Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3189, Are You Done


Translator: Silavin & Tia

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


In other words, a Star Field Master was subjected to the administration and constraints set by the Star Court. They couldn’t do whatever they wanted in their Star Fields. Otherwise, a Star Field Master would be fully capable of destroying the entire Star Field if they wanted to.


In a way, the feather-crowned man could be regarded as the immediate superior of Star Field Masters like Yang Kai. If this were not the case, Wu Heng, who was a Third-Order Emperor, would never be so humble and eager to curry favour with this person.


Unfortunately, Yang Kai was completely clueless about this. He had jumped right into this without knowing anything and bypassed the Star Court to refine Heng Luo Star Field on his own. It was only to be expected that he was not in awe when he heard that someone was a Stay Envoy from the Star Court.


The feather-crowned man raised his sword above his head. His figure was as majestic as a mountain at this moment. It wasn’t that he had grown bigger; it was simply that his aura had increased sharply, shooting up to the Heavens as he shouted, “Boy, on account that cultivating must not have been easy for you, I will spare your life if you offer up that Small World to me.”


Yang Kai shouted resolutely, “In your dreams!”


“You court death!” A cold light flashed across the feather-crowned man’s eyes. His longsword slashed downward, the sword light flaring brightly. The power was unimaginable, and for a moment, only the noble bearing of this sword existed in this world.


It wasn’t a profound sword technique, just a simple slash, nevertheless, it seemed to block off all of Yang Kai’s paths of retreat and created the sense that there was no way to avoid it.




Light flashed by as the longsword stopped in mid-motion. Yang Kai had raised his arms and caught the blade of the sword between his palms just above his head, sending several strands of hair flying and turning into dust from the residual Sword Qi.


“Hm?” The feather-crowned man was slightly surprised. There was no way he could have predicted that Yang Kai would be able to stop his sword like this; after all, that attack was something even Wu Heng could do nothing against. This boy’s aura doesn’t even compare to Wu Heng’s though, so how was it possible for him to be completely unscathed?


Even if he thought like that, the feather-crowned man didn’t seem bothered by this unexpected surprise. He simply put more strength into his attack and pressed the longsword down even harder.


Yang Kai instantly felt as though a large mountain was pressing down on his head; moreover, the weight continued to increase without stopping. It gave off the impression that it wouldn’t be satisfied until he was crushed flat. 


Lifting his gaze, Yang Kai saw that the feather-crowned man was looking at him mockingly, as if admiring the struggles of an ant.


Rage flared up in Yang Kai’s heart, fuelling his impulse to defy the feather-crowned man. At that moment, his left eye turned into a majestic golden vertical slit. Furthermore, a sabre burst out from that eye and pierced through the air, stabbing toward the feather-crowned man.


“A Soul-type Emperor Artifact!?” The feather-crowned man’s eyes lit up at the sight. He was not affected by the Demon Eye of Annihilation and instantly figured out the essence of the Soul Splitting Saber.


Emperor Artifacts were nothing special to him, but Soul-type Emperor Artifacts were incredibly rare. Although the Soul Splitting Saber was extraordinary, it wasn’t enough to make him greedy for it though. What he really wanted was the Small Sealed World. That was the item that would greatly benefit his cultivation. Even so, he was curious as to why such a young man would possess something so impressive. An ordinary Emperor Realm Master would never have such a heritage.


Releasing his Divine Sense, the feather-crowned man silently deployed a layer of defence around his Knowledge Sea. 




The next instant, a tremor rang out from the depths of his Soul. The defences he had hurriedly laid out had failed to make any difference and a pure blast of Spiritual Energy from the sabre carved out a long ravine into his Knowledge Sea, as if trying to split his Soul in half, sending the waves crashing and churning violently.


The feather-crowned man groaned as a stabbing pain radiated from his head. Just the Soul Splitting Saber alone would most likely not have been able to cause any harm to him; after all, it was difficult for him to be injured given the difference in his cultivation and Yang Kai’s. However, Yang Kai had used his Heaven Severing Slash in conjunction with his Soul Splitting Saber, so the power behind that attack was not as simple as two different attacks stacking on top of each other.


It had been many years since the last time Yang Kai used the Soul Splitting Saber, and over those years, he had constantly been nourishing the Soul Splitting Saber with his Spiritual Energy. As a result, it had accumulated an extremely terrifying amount of power. Combined with the Secret Technique taught to him by Tian Yan, his attack had been successful.


