Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3185, How Is That Even Possible


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These dazzling Stars seem to have always existed, but they collapsed and vanished from existence, one after another. It was as though an invisible hand had erased them from the vast Starry Sky.


Wu Heng couldn’t stand it anymore, gritting his teeth, he roared, “Yang Kai!”


He had completely fallen into a disadvantage in his fight against Yang Kai. Not only had he lost a large part of his Star Field, but he also lost as many as five Cultivation Stars from Grand Desolation Star Field.


[I will lose everything if this silent battle continues in this manner.] A deep hatred and regret overflowed from his heart. [If I had washed my hands clean of Heng Luo Star Field the moment I sensed that it had gained a Star Master, I might not have brought such troublesome matters down upon myself.]


Back then, he wanted to take advantage of Yang Kai, who had just become a Star Field Master. He had completely looked down on Yang Kai and even went so far as to demand he hand Heng Luo Star Field to him. At that moment, their enmity was set in stone.


[There is no point in regretting the past now. In any case, my first priority is to get rid of Yang Kai as soon as possible. Even if I lose a large part of my territory by focusing on him, I cannot allow him to do whatever he wants in my territory anymore!] The moment that thought appeared in Wu Heng’s head, he no longer hesitated and immediately directed some of his attention to investigate Yang Kai’s situation.


In the extremely distant Starry Sky, he soon found a trace of Yang Kai’s whereabouts, and after getting a clear view of the situation there, Wu Heng couldn’t help being dumbstruck and out of sorts, “What is that!?”


Most of the sixth Cultivation Star had disappeared, and there was a gigantic black tadpole-like Monster going back and forth on this broken Cultivation Star, taking bite after bite out of it as if it were eating a delicious cake. The Cultivation Star was missing another huge chunk in the blink of an eye.


Even Wu Heng, who was very knowledgeable and experienced, could not tell what that black monster was; however, he instinctively felt apprehensive when he looked at it.


Yang Kai, who was sitting cross-legged on the back of Gun-Gun, seemed to sense something and looked up at the Starry Sky with a grin.


In the next moment, Wu Heng appeared in front of Yang Kai. As the Star Field’s Master, crossing a distance of hundreds of millions of kilometres in an instant was nothing to him. Lifting his large hand, he clenched his hand and roared, “Die!”


The power of the Star Field was activated instantaneously, turning into invisible shackles that tightened around Gun-Gun’s huge body without warning. As a result, its huge body shrunk continuously. The changes were so obvious that they were visible to the naked eye. In response, Gun-Gun opened its mouth wide and clacked its teeth together loudly, as if it were struggling against something.


Similarly, Yang Kai felt pressure bearing down on him like a mountain. His entire body was stiff and unable to move, as if Wu Heng was crushing all his bones.


[Running wild in another person’s territory really isn’t a good idea, but… I’m afraid it’s too late for Wu Heng to make a move now. If he had decisively taken action at the very beginning when Gun-Gun was still weak, he might have had a chance. But now… Does he seriously think I’m such a pushover?] The corners of Yang Kai’s mouth lifted into a wicked grin.


On the other hand, Wu Heng’s expression changed abruptly as he could feel the shackles he had placed on his enemy being broken, little by little, as the black monster chewed on them, its large mouth opening and closing in the process. No; they weren’t being broken, they were disappearing, just like the Cultivation Star that was being devoured in front of him, the power of the Star Field he had mobilized was being devoured too.


With a clatter, a great storm was set off in Wu Heng’s heart, and in the next moment, Gun-Gun’s body that had been compressed returned to normal all of a sudden, and its movements became free again.


“How is that possible?” Wu Heng looked lost for a moment. He had steeled himself to deal with Yang Kai with the determination of making a great sacrifice in order to succeed. That was because every moment he wasted here meant that Heng Luo Star Field’s devouring went unchecked. The loss he suffered from that terrifying devouring speed was simply something he could not afford.


Hence, he originally made up his mind to kill Yang Kai without any delays before going back to continue his confrontation with Heng Luo Star Field. Who would have thought that his plan could not be realized? The black monster was far more difficult to deal with than Wu Heng imagined, even capable of devouring the power of the Star Field!


