Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3186, Requesting the Star Envoy to Descend


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Yang Kai could not perceive any of this at the moment, and even if he could, there was nothing he could do to stop it from happening. Wu Heng was a Star Field Master and could exert the World Force of Grand Desolation Star Field when in it. Yang Kai had no chance of winning if he fought Wu Heng here. The only one who could put up a fight against Wu Heng was but Gun-Gun. Fortunately, Gun-Gun was living up to his expectations. No matter how much power Wu Heng gathered from the Star Field, it devoured them all.


Two figures, one big and one small, chased after each other across the Star Field, making for an extremely lively scene.


[No! Things can’t go on like this!] Wu Heng was very anxious. For every moment he was being held up here, a large portion of Grand Desolation Star Field was being devoured. The shrinkage of the Star Field would directly affect the amount of power he could mobilize. [I will be defeated if things go on like this. How can I lose!?] Just the sliver of possibility that he might lose left him feeling incredulous. He had never even imagined that such an outcome was possible before he came to find Yang Kai; however, he was currently riding a tiger.


Similarly, Yang Kai was feeling that something was wrong. He took the time to investigate Gun-Gun’s situation and finally discovered the changes in the Small Sealed World.


Just like how Gun-Gun needed time to rest and digest after swallowing three Cultivation Stars before, Wu Heng’s attacks that were formed from the condensation of the power of the Stars were not that easy to devour. Those attacks placed more pressure on Gun-Gun than swallowing those Cultivation Stars had. The Small Sealed World would be unable to bear the pressure if things were to continue for much longer, and once that happened, the situation would become dangerous. Gun-Gun needed to rest for a while to digest the power of the Stars that it had devoured.


Both parties were hostile towards each other, but despite each having their own concerns, they both made the same choice to head towards the edge of the Grand Desolation Star Field at this moment. Wu Heng was rushing back to curb Heng Luo Star Field’s expansion while also trying to drive Yang Kai away. On the other hand, Yang Kai was rushing to take Gun-Gun to a safe place to recuperate.


The speed of both parties was extremely fast. Needless to say, as the Star Field’s Master, Wu Heng could cross a distance of hundreds of millions of kilometres in a single blink. Conversely, Gun-Gun crossed an extremely terrifying distance with every move it made despite its bloated and fat body. When coupled with Wu Heng’s intentional or unintentional assistance, it had the effect of instantaneous movement.


In less than an hour, the endless darkness came into sight. Both parties soon arrived at the place where the two Star Fields were connected. Yang Kai reached out with his mind and immediately created a connection with his Embodiment. More importantly, he felt the power of Heng Luo Star Field filling him. Although he was still in the Grand Desolation Star Field, this place was where the two Star Fields intersected, so it was obvious that he was no longer as suppressed by Wu Heng’s power as before.


Feeling all this, Yang Kai couldn’t help bursting into laughter, “There was a path to the Heavens, but you insisted on barging into Hell! Wu Heng, I really have to thank you!” When the words left his mouth, he rode Gun-Gun and brushed past Wu Heng to rush back to Heng Luo Star Field.


Despite finally sending this powerful enemy away, Wu Heng was not the slightest bit happy. On the contrary, his heart sank. He couldn’t help feeling as though he had made a grave mistake for some reason.


In the next moment, a terrifying force pushing against Wu Heng suddenly came from the boundless darkness. It gave him the feeling that he would have a hard time warding it off. However, Yang Kai’s smiling face appeared in the darkness next, imprinting itself clearly in Wu Heng’s eyes.


“You really are the Star Field’s Master!” Wu Heng exclaimed in shock. A deep wave of regret washed over him. [If I had known, I would never have sent him back!]


He thought Yang Kai wasn’t Heng Luo Star Field’s Master; therefore, he decided to kick him out of the Star Field since he couldn’t possibly just leave him alone, allowing him to mess around in his Star Field behind his back. That way, he could purely concentrate on dealing with the pressure from Heng Luo Star Field without any worries. But now, it looked like he made a huge mistake! 


Nevertheless, there was something he couldn’t understand no matter how much he racked his brains over it. If Yang Kai was the Star Field Master, then who was controlling the devouring of Grand Desolation Star Field when Yang Kai had barged in and rampaged about? Could it be that Heng Luo Star Field had two Masters? But, that was impossible! There was only one Star Field Source, so how could it be refined by two different people?


An extremely bold conjecture suddenly came to mind as Wu Heng’s expression became furious. 


Gritting his teeth, he growled, “A Soul Clone!”


That was the only explanation for all of his doubts. Yang Kai must have a Soul Clone that he had perfect command over. That was how he managed to infiltrate Grand Desolation Star Field while maintaining the devouring of the Star Field!


