Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3184, Changes in the Sealed World Bead


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At the border of Grand Desolation Star Field, Wu Heng looked livid. He had been confronting this devouring darkness for half a year now, and despite giving it his all, he could only slow the speed of the encroachment. He could not stop it from spreading at all. Over the past six months, he had lost more than a few tens of millions of kilometres of his Star Field! Such a large piece of territory was already larger than what he had engulfed in Heng Luo Star Field in the previous three years!


[Just who is the person on the other side!? How are they doing it!?]


Wu Heng had once driven Grand Desolation Star Field to devour Heng Luo Star Field, so he knew just how difficult this was. It was patient and precise work that required much time and effort. It definitely wasn’t something that could be accomplished overnight. Additionally, Heng Luo Star Field did not have a Star Field Master back then, so his engulfment of that Star Field could be said to be practically unimpeded.


[How is the opposing party’s devouring speed still so fast when I am actively trying to resist? How is this even possible?]


If that were the only issue, Wu Heng might not have been this anxious. Unfortunately, something else was also worrying him. Over the past six months, he had consecutively lost three Cultivation Stars from Grand Desolation Star Field. It began with Netherworld Star, followed by High Seas Star, then Flying Crab Star. One after another, they had disappeared from the Star Chart as though they never existed before!


[Those are three Cultivation Stars, not three cabbages! Just what method did that bastard Yang Kai use to steal them!?] There were quite a few Cultivation Stars in Grand Desolation Star Field, so it did not hurt Wu Heng’s foundation to lose three of them. The key point was that this was just the beginning. He had lost three Cultivation Stars in just half a year… How many more would he lose in a year? Or, 10 years? Or, 100 years? If there were no more Cultivation Stars left in the entire Star Field, then what was the point of this Star Field’s existence? When that time came, he would be a Star Field Master in name only.


What made Wu Heng feel slightly relieved was that Yang Kai didn’t seem to be making any movements since stealing Flying Crab Star. 


[I wonder what he is doing?] As a Star Field Master, it was a simple matter for Wu Heng to spy on Yang Kai inside his own territory. Unfortunately, he did not dare to do so. The moment he became distracted, even if only a little bit, the speed of the opposing Star Field’s devouring would sharply increase.


[I can’t keep going on like this. I won’t have a good ending if this goes on any longer. Do I really have to resort to that?] Wu Heng’s expression changed constantly. Anger, shame, reluctance… All sorts of emotions showed on his face as he never imagined that he would be backed into a corner to such a degree in this Lower Star Field. Moreover, within his own territory!



Gun-Gun was suspended in mid-air above a Dead Star. Its enormous jet-black body was constantly shrinking and expanding in a cycle, over and over again. Meanwhile, Yang Kai stood to the side and watched it closely. He did not know what had happened to lead to this situation, he only had the vague sense that… It was satiated!


Throughout their journey, Gun-Gun had devoured a total of three Cultivation Stars. After completely engulfing Flying Crab Star, it finally closed its mouth and stopped making those click-clacking noises. It also stopped moving at the exact spot where Flying Crab Star used to be and the changes occurred.


Upon seeing that, Yang Kai tried to communicate with the Small Sealed World only to discover that his Soul Avatar could not enter it. Thus, there was nothing he could do but wait and see how things played out. If his guess was correct, then Gun-Gun was simply in a state of digestion.


Those were three Cultivation Stars after all, not something so easy to devour. Having been engulfed into the Small Sealed World, they needed to be further digested, or else those slightly different World Principles would be enough to cause the space within the Sealed World Bead to collapse. If that happened, all living creatures absorbed from the three Cultivation Stars would perish too.


After this digestion finished though, the entire Small Sealed World would probably take on a completely new look; therefore, Yang Kai simply waited quietly and expectantly.


He wanted to check on his Embodiment’s situation, but they were too far apart now. Yang Kai was too deep inside Grand Desolation Star Field and couldn’t establish a connection with it. However, Wu Heng was probably having a hard time, otherwise, everything he had done recently would not have gone so smoothly. If Wu Heng could spare even a little time to deal with him, he would surely have made life far more difficult for Yang Kai.


Thinking so, Yang Kai chuckled. [People who provoke me have always had bad ends. Even Wu Kuang suffered a loss at my hands; much less a mere ‘Wu Heng’.]


The days passed by, little by little. There was no cycle of day and night in the Starry Sky, so Yang Kai wasn’t sure just how long had passed. However, every wriggle Gun-Gun made seemed to cause something in it to change.


Yang Kai could clearly sense that Gun-Gun’s Will was becoming much clearer. There could only be one explanation for that, the digestion process was going smoothly. It had managed to assimilate the World Principles of the three Cultivation Stars it devoured and merged them together until they were no longer distinguishable from one another.


After more time had passed, its Will became clearer yet again. Although it was not to the extent where it could communicate with Yang Kai clearly, it was capable of at least instinctual communication. The most obvious change, however, was in its appearance. Gun-Gun was originally an enormous black ball that later grew a large mouth after devouring Netherworld Star. Now though, it had a tail growing on the opposite side of its mouth. The tail slowly grew longer and longer. At first glance, it now looked like a giant tadpole, quite a comical sight.