“Boy…” The feather-crowned man’s face instantly became ugly, his shame transforming into rage. He had never expected to suffer damage from Yang Kai. It was as though he had carelessly been bitten by an ant that he could have squashed with a finger.


*Hong…* A huge fist suddenly filled the feather-crowned man’s vision though and an overwhelming force smashed into him head-on, blowing him away like a meteor, causing him to disappear in the blink of an eye.


Yang Kai straightened up from the punch he threw. At some point, his body had turned into a 200-metre long Half-Dragon Form. He had Dragon Horns on his head and a Dragon Tail at his back while his exposed skin was also covered in Dragon Scales. It was an imposing and majestic sight to behold as he shouted, “Old dog! Are you done calling me a ‘boy’ yet!?”


Before Yang Kai finished his sentence though, a cold light flashed as the feather-crowned man and his sword came flying at him from a few tens of thousands of kilometres away. He appeared in front of Yang Kai in a flash, and his sword stabbed at Yang Kai’s head.


In response, Yang Kai reached out with his Dragon Claw and grabbed at the longsword. 


A loud clanging sound of metal against metal rang out, sparks flew, and Dragon Scales cracked. Gripping the long sword tightly, Yang Kai seemed unconcerned with the damage the sharp edge of the blade was causing him, even allowing the unparalleled Sword Qi to rush into his body and go on a rampage, destroying his body. All the while, Yang Kai single-handedly prepared a Secret Technique with his other Dragon Claw as a strange Principle Strength began surging around his figure.


“This is…” The feather-crowned man lowered his gaze as he felt time stopping for a moment before flowing again, causing his five senses to experience a sense of vertigo, “Time Principles!”


“Time Flows on Infinitely!” Yang Kai struck at the feather-crowned man with his palm, his expression completely solemn.


“Time Flies Seal!” The feather-crowned man’s complexion changed slightly for the first time as he even blurted out the name of this Divine Ability. It was obvious that he recognized this move as the signature Divine Ability of the Flowing Time Great Emperor! A trace of hesitation flitted across his eyes, but quickly turned into a look of determination as he swiftly pulled back and put some distance between them.


Unfortunately, it was too late. Yang Kai’s palm smashed out and the feather-crowned man was enveloped in the power of the Time Flies Seal.


Conversely, Yang Kai frowned. Lifting his gaze, he saw the feather-crowned man’s body flickering several dozen metres away, appearing to resist the corrosion of the Time Principles and a moment later, completely dispel his Divine Ability.


A few dozen metres away, the feather-crowned man took a serious look at Yang Kai for the first time. [A Half-Dragon Form… Plus, he has also cultivated the Time Flies Seal… Just where did this boy come from?] 


Although the power of the Time Flies Seal that Yang Kai had exhibited was much weaker than that of the Flowing Time Great Emperor, it still involved the extremely mysterious Time Principles and the feather-crowned man knew he would have gotten injured if he had not pulled back at that moment. It wasn’t that he couldn’t withstand such a minor injury, but it would have taken a lot of effort to free himself from the erosion of the Time Principles once affected by them. There was no reason to expose himself to danger on purpose, so he stepped back instead of engaging in a frontal confrontation.


“Boy, what is your name?” The feather-crowned man stared at Yang Kai with a cautious look.


The Time Flies Seal by itself was nothing noteworthy; after all, the Flowing Time Great Emperor had fallen long ago. Even if Yang Kai had inherited the Flowing Time Great Emperor’s Divine Ability by chance, it only meant that he had incredible luck so there was nothing to be wary about or jealous of.


However, the 200-metre long Half-Dragon Form Yang Kai had assumed gave the feather-crowned man an unsettling feeling that he could not overlook. It was only a Half-Dragon Form, but it felt as if he was facing a True Dragon! He had never heard of anyone who managed to cultivate their Half-Dragon Form to such an extent.


“Are you asking for my name?” Yang Kai grinned at the feather-crowned man, his left hand still gripping the other party’s longsword firmly, fresh blood dripping down his arm. When the feather-crowned man backed away just now, he had wanted to bring the longsword away with him. Nevertheless, how could he succeed against Yang Kai’s brute force? He had no choice but to leave his sword behind.