Techniques to create Soul Clones were not a secret nor difficult to cultivate. Many Masters had cultivated such Secret Techniques, but normal Soul Clones could not do much. They could, at the most, be used to spy on dangerous situations in place of the original. Hence, it was regarded as a rather useless Secret Technique. Furthermore, cultivating this Secret Technique was very time-consuming and also required a lot of precious resources.


Under normal circumstances, not many would put a lot of effort into cultivating a Secret Technique to create a Soul Clone; after all, this Secret Technique could not be used in a fight where lives were at stake. However, it would seem as though Yang Kai’s Soul Clone was ridiculously powerful. Otherwise, it would not have been able to control the power of the entire Heng Luo Star Field.


The darkness was like a tide that flowed outward in waves, engulfing large portions of the Starry Sky each time. Meanwhile, Wu Heng retreated continuously in complete and utter defeat!


He had found it difficult to hold off the darkness when the Embodiment was controlling the Star Field’s devouring and could only do his best to restrain its onslaught. Now that Yang Kai had returned to the Star Field though, it was only natural that the devouring force was boosted. Coupled with the fact that Grand Desolation Star Field had lost a large part of its Starry Sky recently while Heng Luo Star Field’s territory had expanded as a result, Wu Heng was even less of an opponent for Yang Kai.


[I can’t stop it! I definitely can’t stop it!] Wu Heng’s face was ashen. He had never imagined that temporarily devouring a small piece of a Star Field without a Master would cause such a catastrophe! Yang Kai had just become a Star Field Master recently, so how was he capable of exerting such a powerful force!? Both of them were Star Field Masters so technically, the more experienced Wu Heng should have the upper hand in this battle; unfortunately, reality turned out to be the complete opposite.


With a shift of his body, Wu Heng retreated by another million kilometres.


In the darkness, Yang Kai watched him quietly and mocked, “You want to run? Let’s see where you can escape once I finish devouring all of Grand Desolation Star Field!”


Yang Kai was feeling exhilarated. It was no wonder Wu Heng had the idea of devouring Heng Luo Star Field to become its master. Devouring other Star Fields turned out to be such a pleasurable experience. Moreover, Yang Kai could sense the changes in Heng Luo Star Field as he devoured Grand Desolation Star Field. He made up his mind to devour the entire Grand Desolation Star Field and combine the two Star Fields into one. 


[I will soon become the Star Field Master of two Star Fields!]


On the other hand, Wu Heng was strangely calm in the face of Yang Kai’s taunting. He looked like he was resigned to his fate, but his eyes still shone with a glimmer of determination in them. 


All of a sudden, Wu Heng took out a jade tablet from his Space Ring. The jade tablet was covered in twinkling lights, as if countless Stars were imprinted inside it. Furthermore, it was giving off a profound and mysterious aura.


Yang Kai could not help frowning when he saw this. They might have been very far apart, but even he could tell that the jade tablet was not an artifact. 


[Why is he taking that out at this point in time? I wonder what that jade tablet is? It doesn’t look like an ordinary item.] 


Meanwhile, Wu Heng’s expression turned solemn as he formed a set of hand seals and then pointed at the jade tablet in his hand. Then, he lifted it above his head and shouted, “I request the Star Envoy to descend!”


Bits of fluorescent light emerged from the jade tablet without warning. It looked like millions of fireflies were flying out of the jade tablet. These bits of light converged into a dazzling beam that shot straight into the sky. When that beam of light reached the far ends of the sky above his head, a bright white light spread out and converged into a circle spanning several kilometres. That circle was filled with complicated patterns that rotated irregularly, making one dizzy looking at it.


Yang Kai was stunned as those patterns seemed familiar for some reason. Upon taking a closer look, he became dumbfounded. [Isn’t that the Spirit Array pattern I use whenever I arrange a Cross-Territory Space Array? Just what is that jade tablet? How can it construct such a complicated array in an instant!?]


The power of space fluctuated wildly, and a sudden trace of anxiety surged in Yang Kai’s heart. Combining what Wu Heng shouted just now and what he was seeing in front of him, Yang Kai could keenly sense that someone would soon emerge from this array. Sure enough; in the dazzling light, a foot suddenly stepped out of the large circular array. It was as though a banished immortal was falling from the sky as the figure slowly revealed itself.


Yang Kai stared wide-eyed and watched the scene unfolding before him. 


To his surprise, the figure turned out to be a handsome man with a feather crest and a feather fan. This man was so handsome that it made Yang Kai feel sick. Moreover, he had a distinctive sword hanging from his waist. It gave him the air of a chivalrous swordmaster. His eyes were closed as he stepped out of the large circular array.


Wu Heng stood there with a solemn expression, looking up at the figure.


Suddenly, the figure opened his eyes. It felt as though his gaze was piercing enough to see through everything in this world. 


Wu Heng lowered his head hurriedly as though looking at that person would be deemed disrespectful.


