its mouth wide, it swallowed him whole. Ao Wei screamed as his robes became soaked in cold sweat. At his cultivation, he was rarely frightened by anything. Even when Yang Kai arrived with Gun-Gun, he was still capable of confronting them directly, even mustering the will to fight back. However, he didn’t even dare to stare back when facing this giant Dragon. This was the effect of bloodline suppression!


By the time Ao Wei came back to his senses, the giant Dragon that was in front of him had vanished. There was only a hateful young man smiling at him, making him wonder if it was all just an illusion; however, it was all too realistic to simply be his imagination.


Before Ao Wei could understand what had happened though, Yang Kai raised his hand and ordered, “Send him in.”


In response, Gun-Gun opened its mouth wide and swallowed Ao Wei in one bite.


[My destined end has come!] That thought flashed across Ao Wei’s mind. Closing his eyes, he stuck out his neck and prepared for death, but to his surprise, there was no pain despite waiting for some time, and when he opened his eyes, an astonishing sight appeared before him.


He had appeared in a different world. This world looked rather messy, like millions of tonnes of soil and stones piled up haphazardly all over the place, and looking around, this scene stretched out as far as his eyes could see.


Ao Wei quickly used his Divine Sense to scan his surroundings and was surprised all over again. The World Energy in this place was extremely dense, several grades better than High Seas Star, but the World Principles seemed to be a little broken, which made the power in his body a little sluggish.


[What in the world is this damned place!? Wasn’t I swallowed up by that jet-black giant beast? How did I appear here!?] A shining object nearby attracted Ao Wei’s attention, one stuck under a boulder. Walking over, Ao Wei lifted the rock up and a plaque entered his vision.


“Netherworld Sect!” His eyes narrowed and he could hardly believe his eyes. [Isn’t this… Isn’t this Netherworld Sect’s signboard!?] Although he was the Star Master of High Seas Star, he had been to Netherworld Star in his early years and even entered the Netherworld Sect once. This signboard was the one erected above Netherworld Sect’s Main Gate. He was certain that he had not mistaken it for something else. Besides, the sense of vicissitude around this plaque was not fake. [This is definitely the signboard belonging to Netherworld Sect’s Main Gate, but… what is it doing here?]


Recalling the rumours circulating around on High Seas Star recently, a very bold conjecture emerged in Ao Wei’s heart. 


All of a sudden, he heard some sounds. Flying up, he looked into the distance and saw a group of people heading his way. Thus, he immediately flew to them and exchanged some words with them. After that, he looked even more shocked than before. [These people… They are the residents of Netherworld Star!]



“Senior Ao Wei… Was defeated!”


“Senior Ao Wei was swallowed in one bite!”


“The end is coming! The end is here!”


On High Seas Star, countless eyes watched as Ao Wei was swallowed by the giant black beast, unable to resist in the slightest. The visual impact left everyone cold with fear, feeling as though they were standing in the middle of a blizzard. They had never imagined that a Star Master like Senior Ao Wei could be killed so easily. They had been hoping that Ao Wei could save them from the calamity before them. Unfortunately, that hope now transformed into a deep despair.


When Yang Kai led Gun-Gun on towards High Seas Star again, no one dared to stop him. Gun-Gun opened its mouth wide and devoured island after island. Even the boundaryless seawater was swallowed into its belly.


The sounds of weeping and cursing rang out as everybody desperately attempted to escape.


Yang Kai turned a deaf ear to those cries, though, as he sat cross-legged on Gun-Gun’s back as it chewed its way through the entire High Seas Star. 


[This bunch of ignorant people. You don’t even appreciate the fact that I am bringing you into a paradise. I guess the ones who escaped are simply unlucky!]


A sudden thought crossed Yang Kai’s heart at that moment. [What is the difference between my current actions and the actions of the Heaven Devouring Great Emperor, Wu Kuang?]


Wu Kuang had wreaked havoc across many Star Fields and destroyed countless Cultivation Stars. In the end, the anger and resentment against him built up among the people, and the other Great Emperors were forced to band together to kill him.


[No. Wu Kuang is Wu Kuang, and I am me. What we are doing is very different! All the living creatures on the Stars Wu Kuang destroyed died during the process. But, I am sending them to another world, a better world, it’s not like I’m doing any real harm to them! Rather, they will probably thank me for my actions in the future; after all, order is established from chaos, and only through destruction can the world be reborn.]




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  1. Nonono…. You are doing just like heaven devourer, although sparing people, you are destroying stars and star field… You are second heaven devourer

        1. The Beast of War answered, but maybe there’s some misunderstanding so I’d like some clarity from you. Do you think what HDGE and what the embodiment is doing is the same thing?

          My understanding is when HDGE “devoured” a starfield, nothing was left, cultivation stars, people, dead stars, mineral stars, suns, everything gone. What is embodiment is doing is a good old fashion landgrab.

