Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3187, How Am I Unworthy


Translator: Silavin & Tia

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


“How dare you!” The feather-crowned man shouted, his voice striking Wu Heng like a bolt of lightning, causing him to shake from the impact and turn somewhat pale.


“Sir, please forgive me!” Wu Heng lowered his head even more, “I am facing a great emergency and had no choice but to summon you here.”


The feather-crowned man mocked, “You are the Master of this Star Field! What is there that you cannot handle!?”


Wu Heng raised his hand, “Sir, please look over there.”


The feather-crowned man looked in the direction Wu Heng was pointing and saw a limitless darkness stretching out for millions of kilometres, as well as the image of Yang Kai’s appearance in the darkness. 


Narrowing his eyes, the feather-crowned man immediately understood the truth of the matter.


When their gazes met, Yang Kai felt his heart clench and he nearly failed to maintain his projection, secretly feeling shocked. This person was definitely a Great Emperor, otherwise, he wouldn’t have felt so much pressure just from a single glance. Even the advancement of the devouring had been somewhat stalled and the speed had slowed down considerably.


Wu Heng sorrowfully explained, “Sir, this person has some grievances with me and is deluded enough that he wants to devour the entire Grand Desolation Star Field without regard for the lives of all the living creatures in this plane! I am no match for him, so I had to seek assistance from Sir!”


The feather-crowned man did not respond, but his gaze on Yang Kai became sharper. It felt as though his eyes could penetrate the barrier between the two Star Fields and look into Yang Kai’s heart. That look suddenly gave Yang Kai an uneasy and uncomfortable feeling so he subconsciously urged the power of the Star Field to push the devouring darkness forward and block him from those prying eyes.


“Impudence!” The feather-crowned man gave a soft shout when he saw this. He seemed to be blaming Yang Kai for not knowing the immensity of Heaven and Earth and for trying to conceal secrets from him. While speaking, he drew the longsword at his waist and lightly slashed in front of himself. It was a silent and extremely plain sword strike, but it rolled up the power of the entire Grand Desolation Star Field to erect an invisible barrier in front of the boundless darkness.


Yang Kai felt as though he had hit his head against a thick wall, which immediately caused a wave of dizziness to wash over him. No matter what else he did, he could not make the darkness advance at all anymore, causing him to feel incredibly shocked. 


[Who is this person!? How is he able to do something like that so easily?]


Yang Kai instinctively felt that this power did not belong to the feather-crowned man. If this person was a Great Emperor, he would have been rejected by the Heavenly Way here, let alone be allowed to so arrogantly utilize the power of Grand Desolation Star Field.


The Master of Grand Desolation Star Field was Wu Heng, but this person could easily achieve what Wu Heng couldn’t. Judging by the situation, not only was he not rejected by the Heavenly Way of this Lower Star Field, he was also more skilled at mobilizing the power of the Star Field. In fact, he was more like the Star Field’s Master than Wu Heng was.


[This is bad! Where did this person pop out from!? He seems to have a terrible impression of me and is being hostile towards me. How can I resolve this issue peacefully?] Yang Kai did not know the relationship between this man and Wu Heng; however, the fact that Wu Heng could summon him so easily indicated that there was some kind of connection between them.


When the feather-crowned man stopped Heng Luo Star Field from devouring Grand Desolation Star Field further, an imperceptible expression of joy appeared on Wu Heng’s face. [It was the right decision to call him here after all, even at the risk of being criticized. Only he can prevent my Star Field from being devoured. But, it’s not enough…] 


Choosing his words carefully, Wu Heng cautiously continued, “Sir, this Little Brat is wild, ignorant, rebellious, and uncouth. He not only devoured a vast amount of Starry Sky, but also destroyed many Cultivation Stars in the Grand Desolation Star Field. He caused many living creatures to lose their lives. Please punish him severely, Sir…”


The feather-crowned man glanced at Wu Heng coldly with an emotionless gaze, and Wu Heng’s expression stiffened abruptly in response. Despite preparing many more things to say in advance, Wu Heng could not speak another word after receiving that look. He had wanted to borrow the feather-crowned man’s authority to force Yang Kai to return the Starry Sky that had been devoured, only to understand at this very moment that borrowing a tiger’s strength was not that easy. Since Wu Heng had summoned this man here, the latter would stop Yang Kai from devouring any more of the Grand Desolation Star Field out of obligation; however, he would not stand up for Wu Heng for no reason.