Conversely, Yang Kai felt as though all the hair on his body was standing on end. A strange and inexplicable pressure began weighing on his heart. He wasn’t too sure how powerful Wu Heng was, but Yang Kai figured he was a Third-Order Emperor. 


Although Yang Kai had met many Third-Order Emperor Realm Masters before, they never gave him much trouble. 


However, this feather-crowned man that fell from the sky made Yang Kai feel some difficulty breathing, and that was when the other party wasn’t even targeting him purposefully.


[There’s only one kind of person that can give me this feeling! This person is not in the Emperor Realm! This person must be a Great Emperor! Which Great Emperor is he!?] All the names and faces of the Great Emperors flashed across Yang Kai’s mind, but none of them matched this person. What he found even stranger was that Wu Heng could summon this person.


What was that farce about requesting a Star Envoy to descend? The title of ‘Star Envoy’ existed in Star Soul Palace too, and Xiao Yu Yang happened to be a ‘Golden Star Envoy’ of Star Soul Palace. However, that was not a position in Star Soul Palace; after all, Xiao Yu Yang’s position in Star Soul Palace was as an Elder.


The so-called ‘Star Envoy’ was a title based on the Southern Territory. Star Envoys of Star Soul Palace was mainly responsible for the communication and reconciliation of the conflicts between the major Sects in the Southern Territory. Additionally, Star Envoys held other positions in Star Soul Palace. The two were independent and did not conflict with each other.


This Star Envoy clearly did not belong to Star Soul Palace. 


[The feather-crowned man seems to be in the same realm as the Bright Moon Great Emperor. No, he is still weaker than the Bright Moon Great Emperor.] Unfortunately, Yang Kai had limited experience and could not tell how much weaker this person was compared to the Bright Moon Great Emperor.


“Sir!” Wu Heng cupped his fists in greeting.


The feather-crowned man looked down at Wu Heng and asked lightly, “Wu Heng?”


“It is this Wu.”




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  1. Don’t tell me the so called great emperors could defy star field masters and could fight against a star field might? The embodiment should also be on par with a great emperor power since it received shi Hu core.

  2. He’s from Star Court and GDSF falls into his jurisdiction. Since he manages this Star Field, he has more control than Wu Heng and is Wu Heng’s boss. Also if you recall during the Dragon Island fight, Embodiment fought against a 7th level dragon and could barely hang on so it’s not on par with a GE who is 9th level dragon equivalent.

    1. Dragons don’t kinda cope with realms powers tho. An 8th vein dragon was able to easily overpower the likes of the monster kings YK brought to his sect as well as 3rd order emperors. I don’t think we ever got an explanation of how those dragons powers relate to cultivation realms.

      Following the common logic, embodiment should really be on a GE level or even higher with the help of heaven devouring battle law. However, in this novel it is hard to apply common logic and we just accept what the author is feeding us for the sake of enjoying the rest of the story.

      1. If you are referring to how Zhu Qing easily beat the monster king, she was only 7th level at that time. She wasn’t 8th level until her first time with YK. Shi Huo and the Venerables from the Wild Lands are about 7th level dragon but Embodiment was newly promoted so that was why it was barely able to hang on. The power system will be clearer in time.

        1. She was 8th order i think. She upgraded to 9th after her first time with YK. One level below the first and second elders who are 10th order.

          1. Yes you are correct. Zhu Qing was 8th and promoted to 9th while they Great Elder and 2nd Elder were 10th level. Still the Embodiment was having trouble with a 7th level dragon so it’s still far from GE level.

      2. The author really messed up in this thing. At first, he mentioned that Divine Spirits, like Luan Feng are as strong as Great Emperors, now, he’s going to introduce the “Pseudo Great Emperor” Realm (Yang Yan ce this guy), which was conveniently left out all this while and say that the Divine Spirits are now at this level. Then also tell us that Jiu Feng and Li Wuyi are also at this level. All these inconsistencies can be quite annoying, really.

        1. I’d say Jiu Feng and Li Wu Yi being Pseudos is a retcon. Li Wu Yi is “strongest below Great Emperor” and Jiu Feng is a divine spirit herself (she has a phoenix bloodline).
          And I’d say the Pseudos were already hinted when Yang Kai first met Bright Moon, because the Demon Saints in the illusionary dreamworld (Mo Duo) were said to be weaker than Bright Moon. So at that point it was either that there are multiple Orders of Great Emperor, or a stage between 3rd and Great

          And !more spoiler! about Great Emperor realm than what was already mentioned above:
          Pseudo And Great are still seen as emperors, and not the next greater realm


  3. Well damn. Right now, Starfield Master’s strength will be weaker than some First Tier Great Emperor, although judging by the effects, Starfield Master should be stronger. He, after all, commands the power of the world

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