During those few moments when Wu Heng was being absent-minded, Gun-Gun had rushed straight up at him. That seemingly fat and bloated body was unimaginable agility at this moment, and by the time Wu Heng came to his senses, a large mouth filled with sharp fangs was already right in front of him.




The large mouth closed, and a large chunk of the Star Field disappeared. Wu Heng appeared in another location in a cold sweat a moment later. If he had not been the Star Field Master, who could freely shuttle this space, he would not have survived that situation.


Yang Kai stood on top of Gun-Gun’s back with one hand on his waist, doubling over with laughter, “This is your domain isn’t it? Why are you running? Weren’t you itching for a fight!? Get on with the killing! Come, you bastard!”


“Shut up, you damn brat!” Wu Heng’s heart was filled with rage. Despite feeling as if he was a volcano that was about to erupt at any moment, he forced himself to calm down and not pay attention to Yang Kai’s taunts. Still, what Yang Kai said wasn’t wrong, this was his territory, his home. Yang Kai was the thief who snuck in to rob him, but when Wu Heng showed up to deal with him, not only did Yang Kai show not the slightest remorse, he put on an aggressive and provocative stance. Nobody could tolerate such rampant behaviour.


Having gotten his thoughts under control, Wu Heng stretched out his hand and clenched his fist. Thousands of streams of light gathered and condensed into a spear in his hand. That was not an Emperor Artifact, but a condensation of the power of the Stars in this Star Field. It was not an exaggeration to say that it was the power of the world, World Force, contained in this spear. 


Of course, this was not the full power of the entire Grand Desolation Star Field as, although Wu Heng was the Star Field Master here, mobilizing the power of the entire Star Field was no easy feat. It would be no easier for Yang Kai to do so.


Be that as it may, the power contained in this spear was nothing to sneeze at. At the very least, the power from the surrounding ten million kilometres of the Star Field had been gathered to form this spear, a feat only a Star Field Master could achieve with ease.


When the spear was formed, lightning flashed and thunder boomed. The spear transformed into a venomous snake that leapt out ferociously and without warning. The Heaven-destroying and Earth-shattering power was condensed into an attack that struck at Gun-Gun in an instant.


Yang Kai’s figure stiffened all of a sudden, and all the hairs on his body stood up. If this incredibly powerful attack was a venomous snake, then he was a frog that came face to face with his natural enemy. Even though he had mentally prepared himself for something like this, it was still tricky to overcome it on the spot.


“Gun-Gun!” Raising his foot, Yang Kai stomped Gun-Gun’s back, and in response, Gun-Gun opened its large mouth and bit towards that terrifying blow.


Wu Heng had been sneering as he quietly watched that black monster’s actions; however, that smirk on his face soon vanished. The scene where his enemy was killed did not appear, and instead, he watched as the black monster rolled around and squirmed violently for a time, a large crack appearing on its back, but then, nothing else happened. Moreover, the crack was healing at an extremely fast speed.


Wu Heng’s eyes widened as large as saucers, and he almost doubted what he just witnessed. He had condensed the power from the surrounding ten million kilometres of the Star Field into that one attack! How was it defused so easily!? What the Hell was this black monster!? How could it have such power!?


Unbeknownst to him, when Gun-Gun swallowed that incredibly powerful attack, a stream of light swept across the sky of the Small Sealed World and nearly penetrated it. The Heaven-destroying and Earth-shattering aura contained in that light made all the living creatures in the Small Sealed World look up into the sky and released a terrifying aura that compelled them to kneel down and worship that power appearing before them.


As the light flashed by, it left a deep scar in the sky of the Small Sealed World, like the Heavens themselves had been slashed open, and that scar remained for quite a time.


The power of one world could only be countered by the power of another world. Wu Heng had condensed the power of more than ten million kilometres of the Starry Sky in that one attack, which was incredibly terrifying, but the Small Sealed World was now a complete world of its own. The World Principles and the World Energy within the Small Sealed World were no worse than those of the Star Field’s, possibly even higher in terms of quality. The only difference was that the Small Sealed World was much smaller than the Star Field.