If Wu Heng continued speaking any further, he might be punished as well; after all, he had failed to defend his territory as the Star Field Master of Grand Desolation Star Field. Furthermore, his fight with Yang Kai had resulted in the loss of a large area of his territory, something like that could only be blamed on his incompetence.


“Withdraw!” The feather-crowned man shouted softly, looking at the darkness in the distance. Although his tone was flat, his words were absolute.


Yang Kai’s mind went blank for a moment as though he had been affected by something. The urge to turn around and flee budded in him, while at the same time, the darkness that could not advance became turbulent due to the instability of his emotions. 


At that moment, a coolness spread out in Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea and shocked him back to his senses. The turbulent darkness also stabilized again. Naturally, this was the work of the Seven Coloured Soul Warming Lotus that took effect at the critical moment. 


Yang Kai even suddenly felt that this person was stronger than all the Great Emperors he had met before.


[A Master like that shouldn’t be some obscure figure, so why doesn’t he match with any of the Great Emperors I know of?] All of a sudden, Yang Kai remembered something he had heard once, ‘There were more than 10 Great Emperors in the world!’ 


Suddenly understanding, Yang Kai calmed himself and shouted loudly, “May I ask for this Sir’s honoured name?”


No matter who this person was, he was not somebody Yang Kai could contend with right now, not even with the power of Heng Luo Star Field. It might be the best outcome for him if this incident was settled here. In any case, he had already devoured quite a large portion of Grand Desolation Star Field. Although he couldn’t engulf the entire Grand Desolation Star Field, the anger in his heart had long been soothed. 


Therefore, Yang Kai was mentally prepared to quit while he was ahead. He only asked out of curiosity as he wanted to know the name of such a Master. After all, there might be a chance for them to meet again in the future and it was not a bad idea to form a good relationship now.


“Are you asking me?” The feather-crowned man stared at Yang Kai coldly with a gaze that was completely devoid of anything, as if nothing in this world could enter his eyes.


“That’s right.” Yang Kai frowned, “Please enlighten me, Sir.”


“You are unworthy,” the feather-crowned man responded indifferently. There was no trace of politeness as he raised his hand and snapped, “Scram now! I will not forgive you if you dare to act like this again!”


An amazing power suddenly swept towards Yang Kai from the front. The power was obviously invisible to the naked eye, but it was as if a giant wave rushed toward him at that moment. He would be crushed to death by those waves if he did not retreat immediately.


If Wu Heng had such power, Yang Kai would have lost in the battle a long time ago. There was no way Yang Kai would have been able to do as he pleased in Grand Desolation Star Field for so long.


Needless to say, the wisest course of action at this time was to retreat while he had the opportunity. That power might be ferocious, but it would not harm him as long as he retreated into Heng Luo Star Field. Unfortunately, the feather-crowned man’s arrogant attitude and scornful tone of voice had angered Yang Kai greatly.


Upon examining his conduct, Yang Kai felt that his tone had been fairly respectful and his attitude had been decent enough. He had already made the decision to end things peacefully, but how could he have known that the humility he showed would make the other party become so scornful and arrogant!


A wave of pride and stubbornness burst forth in Yang Kai’s heart, and communicating with Heng Luo Star Field through his mind, he mobilized the power of the Star Field and the boundless darkness condensed into a solid layer of defence.




A loud explosion rang out as ripples appeared across the layer of darkness and swiftly spread out to the surroundings.


“Hm?” The feather-crowned man raised his brow, revealing an astonished expression. Although he had only waved his hand casually, his strength and status were so much higher than Yang Kai’s that this scene should have been impossible. That wave of power had contained the condensed power of the entire Grand Desolation Star Field, so he thought that it would be enough to repel Yang Kai. Who could have known that it would arouse Yang Kai’s courage to resist instead?


Wu Heng was surprised at first, but his surprise soon turned to glee. He was shocked to see that Yang Kai had the courage to challenge this person. 