Finally, Gun-Gun ended its transformation after an intense wriggling session one day. Its mouth opened once again, making crunching sounds with its teeth as it conveyed the urgency of its hunger. Upon digesting the three Cultivation Stars, it was ready to begin devouring again. Additionally, its body had become much larger than before. It had a diameter of 100 kilometres when it first descended on High Seas Star, but now it was nearly 200 kilometres in diameter!


Yang Kai had no intention of stopping it and simply allowed it to act as it pleased. Hence, Gun-Gun immediately turned and headed in a certain direction. Even though Yang Kai saw nothing but pitch-black darkness in that direction, he was certain a Cultivation Star was located up ahead. It seemed Gun-Gun had a keen sense for locating Cultivation Stars and could smell the deliciousness of them from very far away.


In the meantime, Yang Kai stepped into the Sealed World Bead. It was his first time entering the Small Sealed World since its transformation, and he was completely stupefied the moment he arrived. It was no longer the Small Sealed World that he was familiar with. The size of the entire world had increased by several times over. It actually took some time for his Divine Sense to reach the boundary of the world when he extended it outward.


The original Small Sealed World could only be regarded as a Micro World if a Cultivation Star like Netherworld Star was considered a Small World. Even the World Principles were something that had been patched together by Yang Kai from various sources. If he compared the Small Sealed World to a piece of clothing, then the original Small Sealed World had been covered in patches. The World Principles might have been complete, but they were not smoothly joined together. In contrast, the current world was in complete harmony. There was no dissonance whatsoever, and the World Principles were in perfect condition. It was much better than how the original World Principles had been.


At this point, it could be regarded as a real Small World. A world like this was already higher grade than the average Cultivation Star. The land in the world had changed a lot. Be it jungles, wastelands, seas, deserts, or valleys… It had everything. These places were suitable for all sorts of beings and races to live happily and peacefully.


The countless auras of living creatures were spread all across the world, and buildings of various styles rose from the ground. All the sentient and wild beings of the three Cultivation Stars had been absorbed into this place, and the first thing they did after realizing that there was no immediate danger to their lives was to rebuild their Sects and homes. Not knowing where they were nor whether danger was looming over them contributed to the lack of conflict at the moment. They restrained themselves and did their best not to get into fights with the others despite running into those of different races occasionally.


Yang Kai carefully observed this world for a while before he found the original Small Sealed World’s land. The original space was located in the most central position of this new world. Furthermore, there was an invisible barrier isolating it from the new land, which prevented anybody from trespassing into this space. 


Yang Kai couldn’t help breathing out a sigh of relief when he saw this barrier as he had been very worried that somebody might break into the medicine garden and destroy his Spirit Herbs. The current situation was for the best, and it was clearly thanks to Gun-Gun.


[Since I’m already here, I might as well say hello. I should, at the very least, let the people of this new world know who the Master of this place is!]


With a flash of his thoughts, a giant figure suddenly appeared in the sky. All the living creatures in the world only needed to look up to see this phantom giant. His majestic gaze that stared into the void felt as though he was looking at every single one of them. Hence, all were shocked upon seeing that gigantic figure in the sky. They could not help being filled with a sense of worship when they looked up at that figure, while many even fell to their knees and shivered in fear.


“It’s him!” Ao Wei stood on a newly-formed island and looked at the face in the sky, his expression changing greatly. The memory of being defeated in a single move by this young man was still fresh in his mind. How could he not know that that person was many times stronger than him? It was ridiculous how he had tried to fight against that person just because he had been a Star Master before.


Many people recognized Yang Kai; after all, they had seen him from a distance when he was riding on Gun-Gun while devouring their Stars, so seeing him again at this moment, their feelings of awe deepened even more.


“I am the Master of this world, but you need not worry, I hold no malice towards you. I only wish that you live your lives peacefully in this place and lead a good life. If there are talented cultivators, I may even guide you to a higher world and allow you to experience a grander Martial Dao.” Yang Kai pointed at his eyes and grinned, “I will be watching you, so do your best. Whether you become a Dragon and roam the vast oceans, or remain a carp and stagnate in this little pond, will all be determined by your hard work.”


The entire world was completely silent as everybody was so shocked that they couldn’t utter a single word. A long while later, they finally noticed that the giant figure in the sky had vanished without a trace. Nevertheless, those simple words had set off turbulent waves in everyone’s mind, especially those in the Origin King Realm.


[A higher world!? A grander Martial Dao!?] It was like hanging a carrot in front of a donkey; it made them covet and desire that opportunity. Most cultivators in Grand Desolation Star Field that were in the Origin King Realm knew about the existence of the Star Boundary; after all, there was a pathway between Grand Desolation Star Field and the Star Boundary. It was public knowledge that the previous Sect Master of Netherworld Sect, Yin Le Sheng, had journeyed to the Star Boundary together with a few other Masters from their Star Field several dozen years ago. It was just that nobody knew what had become of them after that. 


It was undeniable that entering the Star Boundary using the same method they did was dangerous and the slightest carelessness could cost them their lives. For that reason, the cultivators of Grand Desolation Star Field did not dare to use the same route unless they had great confidence in their strength, even though the path had always existed. But now, there was another opportunity before them. It seemed that the Master of this world could guide them to the Star Boundary as long as they could obtain his approval!




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