          1. SSWB is doing the land stealing… But embodiment is devouring the star field…it devour the whole area, even space and convert it to energy for HLSF

    1. It’s the same as I think, every day I read this series I am more disgusted by the MC. The only reason I keep reading this is because every time I see the actions of the MC more I dislike it and more I realize the things I should not do.🙄

  2. “[No. Wu Kuang is Wu Kuang, and I am me. What we are doing is very different! All the living creatures on the Stars Wu Kuang destroyed died during the process. But, I am sending them to another world, a better world, it’s not like I’m doing any real harm to them! Rather, they will probably thank me for my actions in the future; after all, order is established from chaos, and only through destruction can the world be reborn.]”

    Right.. you better hope that helps later when you face star court or w/e their group name is

  3. How can you equate YK who has only devoured two stars with HDGE who has devoured multiple STAR FIELDS. This is the same to you guys? I wonder how much damage this starfield caused to HLSF in the decades long campaign the waged?

    1. YK is adding the stars that is devoured into Gun-Gun. Originally HDGE destroyed the stars to devour the source to strengthen himself. That was why he was hated because he killed innocents. His new plan (which is why BWGE isn’t opposed to) is what YK is doing – merging the stars to create a better world. Eventually Gun-Gun will become a new Star Boundary and it will benefit the people that was devoured as they are not dead. The difference here is that nothing is destroyed. YK can also have Gun-Gun release(??) the stars that it devoured.

      1. Yeah, that’s morally shaky. Let me colonize your shack place, bring you by force to another world, and maybe enroll you to my new sect, or leave you in that sealed world for generations so I can do like I wish.

        Let’s take that friendly water dude star master and just not care about him or explain your plan.

        Besides, the sealed world has a moral ground somehow, but the HL star field seems to indiscriminately eat off everything.

        Infinite power corrupts infinitely.

        To draw parallels, I’m all for the Netherworld Sect being wiped off the GDSF, although it’s the extreme I can morally understand. Much like IRL when Afghanistan got attacked after 9/11, where it’s understandable to a point. But I had the same cringe I currently have with YK when US attacked Iraq soon after.

  4. If it would help to have the star master cooperate then why would Yang Kai not take a second to explain his standpoint and possibly save himself some time. Or is Yang Kai too much of a sociopath to understand other people’s perspectives?

    1. I’ve often thought this myslelf and while I find it difficult to attribute any clarity to the author…have you ever tried to reason with someone who is so enamored of their world view that they refuse to accept anything outside of their own little world? The people YK have come across haven’t the capacity to understand or believe what he would be trying to convey. The author has beat this concept into our heads constantly. Witness the amount of people who have denied YK’s power or even his testimony sometimes.

      1. Yang Kai is acting exactly like one of the hundreds of old dudes that have “denied Yang Kai’s power” and tried to con Yang Kai out of whatever item he has that they want with some cheesy line. Only those he shakes his head at for being too gullible like the girl with the butterfly tattoo would believe what he said.

  5. Wu Kong also send People to other world after devouring them, through cycle of rebirth giving them early access to new chance to born talented

    1. Not sure “killing trillions of people on a scale that the author can’t really describe” and “putting these people in a
      Small Sealed World that has higher Principles than a Star Field despite being a fraction of the size” are all that
      comparable, if I’m being honest.

  6. Once again for the people who might be under the wrong impression: Yang Kai isn’t a hero, or righteous for that matter, like every other cultivator, he is moved by what can benefit him and those around him. With that said, he is above some vile acts, still doesn’t mean he has to be a good guy tho. If you read 3k+ chapters of this and still expect him to be a goody two shoes, idk what to tell you

  7. This reminds of what YK just said a couple of chapters ago. Something along the lines of, it’s easier to destroy than to rebuild/ regrow. Cultivation stars take countless years to even be created, all to be destroyed/ repossessed in a couple of months. I feel like this was the author’s intention, somewhat like a, “two can play at that game,” type of deal. In another growing thought of mine, we do not see YK as horrible as the HDGE yet, but who’s to say the HDGE wasn’t like YK at some point. Maybe we only understand the perspective of common knowledge that is HDGE is plain evil and corrupt, what if he had his reasons, for example, to fight demons, as the author mentioned that he may have developed his ability after seeing an abyssal returner? After all, it is said that the ancient demon god is stronger than a GE.

  8. The last paragraph alone is enough to show you how “lost and twisted” YK and the author already are.
    I, personally, don’t have a big issue with a pragmatic MC who is ruthless if necessary, doing what is necessary in his mind to advance and help those close to him.
    What I can’t stand tho is this kind of desperate attempt to justify his actions. He isn’t some righteous happy-go-lucky dude. Never was. Totally fine. But this hypocrisy right there just makes him look pathetic.

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