Naturally, Wu Heng couldn’t use that attack to destroy the Small Sealed World. The power of the Small Sealed World was enough for it to swallow and digest his attacks. Judging by the results of his attack, the attack not only failed to cause any damage but also seemed to have a nourishing effect instead.


Yang Kai used his little finger to dig at his ears as he mocked loudly, “So weak. Were you trying to tickle me?”


“Shut up!” Wu Heng immediately became angry out of shame.


How could Yang Kai possibly act as Wu Heng wished? Rather, his mockery and yelling became even more venomous, “We are both Star Field Masters, so I feel deeply ashamed just looking at you! If anybody dared to act so presumptuously in my house, I would have beaten them black and blue until even their mother couldn’t recognise them!”




Yang Kai just sneered, “I am impudent! Go on and hit me… If you can!”


Despite knowing that Yang Kai was deliberately being provocative, Wu Heng couldn’t help himself. His emotions sharply fluctuated and his eyes turned scarlet with rage. Yang Kai’s words might have been insolent, but there was one thing Yang Kai had gotten right. It was truly extremely humiliating that he could not even get rid of a single thief that had snuck into his home.


Hence, Wu Heng said nothing more. Spreading his hands wide, lights began to appear above both palms. He gathered the power of the Stars, transformed it into a lightning attack, and blasted it at Gun-Gun. He might not know what that pitch-black giant beast was, but he instinctively felt that it was not as powerful as it seemed on the surface. Even if it was capable of swallowing his attacks, there should be a limit. The healing wound on its back is the best proof. It wasn’t that he couldn’t harm it, it was just that the damage wasn’t great enough! If his initial attack wasn’t enough to kill it, Wu Heng just needed to launch a stronger attack. As long as he persisted, he would eventually decimate it completely!


Once again, Gun-Gun swallowed the power of the Stars that came at it. Two wounds subsequently opened up on its back. Unexpectedly though, Gun-Gun became extremely excited all of a sudden and even took the initiative to lunge at Wu Heng without any directions from Yang Kai, as if it wanted to swallow Wu Heng up too.


There was no way Wu Heng would just freeze in place like a sitting duck. Relying on the convenient abilities of a Star Field Master, his figure flickered around as he avoided Gun-Gun’s attacks. At the same time, he continuously gathered the power of the Stars in his hands, transformed it into attacks, and blasted them at Gun-Gun.


In an instant, the situation within the Small Sealed World changed drastically. Streams of light flashed across the sky like a meteor shower. Concurrently, lightning flashed and thunder boomed inside the Small Sealed World. It was as though the apocalypse was coming and the world was about to collapse.


No matter how high or low their cultivation, all living creatures shivered and fell to their knees while begging for mercy from the Heavens. They did not know what they had done to offend the Master of this world; however, they believed that the Master must have become enraged for such changes to have occurred.


The waves above the sea were choppy; the land in the wastelands split open; countless newly built buildings collapsed. It only took an instant for the peaceful world to be filled with anxiety and the fear of death. The longer the phenomenon occurred, the more they understood the meaning behind the words ‘Heaven’s grace was as vast as the sea, but Heaven’s fury was like Hell itself’.




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  1. I wonder when Star court will take action.
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    1. I think this is still beneath what the star court. Maybe if a few lower star fields disappear than they will be alerted. Now nothing like that has even happened yet. Maybe Heng Luo increased by 1.15 times and Desolation decrease to 85%, hardly something serious enough to catch their attention unless Wu Heng go to the star court to complain. Given that Wu Heng was going to swallow whole of Heng Luo without worrying Abt star court interference, it means the star court won’t interfere in such small scale matters

        1. The system works like a company. The Great Emperor is the boss, Star Court members are the managers and Star Field masters are supervisors. Since Wu Heng tried to steal territory from another Star Field he doesn’t want his ‘manager’ to know but now that he’s losing his territory he will definitely ask for help.

    1. you only think that way because you are waiting for updates, the flow of the story isnt that slow imo right now. i expect the fight to end either next ch or the one after that. then probly a ch or 2 of swallowing the rest of the stars yk needs then he goes back

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