The moment the feather-crowned man heard those words, a bad feeling rose up in him as he hurriedly said, “It’s fine, I don’t want to…”


“You’re not worthy!” Yang Kai laughed loudly with the arrogant appearance of finally achieving his revenge.


The feather-crowned man’s expression darkened. How could he not know that Yang Kai had repeated the words he originally said back to him? 


His face turning grim, he formed a seal and shouted, “Come! My sword!”


Although his longsword was in Yang Kai’s hands, it was still his Artifact, and was connected to his Soul. Yang Kai could not actually take it away from him and it would only take a single thought for him to retrieve it. That was why he had backed away without any hesitation just now.


Following that command, the longsword in Yang Kai’s grasp began to pulse and vibrate. It was clearly trying to break free of his control. 


Sword Qi flashed wildly, rushing into Yang Kai’s arms, trying to destroy his flesh and meridians.


*Peng peng peng…* 


One bloody hole after another exploded along Yang Kai’s arm as Sword Qi rampaged out along with his blood. Gritting his teeth, however, Yang Kai tightened his grip and refused to let go, his face twisting in pain, making him look particularly menacing.


The feather-crowned man watched this scene and sneered, “You are but an ant trying to shake a tree. Don’t overestimate yourself, boy.”


“Cows are flying in the sky!” Yang Kai raised his head to look at the feather-crowned man, his eyes flashing.


The feather-crowned man was startled and thought that Yang Kai had used some strange trick again, quickly raising his head and glancing up. However, there was nothing there.


Yang Kai smiled seeing this and mocked, “They were killed by your stink!”


The feather-crowned man froze for a moment hearing this outrageous line, but when he came back to his senses, his face twitched visibly and he formed a new seal with his hands and shouted louder, “Come!”


In that instant, the Sword Qi between Yang Kai’s fingers went wild and released a huge amount of light. It felt as though what he held wasn’t a sword but a Star that was about to explode. Even his Dragon Transformation could not withstand those sharp bursts of Sword Qi and pieces of his flesh were sliced off, revealing the bone underneath.


“I’ll never give it back to you!” Yang Kai shouted madly. 


Glancing around him, his eyes lit up all of a sudden. Shifting slightly, he appeared in front of Gun-Gun in a flash then he heaved with all his might and threw the longsword directly into Gun-Gun’s mouth.


Gun-Gun swallowed it with a gulp and after that, it closed its mouth as its huge body suddenly began to expand and contract violently.


“You…” The feather-crowned man was both shocked and furious. He did not expect to be robbed of his Artifact in a battle like this. A deep wave of shame washed over him and he couldn’t wait to crush Yang Kai into dust immediately to vent the hatred in his heart.


“Hahaha!” Yang Kai cackled before glancing down at his left hand. His arm was a bloody mess, and he didn’t even have the strength to lift it up anymore. As for his palm, it was now just bone. Even so, there was not a trace of pain on his face, only a kind of joyful madness. 


Losing an arm in exchange for his opponent’s sword was not a loss!


“You! Court! Death!” The feather-crowned man enunciated each word clearly. He stopped paying attention to his long sword as after being swallowed by Gun-Gun, there was no way to get it back immediately no matter how powerful he was. It was as if his sword had been exiled to another world; thus, the connection between him and it became extremely weak.




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  1. I fucking love this series!
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    Thank you for the translation!

    Mental cinema was strong on this one!

  2. I wonder what it’s like to love inside Gun-Gun right now.
    Everything is already a wreckage but you get back on your feet and try to go on with life. Than the skies start to rip open (that’s some cuthulu shit right here) and now a living sword is trying to destroy everything?
    Poor ppl.

    It’s a funny cartoon story from YKs perspective but everytime you take a step to the side you end up in a Kafkaesque Cosmic Horror.

    1. Not rly kafkaesque, scenes like LiJiao suffering under budget management or other high and mighty ppl like Luan Feng or Zhu Li having to run around to appease YK reminded me of that a bit.

  3. Mmm… i wonder if this will end up with the rando NPC’s boss being called, which incidentally has an history with YK and the HLSF due to his protégée.

    1. seems like the most reasonable way out but for some reason I don’t think she’s going to come to his rescue, most likely another run in with Sir Iron Blood methinks

  4. I noticed Yang Kai recent change in behavior and character, becoming little different
    Maybe it’s due to his recent use of Dragon Source

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