[Could it be that he really has no idea who this person is? He will surely learn a painful lesson now!]


In the meantime, the darkness vibrated and churned. The huge projection that Yang Kai was maintaining flickered unsteadily, as if it might fall apart at any moment, but eventually it stabilized. 


With a grim and imposing tone, Yang Kai coldly asked, “How am I unworthy?”


Upon hearing those words, Wu Heng nearly laughed out loud. 


[He truly is a little brat that doesn’t know his place! I can’t believe he actually dared to challenge him! If I had known this would have happened earlier, I wouldn’t have tried to fan the flames just now. All I needed to do was wait quietly for the situation to develop on its own, and that person would get rid of this pest for me!]


Wu Heng could already imagine himself governing two Star Fields and basking in the glory of being the Masters of two Star Fields.


“This aura…” The feather-crowned man frowned suddenly, his gaze searching the boundless darkness as he asked, “What Secret Art are you cultivating?”


Yang Kai felt his heart skipping a beat, [Not good!]


Although he was using the entire Star Field to activate the Heaven Devouring Battle Law without cultivating it himself, this was the Secret Art created by Wu Kuang after all. It was still known as the most powerful and evil Secret Art ever to be created. Nothing good would come of it if this Secret Art were to fall into the wrong hands. Regardless of whether Yang Kai had used this Secret Art to do evil, just possessing the Heaven Devouring Battle Law could be considered a great sin.


[I can’t believe that this feather-crowned man managed to perceive a trace of the Heaven Devouring Battle Law just from examining the darkness. He truly does have sharp eyes!] 


Even so, Yang Kai did not respond to the question and changed the topic instead, demanding in a forceful tone, “How am I unworthy?”


The darkness seemed to become more and more violent and unrestrained in response to the ups and downs of Yang Kai’s mood, like it was trying to break through its shackles and continue to devour Grand Desolation Star Field.


“Interesting,” the feather-crowned man nodded lightly before he flicked his longsword without warning and thrust it straight out. At the same time, his entire being transformed into a stream of light as both sword and man merged into one. Crossing a distance of millions of kilometres in a flash, his sword thrust seemed to leap across space to pierce the darkness.


Yang Kai’s image swayed. Unable to maintain the giant projection any longer, it suddenly collapsed. He had been communicating with Heng Luo Star Field with his mind, essentially merging with the boundless darkness that devoured the Starry Sky; therefore, when the feather-crowned man’s sword pierced the darkness, it was equivalent to piercing him in the flesh.


As a result, his Soul Avatar flickered and his consciousness returned to his body. All he could feel was a splitting headache that threatened to make his head explode. Additionally, golden stars were swimming in front of his eyes as his vision blurred.


The Sword Qi slashed through his Knowledge Sea’s defences and rampaged wildly, causing the waves of flames inside chaotically. Swiftly though, the Seven Coloured Soul Warming Lotus began to rotate and a seven-coloured light covered Yang Kai’s entire Knowledge Sea, repairing his damaged Soul.


Yang Kai felt much better after that sense of coolness washed over him. Lifting his gaze to look, a chill ran down the back of his neck. At some point in time, the feather-crowned man had approached until he stood not far away from Yang Kai. However, he didn’t even spare a single glance at Yang Kai as his burning gaze was fixed on Gun-Gun, who was right next to Yang Kai.




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    1. How is he an asshole? YK does the same thing when weaker people asked for his name in the past. However this time YK wants to confront him even though he suspected that this guy is a GE when normally YK would just leave even though he’s mad.

      1. he comes up, sides with the guy he knows even though this guy caused billions of deaths in Yank Kai’s star field and when Yank Kai simply asks him his name he attacks him.

        The author made Yang Kai a lot more stupid and agressive recently than he used to be, but even then he only does this when it is jutified.

  1. So Yang Kai got caught stealing territory from another Star Field and instead of retreating he decided to confront the GE because the guy wouldn’t tell his name. It’s like a thief confronting the police after being caught stealing. Author just finding ways to make trouble for YK.

  2. I am wondering how YK will get out of this. Having a Heaven Devouring secret art, devouring another star field (though it’s only a payback), and confronting a star envoy which I believe a division under that of a star court

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